Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 28

Chapter 28 The Green Prince

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When the prince came to Shan Weiyi’s dormitory, he saw Shan Weiyi wearing a water-blue combed cotton pajamas, holding a goose-yellow kiln bowl in both hands, sipping rock sugar snowflake pear soup in small sips, a bit catlike.

The prince smiled and said: “You seem at ease.” 

Shan Weiyi raised his feet and squinted at the prince: “Of course I am at ease. I will be expelled from school. What else can I be busy with?”

His words carried clear grievances, even if the prince pretended not to understand. He smiled and sat down beside Shan Weiyi, and said, “Since you don’t want to be expelled from school, why don’t you obey the school rules? If you act so recklessly, even I can’t keep you!” 

Shan Weiyi narrowed his eyes: “Did I act recklessly? Why did I act so recklessly? Did I break a classmate’s leg? Or did I deliberately push someone who didn’t know how to swim into the water?”

These words were so sharp that he almost pointed at the prince’s nose and said: You were the one who initially instigated people to break my legs, and deliberately pushed me into the water when I couldn’t swim! You are not qualified to say that I am lawless in the academy!

The prince was stunned for a moment when he heard Shan Weiyi’s irony.

It was unclear whether it should be said that the prince had a bad memory, but he had completely forgotten how he targeted Shan Weiyi at the beginning. He first made people label the arrogant Shan Weiyi as disabled, and didn’t allow Shan Weiyi to treat himself. Later, he even sank Shan Weiyi into the lake, which was tantamount to an attempted murder of Shan Weiyi.

Now that Shan Weiyi brought up the past for no reason, the prince was surprised and froze for a second or two. But when he came back to his senses, he didn’t feel guilty. After all, the prince respected himself and felt himself supreme, so how could he feel guilty for such “small fights”? Besides, isn’t Shan Weiyi doing well now?

The prince then said: “If you didn’t disrespect the crown prince, how could there be such a disaster? Why don’t you learn to be good now?” 

The implication was: this is you going to the toilet with a lantern – looking for sh*t, if you continue to be unreasonable, that is tantamount to repeatedly going to the toilet with a lantern-repeatedly looking for sh*t.

Shan Weiyi’s repetition of the past will not have the effect of making the prince feel ashamed. It was impossible for the prince to have a guilty conscience. Even if he almost killed Shan Weiyi, in the prince’s heart, it was Shan Weiyi’s fault for disrespecting the prince. He was here in good health now, and he had to thank the Prince for his benevolence and disregarding past suspicions.

However, how could the pampered young master Shan give in?

He snorted and said: “Yes, yes, I’m just so disobedient, prince hit me, kill me! I’m dead, woo woo woo!” 

The not-so-high-IQ young master Shan pretended to cry and his acting skills were not as good as those of a traffic star*, couldn’t even squeeze out a tear, and he couldn’t compare to Ruan Yang’s little white flower role who played as Qiong Yao’s heroine.

* mainly refers to those young artists who are popular, have many fans, and have strong appeal

But his blatant shamelessness made the prince soft-hearted and like him. The prince couldn’t maintain his majesty, so he had to soften his tone and said, “Do you really like studying? What’s so good about this Academy? I don’t like waiting either.” 

This hit the target exactly for this ignorant and incompetent young master, setting his heart fluttering: he really doesn’t like studying.

Shan Weiyi stopped the fake crying, but his face was still embarrassed: “It’s my business whether I like it or not. But being expelled from school, it’s too ugly to say it. If I let my family know, I would have to say that I am not as good as that illegitimate child.”

This was reasonable.

The prince also expected this, so he didn’t agree to let Shan Weiyi drop out of school at first. He smiled happily and said, “It’s nothing, I’ll help you arrange an official position. When the time comes, you will be an official. Who dares to say that to you?”

“Me… an official?” Shan Weiyi stared in surprise, eyes rounded, “I’m going to be an official?” 

The crown prince looked amused at Shan Weiyi’s surprised look, and coaxed softly: “Of course, can there be a fake?”

