Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Ruan Yang Offline

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The pressure was on Shen Yu’s side.

Shen Yu felt like there was a mountain on his head.

However, he was still the Taifu of the empire who never changed his color before the collapse of Mount Tai. Seeing him smile, he said lightly: “The focus now should be to look at Teacher Ruan’s injury. After the treatment is done, we can discuss the decision against Student Shan.” 

The crown prince saw that Shen Yu didn’t intend to make a decision immediately, so there was a chance of turning things around. The prince was quite satisfied and agreed. Since the crown prince and Taifu had the same unanimous thought, the dean will definitely not have another word.

Shan Weiyi beating Ruan Yang led only to skin injuries, Ruan Yang went to the treatment cabin for a soak. After the treatment was over, Ruan Yang came out of the treatment room very weakly wrapped in a blanket. There was no one around, only the Taifu was waiting there.

Ruan Yang saw Shen Yu, as if he saw a savior, his eyes full of floating lights – this must have been more favorable to the former Shen Yu. But now Shen Yu was completely indifferent to the beauty’s tearful gesture.

Ruan Yang lowered his head to hide his disappointment.

Shen Yu patted Ruan Yang on the shoulder and said, “Are you okay?”

Ruan Yang raised his head and said firmly, “Taifu, it doesn’t matter if I’m hurt. However, a campus bully like Shan Weiyi really can’t be tolerated.”

Ruan Yang said it righteously, as if he really only said it to clear up the school’s morals. Shen Yu didn’t resist either, he just said: “Then what do you think should be done?”

Ruan Yang said: “I think, let’s forget about other things, but it must be dealt with according to the regulations. The punishment must be recorded.”

Shen Yu frowned: “Last time he had already recorded a punishment once, and now if he records it again, he will be expelled from school.”

To be honest, what Ruan Yang wanted was to have Shan Weiyi drop out of school.

Ruan Yang sighed, and said, “Shan Weiyi is such a naughty student, even Wen Lu and I were beaten to the point of bleeding, not to mention how he usually bullies the weaker students. I looked at his homework, it is not good either. To put it bluntly, he is not qualified to study in the highest institution in the empire. If a student like him was allowed to continue studying here and even get a degree certificate, it would trample on this sacred institution’s reputation!”

Shen Yu was silent for a moment.

Ruan Yang said again: “Taifu, you are also a teacher, you should make a resolute decision…” After speaking, Ruan Yang asked tentatively, “Could it be that… the Taifu also favors him like the prince?”

When Shen Yu heard this, a hypocritical smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “What do you mean by that?”

The cold smile made Ruan Yang’s heart ache. Ruan Yang coughed, turned his head away, and said, “I mean, the Taifu and the prince are both a teacher and a friend, do you want to make big things into small things and small things into nothing for the sake of the prince?”

Shen Yu only said: “As you said just now, Shan Weiyi is very vile. He even beat you and Wen Lu , and he must have bullied others. But as far as I know, he only beat you two.” 

Ruan Yang’s heart thumped, he didn’t know how to answer: “Yes… is that so?”

Shen Yu said again: “Ruan Yang, you know what Shan Weiyi’s personality is, but you provoked him twice and three times. Why? Why do you insist on him quitting school?”

These words were too direct, like an arrow piercing Ruan Yang’s heart.

Ruan Yang’s heart was agitated, and his face turned pale: “Taifu, what do you mean? Shan Weiyi is arrogant and domineering, with no respect for his elders…”

“Okay.” Shen Yu interrupted Ruan Yang lightly, “If you really want to get along with me seriously, can you tell me the truth once?”

Shen Yu’s words were solemn and serious, matched with his elegant face, there was an awe-inspiring aura, which made Ruan Yang feel an uneasy shake.

Ruan Yang suddenly understood something: I was too eager to attack Shan Weiyi these two times, making Shen Yu see a flaw?

Could it be that he lost his favor with me because he saw my calculations?

It was possible.

After all, Shen Yu and Shan Weiyi basically had no intersection, so how could he empathize with others?

So it turned out that I shot at Shan Weiyi and ruined my image, which caused the progress of the strategy to go backwards?

After some reasoning, Ruan Yang felt that it made sense, so he immediately adjusted his strategy. Shaking his head and sighing, with tears in his eyes, he held Shen Yu’s shoulders and said, “So…so you know…”

Shen Yu looked at Ruan Yang with a calm expression, showing no signs of happiness nor anger.

