Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Smart Mirrors

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Shan Weiyi was still alive and kicking after a fight, and he would be fine after applying the special medicine given by the prince. But Ruan Yang was different, with the addition of the sickness buff, he was even more sickly.

Comparing the two, Shen Yu would of course stay by Ruan Yang’s side to take care of him.

In the interstellar era, it had been a long time since tuberculosis was seen. But with the medical level of this era, it was not difficult to treat. However, the doctor felt helpless, no matter what treatment method he gave Ruan Yang, it didn’t work.

Of course they would not think that it was because of Ruan Yang’s sickness buff.

The doctors searched and checked, and came to a conclusion: “Ruan Yang’s body structure is very similar to that of the ancient earthlings, and there is no trace of transformation on his body. Maybe it’s because of this that the treatment is not very effective.”

Shen Yu also accepted such a conclusion, after all, this kind of native earth people was indeed relatively fragile.

Shen Yu said to Ruan Yang again: “I heard that there is a very powerful doctor on earth who has done a lot of research on diseases caused by genetic defects, and is especially good at treating native earth people. Why don’t you invite him to see you?”

Ruan Yang shaking his head, sighed and said, “It’s all curable, not fatal…”

In fact, Ruan Yang was still quite anxious. That day, in the school infirmary, Shen Yu first focused on Shan Weiyi instead of him. Although Shen Yu still took care of him later and did not go to Shan Weiyi again, Ruan Yang still felt uneasy.

He spent some points to check Shen Yu’s favorability for Shan Weiyi, and found out it was 10%, which doesn’t seem high…

Ruan Yang naturally didn’t know that what he found was Shen Yu’s favorability for Xi Zhitong.

Shen Yu had a 10% affection for Xi Zhitong, that’s because he appreciated Xi Zhitong’s ability. The project he invested in Xi Zhitong was progressing well.

Ruan Yang felt that he still had to seek a breakthrough, otherwise Shan Weiyi would steal his home one day.

Ruan Yang leaned his head on Shen Yu’s shoulder cautiously, sighed and said, “I may be like this my whole life…you…can you stay with me…”

With that said, Ruan Yang exchanged for a “Qiong Yao’s heroine’s one drop of clear tears” prop, and made himself cry like Jiang Qinqin, Chen Derong, Yueling, Liu Xuehua, the kind of tears in his eyes that were always in the crying scene. However, the tears won’t come until the lines are almost finished, a fragile beauty falling down one by one.

No one can not feel sorry for such a beauty shedding tears.

Shen Yu held Ruan Yang’s thin shoulders, and said softly, “Don’t cry…if you cry, I’m going to…” get excited.

Of course Ruan Yang knew what was going on behind Shen Yu’s gentle appearance. He raised his face, letting tears fall from the corners of his eyes like meteors, trembling his lips, like a sacrificial lamb, giving off a pale softness.

Ruan Yang closed his eyes, and could feel the touch of Shen Yu’s fingertips brushing the corners of his eyes. Although Shen Yu was a reformer, he had always been literary and pampered, his fingertips were extremely soft and smooth, and there was no rough spot, as if rubbed by a good cotton ball. Ruan Yang’s eyelids trembled, and an unconscious itching appeared on his skin.

Shen Yu’s gentle hands exuded the fragrance of freesia. They were obviously such a beautiful thing, but they reminded people of sharp silver hooks, as if they can pierce Ruan Yang’s eyeballs with just a slight dip.

At the same time, Ruan Yang heard the favorability reminder: Shen Yu’s favorability for him exceeded 85%, and as the distance between the two closed, this 85% progress gradually approached 90%.

Ruan Yang softened his body, bit his lip, and tried his best to act like a pure lamb, so that Shen Yu could get the excitement from being in control.

+1, +1, +1…

Finally, it stopped at 89%.

Because, when it was close to 90%, Shen Yu’s wristband timer issued a beep.

That was the time when the drawing card APP did its daily tasks.

Shen Yu let go of Ruan Yang, and said softly, “Have a good rest.”

Ruan Yang opened his eyes, unable to believe that Shen Yu left at this critical point.

