Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 25

Chapter 25 His Meow Surprise

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Shan Weiyi smiled mysteriously, stirring up ripples in the prince’s heart.

The prince coughed twice and said, “What surprise?” 

Shan Weiyi said, “You’ll know when you come up to my room.”

The prince coughed again and followed behind. Until the two walked outside the door of the dormitory, the little eunuch still followed. The prince turned to look at him. He immediately fell silent, and slapped himself. The two didn’t hurt at all, but after hearing the loud slaps, he stood outside the door.

Shan Weiyi smiled and said: “Don’t worry, little eunuch, you just wait outside, it won’t take long, we’ll finish soon.”

The little eunuch’s pupils trembled:…Young master, don’t say such words.

The prince said coldly: “Nonsense.”

The little eunuch only said to himself: It was said that virgins finish their work very quickly. Young Master Shan’s words are not without basis.

Thinking of this, the little eunuch waited respectfully outside the door, and turned on the timer to record the prince’s precious moments.

The prince and Shan Weiyi entered the dormitory, and he was just about to say, “What surprise have you prepared?” But the prince could only hate his five senses. As soon as he entered, he already knew what was in the dormitory.

The extra thing is, of course, the “surprise” referred to by Shan Weiyi.

Facing this “surprise”, the prince remained calm.

The “surprise” he wanted was the kind… that was indescribable.

Shan Weiyi was full of interest, and with a smile on his face, he pulled out a half-meter-diameter sphere from the back of the sofa, and asked, “Can the prince guess what I want to give you?” 

The prince said indifferently: “It’s a pet cat.”

“Your Highness is wise!” Shan Weiyi put on a surprised expression, smiled and pressed the switch of the sphere, and saw a blue short-legged long-haired cat with soft hair jump out. On the sofa, there was a naive, but beautiful little milk cat.

The prince had no interest in pets at all, he just said: “This is a surprise?

“How can it not be?” Shan Weiyi said, “Prince don’t fake it, before you liked Wen Lu so much, wasn’t it because you were lacking a pet to stroke? How could Wen Lu be fun to stroke, cats are the king of the world to be stroked. After you’ve stroked him, you’ll forget Wen Lu.” 

The prince wanted to say that he had already forgotten Wen Lu.

The prince who loved Wen Lu a lot before had almost forgotten Wen Lu’s existence now. What’s more, when he heard the word Wen Lu from Shan Weiyi, he was still inexplicably upset, wishing that Wen Lu could disappear from this world.

This was exactly the ruthlessness of a Slag Gong.

The prince said with displeasure, “Don’t pretend to be smart.”

“You aren’t saying what you mean!” Shan Weiyi boldly picked up the kitten and stuffed it directly in front of the prince.

The prince hated the touch of living things (except Shan Weiyi and Wen Lu) the most. When a cat was thrust into him, he subconsciously wanted to throw it away, but he didn’t expect that when the kitten’s soft fur slid across his cheek, he actually felt a long-lost satisfaction and happiness.

Of course he didn’t know that this was Xi Zhitong operating in the background.

The prince hated the touch of living things because the emperor gave him a skin bug. But now, Xi Zhitong was modifying the data in the background so that the prince will not hate the cat.

The touch deprivation prince touched the cat that he didn’t reject, and his heartstrings rattled like being entangled with ten fingers. He hugged the soft milk cat subconsciously, letting its head rub against his arm, meowing.

Shan Weiyi smiled and said: “How is it? I said you would like this ‘surprise’, right?” 

The prince was indeed extremely surprised, and real joy also sprouted from this surprise. The so-called “surprise”, it probably was one.

He… can finally stroke a cat!

How could the crown prince be unhappy? He immediately had the same affection for this cat as when he first Wen Lu… No, it was even higher than the first impression he had when he first saw Wen Lu.

Because at the beginning, he would be wary of Wen Lu of unknown origin, and disliked Wen Lu of poor background…

But this cat, there was absolutely nothing that the prince should be wary of or dislike.

