FMEA Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Bringing a child along when being a mistress?! 

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Xia Yuqing laid on a soft bed and slept beautifully. She was in a good mood. In the past few days, she had followed Jiang Zhaorou and travelled continuously even during the nights with her nights basically spent in a hard carriage. Just speaking about it made her shed a tear.

Stretching her lazy waist, when Xia Yuqing heard a noise outside, she frowned and went out.

As soon as the door was opened, a loud gurgling was heard. Then… a whirlwind-like figure rushed towards her and directly into her arms accompanied by a sharp squeak and a few bright … feathers.

“Catch it, grab it.” Xia Yuqing hadn’t recovered from the shock when she heard a shout from outside. Terrified, she threw the thing in her arms away.

“Cluck… cluck…” The frightened big rooster waved his powerful wings and flew towards the several strong men chasing after him. Grabbed his opponent’s face with his claw, he directly made a bloody mark.

“Ah, ah, this man’s face. I was planning on relying it to snag a wife.”

When the man screamed, it pulled Xia Yuqing back from shock. Glancing at the ugly young guy, she thought: Come on, that disfigurement of your appearance can be considered your plastic surgery.

The confusion continued. Xia Yuqing shifted her attention from the young man to the big rooster that had flown into her arms earlier.

Flying rooster … This is really a flying rooster! Xia Yuqing stared at the lively big rooster in the circle surrounded by the crowd, full of admiration.

“The two of you go over there. You two go over there. You two go to the opposite side and the rest should surround it from there.”

Xia Yuqing was surprised that the action was so intense. Isn’t it just a rooster, how can it cause such a big movement? Isn’t he afraid of the splashing blood if he kills the rooster with the sword? It’s unlucky to do this early in the morning!

“Go.” A group of people set themselves up in their position and with the command of Wu Jun, they scrambled towards the rooster.

From a distance, Xia Yuqing could only see a billowing smoke, then heard a succession of screams.

“Who pushed me down?”

“Who stepped on my foot?”

“Who is holding my neck, I can’t breathe. Let go, let go!”

“Where is the rooster? Where did the rooster go?”


After having the rooster fly and jump for a while, everyone stood up with difficulty to look for the missing big rooster. Finally, they saw its figure in a certain area.

Under the dazzling sun, the feathers of the big rooster shone like a peacock’s, it was blinding. A sharp claw was stepping on someone’s messy head like a chicken’s nest, and its long neck was erected straight up with some pride and arrogance as it glanced around the crowd. He gave a provocative cold laugh: “Caca … Caaca …”

Everyone looked at the scene and turned into stones: “…”

“Ugh, this b*st*rd went crazy early in the morning and didn’t let anyone sleep?” Without waiting for everyone to come back from the shocking event of the c*ck stepping on the boss’s head, the room beside Xia Yuqing banged open. Then two heavy wooden clogs flew out one after the other and greeted them accurately …

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Wu Jun was hit by the clogs flying straight towards his nose. Two streams of blood began to roll down from his nostrils. The c*ck on his head keenly sensed danger coming, flew up. Just as it was about to escape,  it was struck on the head by another wooden clog. It screamed and fell to the ground with white foam coming out of its mouth…

“Bang–” The door of the room was closed again in anger and the entire yard was silent for a moment, except for the slight moaning of Wu Jun.

“…” The second master waking up was really getting worse and worse. In the future, they definitely can never go near this yard in the early morning, otherwise, that’s just looking for death! This was the voice of the robbers who stared at the big rooster who had its eyes rolling up and foaming.

“…” It turns out that the second master lives next door! This look, this attitude, this lethality, isn’t he too boss? No wonder, the first master always placed him first! Xia Yuqing looked at Wu Jun who was holding his nose, struggling to stop the blood flow and lit a few candles for him.

“What’s going on? Why is it so noisy early in the morning.” Yun Xi rubbed her sore neck and walked out of Xia Yuqing’s room slowly.

In order not to be suspicious, they shared the same room last night. But the bed in the room was not large and worried she might press on the baby, Yun Xi volunteered to sleep on the couch for the night. As a result, she woke up with a sore back. In addition to all the noise outside, it made her in a bad mood early in the morning.

“Well… quickly cook the creature in the kitchen.” When everyone heard Yun Xi’s voice, they were all woken up and Wu Jun covered his nose and ordered them.