Ruan Yang saw the jump in favorability and felt weird. Now that the favorability has increased, why did Shen Yu retreat instead?

Ruan Yang didn’t expect that in the original plot, Shen Yu could unknowingly fall in love with Ruan Yang while guarding Wen Lu with deep affection and no regrets. This showed that Shen Yu’s heart can be divided into two.

Therefore, he can also draw the card of his two-dimensional wife while increasing the progress of the three-dimensional wife.

Ruan Yang placed his body like this, and was ready for his Chrysanthemum* to fall, but he didn’t expect Shen Yu to walk away like this. The more he thought about it, the more frightened he was. Thinking it was something he didn’t do well, he checked the favorability and it was within the range of his expected strategy. So, his strategy should be fine.

* anal

After thinking about it, he only thought: This Shen Yu is still a bit stubborn, usually refusing to take the initiative. Could it be his bad taste, wanting to see me voluntarily offer myself while trembling?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that this guess was reliable, so he got up from the bed, and went to the living room. He saw that Shen Yu didn’t tidy up his appearance, he was lying on the sofa with his clothes half revealed, reclined, and was operating something on his watch.

Ruan Yang thought: Maybe it’s business?

After all, even if Ruan Yang was killed, he would never have imagined that Master Taifu would be addicted to krypton gold card draws, that he wouldn’t even go to bed because of this.

Shen Yu quickly completed the daily tasks and got a small amount of fragments of the limited edition SSR.

After pressing off the wristband, Shen Yu seemed to notice Ruan Yang at this time, raised his head and smiled at him: “What’s the matter?” Shen Yu stood up, walked towards Ruan Yang, fixed his thin collar, and said softly : “Why come out with bare feet? Aren’t you afraid of catching a cold?”

Shen Yu had a pair of intense blue eyes, and when he smiled and stared at others, it can always give people the illusion of being deeply loved.

Ruan Yang also half-stepped into such fantasies, not to mention being that close to 90% favorability gave him confidence on a rational level. His blushing was 90% genuine embarrassment: “I… I came see you…”

Shen Yu was a sophisticated person, how could he not know what Ruan Yang was thinking?

He held Ruan Yang’s hand with a smile, and rubbed it lightly: “It’s so cold, I will take good care of it. If you scratch the skin a little, I will feel distressed.”

This was a roundabout way to say: Don’t rush, look at your small body, can you withstand me, an S-level reformer?

Ruan Yang didn’t have the nerve to say: Yes, us in the beauty world all have weak waists, skin that can be broken by bullets, and weak postures, but at the same time, we are as durable as Transformers.

Shen Yu helped Ruan Yang lie back on the bed. Ruan Yang was still a little apprehensive, because he was not persuaded by Shen Yu’s seemingly considerate reason. In the final analysis, he knew that Shen Yu was not the type to be sympathetic to women. On the contrary, Shen Yu was a ruthless pervert who was driven by the rainstorm. How could he not go up because he was thinking about his poor health?

And what was he talking about waiting for him to get better.

It’s okay to fool others, but not Ruan Yang.

Ruan Yang knew very well that Shen Yu would really not be interested in him if he really recovered and looked strong and resistant.

While Ruan Yang was feeling uneasy, Shen Yu laid down beside him, wrapping his arms around him. Ruan Yang was enveloped by the warm fragrance of freesia, and his restlessness calmed down a lot.

Shen Yu kissed Ruan Yang’s forehead: “Stop thinking about it, sleep well, I’m here with you.”

Staring at those peacock blue eyes, Ruan Yang once again had the illusion of being loved: Well, maybe Shen Yu really cares about me.

After all, Shen Yu had never hugged me to sleep before.

Ruan Yang closed his eyes and let himself sink into this fragrant embrace.

If Ruan Yang loaded the automatic sky-eye wall-mounting system, he would know that the reason why Shen Yu didn’t do it with Ruan Yang was because the heat was not yet ready.

