Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Taifu is looking

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Shan Weiyi washed his face, went out, and went to the martial arts field to fight with the prince again.

He didn’t know when, but an extra set of tables and chairs were added to the martial arts arena. There was a tea set on the table. Shan Weiyi could sit down and drink tea and chat with the prince every time after training.

The prince originally sought Shan Weiyi just to relieve his touch deprivation and thirst through fighting. However, it was unsure when the prince was willing to get along with Shan Weiyi without touching his skin. Just chatting with Shan Weiyi while drinking tea was good enough. The prince attributed this to the fact that Shan Weiyi was a good dog who knew how to flatter people.

After Shan Weiyi found out that the prince liked to chat, he was also happy to rest. At this moment, while drinking fresh lemon tea, he tilted on his heels and gossipped with the prince.

The prince only said: “I heard that there is an illegitimate child in your family, and he has already passed over your head.”

Shan Weiyi said sullenly, “The illegitimate child is a b*stard, how can he compare with me?” 

The prince liked to watch Shan Weiyi all explosive, so he continued to provoke him and said: “Originally, you offended me, so your family took the illegitimate child back. Now that I have forgiven you, it stands to reason that your family should also let the illegitimate child return to his rightful place.” 

Shan Weiyi’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

The prince looked at the change of his face and thought it fun, and continued: “But, he is a capable person. It is said that he is successfully running a business, and even boarded the big boat of Jun Gengjin. Now, no one treats him as an illegitimate child. He has already been recognized as a real young Master.”

Shan Weiyi snorted coldly: “Yes, yes, who made me not have a good life like the prince, who is able to have a father who has deep love and no regrets about his first wife. Naturally, you don’t have my worries.”

Mentioning this, the prince’s face became slightly stiff.

Shan Weiyi knew that this topic was a dangerous boundary, so he just tentatively probed his feet. Now that the prince was unhappy, Shan Weiyi quickly retracted his tentative feet. He stretched his waist and said: “Since the crown prince mentioned this, I will also ask for a leave of absence. I have to go home in two days.”

Hearing that Shan Weiyi wanted to leave, the crown prince felt displeased: “What are you going back for?”

Shan Weiyi had no choice but to explain: “Many days ago, the elders sent me a message asking me to go back. In order to be a training partner for the crown prince, I have already delayed it for a long time. If I don’t go back, I will violate filial piety.” 

In feudal society, filial piety comes first.

Even a prince must respect filial piety.

When he was in the palace, the prince went to the central hall every morning and evening to visit his father.

The central hall was a steel palace, a building made of bright silver space metal strips, and it also emitted a cold light like the moon in the deepest night.

Except for the emperor, there were usually no living people in the central hall.

The emperor said that he should practice strict frugality and cherish manpower, so he didn’t need to close servants.

The prince knew that the emperor just didn’t trust the living.

The central hall was a fully intelligent mechanical palace. The emperor, who possessed a powerful brain, adjusted everything in the palace with his own will, from temperature, humidity to the hardness of the walls, everything was completely under the emperor’s control.

In the central hall, the emperor was the only god.

Even the crown prince, who was so proud outside, would be as humble as an ant once he stepped into the central hall.

Crouching on the ground, with his forehead pressed against the cold silver floor, without permission, he could only maintain a devout prostration posture.

“Get up.” The emperor’s voice sounded, as deep and thick as an evening drum.

But also young enough.

Interstellar people don’t age easily.

The emperor looked young and handsome, but his sideburns were silver.

“The face is covered with dust, and the temples are like frost.” The emperor would sometimes chant slowly, “Ten years of life and death, boundless.”

It was said that the emperor originally had blond hair, but it turned gray overnight on the night of the death of the first empress.

This was also the reason why Concubine Shan and many concubines dare not speak hard words to the Prince no matter how favored they were.

No matter which concubine it was, favored or unfavored, they cannot enter the central hall to attend his bed.

No matter which concubine it was, favored or unfavored, none of them gave birth to any offspring.

They bore the title of favorite concubine, but they actually acted as diplomatic envoys and spokespersons for the royal family.

The emperor was strong and healthy, but he had only one child, the prince.

The prince was the only heir.

Just because the prince was the blood of the former Empress.

The first Empress was a man, so he was naturally infertile. When he was alive, he had not yet considered the issue of heirs.

He passed away suddenly, and the mournful emperor combined the DNA of the previous empress with his own to create a child, and that child was the prince.

