FMEA Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Catching the cheating couple in the act 

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“Of course it’s your brother’s wife.” The old lady did not care about the surprised look from everyone in the room. She held Xia Yuqing’s hand with a smile and complained. “You two brothers, really, such a major event but you are still hiding it from your mother? Did you want to surprise your mother? Ohohoho, mother already knows. Whoops! My beloved daughter-in-law, quickly drink soup. This is a special pigeon soup that mother has specially made for you. 

“……” Mother! How long has it been, how could I suddenly have a wife?!! Old lady, this development is going too fast, my brain can’t catch up! 

“Old Madam, I’m not…..” Xia Yuqing just wanted to clarify, when she suddenly heard a click. 

Looking at the sound, it was the soup spoon in Wu Jun’s hand that fell into the soup. The soup in the bowl splattered and almost touched Su Qingyan’s sleeves causing Su Qingyan to roll his eyes at someone again. 

“Mother, you’ve misunderstood. It’s not what you think….. this girl…..” 

“What misunderstanding? How could it be a misunderstanding? Mother knows that you are thin-skinned, but that person is already pregnant with your child. Why don’t you just admit it? Mother will tell you now that you better be good to her in the future. Abandoning people, that kind of thing, the children of our Wu family can’t do that.” The old lady argued indifferently. 

“Mother, you…..” Wu Jun was stunned by the words of the old lady and his mouth became mute. How can he handle this? Sitting restlessly, his face was flushed like Guan Gong*, but the old lady mistakenly thought that he was shy.

*What Guan Gong looks like

Seeing his expression, a flash of coldness swept past through Su Qingyan’s eyes. He turned his head and looked at Xia Yuqing who had her head lowered, trying to conceal her existence. He sneered: “Old Madam, you have misunderstood. Big brother and I are always inseperable. How would I not know if my older brother had a… wife?” 

Even though Xia Yuqing had her head lowered, she clearly felt two pair of cold eyes shooting straight at her, as if they were thorns on her back. 

Xia Yuqing’s hands trembled and her tears have long been flowing in her heart. Alas, I am really innocent, it’s all a misunderstanding! Your humble servant really won’t destroy our family and get involved with a third party. This person here is just a bystander, it’s none of my business. God knows that you can get pulled in even when you are not involved. This time even if she jumps into the Yellow River, she won’t be able to wash off the dirt. Her injustice is worse off than Dou E’s*? That’s enough, please let me go!!!!! 

* A tragic character from a chinese opera play

“Could it be? You are also keeping it from Qingyan? Hohohoho, I didn’t expect my son who always look so honest and sincere actually knows how to have a house to hide one’s mistress.” The old lady heard the words for a moment, then covered her mouth and smiled. 

Xia Yuqing immediately got goosebumps: “Old Madam, you really misunderstood. The child in my stomach does not belong to the big boss. You really trouble us like this. The father of the child in my stomach is……” 

Regardless of the eyes of everyone present, Xia Yuqing pulled Yun Xi over who had been sulking. Hugging her, she pushed her out as a shield: “It’s really Xiao Xi’s. We are the father and mother of this child. The big boss just saw that we were lonely and helpless and couldn’t bear us wandering homeless. This is why he let us stay here temporarily. It’s not what the old madam thinks.”

Yun Xi, who was pushed out into the cold, looked at the old lady’s astonishment. The mood of being bullied and oppressed disappeared immediately. She straightened her messy clothes, raised her head and said, “Yes, Old Madam, Qing Jiejie is my wife that I have not officially married yet. Qing Jiejie’s baby is also my child. This is the truth. Old Madam please make note of this. It is better not to make such a joke, otherwise it would be detrimental to the big boss and Qing Jiejie’s reputation.” 

As soon as Yun Xi finished speaking, he felt a chill behind him. This chill from behind, it gave her an indescribable sense of…. fear. Damn, could it be a ghost?!!!! 

The old lady listened to Yun Xi’s words and her eyes were full of disbelief. She turned to Xia Yuqing and asked with uncertainty: “Is what he said… really true? The child in your stomach is really not my son’s?” 

“Yes… yes. It’s not his, it’s Xiao Xi’s.” Xia Yuqing replied with a dry laugh, but when her voice came out she felt uncomfortable again.

Not good, there’s a murderous aura! Xia Yuqing twisted her eyebrows and looked at Su Qingyan with a look of caution. However, she only saw a little disdain and gloating from his face, there was not much hostility. 

Then where did the flash of killing aura just now come from?

Feng Tingye narrowed his eyes and stared at Xia Yuqing and the young man next to her, his eyes having a passing trace of chill. 

After the old lady said that Xia Yuqing was her daughter-in-law, he felt very uncomfortable. A small beast suddenly came out of his heart, baring it’s claws. Scratching, scratching, scratching, scratching, scratching!! He really just wanted to grab a certain someone into his arms and tell everyone that this Ya Tou is HIS wife. Her belly is pregnant with his seed!!!!! 

Fortunately, someone was in a high position and had already cultivated his proud self-control. Only then could he stop himself from taking any actions. Instead he stuffed the beast back in his heart. Furthermore, reason told him that the Ya Tou’s grieved expression means there must be some misunderstanding. Maybe it was another mishap that the girl unconsciously made. 

