FMEA Chapter 98 part 2

Chapter 98 All businessmen are evil 

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Shao Zitong took a good look at the undercurrents between the two and the corner of his mouth once again couldn’t restrain a twitch. I have to say that Feng Tingye’s temperament is indeed suitable for business. If he was not an emperor, he might have become a rich merchant.

Just after Feng Tingye and Su Qingyan had finished their business, a young man hurriedly walked into the room and whispered: “Second master, master and the old madam are already waiting in the back room. They told me to come and call you over to eat together.

Su Qingyan nodded and glanced at the sun outside. It was indeed noon. Turning his head to look at the Feng Tingye sitting on the chair, his eyebrows twisted and he said politely, “It is already noon, would Feng Gong Zi be staying for lunch before leaving?”

This was simply a conventional greeting. It seemed to retain people, but it had the subtle implications of expelling guests.

Feng Tingye’s face remained unchanged and smiled, “How can I bother the second master?”

If you know then why don’t you hurry up and leave?!?! Su Qingyan’s thoughts were quite fierce, but it was not good to shed all pretense so he modestly said, “No trouble, no trouble at all.”

Feng Tingye’s smile deepened once again: “Since it is not troublesome and the second master is being so hospitable, we can only respectfully accept.”

“…” What do you call it when you shoot yourself in the foot? What does it mean to die for your reputation? Today, he has really gained knowledge in this. If he knew this was going to happen, he should have kicked them out without hesitation just now!

Feng Tingye stared at Su Qingyan’s speechless expression, his lips slightly hooked. There was a strange light under his eyes. Eating food, that foodie definitely will be there.

As guessed by Feng Tingye, for that rice bug Xia Yuqing, besides sleeping, the most important thing was eating. Therefore, under the irrational pestering by the old madam, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry, Xia Yuqing announced “It is getting late, let’s have lunch before speaking more.” As a reason, she forcedly entered the back hall .

Staring at a table full of hearty meals, coarse tea, and rice, Xia Yuqing, who was hungry for several days immediately forget about her depression just now and decided decisively… to turn grief and indignation into appetite. I will eat this village poor!

“That’s right, eat more.” Xia Yuqing just ate a bite of food and the old lady said with a smile and placed some more vegetables on her dish. 

Not long after, Xia Yuqing’s bowl was piled with an exquisite pagoda of food.

“…” Xia Yuqing stared at the magnificent landscape in front of her eyes, then slumped her neck and glanced around. Seeing the old madam about to pile another item on the peak of her pagoda, she hurriedly reached out her hand to cover the porcelain bowl in front of her. Is this person trying to raise her into a pig?!!

“Old madam… enough, it’s enough. I’ll do it myself. Old madam also has to eat…”

“Okay, you can pick yourself. Eat what you want to eat, this is your home.” The old madam was not forceful. Watching Xia Yuqing, she gave a smile like Buddha. I really like Xia Yuqing. The more I look, the more I like her. She is pretty, gentle and considerate. She respects the elderly and can give birth. Ohohoho she is so perfect!

Under the old madam’s scorching eyes, Xia Yuqing’s face was slightly stiff. With one small bite at a time, she slowly picked out the contents of the bowl. It somehow… was tasteless. Fortunately, someone soon rescued her from her current situation.

“Mother, you are already here. Hey, what about second brother?” As soon as Wu Jun entered the door, he began to look for the trace of Su Qingyan.

The old madam’s face sank and she rebuked, “Hurry and sit down. Su boy is not a child. He does not need people to baby him? I have already told people to notify him. Come over and sit down. Taking care of Xia Ya Tou is more important. “

“Xia Ya Tou?” Wu Jun scratched his head in confusion. Looking down towards his mother, he saw Xia Yuqing, who was slightly embarrassed and suddenly hesitated, “You, you… why are you here?”

“What is this fool saying? Where else would she go if not here?” The old madam heard the scream from Wu Jun and got up, she wanted to give him a big whack.

“Mother!” Wu Jun hurriedly reached out to block, not knowing how he suddenly annoyed his mother.

As soon as he wanted to inquire more, he heard footsteps outside.

At the same time, the two stopped their movements and looked around and saw Su Qingyan leading two youngsters in.

“Second brother, you are here. Sit, quick sit.” Wu Jun saw Su Qingyan and his eyes brightened. He immediately greeted him enthusiastically, while the old madam glared on with dissatisfaction.

“These two are…” As soon as Wu Jun approached, he saw the two people behind Su Qingyan. There was a trace of suspicion in his eyes. Why do these two people look so familiar, they shouldn’t be people from the stronghold?

“They are……”

Su Qingyan was robbed the chance of speaking by Feng Tingye: “We are second master’s partners and friends.”

Who said they’re friends with this dishonest businessman?!! Su Qingyan turned green. Just when he wanted to refute, he heard a fool laugh: “So it’s second brother’s friend. If it’s a friend of second brother’s, then it is a friend of mine.”

Su Qingyan opened his mouth, but he didn’t have any opportunity to explain the misunderstanding. He looked a little ugly and sat down.

Wu Jun touched his nose. He didn’t know what he had said wrong. He only thought that Su Qingyan was still angry about what happened in the morning, thus he did not suspect anything and sat down with a smile.

After Feng Tingye entered the door, his gaze turned towards Xia Yuqing.

Hm, she seems to be a little thinner. The meat on her small face is smaller now but her belly is a bit bigger. It seems that after going back, he’ll have to have the imperial kitchen stew up more tonics to make up for this.

