Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 32

Chapter 32 A filial son who moved heaven and earth

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Zhang Li stood awkwardly at the front desk, too embarrassed to look at the concierge’s face.

The concierge lady was very professional, and she didn’t show disdain or any impoliteness because of Zhang Li’s failure to swipe her card. She even frowned sympathetically, looking at this wealthy girl who spent money like water in the past but was now struggling to move a single step with kindness. But such kindness was beyond Zhang Li’s tolerance, and Zhang Li was still embarrassed.

Obviously it’s only been a while, but Zhang Li felt she had been waiting for a century, her skin was about to be scorched and every inch of it hurt. She raised her eyes, looking for her son’s figure. Soon, Shan Weiyi smiled and walked towards her.

She was so cowardly that she had no trace of the mighty wife of a noble family. She looked at Shan Weiyi timidly: “Forget it, we still…”

Shan Weiyi calmly patted the back of Zhang Li’s hand, turned to the concierge lady and said: “Is there a discount for long-term rental? One quarter at a time.”

Zhang Li looked at Shan Weiyi in shock: “You have that much money?”

Shan Weiyi looked at Zhang Li with a smile: ” Yes.”

Shan Weiyi and Zhang Li were invited upstairs to discuss the price, and finally negotiated a suitable long-term rental price. The money spent on long-term rentals in luxury hotels was enough to buy a house in the suburbs but Shan Weiyi didn’t mind at all, paid quickly, and the process was very smooth. From his calm expression, it can be seen that after he paid the rent, there was still enough money left for him to squander.

This hotel does not follow the resplendent and luxurious style, even in the high-end suites, there was no big gold and red decoration, but it was elegant from its simplicity. The spacious living room was full of clear geometric furniture installations, and the space was full of orderly beauty. Zhang Li’s slender body sank onto the velvet leather sofa, her head was held up, and her face a little uneasy: “Where did you get so much money?”

“Earning so much money in such a short period of time,” Shan Weiyi replied, “It must have been through cheating.”

There was no sense of guilt in his tone.

Hearing Shan Weiyi’s answer, Zhang Li felt relieved, smiled for a while, and said, “You’re lying to me.”

“If you don’t cheat, where can you get so much quick money?” Shan Weiyi propped his chin.

Zhang Li then said: “I see, you are favored by the prince, did he reward you?”

Shan Weiyi just wanted to say: The prince’s monthly salary is not as good as my pocket money. Relying on his reward, I would have to ask for a discount even when staying in a budget hotel.

But this kind of thing was too difficult to explain to Zhang Li.

Zhang Li looked strong, but she was actually naive. She was just a spoiled rich girl.

Without further explanation, Shan Weiyi said: “It is not a long-term solution to live on the money that leaks from other people’s fingers.”

These words pierced Zhang Li’s heart.

If it was in the past, Zhang Li might not have listened to it, and would just say: “My father and brother leaking a little bit would be enough for our mother and son to eat for a lifetime.” Now that she has experienced this, Zhang Li will never say such words again.

If someone leaks it, they can grab it back at any time and give you a big slap.

Zhang Li said with a wry smile: “Yes…”

Saying so, confusion and uneasiness climbed up the young lady’s face.

“Di” – a sharp reminder sounded, interrupting Zhang Li’s self-pity.

Zhang Li was surprised to find that the beep came from her wristband.

Her smart wristband was a custom-made red agate bracelet. The screen was a Hetian jade buckle, and the center was hollowed out to reveal the light screen. Shan Weiyi’s wristband tapped on the jade buckle, and through the secret key, the account was merged in one second.

Shan Weiyi said: “My account dedicated to cheating and swindling is shared with you. If you want to spend money in the future, you can just withdraw it directly from here.”

Zhang Li was shocked, but mostly moved in her heart, and said tearfully: “You, what a filial son!”

Shan Weiyi, a filial son who moved heaven and earth, accepted Zhang Li’s praise without any guilt, and said, “Indeed, I also feel that I am very filial.”

As he said that, Shan Weiyi joked again: “But this account was all obtained by my ‘fraud’. If you share this account, you will be considered my ‘accomplice’.”

Zhang Li took this seriously. She blinked, showing a naive air: “Are you really cheating others?”

Shan Weiyi smiled and did not answer.

Zhang Li probably took it seriously. After a few minutes of hesitation, she put on a smiley face again: “As expected of my child, you can swindle such a large sum of money. It can be seen that you are smart, but you just don’t like reading.”

