Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Big Filial Son

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Before Father Shan finished speaking, his eyes swept over Shan Weiyi’s arrogant and complacent expression, and he suddenly came to his senses: This is wrong!

What kind of character and identity was the prince?

If he wants to teach Shan Weiyi a lesson, does he need to come to the door in person?

Looking back, Shan Weiyi offended the prince, how did the prince respond? The prince sent someone to beat Shan Weiyi’s legs. Later, Shan Weiyi offended the prince severely, and the prince just asked someone to push Shan Weiyi directly into the water and kill him. The prince himself did not take the initiative to contact Shan Weiyi.

The prince preserved his identity, let alone coming to see him in person, even if he scolded or taught him a lesson himself, he would not be willing. Because, if the crown prince gave Shan Weiyi an extra look, it would be an act of surrendering his status.

The prince’s visit to the door in person doesn’t seem like a lesson, but more like… value?

As soon as this thought flashed through Father Shan’s mind, his old-fashioned body was terrified and tense.

But he couldn’t help think too much, the prince had already swaggered in.

The empire does not talk about respecting private property, but pursues “the whole world is the land of the emperor”. Therefore, Shan Weiyi’s house also belonged to the empire.

The prince had the highest authority, second only to the emperor, and any smart home system was defenseless against him, so the door was wide open. That was to say, except for the central hall of the empire, the prince can enter and leave anyone’s room as if it was nothing.

When the prince entered, he was accompanied by two mechanical guards and a little eunuch. The ceremonial weaponry was simple.

Seeing the prince and his party, Father Shan, Mother Shan, Mother Yun, Shan Yunyun, and Shan Weiyi all put aside their disputes for the time being, and all put on a respectful look to welcome him. 

Father Shan stood at the front, and after paying respects to the prince according to etiquette, he said, “I didn’t know that the prince would come here, excuse me for not going out to meet you, I hope the prince will forgive me.”

The prince didn’t say anything, but the malicious superficial and irritable Young Master Shan was unable to hold back anymore, he beeped loudly: “Prince save me! Father is going to kill me!”

Hearing this, everyone changed their expressions, especially Father Shan, who secretly thought that it was not good: No way, no way, the prince who broke Shan Weiyi’s leg just a few days ago was so fond of him today that he came to my house to support him in person?

There wouldn’t be such a dramatic thing happening to my family right? 

Father Shan hurried forward and said: “I didn’t discipline my family well. The house is a mess. I hope Your Highness can forgive me.”

Young Master Shan hurriedly went up to meet him, with a terrified expression on his face. Seeing that Shan Weiyi was being complacent, the prince didn’t want things to just go his way, so he deliberately strayed to prevent Shan Weiyi from approaching him. Shan Weiyi was stunned when he saw the prince like this, and his face was in a daze of surprise, astonishment and disappointment.

The prince thought it was funny, but he didn’t show it on his face, he still had a serious face, stepped forward a few steps, walked to the main seat and sat down with the golden sword. The mechanical guards and the little eunuch followed and stood on both sides.

Shan Weiyi stepped forward again without giving up, and said: “Your Highness, you have to stand up for us mother and son. Us mother and son were about to lose their lives.”

Father Shan twitched his eyebrows, and said harshly: “Evil son, withdraw now, stop talking nonsense in front of the prince!”

Shan Weiyi pulled his mother and said loudly: “I am not talking nonsense, the housekeeping robot is still in security mode. How dare you say that you didn’t want to hit us just now?”

Father Shan didn’t want to go to court with his son, so he turned his head to the prince angrily and said, “I’m ashamed to say that I let His Highness see such a family scandal. In fact, it was the mother and son duo who were disrespectful and slapped me… The following offenses, if I don’t manage this now, how will I manage the house in the future? I hope the prince will allow it.” 

The prince saw the fresh slap marks on Father Shan’s face, and then took another look at Shan Weiyi. Shan Weiyi was still confident, and said: “Father wanted to treat the mistress as his wife, and even humiliated mother. Mother was angry for a while, so she accidentally beat you. Besides, mother is a pure-blooded earthling, so beating people doesn’t hurt. My father wants to hit my mother with a robot, can the two be the same?”

Father Shan sneered, “Your mother got angry and hit me, what about you? You held my head down and let your mother slap me. What about that?”

The prince was quite surprised when he heard that Shan Weiyi held down his old father’s head so that his old mother could slap him. He thought it was funny again, and gave Shan Weiyi an annoyed look.

But Shan Weiyi still raised his head and chest, not guilty at all, and replied generously: “I am not holding my father’s head, but protecting my father’s cervical spine.” 

Hearing this, the prince almost laughed out loud.

Father Shan’s face was also green and then pale: “Your words are unreasonable!”

“Okay,” the prince said in a deep voice, “Shan Dingshan, let me ask you, do you have the intention of having another first wife?”

Shan Dingshan’s face turned pale and momentarily choked.

There was a saying that “nobles cannot have a second first wife”, and it was illegal.

Generally, it was legal for rich people to keep a mistress to play, but it was illegal to introduce to the family as a wife.

