Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 18

Chapter 18 The Awkward Prince

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Shan Weiyi’s cheekbones were bruised, which contrasted sharply with his fair skin, which was indeed a bit scary.

Shan Weiyi glanced at King Chen Shizi standing across from the corner of his eye: “They did it.”

Shen Yu’s eyes flashed coldly, and he glanced sideways at King Chen Shizi.

King Chen Shizi and his two attendants immediately trembled with fear and shook their heads repeatedly. King Chen Shizi pointed at the two attendants tremblingly and said: “They…it’s them…” 

The two attendants also pointed tremblingly at their face which was beaten into a pig’s head, and said: “It was Young Master Shan who did it first! It was him bullying!”

Shen Yu said coldly: “You two hit one person, how dare you say that others bullied you?” 

The two followers were speechless.

Speaking of which, it was also cursed. Everyone was A-level warriors, but Shan Weiyi seemed to be just a little bit better than the two of them. With one against two, he can still beat the opponent violently, but he had only scratched the skin a little.

King Chen Shizi heard this and knew, Shen Yu was deliberately tying his hands!

Of course, he was also embarrassed to say that the Taifu was unfair, so he could only look back with a smirk and give a vigorous big bag to each of the two followers. The two servants were stunned, and they looked at King Chen Shizi unwillingly and aggrieved.

King Chen Shizi only said: “You guys were wrong about this matter.”

“What did we do wrong? Obviously it was Young Master Shan who did it first, we just…”

“Just what?” King Chen Shizi cut off indifferently, “Even if Young Master Shan wants to attack me, if you want to protect me, you can’t hurt anyone! Just stop as soon as you can.” 

The two servants had no choice but to admit their mistake embarrassingly.

King Chen Shizi looking like this, the Taifu just smiled when he saw it.

Ruan Yang also saw that the Taifu meant to favor Shan Weiyi, so he couldn’t sit still. He straightened up quickly, coughing and coughing.

He coughed so loudly, let alone the people in the room, even the dog at the door next door couldn’t help but look at him.

Shen Yu seemed to remember such a person only now. He sat by the bed and said softly, “How are you? What did the doctor say?”

Ruan Yang said with a wry smile, “It’s nothing, just scratched a little.”

Shen Yu looked at Ruan Yang’s forearm, a large piece of scarlet scratched, like rouge falling into snow, it was really beautiful. Shen Yu’s gaze also showed two more points of tenderness, and he said, “How did you make it like this?”

Seeing that Shen Yu and Ruan Yang seemed to be a little ambiguous, the heart of King Chen Shizi’s desperate attempt to poke fire began to stir again. He then said to Shan Weiyi: “Master Shan, it was my fault that my people beat you. But what did Teacher Ruan do wrong? You treated him like this! I think you should apologize to him.”

Shen Yu Looking at Shan Weiyi with a bit of helplessness: “You did it?”

Shan Weiyi raised his hand and said, “I didn’t do anything.” 

The two servants jumped up to testify under the gaze of King Chen Shizi: “What do you mean you didn’t do anything! We have all seen it, it was Teacher Ruan who you pushed!”

Ruan Yang deliberately committed this fraud, and the witnesses had malicious intentions, it was completely indisputable.

Since there was no way to argue, it was better not to argue.

Shan Weiyi simply put on a bad show, showing the appearance of a domineering kid, he almost wrote “I did it” on his face.

At this time, not to mention Shen Yu who didn’t know the truth, even Ruan Yang who deliberately set the trap almost thought that Shan Weiyi had really pushed him.

Shen Yu looked at Ruan Yang, the sickly beauty whose wounds were like white snow and red plums, and then at Shan Weiyi, the 2D wife of Krypton Gold Card, and sighed that “the palm of the hand was flesh, and the back of the hand was also flesh”.

Although Shen Yu drew cards very well, he was not the kind of otaku who can’t tell the difference between dimensions. Ruan Yang who accompanied Shen Yu in 3D, his strategy was also quite effective. Shen Yu was taking care of Ruan Yang in a down-to-earth manner, getting along day and night, it was impossible to be without feelings.

Ruan Yang followed the guidance of the favorability system, seeked good luck and avoided bad luck, did more things that increased favorability, and did not do things that lost favorability. He has now increased Shen Yu’s favorability to 80%.

However, for this he fought to the point of tuberculosis.

To break through 90%, maybe there was only cancer.

If Ruan Yang knew that he had exhausted half his life, and that Shan Weiyi only needed to take a picture to finish the job, he would be so angry that he would really get tuberculosis.

In order to maintain his sunshine personality, Ruan Yang said with a pure face: “I accidentally fell down. You can’t blame Student Shan for this.”

Shen Yu nodded: “So that’s the case, let’s forget it.”

