Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 3

Chapter 3 School Medical System

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Shan Weiyi was unhurried and calm, as if he wasn’t the one who was so eager to retire that he asked to complete five scumbag gong transcripts in one go.

As Shan Weiyi’s challenger, Wen Lu was confident, because he not only has Shen Yu’s favorability as high as 60%, but has also raised the Prince’s favorability to 35%.

In other words, after Wen Lu was sent to the prince by the Taifu, he was very panicked at first. The prince had a disagreement and asked someone to peel his skin, which left a big shadow in Wen Lu’s heart.

However, for a while, the prince had already asked people to check Wen Lu’s background, and judged that Wen Lu’s background was innocent, his body had no trace of modification, and the swimming pool matter was due to Young Master Shan…. That’s also to say, Wen Lu had entered into the world of the prince purely by accident, not as someone with ulterior motives.

Therefore, the prince was no longer cruel to Wen Lu.

The rest room for the prince was full of ingenious treasures, but these were common to quick transmigrators. Wen Lu was originally born in the 21st century, so he was very familiar with these home items. However, what was familiar in the 21st century was like an antique in the space century.

In the space century, everyone was used to using more efficient renewable man-made materials. Especially in the space city, arable land and pasture land were very scarce, and cattle, sheep, grass and trees were more expensive than cannons. Therefore, only nobles can afford to grow green plants, wear cotton clothes, and eat natural food.

Just a pot of begonias placed in the prince’s lounge was worth more than gold.

At this time, Shan Weiyi was holding a string of clear and translucent natural peridot bracelets, and presented them to the prince with both hands, apologizing for his previous faux pas with a humble gesture.

The prince just glanced at it lightly and didn’t say much. And Wen Lu sat on the prince’s lap, with a gentle posture, but a flash of pride flashed in his eyes when he looked at Shan Weiyi: the legendary S-level quick transmigrator was nothing more than this! Wasn’t he just easily KO’d by me?

Shan Weiyi put on an embarrassing smile, and said with stiff hands: “Your Highness, I’m just a lowly worthless piece of sh*t, there’s no need for you to take me seriously. Although I’m not worth anything, this gem is still valuable. The prince probably doesn’t like it, but if Wen Lu wears it, or throws it, it still barely qualifies.” 

The first half of the sentence didn’t elicit any reaction from the prince, but when it came to Wen Lu, it made the prince smile. The prince stretched out his left hand wearing a leather glove, hooking up the string of peridot bracelets. His right hand took off the glove which was rare, and gently pinched the back of Wen Lu’s neck with his bare and white fingers, as if teasing a cat.

The prince said: “Little Lu, do you like this one?”

Wen Lu didn’t like it in his heart, but according to his personality, he must be kind and simple, and he had to speak for Shan Weiyi. Therefore, Wen Lu blinked his wet eyes like a deer, and said softly: “I like it.” 

The prince sneered, and firmly grasped the back of Wen Lu’s neck. Wen Lu’s face turned pale, and he felt pain in his bones, as if his cervical spine was about to be broken, and looked at the prince in horror.

The prince smiled and said: “What are you afraid of? I haven’t used my strength yet.” 

As he spoke, the prince with his fingers in the black gloves had the peridot in his palm shatter, turning into small green particles, leaking from his fingers. Seeing Wen Lu’s increasingly terrified expression, the prince laughed, and then let go of his neck, and said softly: “This is true enthusiasm.”

Wen Lu was so frightened that his heart almost jumped out of his throat.

Shan Weiyi didn’t change his face, and said in a low voice: “This gemstone can go through such a life in the hands of His Highness, it was also its good fortune.” 

The prince sneered and said: “Noisy.”

Shan Weiyi had to shut up. Still showing unconcealable resentment – the prince will naturally not miss it. At the palace banquet back then, the crown prince mocked Imperial Concubine Shan a few words and Imperial Concubine Shan had smiled and endured it. If there was no such thing, then this matter would not be exposed. Who would have thought that Young Master Shan would jump out to speak for the imperial concubine himself, making the scene quite embarrassing.

The crown prince doesn’t even care about Concubine Shan, so how can he take Young Master Shan seriously?