Shan Weiyi was dubious: “Me? Someone who dropped out of university, can I still be an official? Don’t you fool me?” 

The prince smiled helplessly and said, “Just pack up. I’ll arrange for you to go to another Academy to get a diploma and win a few prizes, you’ll be qualified when you come back. To be honest, whether this thing can be done or not, isn’t it up to me to say a word?”

Shan Weiyi sighed: The bureaucratic system of this empire was too decadent.

Seeing that the sullen look on Shan Weiyi’s face had subsided, the prince’s heart began to stir again. He put his hand on Shan Weiyi’s shoulder and said with a smile, “How will you thank me if I help you like this?”

Shan Weiyi snorted coldly: “Thank you? Thank you for what? Thank you for letting me drop out of school?” Then, he broke free from the prince’s hand.

The prince had been seduced by him for long enough, his heart was itching unbearably, and he stretched out his hand to hug him back.

Shan Weiyi’s strength was inferior to that of the prince, and he was held in his arms by force, unable to struggle. He was surprised and angry and said: “Does the prince still want to be tough and forceful?” 

The prince was not used to disobedience, and he only thought that he was treating Shan Weiyi good enough, but he didn’t expect Shan Weiyi to become more and more pretentious. Naturally, he was displeased. He thought of Shen Yu’s words again, and said, “Taifu was right. I’ve spoiled you too much, I’ve spoiled your temper to become even bigger.”

“Taifu? It’s Imperial Taifu again!” Shan Wei said angrily, “Is it his idea to let me drop out of school? I don’t think the prince wanted me to drop out of school. You just listened to the Taifu’s words and did so, isn’t it?” 

The prince paused: what Shan Weiyi said was the truth, but the crown prince was inconvenient to admit it, so he could only keep silent. 

Taking advantage of the moment when the prince was in a daze, Shan Weiyi pushed the prince away forcefully, jumped to a distance of two meters, and said coldly, “I think the prince listens to the Taifu, so why don’t you live with him?”

Hearing this, he couldn’t laugh or cry: “What nonsense are you talking about? Are you even jealous of the Taifu?!”

But one had to say that Shan Weiyi’s “jealousy” flattered the Prince.

There was no man who didn’t like the look of his lover being jealous and playing petty temper for him. Of course, it’s another matter if you get so jealous that you smash the vinegar tank and get restless, this scale must be handled well.

Seeing Shan Weiyi’s jealous little tsundere look, the prince was so happy that he forgot the unhappiness caused by his pretentiousness just now.

The prince just wanted to go forward to appease Shan Weiyi, but his ears moved, his eyes sharpened, and his eyes flew towards the wardrobe: “What’s that sound?” 

But the door of the built-in wardrobe was closed tightly, like a locked box, and inside, the sound of the leak was so weak that it was impossible for ordinary people to hear it.

And the prince was not an ordinary person.

He noticed the slightest sound in the cabinet, and immediately entered a state of readiness, as if he could pull out a grenade and blow up the cabinet in the next moment.

Of course, Shan Weiyi couldn’t let the prince blow up the cabinet, his eyes flashed, and he hurriedly said, “It’s a gift I prepared.”

“Gift?” The prince asked curiously, “Why a gift?”

Shan Weiyi raised his lips and said: “Prince, close your eyes and turn around.”

Looking at Shan Weiyi’s mysterious smile, the prince felt curious and puzzled, but he didn’t refuse, so he closed his eyes obediently and turned around.

Seeing the prince’s cooperation, Shan Weiyi showed pity in his eyes, as if he was looking at an honest green turtle.

He shook his head, turned around, walked to the closet, and opened the door. The light from the lamp strip naturally filled the wardrobe, and Shen Yu’s figure clearly appeared.

He was leaning in the wardrobe, and he had already put on the “recharge gift” Shan Weiyi gave him – a collar.

Coincidentally, the first SR drawn by Taifu in the card drawing app was also the theme of the collar. The person wearing the collar on the card was Shan Weiyi.

Times have changed, and now the collar was worn on Taifu’s neck.

And it was Taifu who put it on himself.