Feng Tingye gazed at Xia Yuqing while thinking about how to fatten her up, while the hero in his plan seemed to have been misunderstood and thrown into a triangle love affair. Since Su Qingyan entered the door, she has been eager to bury her face into her bowl, reducing her existence.

At this moment, she suddenly felt a fiery gaze on her body. At a loss, she raised her head blankly. Facing the eyes of the person opposite of her, she could not help but frown.

Why is this person looking strangely at me? Why does he keep staring? Could it be that there are rice grains on my face?

Xia Yuqing reached out and touched her chin and face. It was as smooth as before, there was nothing… Looking up at the person opposite, she found that he was still staring at herself.

Is he a pervert?! The more she thought, the more Xia Yuqing thought it was the case. Widening her eyes, she glared back at him. Try looking again…..look again… look again and I’ll eat you up! Hmph ~

Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s big clear eyes. Then his deep eyes suddenly darkened, a ray of light quickly passed through the bottom of his eyes. This girl dared to give off flirtatious glances at a stranger in public? She needs to be taught a lesson! When this is done, he must grab her to the bed and teach her!

As a result, under this brilliant misunderstanding, this arrogant and narrow-minded emperor began eating his own vinegar.

While these two were battling it out with their eyes as if there were no one else around, normally this would have drawn some suspicions. Yet, apart from Shao Zitong, who has been fixated on those two, no one has noticed anything because …

“Second brother, this pot of ginseng chicken soup was stewed for you personally by big brother. Try it quick! See if it suits your taste.”

“……” Xia Yuqing looked up at Wu Jun. OMG, he actually cooked the chicken stew for the second master.

Master, how much do you love the second master! Please don’t get too passionate and carelessly pounce on him in public…..  

Seeing Xia Yuqing’s eyes shoot a familiar green light, Feng Tingye and Shao Zitong’s eyes were slightly sinking. They both cast their eyes on Wu Jun and Su Qingyan’s body, their lips had a deep and unpredictable smile.

Su Qingyan raised an eyebrow, looking at the greasy chicken soup in front of him. His lips twitched: “Did you make it yourself? You know how to cook?”

Suddenly remembering what happened earlier in the morning, him acting so dodgy, could it be that he was making this?

“Yeah, it’s actually… not too difficult.” Except that the fire almost burned the kitchen, the boiling water almost caused him to break the pot, and the kitchen knife was broken when the chicken was killed, it really is… quite simple.

Su Qingyan looked at the chicken soup in front of him, a bit uneasy. Suddenly, he thought of something and coldly said, “This kind of ginseng chicken soup is commonly used for women to replenish themselves.”

“Well? Is that so? Can it be eaten by both men and women? What is there to discuss? Second brother, is it that eldest brother had cooked it poorly and you don’t want to eat it…..”

Seeing Wu Jun like a large dog and with his tail dipping in addition to a look as if the sky was falling, Su Qingyan’s eyes narrowed and finally said nothing. He took the chicken soup from Wu Jun’s hand.

Wu Jun froze, his ink-colored eyes suddenly flashed. Looking expectantly at Su Qingyan, Xia Yuqing and the others stared at Su Qingyan curiously as well wondering what the chicken soup made by someone like him tasted. They really wanted to see how Su Qingyan would react after drinking this chicken soup.

Under everyone’s attention, Su Qingyan took a deep breath. He brought the bowl in his hand closer to his mouth and took a careful sip. Then he was… petrified!

“How… how is it?” Wu Jun stared at Su Qingyan nervously. Xia Yuqing seemed to see the tail of a large dog wagging back and forth…..

Su Qingyan’s trembling hands lowered the chicken soup. His head was full of blue veins raised. He asked with gritted teeth: “I want to ask you… how much sugar is in this soup?!”

Xia Yuqing froze, then exclaimed dumbly, “Um, shouldn’t there be salt in the chicken soup?”

It would have been better if she didn’t speak. Now that she has spoken, Su Qingyan’s anger was even greater. His eyes on Wu Jun were sharp like a knife as if he couldn’t wait to poke a few holes in him.

“Ah, those white things weren’t salt?” Wu Jun patted his head and asked innocently.

“You can’t even tell sugar and salt apart?! Why would you try to cook? Are you f*cking trying to poison me?! Also, you know I like my food blamd and you still make it so greasy? Are you still angry about yesterday’s business?!” Su Qingyan who had been bitterly poisoned couldn’t maintain his calmness and yelled out a series of swear words!

Wu Jun was startled by his yelling and unconsciously shrank back. Taking on the appearance of a bullied daughter-in-law, unable to say a word, he really felt wronged.

How could he know that there was a difference between those two things! It’s all Xiao Dong’s fault for not reminding him! Therefore the not so far away Xiao Dong was innocently… attacked!

Sadly, the chicken soup stewed with great difficulty under Xia Yuqing’s fierce gaze was thrown out by Wu Jun, what a waste!

Don’t you know that there are still many refugees in Africa who have no food? Wasting food is condemned! Xia Yuqing shook her head very regretfully, but she couldn’t explain her complaints because the war had spread to her side unknowingly!

“Snort, so dim-witted. Cooking personally but not giving it to your wife first. Fortunately, you didn’t gie the chicken soup to my daughter-in-law. Otherwise if something happens to this madam’s grandchild, this madam won’t forgive you!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone at the dinner table froze. They all quieted down and turned to look at the old lady.

Su Qingyan was holding a bowl of corn soup to rinse his mouth to dissipate the disgusting taste when he heard the words of the old lady. He looked up and asked: “Wife? Whose wife?”

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