Young Master Shan gave a generous speech, but the crown prince didn’t even give him a look, and just joked with others. The so-called “ignoring was the greatest contempt”, Young Master Shan felt very humiliated, but he didn’t dare to say anything. At that time, he looked at the prince with such resentful eyes.

Now, this look appeared on Shan Weiyi’s face again.

The prince became more and more bored: it would be a waste of life to give such a stupid and hateful thing a second of attention.

Obviously, when he presented the treasure just now, he seemed to have become smarter, and his words were more pleasant to listen to… The prince just patiently talked to him a few more words, now thinking about it, it was also an illusion.

The prince stopped looking at Shan Weiyi, hugged Wen Lu and said with a smile: “Peridot is not a valuable thing. If you like it, I will give you that piece of emerald.” 

The prince waved his hand, and the warrior robot standing next to the sofa moved, picked up Shan Weiyi like a chicken, and threw him and the wheelchair out the door.

Seeing Shan Weiyi being thrown so badly, Wen Lu was overjoyed – it wasn’t that he had any feud with Shan Weiyi. In fact, they had never met before. It’s just that Wen Lu wants to retire just like Shan Weiyi.

Before coming, Wen Lu was quite nervous. Because he was only an A-level, and knowing that Shan Weiyi was an S-level boss, he would not be easy to mess with, it seems that it was nothing more than that now. Without the blessing of the protagonist’s halo, the quick transmigrator was actually an ordinary person.

Wen Lu at this level, he knew that he was not a powerful person. In his own world, he was just a loveless little transparent person. He was able to advance to level A because he earned a lot of money and worked hard to accumulate a lot of experience points. He thought that this Shan Weiyi might also be the same, a high-level rank that was piled up with time in the industry.

After Shan Weiyi was thrown outside, dragging his crippled legs, he crawled hard towards the wheelchair that fell to the ground. It was really embarrassing for this former domineering son of a rich family to fall into this state.

However, the prince who was the instigator didn’t even bother to look at him, and only focused on pawing Wen Lu like a cat.

The autumn wind was rustling, rolling withered yellow leaves to drift onto Shan Weiyi’s trembling shoulders.

At this time, a slender hand brushed the fallen leaves off his shoulders.

Shan Weiyi raised his head, and looked at the gentle smile of the Imperial Taifu. Shen Yu said with a half smile but not a smile: “How did you become like this? Didn’t you say that you were lucky?”

Shan Weiyi’s face was still downcast, but a tiny light flashed in his pupils: “It’s because of good luck that I met you.” 

The Taifu seemed to be pleased, smiled, and supported Shan Weiyi’s shoulder with the hand that brushed away the fallen leaves: “I will help you up.” 

The Taifu looked like a frail scholar, but this was obviously not possible. The empire was martial based, and the upper class were all strong generals. Therefore, the Taifu easily lifted Shan Weiyi, who weighed more than a hundred catties. Shan Weiyi’s two disabled legs were as soft as noodles, and he couldn’t stand up himself, so he could only lean on Taifu’s lily of the valley chest, listening to the steady heartbeat.

Such a posture was a bit ambiguous, but it can also create a bit of tenderness.

But at this romantic moment, a shout rang out: “What are you doing?”

Taifu and Shan Weiyi followed the sound, and saw a young teacher in a white shirt looking at them in shock. This man was exactly Ruan Yang from “I Don’t Love This White Moonlight”, the official protagonist Shou for the Imperial Taifu. Of course, the current Ruan Yang was already played by the quick transmigrator.

According to the setting, Ruan Yang was secretly in love with the Imperial Taifu, and seeing the Imperial Taifu and Shan Weiyi hugging each other, he can naturally express his displeasure and shock.

The Taifu’s expression didn’t change at all. He smiled lightly and said, “Teacher Ruan, you came just in time. Could you help straighten the wheelchair? Classmate Shan fell down.”

This sentence explained why he and Shan Weiyi were hugging each other very gracefully.

Ruan Yang pursed his lips, as if he was ashamed of his nasty misunderstanding, walked forward quickly with his head down, straightened the wheelchair, and said to Shan Weiyi with a face full of embarrassment: “Student Shan, can I help you?

Shan Wei said coldly, “Who are you? “

——Very good, it fits the domineering and vicious character design who worships the high and tramples the low.

Ruan Yang froze for a moment, but he was a little sunny character, so he had to be tolerant and be considerate of this disabled student.

