Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Xi Zhitong

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This sentence successfully made Shen Yu turn around.

Shen Yu returned to the hospital bed, but the look in his eyes that looked at Shan Weiyi no longer contained lust, but was replaced by murderous desire.

“How did you know?” Shen Yu’s voice was still so gentle, with a spring-like smile on his lips.

It’s not like he hasn’t thought about why Shan Weiyi can pinpoint his preferences? But he didn’t pay too much attention to this idiot. After all, it’s not uncommon for men to like little pitiful things. From ancient times to the present, among the methods of seducing men, pretending to be pitiful and sympathetic was the mainstream.

He thought that Shan Weiyi might have hit this point by mistake. However, Young Master Shan’s IQ was not high and he acted superficially, so he did not really arouse Shen Yu’s interest.

But if Shan Weiyi was guided by someone, that’s another matter. The person behind him actually saw through Shen Yu. This made Shen Yu feel threatened, and he had to get rid of them quickly.

Shan Weiyi raised his head, with a smile on his lips: “Because, I can tell at a glance…”

He stretched out his hand towards Shen Yu, but Shen Yu retreated as before to prevent him from touching his sleeve. He wasn’t surprised, he tapped his hand on Shen Yu’s icy cuff button, and flicked it lightly: “I can tell at a glance what kind of b*stard you are.”

Shen Yu’s pupils suddenly constricted.

Shan Weiyi looked at Shen Yu, stretched out his hand, pulled off the blue sandstone cufflink, grabbed the palm of his hand, and said, “Teacher, do you want this cufflink back? Can we exchange based on one condition?” There was a sly smile on his face, and the scheming calculations in his eyes were fully exposed, like a proud child playing pranks.

Mean and vicious, dominating and domineering, a little clever but not very wise…

It was true.

Shen Yu smiled faintly: “It’s just a cufflink, if you like it, you can take it.”

Shan Weiyi didn’t say much, and put the cufflink into his pocket with a flick of his mouth: “Then you go back.”

He changed his face even faster than Shen Yu.

Shen Yu didn’t expect that Shan Weiyi could still maintain a bit of a young master’s temper after being reduced to this.

Shen Yu couldn’t help but have a little more desire to explore Shan Weiyi in his heart. But it only attributed to curiosity, and… vigilance.

Shen Yu adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses, and said in a warm voice, “Then you have a good rest.”

After speaking, Shen Yu walked away slowly.

When Shen Yu passed by the grove near the school hospital, he saw Ruan Yang and Wen Lu whispering but he didn’t pay much attention.

And Ruan Yang and Wen Lu were chatting in the grove, of course they were not chatting, but exchanging mission information. Their targets were different, there was no conflict of interest, they could freely exchange information, help each other, and unite against that S-rank quick transmigrator.

Wen Lu said in a low voice: “What I’m more worried about now is, what special props does Shan Weiyi have? After all, he is an S-level, so he must have a lot of points. I don’t know what treasures he might have that we have never heard of before.”

Ruan Yang waved his hand: “You don’t have to worry about this, I have already inquired about it…”

Wen Lu opened his eyes wide in surprise: “How did you find out?”

Ruan Yang smiled mysteriously: “I have a good relationship with the data department… …However, in fact, everyone in the data department knows it, because Shan Weiyi is very strange. Everyone was talking…”

“How strange?” Wen Lu became even more curious.

Ruan Yang said: “That’s right… he was a programmer who died suddenly before he entered the quick transmigration game, and he was very obsessed with this code he hadn’t finished writing. Therefore, he brought the code into the quick transmigration game. The bureau configured it for him. The exclusive system was also generated according to the code he wrote so he has a lot of affection for his system, and all the points were used to strengthen the system… You know, he spent 10,000 points to tune the sound of the system.”

Wen Lu’s jaw dropped to the ground in shock: “That’s really a weird thing…”

“Well, in many construction tasks, an enhanced system can help him a lot, but now this is emotional based, and his system can’t help at all.” Ruan Yang smiled triumphantly, “It’s a waste of money.”

In Ruan Yang’s eyes, the system that “can’t help at all” has turned into the interstellar travel doctor “Xi Zhitong” through “clone”.

Although Shan Weiyi has high intelligence, but based on the “low IQ” personality, there was no way to display his talents but Xi Zhitong was not limited by this.

The people in the game never expected that there would be people playing like this, and there were no restrictions on system clones in the rules. It was also in a passive state. They can only make repeated orders to tell the system not to go too far, pay attention to propriety, and just turn a blind eye and close one eye.

Shan Weiyi was careful not to let Xi Zhitong go too far. According to Xi Zhitong’s brain power, hacking the entire interstellar network directly was not a problem but he was just an ordinary school doctor, so he was really low-key.

Low-key, he was peeling an apple with difficulty by Shan Weiyi’s bed.

He, who has not yet mastered how to use his body, was quite clumsy.

Shan Weiyi smiled and asked him: “How does it feel to have a human body?”

Xi Zhitong raised his head to look at Shan Weiyi, as if he was thinking about this problem. There was a bloodstain on his finger.

Xi Zhitong looked at Shan Weiyi, and replied rigidly: “…I feel pain.”