It turns out that really was the case. It’s just that Feng Tingye didn’t expect that there would be such a good show after. 

That Ya Tou dared to confess the youth was her partner and the child in her stomach belonged to him? For a moment, Feng Tingye felt like he was given the greet hat*.

* was cheated on 

Looking at Xia Yuqing and the young man’s sincere face and eyes, if he didn’t know Xia Yuqing’s temperament, he might have 100% thought that Xia Yuqing’s stomach was the youth’s seed. Feng Tingye was afraid that he had truly become the fool that got betrayed by his wife!!!

Even if they knew that what the two said was purely lies, Feng Tingye still had a hard time suppressing the little beast in his heart who was grinding its claws, once, twice, three times… 

Feng Tingye’s eyes became more and more profound. Only a few days after leaving the palace, she dared to go outside fool around, have an illicit lover, and not follow the principles of becoming one’s wife? This can not be forgiven! When they go back she must be educated properly!!!

When a familiar chill rose again from behind, Xia Yuqing trembled. Damn, why does this feel like I’ve been caught in the act? Could it be that the Ultra Seme Lord is here? Ah, he can’t appear here now, even if he was really here, I haven’t done anything wrong. Why would I be afraid? 

Thinking about it this way, Xia Yuqing quickly expelled those worries out of her head and raised her head and puffed out her chest. 

“How can this be? How can this be? Oops…” When the old lady got her confirmation, she had a battered expression on her face. She glanced resentfully at her son, “My son, why is your life so difficult? Mother thought you finally found true love, how did it become all just a misunderstanding?!! Oh, why do I suffer so much! Husband, it is my fault!! Our son can’t even find a good daughter-in-law who can help us create the next generation. I am too ashamed to face our ancestors!!!! “

“…” Xia Yuqing looked at the old lady with a stunned expression for a second, then sighed in her heart. Big Boss, how much do you hate marriage! How did you push your mother to this extent!?

“Mother… Mother… Don’t say that, it’s your son’s fault. Your son is useless and doesn’t have the ability to marry a virtuous daughter-in-law. Don’t be sad.” Wu Jun saw the old lady crying and immediately panicked. Losing his head, he was spinning in circles. 

Upon seeing this, the corner of Xia Yuqing’s mouth twitched. She could not control her eyes from floating towards Su Qingyan. Daughter-in-law, isn’t there already one? Beautiful for certain, although the temper was a bit bad. But generally proud cats are very coquettish and are easy to coax, they just need to be favored. Moreover, the master treasures this wife, how could he play with anyone else? So besides that certain someone not being able to have a baby, these two people were a perfect match. Old Madam look over here, your daughter-in-law is here!!!!! 

Naturally, Su Qingyan noticed Xia Yuqing’s hot gaze on his body. His eyebrows twisted together and he gave Xia Yuqing an unhappy glance. What’s going on with this girl? Why does she have such a strange look…. It’s making him feel itchy. Could it be… she fancies him? 

If Xia Yuqing knew what Su Qingyan was thinking at that moment, she would feel disdain towards him and would give him a narcissistic tag on top of being awkward and arrogant. 

“No, my son is the best. How can he be useless?” The old lady heard Wu Jun’s confession and stopped crying. 

Wu Jun was startled, then he froze with a trembling face: “… my mother is right.” 

The old lady’s unclear eyes suddenly lit up like a torch at this time. She slapped Wu Jun in the shoulders and complained: “If we need to blame something, we should blame you for staying inside all day. How many times did your mother tell you to go down the mountain and walk around? If you don’t go down the mountain, where can you meet a beautiful girl so you can bring me back a daughter-in-law? You are tall and strong, how can you just nest in the mountain as king and fight with beasts? Can those beasts get you a girl or become your wife?” 

“Puu…” Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Fortunately, the people on the side were paying attention to Wu Jun and didn’t notice her. Xia Yuqing hurriedly turned away, covering her mouth with her hand she tried to prevent the laughter from revealing herself. 

How does the old lady use such strong words? Do you suspect that the big master has a thing with the beasts on the mountain? Ah ha ha ha ha … 

The old lady’s ignorance of her own words has caused Xia Yuqing’s infinite fanciful thoughts. While at this moment, the old lady was only focused on her son’s marriage. Staring at her son with scorching eyes, she was anxious for him to bring home a daughter-in-law. 

Wu Jun was dumbfounded by the words of the old lady. He bowed his head awkwardly, only to mumble wrongly: “I know I’m wrong, don’t be angry with me mother. If you hurt your body from anger, I will have sinned.”

However, the old lady refused to let Wu Jun go like this. Her eyebrows were raised and she sneered, “If you know you’re wrong that’s good. Your mother has already spoken with the matchmaker at the bottom of the mountain and soon they will send some portraits of girls to the gates of the mountain. You can pick your favorite from the batch, go down the mountain to meet her and if you think she is good, marry her back. Your mother will not treat her bad.