To be honest, Ruan Yang’s technique of touching porcelain* was not very subtle, how could such a shrewd person as Shen Yu not see it?

* deliberately crashing cars then demanding compensation

Ruan Yang exchanged for another item “Qiong Yao’s heroine sheds a drop of tear” to let himself cry out like a fragile beauty, tears fell like crystals one by one. He just said: “I’m just… just scared… I don’t know why, but I always feel that Shan Weiyi wants to take you away from me… I’m so afraid of losing you… I love you so much…”

Shen Yu hearing that Ruan Yang regarded Shan Weiyi as a rival in love, he was surprised.

The connection between him and Shan Weiyi was very subtle, even the sensitive and suspicious prince had not noticed the clue, how did Ruan Yang see this?

As soon as Shen Yu thought that Ruan Yang had seen the beginning and the end and used such a low-end method to stop him, he immediately felt displeased. Ruan Yang saw that he had a problem with Shan Weiyi, so he did these stupid things for this reason, and it was inevitable that the prince would not find out. If the prince knew…

Shen Yu’s thoughts only took two seconds before he made a decision, and a smile appeared on his face: “You think too much, it’s nothing at all.”

“Really?” Ruan Yang looked at Shen Yu with suspicion.

Shen Yu nodded and said, “After arguing for a long time, so it was jealousy.”

Ruan Yang listened to Shen Yu’s words and saw him looking at himself with a doting smile, and he felt relieved: Great, it seems that the knot in his heart is about to be unraveled. My strategy progress should be restored, right?

Just when Ruan Yang was about to let go of the big stone in his heart, a piercing alarm suddenly sounded in his mind: The target Shen Yu’s favorability for you dropped to zero.

The word “zero” hurt Ruan Yang’s heart.

Ruan Yang raised his head in shock, and looked into Shen Yu’s eyes in disbelief.

But he saw that Shen Yu was still looking at him with a gentle and doting smile, he even reached out and brushed the scattered hair on Ruan Yang’s forehead: “Don’t think too much, take care of your illness.”

“Then…” Ruan Yang stared blankly at Shen Yu.

Shen Yu thought he was still struggling with Shan Weiyi, so he said, “It will be as you wish.”

After speaking, Shen Yu turned around and left.

After leaving Ruan Yang, Shen Yu went to the Prince’s room alone. The prince was already there waiting. Seeing Shen Yu appear, the prince asked the little eunuch to pour tea.

Shen Yu took the teacup and took a sip, feeling mixed feelings in his heart.

The crown prince didn’t know that Shen Yu was feeling complicated, so he just said, “How was Teacher Ruan?”

Shen Yu sighed, and said, “His body was always secondary, but his heart was uncomfortable. Moreover, what he said was not unreasonable. Young Master Shan is really not suitable for further studies in the academy, he is very impetuous, and this is not a good place for him.”

Hearing this, the prince’s eyes darkened: “So, Teacher Ruan still insists on Shan Weiyi dropping out?”

“It’s just following the school rules.” Shen Yu said in a businesslike tone.

The prince said: “Will Teacher Ruan not forgive Shan Weiyi? I didn’t think he was such a narrow-minded person.”

Shen Yu smiled lightly and said, “Your Highness, please listen to me.”

With a solemn tone, the prince said with concentration: “Teacher, please tell me.”

Shen Yu said in a soft tone: “The prince has a good relationship with Young Master Shan, and he should know better than others that Young Master Shan is indeed not suitable for studying in the academy.” 

The prince had to admit that Shen Yu was right. The tall and impetuous eldest son was a waste of top teaching resources in the academy. “It’s just…” The prince still subconsciously defending his beloved pet.

But Shen Yu continued: “Letting him study in the academy is not necessarily a good thing for him. Besides, you will be returning to the Imperial court in a few days, and it is not convenient to keep him in the academy.” 

The previous sentence the prince didn’t listen to, but the latter sentence made the prince think about it: “You mean…?”

Shen Yu said: “Instead of letting him waste time in the academy, it’s better to arrange an errand for him in the Imperial court at that time, put him under our noses to watch.”

These words were very much in line with the prince’s wishes.

The prince also thought that when he returned to the Imperial court, it would not be so convenient to meet Shan Weiyi who was studying in the academy. According to what Shen Yu said, it would be very good to let Shan Weiyi drop out of school and return to the Imperial court with the prince.

“Teacher makes a lot of sense.” The prince nodded, but then paused, “It’s just that if you drop him out of school like this, won’t he lose face?”

