FMEA Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Thrown into the thieves den

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With such a botched lie thrown on someone else’s face, it would have been a jab but thrown at Xia Yuqing’s side …

When Yun Xi was embarrassed from his own words, Xia Yuqing clenched her hands tightly with her eyes raised in amazement. Xia Yuqing looked at him with a touch of affection: “I really didn’t misjudge you, Xi Er, you really are a good person.”

“…” Issued a good man card again, Yun Xi thought can’t you use some new words! Always receiving the good man card, the pressures too great!

“…. I ought to.”

The two talked for a while, while the fight outside was already reaching the climax.

“Damn, why are these robbers so powerful?” Jiang Zhaorou cursed. Seeing that her subordinates were killed one by one in the hands of these Jiang Wu weeds, her face paled.  Early on, she had already lost her pure tranquil state, now she was even more terrifying.

“Si Xiao Jie*, each of these people are very powerful in martial arts. They are by no means, ordinary robbers. Miss should take advantage of this time to leave first.” An older guard stepped forward and blocked the sword aimed at Jiang Zhaorou and whispered.

* Lady four – probably called by the order she was born (fourth child)

“But …” Jiang Zhaorou looked at the carriage carrying Xia Yuqing not far away. Her eyes obviously showed reluctance. It was so difficult for her to finally bring Xia Yuqing out of the capital of Ye Country. Success was within arms reach, but at this time she has to give up……

“Si Xiao Jie, please consider the overall situation seriously. If the green hills survive, there will be wood to burn*!” The guard had followed Jiang Zhaorou for a long time. Seeing the mountain thieves getting closer, he could not help but panic and beg Jiang Zhaorou.

* where there’s life there is hope

Jiang Zhaorou bit her lips and stared fiercely at the robbers not far away. It was as if she wanted to ingrain the memory of each and every man there who had caused her defeat, so she could repay them one by one in the future.

Jiang Zhaorou reigned her horse and turned. Several escorts on the side ran out to sacrifice themselves so she was could rush out of the encirclement and escape.

“Boss, that b*tch is gone.” A sharp-eyed small thief seeing the sight of Jiang Zhaorou running away hurriedly shouted.

The leader of the thief looked at Jiang Zhaorou’s people who were not afraid of death. To avoid more casualties, he frowned and said, “Don’t chase them, let’s deal with these first.”

“Ah, you just left your men and ran. Jiang Feizao you really are…” Xia Yuqing couldn’t help complain while listening to the sounds outside.

“You can’t blame her. Those robbers are too powerful. If she doesn’t run, she would only die. The worth of that so-called righteousness in front of life and death is just a few cents.” Yun Xi mocked. He was not surprised at all and it seems he had expected it all along.

“This isn’t right. If Jiang Zhaorou has run away, then aren’t we …”

“…” Yun Xi froze, his face ugly.

Just as Xia Yuqing mentioned, Jiang Zhaorou had run away. The guards who were left behind lost their backbones and were quickly defeated. Within a minute, they were all cleaned up. 

“Go and see if there are any survivors. Also, go take care of the injured brothers.” The thief leader’s shout made the two people in the carriage freeze.

Xia Yuqing hurriedly wanted to get up, but having squatted for a long time, her legs and feet were a little weak and her body fell forward.

“Be careful.” Yun Xi was startled when he saw this. Having no time to think about it, he stepped forward to catch her. Yet since he was too rushed, he was treated as a cushion by Xia Yuqing.

“Ugh…..” The two grunted at the same time. Xia Yuqing looked down at her stomach with a fearful expression, only to be relieved when it did not hurt. Later, she discovered that her hand seemed to be touch something, soft and fleshy. Looking down …



The two stared at each other.

“… Ah, you, you, you, you are …” Xia Yuqing hurriedly got up from Yun Xi, shaking her fingers at Yun Xi.

Not giving them time to be embarrassed, they heard a shout from outside: “Boss, here! Look, there’s a carriage here!”

Xia Yuqing and Yun Xi’s face changed. Before Yun Xi could react, Yun Xi was pulled by Xia Yuqing.

“There really is a carriage. It doesn’t look bad either. Maybe there is something expensive in it. Hurry up and look.” The bandit leader’s voice was close at hand.

In the next second, the carriage curtain slowly opened under the gaze of everyone. But after seeing the scene inside the car, the smiles on their faces went rigid.

Inside the car, a young boy with a pale tender face clasped a woman who was obviously pregnant and said helplessly: “Wife, what’s the matter with you? Don’t scare your husband! Are you going to give birth? Help! My wife is going to give birth! “


The boy’s sharp voice cut through the sky and disturbed the many birds that inhabited the entire forest. The people outside the car were rigid in place like a dreary statue.

