FMEA Chapter 96 Part 2

Chapter 96 Tearing down the bridge before crossing the river

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While Xia Yuqing was wrestling with her situation, some people were still in a mess about her whereabouts.

“Do you mean, Jiang Zhaorou is a person of Shu Kingdom. She tried to hijack Ai Fei for the child in her belly?” Within a simple mountain inn, a voice sounded loudly breaking the suffocating peace.

A woman fell to her knees and bowed her head. However, the rod that was on her waist was straight and upright, causing her figure to make people feel she was out of the ordinary. The words spoken were even more humble: “Yes, the purpose of Jiang Zhaorou’s trip was to take Niang Niang back home and have Niang Niang give birth to the child there. After she would … kill her. “

The group of people sucked in a deep cold breath when they heard the words, staring at the young girl who uttered the words in surprise.

This was the first time that Shao Zitong and the others have seen this young girl. Although the name of this young girl has been heard from the mouths of Feng Tingye and Yan Ran, Yan Ran had a way of speaking, so there may have been some exaggeration. Thus he and Leng Ruofeng did not take this matter to heart. However, they did not expect to allow this to slip their eyes.

After hearing Cui Er’s words, Feng Tingye was silent for a moment. His long knuckles tapped on the table next to him, making sounds that trembled hearts.

“Zitong, what do you think Shu’s move is for?”

Shao Zitong sneered: “What else could it be for? Hijacking my Ye country’s future empress and future crown prince, wanting to kill off the mother leaving behind only His Royal Highness, then, in the end, there will be a good show of a father and son duo killing each other. Real exciting.”

As soon as Shao Zitong’s voice fell, everyone in the room clearly felt the temperature inside suddenly drop a lot.

“Good! What a good plan, too bad they used the wrong person.” Feng Tingye’s face did not change, but the baleful aura in his whole body surged so everyone in the room was overwhelmed by the invisible murderous aura.

Everyone’s heart trembled together. This time, the emperor was really angry. Even if Consort Qing was able to return safely, Ye Country and Shu Country will definitely not be civil anymore.

Cui Er knelt on the ground, bearing the anger of Feng Tingye. However, she couldn’t help look up at Feng Tingye.

This time, Xia Yuqing was in danger thus she was forced to ask for help from Feng Tingye. She thought that if her pigeon flew to Feng Tingye, Feng Tingye would send a few Da Rens to help. She never thought that Feng Tingye would run over in person the next day, leaving only the prime minister and Grand Tutor to guard the capital.

Unless the king was leaving to take charge of battle, leaving the capital was taboo. This must not be understood by Feng Tingye. However, even if he knew this, even if he knew that there might be danger to his life, this man would still appear here without hesitation for Xia Yuqing. At this moment, Cui Er suddenly discovered that perhaps the position of Xia Yuqing in this man’s heart was higher than any of them thought.

“Where is Jiang Zhaorou now?” Feng Tingye took back his glare and gave a trivial glance to Cui Er.

“The emperor was late by a step, Jiang Zhaorou has fled.”


“Yesterday, Jiang Zhaorou’s team was robbed by mountain bandits. All those people brought by Jiang Zhaorou were killed and only Jiang Zhaorou escaped.”

“Encountered mountain bandits? Then Consort Qing…” Shao Zitong’s face changed slightly. He hurriedly turned to look at Feng Tingye and not out of expectation he saw Feng Tingye’s suddenly gloomy face.

“Niang Niang is okay. The bandits don’t seem to kill innocent people. Niang Niang was brought back with a teenager. It seems that there should be no immediate danger to their lives for a while.” Yesterday she had been waiting for an opportunity to make a move, but she could not find it. With no guarantee chance of retreating with Xia Yuqing safely, she could only watch for changes.

Later, when she saw those robbers approaching step by step, she was ready to fight hard with her life, but she did not expect …

Thinking back to the play between Xia Yuqing and the youngster, Cui Er’s mouth unknowingly… twitched.

Fortunately, everyone was worried about Xia Yuqing’s safety and did not find her abnormal.

Feng Tingye angrily laughed: “A group of robbers who don’t go around killing innocent people, then won’t they be living Buddhas’?”

The accumulation of energy of not seeing Xia Yuqing made him on the verge of bursting into flames for the past few days. He never thought that he would one day worry about a woman. Furthermore, he was even more frightened that this woman might get hurt, that he would be one step behind and can no longer meet her. That the one to receive him wouldn’t be that peculiar girl, but a cold body.

Every time he thought about it, Feng Tingye felt something drill into his heart forcefully causing blood to swell.

Jiang Zhaorou? Shu country? How dare you touch the people by my side, I will definitely make you pay for this.

Shao Zitong and the others could already smell a bloody scent from Feng Tingye’s words. His face sinking, they knew that even if the relationship between the kingdom of Shu and the kingdom of Ye was a little tighter, it would still…

Shao Zitong’s eyes flashed with a gleam of light. Since the State of Shu dared to rob people in their capital in such a blatant manner, they had basically kicked them in their faces, so they can’t blame their cruelty.