Shan Weiyi lamented that Zhang Li’s mother’s filter was so deep that she can even praise her son for being a fraud. But considering that this was a vicious villain mother, it was not so surprising.

Zhang Li looked at the account, then at Shan Weiyi, and said firmly, “This account should be in my name. If something happens in the future, mother will take care of it alone.”

Zhang Li was seriously thinking about how if this incident was exposed, she would carry the blame. Shan Weiyi didn’t dare to let Zhang Li continue to run wild, and explained with a smile: “I am a person who wants to be an official, so why do I need to cheat others? This was all nonsense.”

Zhang Li also believed it immediately, and said with a smile : “That’s good. I already know that my son has a good character, so how could he cheat?”

Shan Weiyi: ………………

This account was the receiving account of the card APP.

Before, the money transferred by Shen Yu was all spent by Shan Weiyi, but now all the money received was Jun Gengjin’s money.

Shan Weiyi can also be regarded as a capitalist’s wool, rounding up to rob the rich and help the poor, and also enrich the people.

He priced Jun Gengjin by adding three zeros to Shen Yu’s price.

Now judging from Jun Gengjin’s exhaustion of krypton gold, Shan Weiyi was still too conservative.

Jun Gengjin even left an arrogant message in the opinion book: I will pay ten times the price for one shot in the uniform of the Federation No. 1 High School.

Shan Weiyi replied: twenty times.

Jun Gengjin: Payment has been made, please check.

Shan Weiyi: … ugh, so refreshing, it seems that my price was still too low!

In the eyes of a top capitalist like Jun Gengjin, money seems to be really just a number.

In his eyes, there were many things that were more valuable than money.

Bai Nuo may be regarded as one in his eyes.

Bai Nuo was the image in his childhood dreams, a familiar or unfamiliar old friend.

After coming to the Federation, Jun Gengjin had never been in contact with Bai Nuo.

Especially after Bai Nuo fell in love with the Poison Doctor, in order to take care of the Poison Doctor, his possessive lover, Bai Nuo directly cut off contact with Jun Gengjin.

Jun Gengjin was in great pain because of this.

The appearance of the card game alleviated his lovesickness.

Although Jun Gengjin knows that the person in the photo was not Bai Nuo.

He asked in the game guest book: are you Shan Weiyi?

Shan Weiyi did not deny it.

Jun Gengjin felt vigilant: How did you know ‘him’?

Shan Weiyi: Shan Yunyun told me that you have a dream lover who looks like me. That’s why he always suspected that I would have something with you.

This was a hole for Shan Weiyi to pay back to Shan Yunyun.

The hole was dug really well.

After seeing this sentence, Jun Gengjin devoted himself to being even more dissatisfied with Shan Yunyun.

However, Jun Gengjin didn’t show anything, and only left a message to Shan Weiyi, saying: You are so meticulous in taking photos and designing, do you want to have something with me?

Shan Weiyi flatly replied: You think too much, I just want money.

The candor was touching and reassuring.

Jun Gengjin thought it was funny for a while, then with the snap of his fingers, he sent another sum of money to Shan Weiyi, leaving a message: are you still satisfied with what you see?

——An old-fashioned line that was full of dominance, but Shan Weiyi was indeed quite satisfied.

Shan Weiyi didn’t ask Jun Gengjin any personal questions, didn’t get close to Jun Gengjin, and didn’t care about Shan Yunyun or Bai Nuo’s affairs at all. He behaved purely because he wanted money, which made Jun Gengjin feel more secure.

At some point in time, Jun Gengjin couldn’t help thinking: is he really not interested in me at all?


The money that Jun Gengjin made was pouring into the account under Zhang Li’s name continuously. Zhang Li even had to turn off the payment reminder for this. Every day when she opened her eyes, she found that she was one step closer to Forbes, and she always suspected that this was a dream. Gradually, she couldn’t help but suspect that her son was doing something illegal.

Shan Weiyi was very content, and said to his mother: “You can keep the money. Spend it however you want, don’t think about saving money for me.”

Zhang Li nodded, looking at Shan Weiyi suspiciously: “You really didn’t do anything illegal?”

“Oh…” Shan Weiyi sighed, “After a while, the crown prince will ask me to go, and I probably won’t be able to come back for a while after I leave. You don’t have to worry about it, and don’t inquire about it, understand?”