Shen Yu secretly wondered: The prince really loves Shan Weiyi to actually consider Shan Weiyi’s face.

Shen Yu smiled and said: “To say something that shouldn’t be said, Your Highness has spoiled him too much these days, which has made him a little coddled. Just take this opportunity to sharpen his temper, otherwise, there will be a headache later on.”

Hearing this, the prince also felt that it made sense, and said with a wry smile: “Oh… teacher is right. His temper is indeed getting worse and worse.”

After the decision to punish and drop out of school was made, Shan Weiyi was not surprised at all. He even said that he was looking forward to this result.

Shan Weiyi and Ruan Yang were also of one mind when it came to dropping out of school.

After receiving the notice, Shan Weiyi glanced at it calmly, and said to the housekeeping robot: “How is Ruan Yang?

“A new medical team had sent Ruan Yang to a very remote sanatorium.”

“Huh?” Shan Weiyi raised his eyebrows, “It sounds like house arrest.”

Xi Zhitong said, “I am not sure. “

“It seems that Shen Yu doesn’t like Ruan Yang at all…” Shan Weiyi sighed, and began to wrap a gift box, “Speaking of which, Shen Yu should be able to tell how Ruan Yang was treating me and that he isn’t good?”

Xi Zhitong replied: “It’s possible.”

Shan Weiyi took a long silk ribbon and cut it with scissors: “Then, wasn’t Ruan Yang’s strategy a collapse? The original ‘Ruan Yang’ was Sunshine, a little Sun.”

Xi Zhitong seemed to be thinking about this question too: “It’s possible.”

“However, he was not punished for this, nor was he eliminated…” Shan Weiyi tied the cut ribbon to the gift box, his expression looked thoughtful, “Also, the ‘Shan Yunyun’ in the original script was a business genius, he can love and kill Jun Gengjin, he should be a smart person, right? But my current Shan Yunyun is not smart at all. Isn’t this considered a collapsed character design?”

Xi Zhitong thought, “This may be because the person playing Shan Yunyun is not smart at all, and he really can’t perform the original character design.”

Shan Weiyi raised his eyebrows and said: “Yes, I don’t think that Ruan Yang deliberately disintegrated. He just played around a bit.”

“It’s possible.” Xi Zhitong still said.

Shan Weiyi still remembered that when the system asked him not to collapse the human design at the beginning, it said “Any OOC action may lead to you being punished or even eliminated”. This was actually a very ambiguous statement. Generally, if it involves punishment, the expression will be much clearer, such as deducting points, adding debuffs, or directly popping out of the world, rather than a general sentence of “possible punishment”.

Therefore, Shan Weiyi also tentatively made some attempts to collapse the character, such as keenly pointing out the inner desire of the Taifu. This should be something that the original Young Master Shan could not see.

But for the sake of safety, Shan Weiyi still maintained the original character design by a large margin, trying to make no mistakes or omissions. After all, he didn’t know where the boundaries of the game were. This was a task related to his retirement, he can’t just mess around.

Shan Weiyi rested his chin and said: “Could it be that the degree of freedom in this retirement world is actually very high, and the high-dimensional system has a very weak control over this world? So, they can only threaten us that we are not allowed to collapse?” But in fact, they can’t control us even if we collapse the human design?”

This world was not like an ordinary small world to be able to pass through so many quick transmigrators at one go without collapsing.

Xi Zhitong said: “This possibility is very high.”

Shan Weiyi was a little surprised to hear that his answer was no longer “It is possible”. Because when Xi Zhitong said that something was “highly likely”, it was almost true.

Shan Weiyi hurriedly asked, “Have you discovered anything?”

Xi Zhitong said, “I do feel that this world is different from the past.”

“What’s the difference?” Shan Weiyi asked.

Xi Zhitong said: “I’m not sure yet, please allow me to investigate for a while.”

“Yes. There is no rush.” ​​Shan Weiyi nodded slightly, and tied a knot on the ribbon on the gift box, “Okay, deliver the present.” 

On that day, a beautiful gift box appeared outside Shen Yu’s room.

There was a card inserted on it, which read: Top up and get a good gift.

When Shen Yu saw the word recharge, he already knew who gave the gift.

He intuitively felt that this box was very dangerous, however, he couldn’t help himself to look at this box frequently.

After looking at this box for countless times, he still couldn’t help opening this Pandora’s box with his own hands.

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