The prince hugged the cat, and his heart, which had been frozen for many years like an iceberg, seemed to have a flowing warmth like a spring breeze. The warmth spread from the tip of his brow to the corner of his eye, like a doll who was rewarded with candy for the first time. He raised his head in surprise and subconsciously smiled at the person standing beside him——Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi also smiled and said, “I have had a hard time finding this cat. This was an excellent product of genetic engineering. It not only looks cute, but also has the ability to survive and fight in space. These soft-looking fur can withstand space rays.” 

The prince raised his eyebrows and said, “Could it be the product of the spirit beast project they mentioned?”

“Yes! It seems that the prince is also very knowledgeable.” Shan Weiyi nodded repeatedly, “This is the S-level spirit beast project. It’s exhibit was retired because of its soft personality, but it is a good pet. No matter how many people have money, they can’t buy it. I bought it from a familiar interstellar dealer at a higher price.” 

The prince was quite surprised: “This spirit beast is probably more expensive than a spaceship, where did you get so much money from?”

Shan Weiyi: … You may not believe it, but it was the gold of Taifu Krypton.

Shan Weiyi only smiled and said, “It was a robbery.”

Shan Weiyi felt that he was not lying. What was the difference between the brutality of mobile game manufacturers making money and robbery?

The prince only said: “Who were you robbing? Who has so much money for you to rob?”

Shan Weiyi said: “Okay, I’ll reveal it, it was the Taifu.” 

The prince raised his eyebrows: “The Taifu? You are able to rob him?”

Shan Weiyi muttered, “Didn’t I say that he has a crush on me…” 

The crown prince sighed, and said, “Full of nonsense again.”

The prince knew that the Shan family had become rich recently—mainly because Shan Yunyun was a business genius, earning a lot of money selling stinky tofu, tea eggs, pork belly and blind boxes in Interstellar. Shan Weiyi probably stole Shan Yunyun’s money.

The prince was not angry and said dotingly: “After all, stealing money is indecent. If you need anything in the future, just tell me.”

Shan Weiyi nodded.

Since the last time he strangled the Taifu with a scarf, he hasn’t used the APP to draw cards. Shan Weiyi couldn’t take the money even if he wanted to, he spent a lot of money to buy this spirit beast cat, and went to the execution live broadcast room to show his father his filial piety by shooting rockets, so now he was still a little poor.

But Shan Weiyi also knew that the prince had no money.

Although the crown prince had the best food and clothing, pocket money was still distributed on a monthly basis. The emperor was very strict in this regard and did not allow his child to develop extravagant habits, not to mention wasting money indiscriminately. If the crown prince left even one rice from his meal, he would be reprimanded by the inner court officials.

Therefore, what the prince said was “tell me what you lack”, not “tell me if you lack money”.

The prince had no cash in hand, but he can exercise the power of the prince to reward the people below.

While the emperor asked the prince to be diligent and frugal, he also encouraged the prince to be generous to the people under him. Therefore, all the servants in the East Palace were dressed better than the masters outside. The little eunuch’s monthly salary was higher than the prince’s monthly salary. So it’s no wonder the prince sometimes disliked the little eunuch.

Shan Weiyi smiled at the prince and said: “As long as the prince likes this cat.” 

The prince hugged the cat, but asked: “Does this cat have a name?”

“This cat is a tribute (gong in chinese) to the prince, then isn’t it a ‘Gong cat’? How dare I presume?” Shan Weiyi half-jokingly said, “What name does the prince want to name it?” 

The prince just looked at the cat and smiled: “This guy looks soft and cute, but he is very cunning. With a mouth full of grinding teeth, let’s call it Xiao Yi.”

Shan Weiyi snorted coldly: “I am a son of an aristocratic family after all, but His Highness made fun of me with a cat and dog.”

The prince smiled and said: “Being the favorite of the East Palace is a blessing that many people can’t ask for.”

Shan Weiyi: … let it go, this blessing who wants it?

