FMEA Chapter 95 Part 2

Chapter 95 Thrown into the thieves den

Stay safe in these rough times everyone!!!

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Su Qingyan suddenly felt a chill rush up his body. He turned to look behind him but did not see anyone. He couldn’t help but be a little confused. He quickly turned his attention to Yun Xi who had been silent in the background.

“You are the girl’s husband? Listening to what Xiao Dong just said, you shouted … your wife was going to have a baby?”

Xia Yuqing hearing that wiped the drool that just flowed out and looked at Yunxi nervously. From one glance she could tell that the second master was a shrewd person, he wasn’t like those bandits, so easily fooled!

“Um … that’s right.”

“If she is your wife, how can you not know that she has only been pregnant for around four months? Women are pregnant for ten months. How can she give birth only after four? Why did you call for birth? Are you really her husband? Looking at how thin you are with your dainty limbs and childish appearance, it looks like … “

After being so aggressively questioned by Su Qingyan, Yun Xi was caught off guard. Before she could respond, she heard Xia Yuqing say: “He is not!”

Everyone’s attention moved to Xia Yuqing’s body. Yun Xi’s face turned pale and he looked at Xia Yuqing with disbelief.

Xia Yuqing did not have a trace of confusion, she said firmly, “He is indeed not my husband, but he is the father of the child in my belly.”

“Oh, what’s going on?” Xia Yuqing’s words, however, raised Su Qingyan’s interest a little causing him to raise his eyebrows.

A few straight-headed people on the side apparently begun to misunderstand. The young man was not the girl’s husband, but the biological father of the child in the girl’s womb? Could it be that the girl was actually married to someone else, but was cheating on her husband? Then after getting knocked up, they eloped?

With this in mind, everyone not only expressed a bit of sympathy for the man given the green hat*, but also began to cast condemnation on the cheating couple they brought back.

* given the green hat means being cheated on

Xia Yuqing was so busy making up lies she didn’t realize what she pointed out. But Yun Xi could feel the stares and his heart had begun to regret. Why had he gotten himself in this mess?

Fortunately, Xia Yuqing quickly recovered. She coughed and said sadly: “You older brothers have no idea. I grew up with Xi’er from an early age, we are childhood friends. We both came from scholarly families. The relationship between our parents were also very good. Although I am a few years older than Xi Er, from a young age we were already arranged to get married. Being inseparable since childhood, we have identified each other as soul mates. We just did not expect… “

Speaking to this point, Xia Yuqing sobbed twice and said pitifully: “The business of Xi’er’s family failed in the past two years and their family’s way of life has also fallen short. My father and mother… looking at Xi’s family’s decline, did not feel that our families were suitable, thus was no longer willing to let me be with him. “

“How can your father and mother do this?” These robbers were all poor and the thing they hate most was the kind of people who looked down on the poor and loved the rich. Hearing this, someone had already began to curse.

What Xia Yuqing wanted was exactly this effect. She pinched down hard on her thigh and her eyes suddenly became red: “My father and mother opposed us being together and insisted on cancelling the engagement, but I refused no matter what. I swore that I would be with Xi Er for life. With no choice, my father and mother decided to put this matter aside. After a little half a year, Xier and I thought they had given up. Yet six months later, my father and mother wanted to force me to marry another family’s son again. “

“Your father and mother really… what happened after?” Wu Jun couldn’t bear the suspense and anxiously urged Xia Yuqing to continue.

“Later, Xier and I were forced with no other choice and thought…” Xia Yuqing twisted her handkerchief pretending to display a shameful look and shouted, “That if raw rice became cooked rice* then father and mother can no longer object.”

* can’t undo things that have already happened

So that’s it! The crowd suddenly realized that it wasn’t a cheating couple eloping, instead it was going against their parents’ order. For their true love, they decided to get pregnant before marriage, to cook the raw rice! All of a sudden, everyone’s gaze changed from scorn to sympathy. Alas, this couple is really unfortunate!

“Then after your father and mother knew you were pregnant, did they promised to keep you together?” Xiao San couldn’t help asking this. He was originally a scholar. Although he was forced into this life of plundering he still had the spirit of a literati remaining in his bones. What was most enviable in ordinary times is this kind of beautiful love story. Now with a living example in front of himself, how can he suppress his curiosity?

“Then…” Xia Yuqing snorted twice and wiped the tears in the corners of her eyes and said sadly, “I became pregnant. I told my father and mother about this hoping they would support me and Xier. Who would expect that my parents would not allow us to be together instead they became angered…. and also tried to force me to remove the child and have me marry another person.”

“Ugh, why are your parents so unreasonable? That’s their grandson!” Wu Jun heard all this and he could not restrain the mania in his heart and screamed, feeling anger for the two of them.

When Xia Yuqing saw his appearance, she felt secretly happy. But she performed the drama to the end and said sadly: “In fact, I also understand the concerns of my father and mother. They worry that I will suffer after marrying Xier, but I am not afraid of suffering. I just want to be with Xier. I already have Xier’s child. It is impossible for me to marry another person. Unable to bear this thought, I was going to die, but I couldn’t give up on my child. At this time, Xi Er went to visit my house at night and asked me to go away with him. Then… we cleaned up and eloped together. “

“Good job, kid!”

As soon as Xia Yuqing’s words ended, a man slapped Yun Xi from behind. He was originally like a frozen statue in the same place, watching Xia Yuqing eloquently telling their so-called romance before he received a slap in the back that nearly caused him to fall forward.