Xia Yuqing listened to the dead silence from the side and used Yun Xi as a cover to hide the trembling of her mouth. As expected, one should not be afraid of a rival like a God, but a teammate that is like a pig.

Born? Your mom is going to be born! I haven’t been pregnant for even five months, the child hasn’t even finished growing yet. What could I possibly give birth to?! That’s it, we are going to be exposed. We are going to die now.

“He…… help!” The young man who had reported the news took the lead in responding. Pointing at them he screamed out in panic.

As a result, they couldn’t avoid receiving another look from someone: “Stuttering again! No, help, someone is going to give birth!”

When the bandit leader called out, all of them returned to focus. All of the bandits who had just been showing off their murderous auras and martial prowess became headless flies running around in disorder. 

If this happened earlier, those guards of Jiang Zhaorou would have easily killed these people. But unfortunately …

“…” Yun Xi and Xia Yuqing were stunned watching the big group of men panic. Glancing at each other, she determined she had overestimated the IQ of this group.

“Right, boss, quickly bring them back to the stronghold. The second master has medical expertise. Let’s have him see this girl.” Xiao San was still rather calm. Looking at Xia Yuqing’s trembling body, he thought she was feeling uncomfortable and could not help but become a little anxious. Little did he know that someone…. was suffering from holding back their laughter.

After a while, Xia Yuqing was hurriedly brought to the bandit’s den by these bandits.

“Don’t make a fuss. This girl has just shaken up the fetus a bit, it’s nothing. Also, have you guys had your heads squeezed by a door? This girl’s stomach looks like she’s been pregnant for four or five months at most. How could she be giving birth? Also, why would you bring a woman about to give birth to me? I’m a doctor, not a midwife!*” On the top of the mountain, in a quiet small mountain village, a small but slightly sharp male voice belted out suddenly. That voice was gentle like water, but because of the irony in the tone of his voice, it could easily cause a person to shiver.

* used midwives for giving birth back in the day

“That, Qingyan, we were just … just …” Wu Jun, the bandit leader, scratched his head, wondering how to explain. Having no alternative, he kept giving the few men on his side meaningful looks.

“Yeah, yeah, second master, we can’t blame the big master. We are all men, how could we know this kind of thing? At that time, we just listened to the boy yelling that his wife was going to give birth. We naturally…… “Xiao Dong was the hooligan suffering from stutters as soon as he was nervous. As soon as he received Wu Jun’s call for help, he stepped forward to justify.

As soon as the words fell, he felt a cold gaze focus on him making him tremble and panic, “Se… seeccond master.”

“According to what you are saying, you guys are men so you don’t understand these kind of things. I understand these things so I am not a man? I knew that you uncouth fellows have never approved of me. Since this is the case, let’s talk it out. Clearly, you guys don’t look up to me as your second master. I’ll pack my things right away and go far far away and won’t bother you. “

“Don’t, please don’t second brother, don’t speak in anger! He didn’t mean that, how could we dare look down on you. You have good medical skills and martial arts. No matter what, you are thousands of times better than us. The position of second in charge at Blackwind stronghold belongs to you. It would be a laughing matter if you didn’t look down on us. How could we ever not look up to you? You kid, why don’t you hurry and apologize to the second master? ”

Xiaodong was getting affected by Wu Jun’s comments. He quickly held his precarious little head and apologized to Su Qingyan: “Second master, I didn’t mean that. I’m stupid, you should know that. I hope with your generous heart you could forgive me.”

Qingyan looked at Xiao Dong holding his head, and sneered: “Why did you hit him? He is already stupid enough. If you hit him more, he’ll become even more stupid.”

“Yes, yes … second brother is right, second brother is right about everything.”


Xia Yuqing watched the interaction between the two intently. Her gaze moved to one side then to the other side again. Then she couldn’t help her eyes from bursting into red hearts.

A bandit seme and arrogant pampered uke! Alas, she thought it would be a disaster this time, but she didn’t expect that at the end of the line there would be a glimmer of hope. Not only did she get to keep her life but she was also gifted this present! She was just too fortunate!

It seems that she had wrongly blamed the crossing over god. It seems the sky would descend to the people after they first suffer from their minds, strain their bones, and starve their bodies. All the sufferings that they suffered then would pave way for all the gains.

Alas, looking at the domineering pirate arriving as a loyal dog in front of the handsome and elegant boy, listening to all his words and being obedient, this was rich love! There was also the boy’s arrogant pampered behaviour. It must be in fact him wanting to attract the attention of the Uke, right? Saying that there is only brotherhood between them, she will not believe it!

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