He had no choice but to introduce himself nicely: “I’m a new professor, my surname is Ruan. You can just call me Teacher Ruan.”

The fragility just now disappeared from Shan Weiyi’s face. The disabled son who was strong outside but weak inside has once again put on a proud and stubborn expression. However, Shen Yu became less interested, so he just put Shan Weiyi back in the wheelchair, and said lightly, “You can probably go back by yourself, Teacher Ruan and I will go first.”

Shan Weiyi was startled, but he didn’t want to show weakness, so he turned his head and said sullenly: “En.”

Ruan Yang thought it was funny, and then sighed: Sure enough, it is not easy for Young Master Shan to set up the target.

Shen Yu turned his head and left with Ruan Yang.

Ruan Yang chatted with Shen Yu in a casual manner, vividly showing the gestures of a careful crush. Shen Yu was also polite and gentle, vividly showing the gesture of pretending not to know that his colleague had a crush on him.

Ruan Yang quickly moved the topic away from Shan Weiyi, and talked about something else to divert Shen Yu’s attention: “I heard that the school recruited a new school doctor, a freelance doctor with no military background.”

“This is rare.” This topic seemed to have successfully attracted Shen Yu’s attention. Shen Yu thought for a second or two, and said, “Then this free doctor must be very skilled.

“I heard he is an interstellar traveling doctor. He coincidentally relieved the pain that had plagued the dean for many years.” Ruan Yang shared the information he knew with Shen Yu.

In the new century, medical technology was very advanced, and even difficult problems such as cancer and AIDS have been solved. However, intractable diseases such as pain, allergy and dementia still plagued human beings.

Hearing that this traveling doctor can resolve the dean’s pain, Shen Yu became more interested: “This is a great doctor, why didn’t he go to the Imperial Physicial Hospital or the United Army Hospital?”

Ruan Yang replied: “It was said that he doesn’t like to be restrained, and he said that he just came here for a trip. The dean didn’t want to part with him, so he kept him in the school as a part-time school doctor. He was paid very generously, and at the same time he said he could let him work flexibly.”

Shen Yu nodded: “It seems that he is a rare talent.”

No matter in which century or galaxy, genius doctors are scarce talents.

This miracle doctor not only had no attendance requirement and an amazing pay, but also was allocated a high-end dormitory with high-end cars, and even the school doctor’s room was a single room, which was not shared with other school doctors.

Shen Yu wanted to get acquainted with the genius doctor. He knew that the genius doctor worked flexibly, so he specifically confirmed with the front desk of the infirmary when the genius doctor was in school, so as not to miss out.

When Shen Yu came to the school hospital, the receptionist was watching a federation drama with his optical brain. Unlike Emperor Star, the Federation had broken away from the feudal society. Their economy was rampant, naturally, there was no taboo in culture. It was entertaining to death, rich in content, and dared to broadcast anything on the platform. That’s why young people in Emperor Star loved to watch Federation dramas. However, the mainstream of Emperor Star criticized the Federation’s dramas for being vulgar and superficial, so when he saw Shen Yu’s figure appearing by the door, the receptionist quickly closed the page, and stood up with a smile to greet Shen Yu: “Imperial Taifu, the miracle doctor is here.”

Shen Yu nodded.

The front desk whispered to Shen Yu again: “Master Shan is here too.”

Shen Yu raised his eyebrows when he heard that: “He is also there?” 

The front desk nodded: “Isn’t there no one in the regular hospital to treat Young Master Shan’s leg? He probably pinned his hopes on this interstellar traveling doctor.”

Shen Yu tickled the corner of his mouth: “The traveling doctor agreed to treat him?” 

The receptionist shook her head in confusion: “I don’t know.” As she spoke, the front desk thought for a while, and then said, “That genius doctor is withdrawn and doesn’t like to talk to us. We couldn’t ask anything even if we wanted to.”

Shen Yu could probably guess that it’s normal for a genius to have a weird temper. If you were a well-rounded, gentle and amiable medical genius, it was impossible to be a wandering doctor.

This eccentric wandering doctor was treated differently by the dean, so he had his own exclusive school doctor’s room. His name scrolled on the screen of the automatic door of the school doctor’s room: Xi Zhitong.