The prince saw that Shan Weiyi was still a little unwilling, so he didn’t force him very much. It’s not that he respected and admired Shan Weiyi, but that Shan Weiyi knew how to advance and retreat. If Shan Weiyi stubbornly refused, the prince would feel offended and take a strong stance. If Shan Wei wanted to flatter him, the prince would be happy to go along with the flow and claim the beauty directly.

Now Shan Weiyi has a skill in raising a child, so the prince having fun in the process of being pushed and pulled, was patient and kind.

The prince walked out of the door with the cat in his arms. The little eunuch pressed the timer stop button, and looked at the prince with compassionate eyes.

The prince ignored it and walked away with his arms around the cat.

It was only then that the little eunuch noticed the little fluffy thing poking its brain, and was extremely surprised: “Prince…this is…”

Looking at the cat, the prince smiled and said: “This is Xiao Yi.”

The little eunuch looked at it. When it came out, the prince doted on this little thing very much, and quickly praised: “Xiao Yi is so beautiful!”

But the prince said coldly: “You think you can call it Xiao Yi too?”

He was still very professional, and he kept smiling even when he was scolded: “This slave deserves to die…this…is this… Master Yi?”

The prince snorted softly, approving his call.

The little eunuch: … a long life, and there is now an extra master in the palace who stinks of sh*t.

After seeing off the prince, Shan Weiyi laid down in the bedroom for a while. Sitting up sideways, he saw a 191cm figure by the window.

Shan Weiyi smiled sideways: “It’s scary, you came so quietly.” There was a smile on the corner of his mouth, he didn’t look frightened at all.

Xi Zhitong only said: “I thought master was asleep, so I kept my hands and feet light, not daring to disturb him.”

But Shan Weiyi said: “Your hands and feet are much lighter than before, and I can’t even hear them.” 

Xi Zhitong replied: “I have learned a little bit of stealth.”

As a deep learning AI, Xi Zhitong was very studious, it was something Shan Weiyi set up himself. Therefore, Shan Weiyi was not surprised to know that Xi Zhitong has learned a lot of skills independently.

Xi Zhitong’s learning ability was quite against the heavens, this “a little stealth skill” was already comparable to an S-rank assassin.

Xi Zhitong suddenly asked: “Does master like cats?”

Shan Weiyi didn’t understand why he asked, but he still replied with a smile: “I like cats.”

Then, Shan Weiyi saw something pop out of Xi Zhitong’s jacket… A cat’s tail.

Shan Weiyi was shocked.

What surprise is that?

This was his meow surprise.

Shan Weiyi quickly realized what Xi Zhitong had done.

He carried out an “interest makeover”.

In today’s interstellar era, interest PLAY was also advancing with the times. This kitten beast suit can make people temporarily have cat ears and cat tails, making people look like demons.

Xi Zhitong can learn to be like an etiquette expert after watching etiquette videos for a day.

Therefore, when he watched the T meow video, when his limbs fell to the ground, his actions became like a cat. It’s just that his body was too slender and strong, and his eyes were sharp, which made him think of tigers and leopards in the jungle when he imitated the behavior of a cat.

He raised his head, stepped on Shan Weiyi’s knee with one hand, moved his Adam’s apple slightly, and let out an indifferent and mechanical “meow” in that mellow baritone voice.

Shan Weiyi lowered his eyes and saw Xi Zhitong’s rational beauty and indifferent face lined with two furry ears, a well-proportioned muscular body with wide shoulders and narrow hips, carrying a furry silver cat tail, standing on the window sill under the moonlight, giving off a soft sheen.

Even the well-informed Shan Weiyi couldn’t help but panic at what he saw.

Xi Zhitong learned a lot from cats. Seeing the prey stunned, he naturally didn’t let go of the gap, and suddenly jumped up, and his slender body threw the master down on the soft mattress. Shan Weiyi was caught off guard, and subconsciously wanted to push Xi Zhitong away, but he didn’t expect that slender tail had already wrapped around Shan Weiyi’s waist, binding the two of them together, and their waists were pressed together. Through the pants, Shan Weiyi could even feel the hardness of Xi Zhitong’s thigh muscles.

Next to his ear was Xi Zhitong’s cold and mechanical voice:


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