It is said that the prince looks very much like the first Empress, especially the purple hair and eyes.

However, what the emperor said the most was: You are not like him.

Usually in a tone of regret.

The mighty crown prince who was calling the wind and calling the rain, always kept his head down in front of the emperor, just like any child who always disappointed his parents.

He hadn’t been hugged by his father since he was born, not once.

Doctors said this was likely the cause of his touch deprivation.

When the doctor said these words, the emperor was also present. The young prince’s face was still childish, he didn’t know how to hide his feelings, and he looked at his father expectantly—he didn’t dare to look directly at that holy face, but only dared to look at his father’s broad chest. There was a brocade armor with the pattern of a dragon flying into the sky.

He heard the emperor’s deep voice: “You are too fragile…not like him.” 

The prince’s heart sank suddenly: “I…I can change…”

“It’s not a big problem.” The emperor said, “Just change your skin.” 

The prince was sent to have his skin changed.

At that time, he was only twelve years old.

After undergoing skinning torture, he put on a layer of highly intelligent artificial skin. After that, he started rejecting physical contact. However, this did not alleviate the distress caused by touch deprivation, but pushed him deeper into the pain.

While longing for the touch of warm human skin, he felt sick and uncomfortable because of this deprivation.

The interweaving of contradictions had raised his suffering to a higher level, and there was no one he could confide in his suffering.

Sometimes, he would rather kneel under the cold throne, begging the emperor to touch his head like an ordinary father, or pat himself on the shoulder…

But that was impossible.

The emperor can give him the glory of being alone, the wealth of burning oil, and even this vast and boundless galaxy, but he can’t give him even a little love.

The emperor had a cold temperament, and the little bit of love in his heart was sealed in the immortal phoenix coffin in the central hall together with the former empress.

Recalling all this, the prince completely lost interest in chatting, and put down the teacup angrily.

At the same time, Shan Weiyi also put down the teacup, and the two of them inadvertently touched knuckles of the fingers holding the handles of the teacup. The touch of the skin awakened the prince’s desire for warmth. His heart speeded up suddenly – it was obvious that he and Shan Weiyi had more skin contact when they were fighting, but it was never like this, inadvertently touching hands… it was heart-palpitating.

The prince’s heart was beating wildly, longing to touch these hands, but his body was walking in the opposite direction. He retreated like a frightened deer, as if he was about to raise his head up and fall off the chair in the next second.

Shan Weiyi noticed the prince’s gaffe, and hurriedly leaned forward to hold him.

The prince fell backwards, Shan Weiyi leaned forward, and the two hugged each other, and both fell to the ground.

On the floor, the two huddled together, their fingers intertwined, and the warmth spread from the ten fingers to the prince’s whole body like an electric current.

The prince seemed to tremble even with his pupils, and his purple eyes were fixed on Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi seemed to read the dangerous message from the prince’s eyes, and subconsciously wanted to break away. However, the prince turned over and pressed him to the floor like a mountain.

“Why hide?” His purple eyes narrowed dangerously, with a cold light, looking down from top to bottom, like a beast staring at its prey.

Shan Weiyi’s hands were clasped above his head, and his body was forced into an unfolded posture. He could only struggle like a fish on the shore. He looked at the prince in disbelief, as if he was confirming that the prince really went crazy suddenly and fell in love with him, a stinky man.

Shan Weiyi trembled with his lips: “Does the prince want someone to serve him…”

The meaning of rejection was very obvious. The prince naturally didn’t like it, and his face turned cold: “Of course, whoever I want to serve, I will have serve . . . “

Undeniable majesty.

The persona of Young Master Shan would not dare to reject the crown prince directly, but he would not be willing to just be someone’s pamper toy. It’s one thing to be the prince’s henchman, but it’s another thing to be the prince’s favorite male toy. Shan Weiyi had no choice but to delay him and say: “I…you let me think about it…” 

The prince sneered: “Originally, I should let you think about it. It’s a pity that you don’t know how to appreciate one’s kindness. I’m going to do you here now, what can you do?”

Of course, the crown prince was just trying to scare him, not really wanting to buy and sell prostitution in the daytime, but he still touched Shan Weiyi’s thigh with one hand.

Shan Weiyi struggled and said: “No! No!” 

The crown prince thought he was noisy, and was about to seal it with a kiss, but heard Shan Weiyi muttering: “The Taifu is looking at us over there without blinking. Oh, what kind of person is he? Does he have some strange hobbies…”

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