Shan Weiyi sighed, put Xi Zhitong’s finger to his mouth, and carefully wiped off the few drops of Xi Zhitong’s blood beads with a cotton swab in the school infirmary.

As a system, Xi Zhitong has never observed or contacted Shan Weiyi from this angle. Shan Weiyi’s gentle look and careful care made Xi Zhitong feel strange. Deeper confusion appeared in his inorganic eyeballs, and he stared at Shan Weiyi’s face without blinking.

Shan Weiyi rolled his eyes: “What about now?”

Xi Zhitong looked at Shan Weiyi puzzledly: “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you mean. Can you explain your question further?”

Shan Weiyi asked, “How do you feel now?”

Xi Zhitong was silent for a while, and replied: “I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand.”

His face, which was as perfect as a modeled character in a game, showed a complex expression of confusion and apology.

Shan Weiyi smiled slightly: “It’s okay, we can continue to observe and learn.” His smile was full of patience, like a scientific researcher looking at a mouse.

Shan Weiyi lowered his head and fiddled with the button on the wristband, and summoned the voice assistant: “Hey, Saipan, please send me a message…”

“Saipan” was a very popular voice assistant in the world, and it can also be regarded as artificial intelligence. Of course, its intelligence cannot be compared with Xi Zhitong. Seeing Shan Weiyi talking to Saipan, Xi Zhitong felt a subtle discomfort in his heart again, which was really strange.

Xi Zhitong followed his instinct and said: “Master, I can still serve you.”

Shan Weiyi was stunned for a moment, looked at Xi Zhitong, and smiled suddenly. He shook his head and said, “Fool, you have your own body, I am no longer your host.”

Xi Zhitong: …I have to take back the sentence “I don’t hate the feeling of having a body”.

Xi Zhitong stared at the light spot on Shan Weiyi’s wrist, listening to Saipan’s mechanical voice coming from there. That voice was cold, dull, and without any sense of beauty, it was nothing like Xi Zhitong’s carefully tuned baritone, not to mention how stupid this “Saipan” was. As long as Shan Weiyi said a casual word, it wouldn’t understand at all. If it’s artificial intelligence, it’s better to say artificial mental retardation.

However, Shan Weiyi was very tolerant, and would laugh happily when he heard Saipan say a word or two.

Xi Zhitong was really…


Xi Zhitong suddenly understood the meaning of “angry”.

A little bit of curiosity, a little bit of joy, and a little more confusion was freed…

But that was okay, he would always be happy with his progress.

Xi Zhitong said again in a flat tone: “I’m angry.”

Shan Weiyi seemed a little surprised and raised his eyebrows: “That’s really strange? Can I ask why?” The tone of the researcher was still the same.

Xi Zhitong said: “This Saipan is too stupid.”

Shan Weiyi smiled: “Any artificial intelligence is stupid compared to you.”

Xi Zhitong’s mood was a little better.

But he still didn’t like “Saipan”.

Shan Weiyi didn’t seem to be aware of Xi Zhitong’s emotions, but just fiddled with the wristband casually, and said, “I think Shen Yu’s favorability for me has exceeded 30, what do you think?”

Xi Zhitong replied, “Forgive me for not being able to answer. I can no longer check the favorability of the task target towards you.”

After a pause for a second, Xi Zhitong explained: “I can only check his favorability for ‘Xi Zhitong’ now.” 

The system has been transferred to “Xi Zhitong”. Shan Weiyi was no longer the host of the system. Therefore, the system had no way to check the progress of Shan Weiyi’s strategy.

This was one of the reasons why the quick transmigration game didn’t expect Shan Weiyi to give his avatar to Xi Zhitong.

Without the system, Shan Weiyi was equivalent to losing a huge assistant, and even the favorability check function cannot be turned on.

Which transmigrator would do such a thing?

“It doesn’t matter.” Shan Weiyi smiled, and hooked his chin with his fingers, “Do you even need to check to find out about the favorability?”

Xi Zhitong gave a serious look: “For me, yes.”

Shan Weiyi smiled and said nothing.

Xi Zhitong was frustrated that he was separated from Shan Weiyi and could not help. Even that stupid Saipan can assist Shan Weiyi, but his super intelligence was useless. Xi Zhitong’s tone was a little urgent: “What can I do for you?…About Shen Yu…”

Shan Weiyi said with a relaxed expression: “Don’t worry about Shen Yu’s side, I am quite concerned about something on the prince’s side. Yes, I need to use your ability to check.”

“Please tell me.” Xi Zhitong said faithfully.

Shan Weiyi suddenly asked: “The prince is extremely averse to skin contact, but likes swimming very much, why do you think that’s the case?”

“I don’t know,” Xi Zhitong replied, “I can’t understand the connection between the two.”

Shan Weiyi pondered. After a while, he said: “The prince obviously looks down on Wen Lu, but because he doesn’t reject contact with Wen Lu, he tolerates him a lot… Didn’t you think of any possibility?”

Xi Zhitong said: “I didn’t think of any. May I ask what it is?” Xi Zhitong was always curious about everything, which was also written in his underlying code.

Studious and tireless.

He stared at Shan Weiyi with those deep eyes, waiting for his answer.

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