Of course, this kind of law was mostly just for fun. No one will really go to the back house of a wealthy family to count how many wives other people have.

…But, the crown prince really came.

Shan Dingshan quickly shook his head and denied: “Of course not.”

Shan Weiyi said, “How is it not? You clearly said…” Shan Weiyi raised his hand, pointed at Mother Yun, and said, “You said, this woman is my mother.”

Shan Dingshan’s face froze, and Shan Weiyi continued: “At first, my mother didn’t say anything, until you said that you would welcome her as your wife and let her be my mother. My mother was insulted, only then was she so angry that she did it.”

This was not Shan Weiyi’s nonsense, but the truth.

With the scene like this, Shan Dingshan showed panic and didn’t know what to say, so he could only shake his head blindly.

The prince was actually not interested in these trivial matters at all, but because of Shan Weiyi, he could only reluctantly condescendingly look at Mother Yun, and say, “Who are you?”

Mother Yun panicked and said: “This concubine’s name is Li Lingling…” 

The prince asked: “Who are you to Shan Dingshan?”

Li Lingling replied: “I am Master Shan’s concubine.”

Speaking Li Lingling turned around, faced Shan Weiyi mother and son and knelt down with a plop, frightening Father Shan, Mother Shan and Shan Yunyun to freeze. Shan Yunyun reacted first and wanted to help Li Lingling but Li Lingling pushed him away, and only shed tears at Shan Weiyi mother and son: “I have been outside for more than 20 years, and I have never had the idea of ​​presumptuousness. After I accidentally got pregnant with Yunyun, I was careful and didn’t dare let Madam and the young Master know of my existence. Later, there was really nothing I could do, master insisted on letting Yunyun come back, and I dared not say a word. But I knew that I was not worthy of entering this house, so I didn’t dare to come back with him. I also tried to teach him from time to time, teach him to be content and happy. However, he suddenly said that he would invite me to live here. I am a woman, so I have no thoughts. But I also said that I would only come if the wife agreed. Therefore, when I first came here, I wanted to see the wife, but she refused to see me. My heart was really disturbed, and I felt uneasy every day like going to the execution ground. Now I understand that the wife doesn’t want to live with me. Then I don’t dare to stay. But I have to declare that I have never had any delusion of being married. I hope this noble is aware. From now on, I will never set foot in the Shan house again! Just think of me as dead…” 

She said this and burst into tears, so pitiful.

Father Shan and Yunyun Shan looked very distressed.

Mother Shan frowned when she heard this, and after being dizzy for a long time, she was stunned: “Ah? What do you mean?” Li Lingling just said three hundred words, but Mother Shan didn’t understand a single word.

Shan Weiyi sneered and said: “To put it simply, she was cowardly and is begging to live.”

Shan Yunyun pointed at Shan Weiyi and shouted: “You are bullying the weak, rely on the strong and bully the weak!”

Shan Weiyi as a vicious cannon fodder, said loudly: “Don’t worry about my hobbies!”

Shan Yunyun choked: …

In fact, it was not only Mother Shan who had a headache listening to Li Lingling’s words, but the prince was also quite impatient with these gossiping topics in the inner house. He only said: “In this case, let Li Lingling return to her hometown, and she will not set foot in the Shan family again.”

Hearing this, Li Lingling’s face was as white as paper, but she still nodded in agreement patiently.

Seeing Li Lingling like this, Father Shan was very distressed, and vowed to make it up to her, and hated Shan Weiyi’s mother and son even more in his heart.

However, seeing that this matter was settled so lightly and only Li Lingling was damaged, Shan Dingshan was relieved and said to the prince, “What your highness said is right…”

Shan Weiyi went to interrupt Shan Dingshan’s words and said to the prince: “Just now my father said that he wanted to marry the concubine and have me recognize her as my mother. I recorded everything!”

In fact, no matter how confused Shan Dingshan was, it was not possible to engage in a marriage right away. What he said just now, that he wanted to welcome Li Lingling as his wife and let Shan Weiyi call her mother were all angry words forced out by Shan Weiyi’s rash attitude.

However, he didn’t expect Shan Weiyi to be so sinister and deliberately recorded it!

Shan Weiyi picked up the smart watch and played the audio, and it was Shan Dingshan’s voice that sounded: “This is my newly welcomed wife, and also your mother!”

However, Shan Dingshan’s original sentence was actually “This is my newly welcomed Ru wife, who can be regarded as your mother!” His tone was not that strong. His positioning was that Li Lingling is only a “Ru Wife” and can only be “counted” as Shan Weiyi’s mother.

But Shan Weiyi deliberately edited it, and beat Shan Dingshan to death with him wanting to marry the concubine.

Shan Dingshan was angry when he spoke, and now he was flustered, he can’t remember what his original words were, and when he heard the recording, he thought he really said such words, and his face turned pale with fright.

But the prince had sharp ears and eyes, and developed brainpower, so he immediately heard the traces of the recording and editing. He glanced at Shan Weiyi indiscriminately, the corners of his mouth curled up, but he didn’t say anything, he just said: “There is actually such a thing that disregards etiquette, Shan Dingshan, as the head of a family, you doing such a thing, disregarding etiquette and shame, I can’t ignore it.”

