FMEA Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Kidnapped?!?

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The faint incense lingering in the air diffused into every corner of the palace hall. The people laid on the bed were still asleep. A white face flushed pale pink had their mouth slightly open and was breathing fresh air in and out. Her right hand was currently being held tightly by another hand. 

Feng Tingye gently pushed aside the long hair hanging on Xia Yuqing’s face revealing her entire face. When his hand came in contact with the other, he could feel her warmth transfer over. Staring at Xia Yuqing, he looked a bit absent-minded. 

Suddenly, Xia Yuqing seemed to be disturbed by something. Moving as if she was uncomfortable, she released the hand that was originally handcuffing her to Feng Tingye. Seeing this, Feng Tingye immediately grabbed a soft blanket from the side for her to hold onto. Xia Yuqing grabbed the item, her eyebrows gradually relaxing, she once again fell into a deep sleep. 

Feng Tingye let out a sigh. His line of sight gradually moved to the embroidered box not far away which was actually Xia Yuqing’s small treasury. He narrowed his eyes, then slowly smiled. 

In reality, he was not greedy for Xia Yuqing’s money. He actually didn’t pay attention to the money at all. He was just being on guard…. on guard for any possibility of Xia Yuqing leaving him. 

“Your Majesty, it’s time to go to court.” The eunuch outside reminded.

Feng Tingye took another glance at Xia Yuqing who was asleep. He leaned over and kissed her cheek, then got up, took the box and walked out. 

Since Liu Yixiang had left, Xia Yuqing was only left with Li Yuan to play with. But this sister* has recently been quite strange. She would randomly go on a mental daze, such as now… 

* close girlfriend

“Xiao Yuan, Xiao Yuan…” 

“Ah, Qing Jie, what’s the matter?” 

“What’s the matter? Is something wrong with you? These days it seems like your soul is not attached or something. Are you worrying about something?” 

“What can I be worried about? It may be just some illness or exhaustion.” 

Xia Yuqing looked suspiciously at Li Yuan: “Really?” 


“Oh.” Xia Yuqing nodded, a bit downcast. “It’s boring, I’m going to grow mushrooms out of my head soon. I wonder what Xiang Er is up to? Right, Xiao Yuan, let’s get out of the palace!” 

“Leave the palace?” Lu Rui heard amazing words from Xia Yuqing as soon as she entered the room. She gave a quick cry in surprise and hurriedly put down the item in her hand: “Niang Niang wants to go out?” 

“Yes, didn’t Master move out of the palace. Ben Gong wants to leave the palace and visit Master so that this disciple can be filial.”

“…” Niang Niang, are you sure that you really want to be filial and not just want to go out and play? 

“Niang Niang, you are pregnant right now. It is not appropriate to run around.” Lu Rui whispered discretionary words. 

“It’s okay, it’s only been four months. It’s not too big to move around. If I don’t go out of the palace now, then I really won’t be able to later on. Lu Rui, just help us. Let us play outside the palace for a bit. ”

 “…….” Lu Rui looked at Xia Yuqing holding her own arm and acting spoiled. In the end, she couldn’t keep up the act and sighed. “If Niang Niang wants to go out, she must get a note from His Majesty or the Empress Dowager and bring guards to protect Niang Niang. Only then could Niang Niang go out of the palace.” 

“His Majesty or the Empress Dowager?” The Ultra Seme Lord absolutely would not be willing to allow me to go out of the palace, but Royal Mother…. 

After making up her mind, Xia Yuqing nodded and took Li Yuan to Ci Ning Palace. After Zhang Sunshi listened to Xia Yuqing’s excuse and also knowing that this Ya Tou was bored from being in the palace for so long, she told Xia Yuqing to take more guards and readily agreed with her request. 

The expensive carriage drove slowly on the noisy streets. The noisy talks and screams were very lively. Xia Yuqing, who was out of the palace, was like a bird in a cage. She was curious about everything. Whichever location was bustling with noise and excitement was where she would go. 

This was the third time that Xia Yuqing had exited the palace. The first two times were with Feng Tingye. With mouth opening ceremonies, the streets were all closed and there was no such bustling scenes.

Xia Yuqing slowly leaned out the window staring at the small merchants who were selling their merchandise not far away and shouted brightly: “Lu Rui, there’s candied hawthorns over there and cloud cakes. Go buy them quickly.”

“… Master.” Didn’t you say you were coming out to visit Xu Lao? Didn’t you say you will play your role and keep your duty on mind? “You have already bought more than ten things since you left the palace. The street food is not very clean. How about when we get back, Nu Bi will make it for you personally. It is a hundred times better than this.”

When she finished speaking, she saw Xia Yuqing with a pair of damp, pitiful eyes: “Lu Rui…..”

“……”Alright, you win!

Lu Rui’s mouth twitched and she resigned herself to helping Xia Yuqing buy things.

Xia Yuqing’s eyes were not idle. In the blink of an eye, she found a few novel things on the streets and directed Cui Er and Li Yuan to help her to buy it. The two were unable to persuade her, so they had no choice but to split up to go shopping for Xia Yuqing.

After sweeping the market, Xia Yuqing was also a bit tired. Thus, she returned to the carriage and waited for the few people to return. She was so excited that she finally left the palace, she didn’t even notice that the carriage that had stopped started moving again.

The carriage slowly marched forward. Steady and without dropping in speed. The slight shaking made Xia Yuqing somewhat drowsy.

After waiting for a long time and still not seeing the few people coming back, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but feel a bit strange. Only then did she find out that the carriage was moving slowly and the noises around it had disappeared.

This place….. isn’t the city centre. Where did Lu Rui and the other Ya Tous’ go? Xia Yuqing had a bad hunch and her eyebrows bunched together. Standing up to take a look, there was a faint scent of incense that reached her nose. Her brain felt dull and she lost control of her body as it softened.

Fortunately, the carriage was covered with thick blankets. When she fell, it was not too painful, so the adult and child were not hurt.

As her consciousness gradually became blurred, Xia Yuqing heard a few voices conversing. One of the voices sounded very familiar. Subsequently, in her heart, there was only one last thought: This world and I really aren’t compatible. I haven’t even gone that many steps from the palace and this happened? Passing through deity, I hate you!

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