Hearing this, Zhang Li became more and more uneasy: “What do you mean?”

Shan Weiyi said in a secretive way: “Didn’t I say that he would give me an official position to do? There will be some secret operations, so don’t ask. Anyways, wait for me to return to my hometown.”

Zhang Li nodded dubiously.

For a while, the prince didn’t look for Shan Weiyi. Shan Weiyi also spent time shopping and eating with his mother quite leisurely, having a good time.

But on this day, the servant of the Eastern Palace suddenly visited and said that they would like to invite Shan Weiyi to the Eastern Palace. The servant’s words were polite, but there were four fully armed mechanical guards behind him, and the aura looked scary.

Zhang Li was very nervous, but seeing Shan Weiyi at ease, she felt relieved. Shan Weiyi smiled and asked her: “Remember what I said?”

Zhang Li nodded: “Don’t worry about it, don’t inquire about it, I’ll wait for you to return home.”

Shan Weiyi nodded: “And another thing?”

Zhang Li was confused : “And…?”

“Spend more money, don’t save it for me.” Shan Weiyi said.

Zhang Li nodded hurriedly: “Okay, I’ll go to the clubhouse to find a male model tonight.”

Shan Weiyi still looked dissatisfied.

Zhang Li had no choice but to say: “I’ll find eight.”

Shan Weiyi nodded reluctantly: “You can figure it out. Don’t get tired.”

Looking at the touching and filial son in front of her, Zhang Li shed two lines of tears.

The Imperial City was a ring-shaped floating island in the Emperor Star Galaxy. The central hall was in the center, like the sun, while the other palaces revolved around the central hall like planets. The East Palace was very close to the Central Hall, and a gorgeous lavender flowed out of it, which was the color of the prince’s hair and eyes, and it was said that it was also the favorite color of the former empress.

The East Palace Space City was not small in scale, with complete internal organs and strict defenses.

The Taifu meandered to the main hall of the East Palace, and then turned to the side hall.

The prince was sitting in the side hall, wearing a purple robe, which perfectly complemented his color. His handsome appearance exuded a noble air, and his eyes seemed to be full of majesty.

Shen Yu bowed to him: “Greetings Your Highness.” 

The prince smiled at him.

There was also a cat nestled on the prince’s lap—it was Master Yi. Master Yi yawned and was about to leave, but was held down by the prince.

It seemed that he had forgotten Shen Yu’s existence because he was so interested in teasing the cat, the prince did not let Shen Yu stand up.

The Imperial Taifu, who paid attention to etiquette, can only maintain the posture of bowing down, frozen in place like a stone statue.

The prince didn’t seem to notice anything, and leisurely opened Master Yi’s collar with his hand. The shackles on Master Yi’s neck was loosened, so he shook his head, jumped away from the prince’s lap, and ran away in a flash, and he didn’t know where he was in an instant.

The prince ignored it, but put the collar on his palm, and said, “Does teacher recognize this thing?”

Shen Yu didn’t look up, but just hearing the crisp sound of the collar bell made Shen Yu’s heart beat violently.

He used to wear this collar.

The prince was also suspicious because of the scent of freesia left on the collar.

There was nothing wrong between them for a while, so Shen Yu actually thought it was over.

Now it seems…

The prince’s purple eyes swept down indifferently, and said with a smile: “Shan Weiyi said that it was made for this master, but looking at the size, the size is too far off.”

“The size of this collar can be adjusted.” Shen Yu replied, “Besides, Master Yi is a spirit beast, and he will grow up to be very big in the future.” 

The prince smiled to himself and said, “I had someone ask the craftsman who made the collar. But the craftsman said when Shan Weiyi placed the order, he gave a human size. He specifically said to use the rhinoceros animal skin, because the person who will wear the collar was a noble person.”

Shen Yu still maintained the bowing posture, and said: “Then did he say who was this ‘noble man’?”

“They did not.” The prince said slowly.

“Does Your Highness need me to find that person?” Shen Yu’s voice was steady, without revealing a trace of panic, as if he was really thinking about how to solve the problem for the prince.

The prince smiled lightly, stood up and came in front of Shen Yu.

Shen Yu still bowed his head, his attitude was as respectful as before.

The prince stretched out his hand, put the soft collar around Shen Yu’s neck, and fastened it smoothly – the size and curvature were tightly stitched, as if it was born for Shen Yu.

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