“Yes!” The youngest man near him shouted with a terrified shriek. Before the sound finished coming out, Wu Jun slapped him on the back of his head.

“Shhhhh! Do you not want to live!” Wu Jun carefully looked at the door of the room that didn’t seem to have any movement and breathed a sigh of relief.

The young man who was given a slap by Wu Jun was greeted by condemning eyes from everyone and immediately covered his mouth.

Yun Xi looked at the scene in front of her in confusion. She turned her head to Xia Yuqing, what happened this early morning?!!

Xia Yuqing seemed to understand the inquiry in her eyes. So, she looked up at the sky in a forty-five-degree angle, inexplicably sad: “This is a bloody case caused by a rooster.


After Wu Jun dealt with the rooster and cleaned up the scene of the homicide, then did he remember Xia Yuqing. He wiped his nosebleed and scratched his head with embarrassment: “Sorry for bothering you guys.”

“It’s okay, but Brother Wu… you made such a big ruckus this early in the morning, what did you want to do? That rooster… did it offend you?”

Wu Jun has not spoken yet when Xiao Dong stepped forward to interject: “Lady Xia has no idea, but this rooster was sent to the boss by several families in the village at the bottom of the mountain to thank the boss for his care. The boss didn’t want to accept it, but it was difficult to reject them. After receiving it, he raised it for a few days hoping to fatten it up to show respect to the old madam and second master. Yesterday, since the second master was angry with cough…. first master wanted to slaughter this rooster in advance and make a soup for the second master for reparations. Who knew….”

Who knew this rooster was so powerful. It had them running in circles and also made second boss angry at first master again. It really is trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it.*

* to try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off

Hmm… Xia Yuqing touched her chin, her lips evoked a meaningful smile. After annoying the Uke, he immediately thought of ways to please the Uke, pleading guilty. How adorable! Sure enough, a Seme who pleases the Uke is the most adorable creature in the world!

However, speaking of this isn’t this related to herself? In this case… shouldn’t she be doing him a favour and helping the first master to restore the second master’s heart?

“Do I need you to add side comments!” Wu Jun was deeply aware of his own affairs… making him lose face, he slapped Xiao Dong’s head again. Fortunately, Xiao Dong was prepared. Making a grimace, then like a loach, he slipped away.

“This kid …” Wu Jun looked at his slippery body and ground his teeth secretly.

“Ahem, the reparation was preparing a chicken stew for the second master?” Xia Yuqing felt that Xiao Dong was very cute. Instead of being happy alone, why not be happy with everyone; thus he would make public the gossip for all to know; bringing out a laugh!! Feeling that she had found an ally, Xia Yuqing gave a cough without hesitation and shifted the topic to save the ally in heat.

Sure enough, Wu Jun scratched his head and was a little embarrassed. “Yeah, I heard people say that the ginseng chicken soup is a very good tonic. There is nothing good on the mountain. Second brother has been here for so long and hasn’t eaten anything good, so I thought since I have a rooster, I should … “

Hmm… thinking of your wife, can you be any more loyal and virtuous?

“Brother Wu is so nice to the second master.”

Xia Yuqing sighed sincerely.

Wu Jun became even more embarrassed when he heard the words: “Lady Xia exaggerates.”

“But…” Xia Yuqing touched her chin, turned her head and glanced at the closed door next door. A smile crossed her eyes and then she turned around. “But from what I see, Brother Wu’s ginseng chicken soup won’t be able to extinguish the anger of second master. “

The smile on Wu Jun’s face froze. Apparently thinking of that point, a cloud of darkness on his head instantly appeared: “Then, I was busy for nothing.”

Su Qingyan’s anger when waking up was well-known. Because of his good looks and his out of the ordinary temperament, even though his temper makes it difficult to serve and he gets angry with people, there were still many girls who would love to take care of him and want to climb into his bed.

There once was a girl who sneaked into his room when he was asleep and wanted to deliver herself to him. As a result, he was deprived of sleep. With a black cloud above his head, he beat the girl into a pig. Even her own mother didn’t recognize her when she was carried out. Looking back at that time, and looking at how he was now, Wu Jun felt that someone was already showing mercy this time. But this mercy did not mean that it was over.

Now he could be considered having fallen from one pit into another!

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