Shan Dingshan trembled, and knelt down to beg for mercy: “Your Highness, forgive me, I didn’t have such thoughts, I just said…for a while…my mouth was too quick…”

Li Lingling and Shan Yunyun also quickly knelt down and begged for mercy.

Mother Shan froze for a moment, and wanted to kneel down, but was held back by Shan Weiyi.

Mother Shan whispered: “Son, you can just teach the little b*tch a lesson, why don’t you even let your biological father go?”

But Shan Weiyi said: “If Li Lingling is a little bitch, then Shan Dingshan wis a big b*tch. Where is the reason to teach the little ones but ignore the big ones?” 

Mother Shan was defeated by his logic, and said in a low voice: “But…but he is your father…”

Shan Weiyi only said: “Him? My Father? Is he worthy?”

“How can this be a question of worthiness…” Mother Shan said sadly.

But Shan Weiyi said again: “Mom, didn’t you feel good when you hit him just now?”

Mother Shan froze for a moment, then nodded a little ashamedly.

Shan Weiyi then said: “That’s right. In life, you just ask for the word refreshing. You are the eldest lady of the Zhang family, why do you have to face this attitude and get angry?”

She seemed to remember that she was not only Mother Shan, but also wife Shan, Young Lady Zhang, Zhang Li.

After Zhang Li figured it out, she wished she could give Shan Dingshan a few more blows, but it’s a pity that it’s not appropriate now. She only heard the crown prince open his mouth again and say, “Madam Shan, what do you think?”

Zhang Li stepped forward and replied, “This woman’s name is Zhang Li. I don’t dare to have any thoughts, and everything will be dealt with according to the law. “

Hearing Zhang Li’s words, Shan Dingshan was very angry, but he didn’t dare to explode, so he had to say with tears on his face: “Lizi, I have been married to you for many years. Don’t you know my heart?”

When Zhang Li heard the word “Lizi”, she already felt like throwing up: … vomit.

The prince was also annoyed, and just said: “Don’t say too much. Shan Dingshan, the Imperial courtyard, ninety rods.”

Shan Dingshan was begging for mercy, but the mechanical guards had already stepped forward and lifted Shan Dingshan away.

Both Li Lingling and Shan Yunyun wept like mourners, shouting “Master”.

Hearing their heart-piercing cries, and seeing Shan Weiyi, mother and son’s gloating expressions, Shan Dingshan felt even more angry, his eyes burst into flames looking at Shan Weiyi, mother and son.

Li Lingling hugged Shan Yunyun and cried into a ball, moaning, which made Zhang Li upset. Zhang Li said disgustedly: “It’s just rods, not a death stick, it’s not time for mourning.”

Li Lingling and Shan Yunyun were shocked when they heard Zhang Li’s mouth was so poisonous. Shan Dingshan was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.

An important feature of the court rod was “public execution”.

After all, the whip itself doesn’t do much harm to the reformed body.

Therefore, the court rod was a kind of punishment that was not very harmful but extremely insulting.

The mechanical guards slipped Shan Dingshan into the “Public Execution Live Broadcasting Room”, took off Shan Dingshan’s trousers, revealing Li Lingling’s hand-stitched underpants, and began to hit the buttocks ninety times with precise strength and frequency. Netizens in the entire galaxy can click on the live broadcast room to watch this scene.

Shan Weiyi naturally wouldn’t miss it, and even picked up the rocket in the live broadcast room. 

The prison officer said loudly from the side: “Thanks to the user @DeeplyaffectedBigFilialSon for sending the rocket! Thank you for your generous donation to the national treasury!”

Shan Weiyi wanted to say: No need for thanks, I’m just spending Taifu’s money.

After Shan Dingshan was beaten, he stayed in his room and didn’t go out, not because he was badly hurt. He was a reformed person, and the medical conditions at home were also very good. Naturally, his injury was not a hindrance, and he can walk normally on the ground the next day.

But was it his *ss that hurt?

He hurt his face!

While his butt and face also bore a certain resemblance, it was still not the same.

He was angry and when he came back, he wanted to vent his anger on Zhang Li. Who knew, as soon as he came back, he was told that Zhang Li had returned to her mother’s house.

Zhang Li originally had this temper, and before that, she swallowed her anger because she cared about her son. Now that her son was hardened, she will naturally revert to her old ways and return to her savage nature.

As for Shan Weiyi, after finishing this matter, he didn’t intend to stay at home to watch Shan Dingshan’s rotten *ss, and went straight back to the college to continue his classes.

He went back to the academy, and met the prince again downstairs in the dormitory. The prince was still pretending to be looking around instead of waiting for him.

He behaved well this time, and bowed to the prince, “Hello, prince.” 

The prince smiled at Shan Weiyi and said, “I’ve helped you so much this time, how do you plan to repay me?”

Shan Weiyi winked at the prince: “I have a surprise for the prince.”

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