The collar was custom-made with the money recharged by the Taifu. As a (cheat krypton) gift for returning players, this collar was very well-made. It used the top layer of natural rhinoceros animal skin, which was ideal for it’s strength, flexibility, breathability, and good elasticity. It was lightly and softly fastened around the tall and fair neck of the Imperial Taifu, with a silver buckle on the frayed edge, and a beautiful bell hung from the buckle ring.

The Taifu, who had been holding his breath, had red eyes, tightly closed lips, and a strange expression, as if he was enduring great pain, but at the same time seemed to be enjoying extreme joy.

He opened his eyes, and saw the humble Shan Weiyi standing high in front of him, staring at him like he was looking at a plaything. This kind of contempt deeply hurt the unscrupulous Taifu, but it also stabbed the Taifu’s most secret itch. His whole body was trembling because of Shan Weiyi’s eyes.

The Taifu staggered his eyes, looked over Shan Weiyi’s shoulders, and landed on the back of the Imperial prince.

To Taifu, this person was a student, a friend, and even a monarch. He had long devoted his loyalty as a subject to this person, and since then he had been his good teacher and his admonishing minister.

Who would have thought…he would hide in the prince’s favorite pet’s closet?

He was the majestic Taifu, yet he was played by a dropout student’s fingertips, committing the stupid crime of betraying the monarch!

Such contradictions and immorality have brought the excitement of this game to an unprecedented level.

The Taifu struggled to hold back his breath and movements, lest the slightest movement would arouse the prince’s suspicion.

He tried to control every muscle in his body and keep himself still, like a statue. Compared with his stiff tension and indescribable excitement, Shan Weiyi’s expression seemed too calm.

He doesn’t look scared like Taifu, nor did he enjoy it like Taifu.

He calmly reached out and untied the collar on the Taifu’s neck, his movements were so casual that the bells on the collar jingled roughly, causing the Prince’s ears to twitch slightly.

One should know, when the Taifu just hid in the closet, he tried his best to keep the bell still, which was more tiring than military training. However, when the prince and Shan Weiyi mentioned him, the Taifu still couldn’t help breathing wildly, which caused the bell to shake slightly, making a very subtle sound—it was this sound that caught the prince’s attention.

After Shan Weiyi put the bell collar on, he closed the closet door smoothly.

After the collar around his neck was removed, the door of the cabinet was closed, and the cabinet was once again plunged into darkness. The Taifu who was inside opened his eyes and watched helplessly as Shan Weiyi ruthlessly turned his head to give the collar to the Crown Prince—that was obviously the Taifu’s “recharge gift”, which was obviously given to the Taifu by Shan Weiyi, the first physical gift…

Just like that, it was passed on to another man.

The Taifu watched helplessly, but could only grit his teeth and hold back, curling himself up into a small shrimp ball, without dignity.

After closing the closet, Shan Weiyi turned around, put on a smiling face, and jumped in front of the prince, “Guess what it is…”

Although the prince closed his eyes, his ears were not deaf. He had heard the bell ringing a long time ago, so he said: “What kind of child’s stuff is this you’re bringing to me?”

Shan Weiyi muttered, “Don’t be sentimental, this is for Master Yi.” 

When the prince opened his eyes, he saw the collar on Shan Weiyi’s hand. He reached out to take the collar and said with a smile, “Who did you order it from?”

Shan Weiyi said, “A very good craftsman, this was not cheap.”

The prince laughed: “A good craftsman who made a collar that doesn’t fit the size? Just this circle can be as thick as two of Xiao Yi’s neck.”

Shan Weiyi was stunned for a moment, and only said: “This size can be adjusted. I think master will grow up, so I asked the craftsman to make it bigger.”

Saying that, Shan Weiyi pulled the collar back: “Don’t take it then.”

“I want it, why won’t I?” The prince smiled, “If he can’t wear this, I will let Xiao Yi eat ten meals a day, eat until he becomes a big fat cat, then he will have to wear this collar to live up to your wishes.”