“…….” The crowd was stunned again. So after such a long time, this old lady had already made such a decision. Sure enough, the older the ginger the spicier it is! Look, that acting can definitely take home an oscar!

 “Mother…… no.” Wu Jun was stunned for a bit before he understood the meaning of the old lady’s words and suddenly panicked. 

The old lady’s face sank: “What’s wrong! Mother said it’s OK, so it’s fine.” 

“Mother, your son is the leader of a mountain thief stronghold. Which girl is willing to marry a mountain thief? Moreover, I don’t want to marry so early….” Wu Jun was insistent on struggling, but was interrupted by the old lady. 

“Early? You’re already thirty. Do you think a man of this age can just do nothing at this age. You should have been a grandfather by now. You can’t get a high post and is too proud to take a low one, you don’t even have a wife candidate in sight. Also you say that you are a thief, so what about it? Do you kill, set fire, and plunder? Since you have become the thief leader here, the mountain has been so much more peaceful. Those villagers are grateful to you that’s why they keep sending you good things. Why would they ever be disappointed and afraid of you? Don’t give your mother all this BS, mother doesn’t care. This time if you are willing to go, that would be the best. But even if you’re not, you’re going to obediently go down there for your mother.” 

“… yes, mother.” Wu Jun opened his mouth. In the end, unable to retort, he just sighed.

There was no other option. His dad who had many great achievements and was very powerful, when in front of his mother, he was just like a domestic cat. He obeyed his mother’s words and dared not to mention his opinions. If his mother spoke a little louder, his entire body would shake all over, let alone his son who can’t be compared with his father at all . 

Therefore, his submissive side was inherited. In the Wu family, women were respected and the words of the mother were imperial edicts that must be followed.

The crowd watched with big eyes as this show went down. They did not know how to react. Only Yun Xi’s heart had some sympathy towards Wu Jun. Another cannon fodder being pushed into an arranged marriage, Yun Xi could not help but feel sour. Brother, it is hard, but take care! 

When the old lady saw that Wu Jun agreed, her face was slightly haggard. Then she finally sat back in her place with satisfaction. Remembering that there were outsiders on the side, she did not feel embarrassed and casually smiled, “Sorry that we allowed you to see this.” 

Everyone woke up from their daze, their faces were slightly twisted. They laughed and said that nothing was wrong. Afterwards, it returned to peace and lunch officially started. 

Now that the misunderstanding has been resolved, naturally the old lady can no longer call Xia Yuqing, daughter-in-law; nor can she call the child in Xia Yuqing’s stomach, her grandson. 

The old lady looked at Xia Yuqing’s belly with regret. Such a beautiful daughter-in-law and such a big belly, why could it not be her grandson?

However, even if she wrung the handkerchief her hand, it still wouldn’t make it become true. Although the old lady was disappointed, she was still considerate of Xia Yuqing’s pregnancy. She made sure she was taken care of at the table and from time to time she would tell Xia Yuqing a few things that pregnant women should pay attention to. However just like before, she did not find Yun Xi agreeable. She didn’t even give him a look. This made Yun Xi so angry that she almost broke her teeth, ╭ (╯ ^ ╰) ╮, this fierce and overbearing old witch! 

From beginning to end, Feng Tingye didn’t even make a sound. He would simply smile at the inquiring eyes cast from time to time. He demonstrated a gentleman’s grace, but his eyes were on Xia Yuqing. 

Making sure that she was doing well here and estimating that she wouldn’t be in any immediate danger, he slowly shifted his eyes to the mother and son duo. His eyes narrowed slightly and a hint of profound light quickly passed by. But it was subtly covered by the glass he reached out to drink so no one discovered it. 

After the meal was done, Feng Tingye and Shao Zitong didn’t stay longer. They got up and confirmed with Su Qingyan the appointment for the delivery. Then Su Qingyan and Wu Jun sent them off as they left the stronghold. 

As soon as he stepped out of the gates, Shao Zitong took off the disguise he had on and whispered: “It looks like that girl is mixing in quite well in this stronghold.” 

Feng Tingye didn’t answer, he just stopped and looked at him with a smile. Although his eyes were not threatening, he felt a little chill.

Shao Zitong didn’t care and laughed teasingly: “Tingye, that Ya Tou said the child in her stomach is that pretty boy’s, you don’t mind at all?” 

Feng Tingye sneered at him: “What is there to mind? If it is Zhen’s then it is Zhen’s, no one can take it away. If I don’t even have that much confidence, how can I manage this country?” 

After speaking, he didn’t wait for Shao Zitong to respond, he simply walked forward. Shao Zitong touched his nose uninterestingly, knowing he should stop teasing him. He followed behind: “Your Majesty, it seems like you are interested in those thieves.” 

Even casually point it out, he was the owner of Hong An medicine shop. If it were not for this matter, it would have been hidden from their eyes. This person has been living deep in the palace for a long time, how could the pharmacy be opened outside the palace? Also, looking at the way he treated the robbers just now, it doesn’t seem to be a temporary interest, he clearly had a plan! 

Seeming to see through Shao Zitong’s thoughts, the corners of Feng Tingye’s mouth slowly lifted upwards: “Do you know who the thief leader and that old madam are?”

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