Hearing that Shen Yu really said to leave it alone, Ruan Yang almost died of anger, coughed, and said, “But you can’t let it go if one attacks their classmates and fights for no reason in the academy.”

Shen Yu felt a little embarrassed, as if he wsa watching two fluffy cats fighting each other, and he didn’t know who to help!

Shan Weiyi sneered: “What are you pretending for! Punishment is punishment! Who is afraid of whom!”

After speaking, Shan Weiyi shook his head, turned around and left.

Watching Shan Weiyi leave in a fit of anger, Ruan Yang breathed a sigh of relief: It seems that this S-level quick transmigrator was not that difficult to deal with.

It was estimated that he must follow the character design, and he had to conquer five in one go, so he was not capable enough.

Ruan Yang only thought about speeding up the plot line so that Shan Weiyi could drop out of school earlier.

As long as he got two major demerits, he can drop out of school, and now he has one…

And one more…can be arranged quickly.

As soon as Shan Weiyi returned to the downstairs of the dormitory, he saw the tall and straight back of the prince.

The prince waited for a long time in the martial arts arena, but he couldn’t wait for Shan Weiyi to come. He asked someone to inquire about what happened. Originally, he wanted to go to the school doctor’s office to see him, but he hesitated after that: How can there be any reason for this honorable prince to go to find a pet dog like him?

The prince returned to the dormitory after leaving the martial arts field, but wandered downstairs in the dormitory again.

Followed by the little eunuch, who was serving the prince, he carefully asked: “Is the prince waiting for someone ?”

The prince’s eyes flashed cold: “I’m looking at the scenery!”

The little eunuch was shocked and did not dare speak and only accompanied the prince to look at the scenery of the unfinished building in the dormitory opposite.

Seeing the stinky ditch from the unfinished building, Shan Weiyi can be considered to be back.

The prince had excellent hearing and had already heard Shan Weiyi’s footsteps, but he looked up at the artificial moon pretending to be calm, as if he didn’t know anything.

Shan Weiyi didn’t bother to pretend with him, and walked past him to the dormitory building.

The prince was so angry that his cheeks puffed up. The little eunuch saw it, jumped out immediately, and said to Shan Weiyi, “Isn’t this Young Master Shan?”

Shan Weiyi pretended to see them, and hurried to greet the prince: “Your Highness, why are you here? It’s windy at night, be careful of catching a cold.” 

Hearing Shan Weiyi’s carefree greeting, the prince’s anger smoothed out a little smooth. He turned his head to look at Shan Weiyi, and immediately noticed the bruise on Shan Weiyi’s cheekbones, and frowned, “What happened?”

Shan Weiyi didn’t say anything like Ruan Yang, “Oh, it’s okay, I did it myself. Don’t blame others”. That was too pretentious, he was a vicious cannon fodder who bullied the weak and feared the hard-bodied!

Not only was Shan Weiyi impolite, but he also added fuel to the story, vigorously publicizing how he was bullied by King Chen Shizi, and incidentally accused by Ruan Yang: “That guy was also strange, he can’t stand up, yet blamed it on me. He coughed in front of the Taifu and pretended to be pitiful, how disgusting.” 

The prince also heard a little about this Ruan Yang, and he heard that the Taifu treated him well. The prince respected the Taifu, so he also had some respect for Ruan Yang. Hearing that Shan Weiyi said that Ruan Yang was wrong, the prince didn’t answer, but said: “It’s because you are usually arrogant and cause trouble.”

Shan Weiyi widened his eyes in anger: “Then I should be beaten and punished for nothing?”

The prince sneered and said: “You have such a temper, you should learn a lesson!”

Shan Weiyi was so annoyed that he turned around and left.

But the prince stretched out his hand, hooked Shan Weiyi’s waist, and pulled him in his arms.

He wanted to hug Shan Weiyi, but Shan Weiyi elbowed the prince. The prince was hit in the abdomen unexpectedly, and the pain was clear. But for some reason, the prince neither got angry nor let go, but tightened his arms, and tightly held Shan Weiyi in his arms: “Your strength is worse than a cat’s scratching.”

Shan Weiyi gritted his teeth, looking In the eyes of the prince, it looked like a cat with bared teeth. 

The prince couldn’t help laughing, stuffed a tube of medicine into Shan Weiyi’s trouser pocket, and patted it lightly: “Although your face is not handsome, don’t ruin it. Go back and apply some,  it will disappear immediately.”

After a little effort, Shan Weiyi slipped out of the prince’s arms, squeezed the medicine in his trouser pocket, and said without any appreciation on his face, “If the prince really cares about my health, then teach a lesson to King Chen Shizi! Then I will be cured immediately, and I can eat two more bowls of rice!” 

The prince did not answer, but turned his head and left.