Shan Weiyi snorted, turned his head and took out a brocade bag from under the table, stuffed the collar into the bag, and handed it to the prince. He said, “Then you can take it back to Master Yi. Remember to take a picture of him later, I want to see how he wears the collar.” 

The prince agreed with a smile.

But Shan Weiyi pushed the prince’s back and walked out: “Then what are you doing in a daze? Why don’t you go back and give Master Yi a gift?”

Seeing Shan Weiyi pushing himself away so eagerly, the prince thought that his forced hug had made Shan Weiyi afraid.

Shan Weiyi kept pushing and pulling, the prince can see that Shan Weiyi was still unwilling to give in. For this, the prince was somewhat considerate, knowing that he was a proud son of an aristocratic family, but at the same time, the prince was also somewhat sullen, thinking that Shan Weiyi was unconscious of flattery. Such a contradiction made the prince feel uncomfortable.

Usually, Shan Weiyi coaxed the prince well, and the prince’s understanding and pity for him prevailed, and he was not very forceful. But just now, Shan Weiyi couldn’t coax him, and the prince blew up, showing his claws and fangs, and was about to swallow Shan Weiyi upside down.

Now, Shan Weiyi stroked his hair twice, and the prince’s anger became smooth again, showing his elegant demeanor again. He pinched the tip of Shan Weiyi’s nose, and only said: “I can’t let you go every time. You have to be prepared.”

Shan Weiyi immediately put on a look of shame, annoyance, shock and fear. Flustered, he pushed the prince out of the door.

The prince was pushed away, and watched the automatic door close in front of him, as if he had been shut down. However, he still tasted the sweetness from the closed door, so he ignored Shan Weiyi’s “disrespect” and just left with a smile.

The prince returned to his bedroom with the brocade bag in his hand, and looked at Master Yi who was jumping up and down, showing a rippling smile. Just seeing this smile, the little eunuch knew who the prince had just met.

The little eunuch respectfully said: “This brocade bag is so beautiful, the person who gave it must be a beauty too.” 

The prince glanced at the little eunuch, laughed and scolded: “You talk too much!” 

The little eunuch quickly apologized.

But they both knew that the prince was happy in his heart.

The prince only opened the brocade bag, but his expression suddenly changed.

The little eunuch’s heart sank when he saw the prince’s expression. But the little eunuch didn’t notice what went wrong – of course, the little eunuch didn’t have the prince’s sensitive sense of touch.

When the bag was opened, the faint fragrance of freesia that belonged to the Taifu came out from it!

The prince couldn’t help being surprised.

In fact, the freesia scent of the Taifu itself was not strong, and can only be faintly smelled when he got close. Therefore, even if he was in the wardrobe with the door wide open, the prince who was a few meters away from him would not notice. However, the skin of the rhinoceros animal head selected for this collar was the most scent-absorbing. After the Taifu wore it for a while, many odor molecules were absorbed on the animal skin. In addition, the ring was stuffed all the way in the brocade bag, and the smell was also stuffed all the way, so when it was opened at this time, it released a smell strong enough to attract the prince’s attention.

Although this smell was still very faint to outsiders, it was still caught by the prince’s overly keen sense of smell.

The prince’s eyes trembled, as if some unnoticed images flickered again: the closet that was tightly closed but revealing an unusual atmosphere, the Taifu’s reaction when Ruan Yang was hurt by Shan Weiyi, the sudden confinement of Ruan Yang…

A voice like an old violin could be heard in his ears:

“Taifu was looking at us over there without blinking his eyes! Oh, what kind of person is this? Could it be some strange hobby… …”

“The Taifu likes me, so Ruan Yang is jealous of me.”

“The Taifu has been looking at me, so he must have a crush on me.”

Seeing the prince’s expression changes, the little eunuch felt great pressure. He just wanted to find an excuse to back off, so he hurriedly said: “The servant will put this collar away?” 

It’s okay not to mention the word “collar”, but once mentioned, the prince got angry and kicked the little eunuch angrily.

The little eunuch was kicked against the wall at once, and his mind was in a daze: huh? ? ? What am I doing wrong again? ? ?

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