“Where are the bandits now?” Feng Tingye took a deep breath.

“Not far away from Lang Mountain.”

“Lang Mountain?” Feng Tingye’s eyes narrowed sharply as if he remembered something, his face then became more and more serious.

“Your Majesty? Shall we go up the mountain immediately and bring Consort Qing back.” A few people on the side saw Feng Tingye silent for a long time and looked at each other. One of them was pushed out so he asked hesitantly.

Before Feng Tingye answered, Shao Zitong on the side opened his mouth first: “Wait.”

“Master Shangshu….” The guard who spoke was taken aback by Shao Zitong and turned around in a panic.

Among the Da Ren around the emperor, the prime minister appeared the most terrible. But the real horror was Lord Shangshu who looked like he was only ten. If he offended the prime minister, he would get frozen at most and become a human body ice sculpture for half an hour. However, offending this little Shangshu, his arms and legs might be broken causing him to lie on the bed for a few days easily! Woooooo…. It’s none of my business, please let me go!

Shao Zitong glanced at the guard who looked like a bow-struck bird inexplicably. Why is it that since the girl entered the palace, inside and outside the palace, from the empress dowager to the emperor and all the way down to those palace ladies and guards, they have all…. become strange.

Shao Zitong did not continue to pay attention to the guard, but set his eyes on Cui Er who was still kneeling on the ground: “Your Majesty, when was there such a powerful martial arts master beside Niang Niang? Did you know?”

Feng Tingye narrowed his eyes slightly and raised his eyebrows, “Zhen did not know.”

Cui Er had anticipated the scene today when she sent out the carrier pigeons, so she was not too surprised. She just bit her lip and lowered her head.

When Shao Zitong saw this, his eyes became colder and he sneered: “So, how do we know if this girl of unknown origin has been sent by others to provoke the relationship between Ye and Xia country and trying to fish up some benefits? How do we know if this girl is real or not? What if she is using Consort Qing’s name to draw Your Majesty into a trap?”

As soon as the words came out, the faces of the people in the room changed. All the eyes on Cui Er turned alert.

Feng Tingye didn’t change his expression, only after a moment, he said, “What do you have to say?”

Cui Er pursed her lips and closed her eyes. “Nu Bi has nothing to say, but Nu Bi begs Your Majesty to believes this Nu Bi once. After Niang Niang is rescued, his majesty can do whatever he wants with Nu Bi.”

“Your Majesty, this woman’s origin is unknown. As Lord Shang Shu had said, we don’t know what her purpose is. Your Majesty must not easily believe her words and fall into the trap.” Feng Tingye had not spoken yet when several accompanying vice generals all came forward one by one to speak up their concerns.

“Shut up.” Feng Tingye said lightly.

“Your Majesty…..” The vice generals called out in panic.

“Zhen told you to stop talking, don’t you have ears?” Feng Tingye’s eyes narrowed slightly, his voice slightly louder.

In an instant, an ocean wave of pressure rushed towards the vice generals and all of them couldn’t make a noise. They all lowered their heads stiffly.

“This is Zhen’s decision, do you think it’s your turn to speak?”

Feng Tingye’s statement made the vice generals’ face change. All of them fell down on their knees: “Chen Xias* have exceeded their limit, please forgive us.”

* subject; officials in court

Feng Tingye ignored the vice generals who were kneeling down, then gave a glance to Shao Zitong stopping him from speaking out. Then he stepped towards Cui Er.

Cui Er just felt a shadow coming towards her face. She raised her head with a stunned expression and faced the cold and stern face of Feng Tingye: “Your Majesty…”

“Zhen will believe you this time. It is not Zhen believing you, but believing the eyes of Ai Fei.” After finishing, Feng Tingye ignored Cui Er’s stare and turned away. “Wait at the bottom of the mountain. Zitong, follow Zhen up the mountain. “

Cui Er knelt down on the ground and looked at the back of Feng Tingye going out. After a long time did she come back. The way that Feng Tingye looked at her was like a beast that was staring at an ant who it could step on at any time. As long as she accidentally annoys him in the slightest, he would not hesitate to tear her into pieces.

This man was a beast, the most ferocious bloody and cruel beast, holding the power of life and death of all people in the world. Such a person can become an eternal emperor if he succeeds or an Asura in hell.

Fortunately… fortunately… there was still a slight concern for this person and she had gambled on this concern. This time she has won.

Cui Er silently clenched the jade on her waist and closed her eyes.

“Your Majesty, you and I are going to do it alone, sneaking into the stronghold to rescue Niang Niang?” Shao Zitong followed Feng Tingye out, asking in a low voice.

Feng Tingye stomped his feet and turned to look at him, the corner of his lips lifted: “Who told you we were sneaking into the stronghold?”

“If we don’t sneak in, do you want us two to go and steal the person straight from the entrance? Although Chen’s martial arts is high, Niang Niang is pregnant. If you really start making a move, I am afraid we will not be able to protect Niang Niang.”

Feng Tingye gave him a deep look, turned his head and look at the mountains not far away. “No need, I have a way to get in through the main entrance and I’ll take Ai Fei out without any harm.”

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