After waking up, he smiled awkwardly. After getting over his embarrassment, his eyes on Xia Yuqing became more and more complicated.

There really is always someone stronger. He thought that his deceit was magical and out of this world, he did not expect that there would be someone like Xia Yuqing! He was defeated….. Thoroughly defeated!

If Xia Yuqing could hear Yun Xi’s voice at this moment, she would surely tell him at a forty-five-degree angle looking upward with a beautiful distressed expression that it was all forced by the Ultra Seme Lord. Living with the Ultra Seme Lord at all times, it was necessary to make up a lie for a former lie. Over time, these kind of melodramatic words have become as easy as a piece of cake, hohoho!

“Xiao Xi is still young and in addition a scholar. Naturally, he doesn’t know what it is like for a woman to have a child. Thus when he saw how I was suffering, he….” Su Qingyan’s inquiry about Yun Xi just passed without any trace.

“Right, right, I also don’t know about this kind of thing. Aren’t those things matters that all women are in charge of worrying about? How could we men pay attention to this?” Once Xia Yuqing said this it caused a resonance of agreement from the bandits, one by one, convinced by Xia Yuqing’s words.

Su Qingyan was not as foolish as those straight-headed men. He had just seen the wounds of his injured brothers and knew how heavy the damage was. The people who had hurt them was by no means a common person.

With a cold glance towards the rough guys who were in trouble, Su Qingyan sneered: “You are eloping? Then how did you fall into the hands of those people?”

“Uh … it’s a long story.” Xia Yuqing glanced at Su Qingyan. Everyone else was easy to handle except for this one. However, if she wasn’t able to convince him, they probably won’t make it past today. 

“Well, I’m a bit tired lying down. I’ll let you tell them this matter.”

“Me?” Suddenly, Yun Xi froze, pointing at himself in surprise. But then he calmed down and coughed softly, “Okay, allow me. After Qing Jiejie and I fled and wandered outside for two or three months, I wanted to wait for the child to be born before going back to beg for forgiveness. I didn’t expect to meet those people on the road, and… then… “

Seeing that Yun Xi couldn’t make it up, Xia Yuqing quickly took over the conversation and said, “Those people seem to have committed something. It was too conspicuous if they went alone. Seeing our carriage, they wanted to borrow it. So, we formed a caravan for disguise.”

“What’s did they commit?” Su Qingyan’’s eyes narrowed slightly, a trace of inquisition passing through his eyes.

“We don’t know this either. I just heard them talking about how they can’t be found out and they needed to escape. Maybe they were being hunted down by an enemy.”

If the Ultra Seme Lord knew that she was captured by the bad woman Jiang Zhaorou, he would definitely send someone to hunt them down and save her, so these words were not entirely false, hehe …

Xia Yuqing was thinking without a trace of psychological burden. She didn’t even realize that in her own mind that Feng Tingye coming to save herself for no reason … was how it should be, it was only natural.

“It is my fault. I don’t have the ability to protect Qing Jiejie. Allowing Qing Jiejie be bumpy and tired with my child and be remembered as an adulterer, I have caused Qing Jiejie to be frightened.” Yun Xi received Xia Yuqing’s wink and hurried forward pouring in extra oil to the fire: “Dear brothers, I know you are not bad guys. In that case, I urge you to let Qing Jiejie and her child go. They are innocent! I will take care of everything. Whether it’s being a cow or a horse, if you want to kill or extort me, I will obey obediently. “

Yun Xi closed his eyes, stretched out his neck and looked as if he was not afraid of death. He completely took over the image of an infatuated teenager who gave up everything for love to the extreme.

After hearing no response for a long time, Yun Xi opened his eyes with anxiety. Sneaking a look at the faces of the robbers, he was stunned.

“Oooooooooooooooooo…. This was so moving! How could there be such a moving story?” A tall and powerful bandit leaning against another bandit s wept with red eyes.

The pirate he leaned on pulled up his sleeves and blew his nose. Patting his head like a pet, he spoke with tears in his eyes: “Don’t cry, don’t cry. This story is earth frightening and sobbing supernatural beings, it is so touching! “

“…….” This … this is too exaggerated! How could you cry so easily?! Isn’t it said that a good man shouldn’t cry so easily?  Also earth frightening and sobbing supernatural beings? Brother, did you use the wrong words? Shouldn’t it be deeply touching*? Not being cultured really is scary!

* they sound similar so the bandit said the wrong words

Before Yun Xi finished speaking, Wu Jun’s hand had already landed to pat his shoulder. His strength was so strong that Yun Xi almost exclaimed, broken … broken, my shoulder’s going to break!

“What do you say? Although this man is a thief, this man is not the kind of brutal man who would kill people for no reason. Since you guys are not a big traitor and you are so bitter in your life, how can this man torture you? Since this matter has touched this man, this man cannot ignore it. The girl is pregnant and can’t run around. For the time being, you will stay here. You guys can leave whenever and no one will bother you! “

Yun Xi was overjoyed and said hurriedly: “Big brother is really a good man. Thank you for taking us in. I will definitely repay you in the future.”

Finally, he could give someone a good person card to encourage them. Yun Xi felt relieved.

“No need for thank you. People in Jiang Wu, we just want everything to go well and this is just a little matter.” While he spoke he wiped his red eyes and found that there was some wetness on the edge then he tried to cover up. “This man wasn’t crying, there was just some sand in my eyes. “

“…….” The silent mountain thieves: Boss, can you make your excuse any worse?

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