Shen Yu had a serious childhood shadow (which scumbag didn’t have one), and he would only do it with a person when he completely believed in them. In other words, Shen Yu can like many people at once, but he only chats and does not move. Until his affection for a certain person reaches 100%, at that moment, then his affection for other objects will be instantly cleared. Only having 100% of that person, the one he identified.

Everything else would be boring.

Of course, Ruan Yang who got 89% was pretty close.

That’s why Shen Yu hugged him and slept with him for the first time.

Early the next morning, the sun shone into Shan Weiyi’s bedroom.

Shan Weiyi stretched his waist, got up, and stepped on the soft carpet, listening to Xi Zhitong’s morning song for him. Although Xi Zhitong’s body was in the school infirmary, his spirit was always with him through various smart devices.

After Shan Weiyi finished brushing his teeth, he heard Xi Zhitong’s voice reporting: “King Chen Shizi is here.”

Shan Weiyi brushed his teeth, looked at the mirror, spat out a mouthful of foam, and said, “Oh.” 

The smart mirror showed King Chen Shizi waiting anxiously outside the door. He looked like a mourning concubine, and behind him were the two servants who had been beaten into pig’s heads. Shan Weiyi could guess with his toes what he was here for: “The prince had punished him?”

Xi Zhitong’s voice came through the speaker behind the smart mirror: “The prince warned King Chen.”

Shan Weiyi laughed: “Tsk, it seems that the crown prince doesn’t look highly on this Shizi. Capture the king first before the thief, scold the father before the person.”

Xi Zhitong said, “Are you going to see him?”

“Not interested.” Shan Weiyi wiped his face, “I’m busy, how can I have time to deal with him? Let the housekeeping robot convey my thoughts to him, just say, I don’t have time to take care of him, just don’t show himself in front of me again in the future.” 

The housekeeping robot started to move, and the movements were naturally smooth – because it was Xi Zhitong who was controlling it. He seems to be a ghost possessing a housekeeping robot, calmly using this mechanical body, and walking steadily to the door.

The automatic door opened, and King Chen Shizi raised his head anxiously, only to find that it was a housekeeping robot. He was annoyed: was the one with the surname Shan putting on airs?

Xi Zhitong said softly, “Master asked me to pass on a word.”

King Chen Shizi was so angry that he was dying, but thinking of the prince’s power, he still nodded his head and looked at the robot in front of him. The robot raised its mechanical arm and punched King Chen Shizi in the face with incomparable precision.

How could King Chen Shizi think that this robot would suddenly attack!

He was also stunned: Isn’t a housekeeping robot set not to attack humans? !

He stared blankly at the robot, and then touched the painful part of his face: it was exactly the position where his follower injured Shan Weiyi yesterday, as if it followed the coordinate axis precisely.

It’s hard for King Chen Shizi not to suspect that this was Shan Weiyi’s vengeance. Housework robots cannot attack humans, but now he was being beaten by a housework robot? This shows what?

King Chen Shizi concluded: Shan Weiyi turned on the manual control mode, and this punch was operated by Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi hit him, but what can he do?

He could only hold back his anger, and say with a ferocious smile: “Young Master Shan, are you calm now?”

Xi Zhitong folded his arms and said in a steady tone, “Please don’t appear in front of Master in the future.”

King Chen Shizi covered his aching cheek bones and left angrily.

At the same time, Xi Zhitong’s voice came out from the smart mirror in the bathroom, and reported: “King Chen Shizi has left.”

Shan Weiyi nodded, it seemed that he really didn’t care about King Chen Shizi. He proposed to the crown prince to have him take care of King Chen Shizi, not because he really wanted to vent his anger, but because he wanted to show the position of “being proud of being favored”.

All for the Raiders.

As a quick transmigrator, his purpose was very clear, he would not waste his energy on unimportant NPCs.

Shan Weiyi didn’t speak, just smiled at the mirror.

Xi Zhitong said: “Master is in a good mood today?”

Shan Weiyi asked: “Why do you say that?”

Xi Zhitong said, “Because you always smile in the mirror.”

“Fool,” Shan Weiyi said, “I’m smiling at you.”

The smart display, which had been glowing steadily, flashed visible to the naked eye.

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