Sensing Shen Yu’s visit, the automatic door opened, revealing the inside of the exclusive school doctor’s room. The decoration inside surprised Shen Yu. It didn’t look like a school nurse’s office at all, but more like a children’s suite. There were models of the nine planets in the solar system at the entrance, and each planet revolved and rotated according to the law, which looked quite interesting.

Shen Yu took off his shoes according to the instructions at the entrance, stepped barefoot on the light blue star and moon woven carpet, and smelled the scent of scented candles in the air. After turning in from the entrance, what caught the eye was still the style of the children’s room. The walls were painted white on one side and Mediterranean blue on the other, which was warm and unique, and the ceiling was flickering with soft light and star maps, which was quite romantic.

The wandering doctor named Xi Zhitong was wearing a light blue coral fleece nightgown. His skin was pale, his eyes were dark, his facial features and figure were all in line with the golden ratio, and he looked like a sculpture model when he was still. There was an inhuman feeling all over his body, which made people suspect that he didn’t have to breathe, and he didn’t have a heartbeat.

Shen Yu should have suspected that he was a bionic person, but after talking to Xi Zhitong for a few words, he found that Xi Zhitong’s breathing was steady and his behavior was natural, so he dispelled this absurd idea.

It is impossible for the entire Milky Way to have such bionics who were infinitely close to real people. If there was one, then a civilization that can reach such a height would have long ruled the galaxy, so why would it come to be a school doctor?

Looking at the miracle doctor who arranged the school doctor’s room into a children’s room and was wearing pajamas, Shen Yu smiled unconsciously, and said, “It looks like I’ve disturbed your rest.”

“No.” Xi Zhitong shook his head slightly, his gaze passing over to a curtain.

The snow-white hanging curtains were printed with the texture of the stars, and the workmanship was exquisite. Shen Yu, who had developed five senses, could sense that there should be a person behind the hanging curtain. That person was asleep at first, but he woke up shortly after Shen Yu came in.

After hearing what the lady at the front desk said, Shen Yu could guess that the person inside was Shan Weiyi.

Shen Yu said warmly, “Won’t I disturb the patient?”

Xi Zhitong shook his head, stood up from the soft lazy sofa, and walked towards the curtain. Shen Yu noticed that Xi Zhitong was not only children like in terms of decoration taste, but also had a clumsy feeling of a child toddler when walking, which was subtly inconsistent with his 191cm tall stature.

Xi Zhitong opened the curtain. Without the protection of the curtains, the sunlight from the floor-to-ceiling windows shone unscrupulously on Shan Weiyi’s body and face. Shan Weiyi narrowed his eyes uncomfortably, and wanted to curl up subconsciously, but his crippled legs couldn’t move.

Shan Weiyi had been covering his legs with blankets and trousers outside, but at this moment he was wearing shorts, exposing his legs. Shen Yu unconsciously looked at Shan Weiyi’s legs, and saw that the long legs, which had lost their muscle strength, were thin and pale, as if made of snow, white and lifeless.

This was obviously an ugly defect, but Shen Yu had some interest. For this reason, he did not hesitate to abandon a gentleman’s etiquette and lingered on his legs with impolite eyes. However, his eyes were soon attracted by the more interesting part – Shan Weiyi’s expression of embarrassment and indignation.

How could this naturally arrogant Young Master Shan not feel ashamed and resentful at being so undisguisedly scrutinized in the eyes of others when he had been hiding his disabled legs all the time?

But he couldn’t move his feet, and the person who was looking at him was high and powerful… He could only grit his teeth, his sickly and thin cheeks were red with anger, and his whole body shook slightly, except for those feet that could not move at all.

Shen Yu seemed to think that Shan Weiyi’s expression was more interesting than his legs, so he looked at Shan Weiyi, and the peacock blue pupils showed a wicked light.

Shan Weiyi turned his face away, and said to Xi Zhitong: “Doctor, my feet is cold, please cover me with a blanket.”

Xi Zhitong was about to answer, but Shen Yu stood up first: “Let me do it.”

Xi Zhitong then didn’t move, and waited until Shen Yu picked up a lake blue short fleece blanket and gently covered Shan Weiyi’s lap. This blanket had a great texture and was as smooth as milk. Shen Yu moved his fingers, and then pressed again: “Is it true that these legs have no feeling at all?”