The little eunuch followed the prince step by step, but saw that the prince’s expression was tense, and they didn’t know what he was thinking. But the little eunuch didn’t dare to ask.

After returning to the prince’s private lounge, the little eunuch thought the prince was going to sit down and drink tea. Unexpectedly, the prince opened the treatment cabin.

The little followers were surprised and said: “Your Highness…” 

The prince sullenly admitted, half-embarrassedly, that he had just broken a rib by Shan Weiyi’s elbow stab.

The little eunuch was shocked, but he didn’t dare to offend the prince, so he could only say dryly: “The prince can really endure what ordinary people can’t bear… You really are a role model for our generation.” 

The prince laid down in the treatment cabin then sullenly said: “Although he is A-level, based on my experience of playing against him, his strength is very close to S-level.”

Little follower: is this trying to win respect, Your Highness?

The prince was naturally not trying to win respect, he was just telling the truth. Sometimes, he even thought that Shan Weiyi’s inadvertent fighting consciousness was quite amazing.

The prince said again: “I think those two guys who fought with him couldn’t take advantage of him right?”

The little eunuch hurriedly replied: “Yes, it was said that they were beaten very badly. It seems that Young Master Shan is quite ruthless.” 

The prince touched his ribs and had to agree.

The little eunuch said again: “They were all beaten badly, and Young Master Shan wants His Highness to uphold justice for him, isn’t that…” 

The prince slightly raised his eyelids, and said, “Isn’t this quite in line with his style?” With a smile, there was a bit of unconscious spoiling.

The little eunuch froze for a moment.

Just now Shan Weiyi wanted the prince to vent his anger for him, but the prince did not agree. The little eunuch thought that the prince refused. Now it seems…it doesn’t seem to be the case?

That’s right, the prince was golden and precious, but Shan Weiyi had broken his rib yet he didn’t say a word. How tolerant was this!

The little eunuch silently reassessed the importance of Shan Weiyi.

The little eunuch hurriedly said: “How does the prince plan to deal with those two blind thugs?”

“Did Shan Weiyi mention the word thugs?” The prince asked with a glance.

The little eunuch was taken aback for a moment, remembering that Shan Weiyi really didn’t say a word about thugs. Maybe it’s because he had already beaten the thugs like pigs, or maybe he didn’t take them seriously, it was King Chen Shizi who he asked the prince to take care of. 

The little eunuch frowned: “The son of King Chen Shizi is a Shizi… besides, his family’s nobleman Chen is also very sacred…” 

The prince didn’t care: “So what?”

The little eunuch couldn’t answer.

So what?

Who can’t the prince cook?

Wasn’t Shan Weiyi the son of a Shizi family before, didn’t he also have Concubine Shan as his backer? Even Concubine Shan, who was in the period of great favor, dared not fart in front of the prince.

Only the concubine in the harem can understand the Holy Will.

There were so many favorite concubines coming and going, none of them could set foot in the central hall to attend the bedchamber. Just like no favorite concubine can conceive a dragon heir.

In heaven and earth, inside and outside the galaxy, hundreds of millions of living beings, only the remains of the former empress can lie in the central hall, and only the blood of the former empress can inherit the throne of the empire.

This also formed the prince’s supremacy personality. Under only one person, he claimed to be above all living beings. Of course, among all sentient beings, he also divided them into three, six, and nine classes. For example, Taifu Shen Yu naturally had a higher ranking. Noble concubines and nobles, they were just lowly maidservants, so it wasn’t worth his extra glance.

Not long ago, Shan Weiyi’s ranking in the prince’s heart was still below that of the noble concubine, he was a vassal of the lowly maidservant. There were basically two classes of difference with real royal relatives like King Chen Shizi.

But now…

Thinking that King Chen Shizi dared to attack Shan Weiyi blindly, the prince was already angry. In fact, Shan Weiyi didn’t need to make the request himself, the prince didn’t intend to let him go.

The little eunuch could only sigh: “The crown prince really dotes on Young Master Shan.”

Hearing this, the crown prince became awkward, and said coldly: “Isn’t it disrespectful to me that King Chen Shizi bullied him? You don’t look at the owner’s face when you beat a dog!”

The little eunuch could see that the prince was a little irritable, but he didn’t want to understand the reason, so he could only quickly agree: “Yes, yes, Shan Weiyi is a dog.”

Unexpectedly, the prince didn’t want to hear it any more. With those words, he raised his foot and kicked the little follower.

The Prince, an S-rank martial artist, was not a joke with his reformed body. He just kicked the little eunuch a meter away with just one kick. Fortunately, the little eunuch was also a reformer, otherwise his lungs would be kicked out by the prince.

The little eunuch fell to the ground, his eyes staring, dizzy: What did I say wrong? ? ? ?

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