Shan Weiyi’s eyes showed anger, and he lowered his head and did not speak.

Shen Yu seemed to press it twice gently, but in fact, the power of this reformer cannot be compared with that of ordinary people. He kneaded twice seemingly gently, but left bruised finger marks on Shan Weiyi’s thigh. Taking advantage of his pale complexion, it was shocking.

Xi Zhitong watched from the side without saying a word, but his eyes looked like a child seeking knowledge, full of pure curiosity.

Shan Weiyi met Xi Zhitong’s gaze, smiled, and said, “Dr… Dr. Xi, please go out first, I have something to talk to Professor Shen about.”

Xi Zhitong agreed and walked out.

After Xi Zhitong left, Shan Weiyi smiled at Shen Yu again——Shen Yu had seen this smile not long ago, when Shan Weiyi’s wheelchair was overturned. Shan Weiyi used such fragility to please with a smile, he said to Shen Yu: It was my luck that I met you.

Because of such a smile, even if Shen Yu knew that the prince didn’t like it, he still extended his supporting hands to him.

But now, Shan Weiyi showed such a smile again, but Shen Yu just put his hands behind his back. There was a superficial polite smile on his handsome face, as if he was not touched at all.

Shan Weiyi blinked his amber eyes, and said in a low voice: “Will the crown prince allow Dr. Xi to treat me?”

Shen Yu smiled and said, “What are you talking about? The prince has a generous and tolerant heart, why wouldn’t he let you treat it? Don’t think too much about it.”

Shan Weiyi’s face froze, his eyes were full of pleading, and he reached out to grab Shen Yu’s sleeve. However, Shen Yu took a small step back – the extent of his retreat seemed to be carefully measured, not allowing Shan Weiyi to catch it, but allowing Shan Weiyi’s fingertips to brush by.

Shan Weiyi’s fingertips touched air, and his eyes were even more desperate: “Teacher… can’t you help me?”

“Why do you think I will help you?” Shen Yu’s tone was still gentle and cold but with a smile on his brows and eyes. He had a jade face like a gentleman, “Is it because of… your clumsy temptations?”

Shen Yu squatted down, put his big palm on the blanket covering Shan Weiyi’s legs, and gently tapped his lifeless knee with his fingers: “You come to me to ask to study even though you don’t like studying…Deliberately offended the prince, just to wait for me to help you in the place I pass by during class…or like today, wait for me to appear in the infirmary…” Shen Yu’s voice was like a snake: “I am the Imperial Taifu, you asked someone to inquire about my whereabouts, how could I not know?”

Shan Weiyi’s face was pale, and his thin lips were pursed.

Shen Yu has “encountered” Shan Weiyi too many times recently. According to Shan Weiyi who is “malicious and superficial, with low IQ”, it was inevitable for Shen Yu to notice the clues.

The fragile and pitiful illusion on Shan Weiyi’s face was torn apart, and he once again showed a mean expression that fit his personality: “Although Imperial Taifu knows, doesn’t he like it?”

Shen Yu smiled: “I don’t like it now.”

Shen Yu turned around and left without any nostalgia.

Shan Weiyi could understand that Shen Yu was tired of seeing his fake pitiful appearance. A fake was a fake, and what Shen Yu liked was true pitiful, fragile, and broken things, so Wen Lu, who was abused in Chapter 90 in “The Domineering Prince Loves Me”, got his mercy. When Wen Lu became the prince consort who was splendidly decorated and loved by thousands of people, Shen Yu immediately let him go.

Of course, Shan Weiyi can pretend to be a pitiful child to make it look like a real one, but if he did this, he would violate the character design.

Whenever Shan Weiyi showed a fragile expression, Shen Yu would be a little more gentle and patient. But once Shan Weiyi restored the character design, Shen Yu immediately lost interest. It can be said that the face changed faster than the sky.

But Shan Weiyi’s mission was to use his character design to attack Shen Yu.

This quick transmigration game was really sinister!

Sure enough, they really can’t pay his pension?

However, no one can stop a worker’s determination to retire!

The moment Shen Yu’s foot was about to step out, he heard Shan Weiyi’s voice behind him: “Teacher, aren’t you curious at all, how would I know what you like?”

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