Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 31

Chapter 31 The New Leek

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Shan Weiyi’s face became serious, this was the first time he has become so serious since he entered the small world.

Obviously, the difficulty of this world exceeded his imagination.

But he didn’t feel that it was too difficult. He shrugged and said, “Then, can the emperor monitor the communication between me and you?”

“No.” Xi Zhitong brought a slightly reassuring good news, “Our computing power is equivalent. Just as I can’t Invade the central hall without attracting his attention, he can’t monitor us without arousing my vigilance.”

Shan Weiyi nodded: “Even so, he can still see what I do in public.”

“Yes.” Xi Zhitong replied, “Not only that, he can also see your browsing traces on the star internet and the account flow.”

“Well, that is, he also knows the funds between me and Taifu.”

“Yes.” Xi Zhitong said worriedly, “I’m afraid you have attracted his attention a long time ago.”

“This is not all a bad thing.” Shan Weiyi shrugged and smiled.

Xi Zhitong agreed with his master: “Because curiosity is the beginning of good feelings? If he is curious about you, he might also have good feelings for you.”

At this moment, the doorbell rang, and it seemed that someone came to visit Shan Weiyi.

The housekeeping robot froze for a while, as if something had been pulled out of its cold mechanical body. In an instant, it lost that extremely intelligent sense of agility, and could no longer make a mellow male voice, only a simple mechanical sound. It reported: “Shan Yunyun is visiting, do you want to open the door?”

Shan Weiyi shrugged and said casually, “Open the door.” 

The automatic door opened, and Shan Yunyun walked in quickly. He looked at Shan Weiyi with obvious complacency in his eyes. All his emotions were as easy to understand as blank paper in front of a high-end player like Shan Weiyi. Shan Weiyi believed that the same was true in front of Jun Gengjin.

Jun Gengjin can fall in love with such a person?

Unless the high-dimensional system forcibly applied a debuff that affects Jun Gengjin’s mind, it is impossible.

But judging from all aspects now, this was a world with a very high degree of freedom, and there was still a super-brained human being, and the high-dimensional system simply cannot do such a showy operation.

Shan Yunyun’s failure was basically a certainty, so Shan Weiyi was always more patient with Shan Yunyun, which was a kindness to the losers.

But Shan Yunyun didn’t realize this, he raised his head proudly, and said with a smile: “So what if you are favored by the prince? You are just a slave in the empire, and you still have to bow your knees when you see nobles, be a vase at the mercy of others…”

Shan Weiyi had a little more patience with Shan Yunyun, but that’s all, he really can’t stand Shan Yunyun’s irony. Patience gradually ran out. Shan Weiyi yawned unceremoniously: “You came here in the middle of the night just to say this?”

Shan Yunyun blushed from Shan Weiyi’s superior attitude. He gritted his teeth, stomped his feet, and said with a snort, “Don’t get complacent too early! You will know how good I am tomorrow!”

Shan Weiyi really wanted to warn this newcomer: If you will make a big move tomorrow, you should keep a low profile tonight. You announced with such fanfare that you are going to cause trouble, isn’t that courting death? If I hang you up and beat you until tomorrow morning, what will you do?

However, Shan Weiyi was still a veteran player with a very humanitarian spirit. He had no interest in abuse, so he waved his hand: “Understood, you can withdraw.”

Shan Yunyun was so angry that he stomped his feet and turned to leave.

Shan Weiyi also took advantage of the situation and laid back on the bed, raised the quilt and touched the round steel head of the housekeeping robot: “Good night, Tongzi.” 

The robot’s mung bean eyes flickered invisibly.

The next morning, the Shan residence was in a panic.

Shan Weiyi washed his face and leisurely went downstairs.

Looking at the ashen-faced Shan Dingshan and the angry Zhang Li, Shan Weiyi said nonchalantly, “Why are you so stern-faced so early in the morning?” 

It’s fine if it wasn’t mentioned, but once brought up, Shan Dingshan exploded like a powder barrel, yelling curses, and he lost any demeanor of an aristocratic family.

However, this time, the object of Shan Dingshan’s passionate insults was no longer the Young Master Shan, but the illegitimate son Shan Yunyun who he had always favored. Hearing Shan Dingshan curse so passionately, Shan Weiyi finally understood what happened——Shan Yunyun and Jun Gengjin eloped.

Shan Weiyi admired Shan Yunyun, so he ran away with Jun Gengjin, a black-hearted capitalist.

Does Shan Yunyun really think Jun Gengjin likes him?

Even if Shan Yunyun was not smart, he should know the Arabic numerals within 100, right? How could you dare to elope with someone with a 30% favorability?

Shan Yunyun knew in his heart that Jun Gengjin did not like him very much, but he analyzed the script given by the system and came to a conclusion: the crux should be Bai Nuo.

Bai Nuo was Jun Gengjin’s white moonlight and the protagonist Shou in “Poison Doctor”.

Bai Nuo was Jun Gengjin’s dream when he was young, the untouchable gentle moonlight. Even after meeting Shan Yunyun, it was not impossible for Jun Gengjin to leave a place for Bai Nuo in his heart.

Shan Yunyun thought: Since the target of Bai Nuo is the poison doctor, not Jun Gengjin, then there was no conflict of interest between them. Furthermore, he and I have a common enemy—Shan Weiyi. Rounding it up, he and I can be counted as allies. Maybe he will help me?

With this in mind, Shan Yunyun tried to contact Bai Nuo to form an alliance. And Bai Nuo really agreed: “I’m in the Freedom Federation with the poison doctor, you can come to me if you need it. I will help you if I can.”

Shan Yunyun mustered up the courage to go to the Freedom Federation.

It stands to reason that Shan Yunyun’s illegitimate son ran away with a rich man. Although it was not decent, it was not worth Shan Dingshan’s anger.

What made Shan Dingshan most frightened and angry was, of course, not that Shan Yunyun ran away with the big capitalist, but that Shan Yunyun ran away with money.

Since Shan Yunyun returned to his family, he started his business by relying on the principal of the Shan Family and their connections and revitalizing many commercial projects. Shan Dingshan made a fortune because of this, so he loved and trusted Shan Yunyun more and more. Shan Dingshan didn’t understand business matters, seeing that Shan Yunyun was smart and well-behaved, he let Shan Yunyun take care of all the business, and he didn’t ask any questions.

Who knew that Shan Yunyun suddenly rebelled and took away the funds, projects and talents together!

Now all that was left to the Shan Family were debts, shell companies and unfinished projects!

Shan Dingshan scolded severely, but he was still not relieved, and wanted to throw the vase in his hand. Zhang Li stopped him coldly: “This vase is also worth tens of millions. Our family is still short of money, we can’t stand such a fall from you.”

Hearing this, Shan Dingshan raised his hands as if being whipped, and put down the vase timidly.

Zhang Li became angry when she saw him like this, and laughed and scolded: “Shan Yunyun is really your most beloved son!”

Shan Dingshan’s face turned blue for a while, pointing to Zhang Li and said: “You are also the housewife of the Shan family. If your family goes bankrupt, you won’t get anything.”

This was true, but it made Zhang Li even angrier. She scolded fiercely: “What crime did I do to marry such a b*stard like you! Raised an illegitimate child to ride on my own son’s head, and even bankrupted this huge family business!”

Shan Dingshan was not willing to accept this attitude from her and was angry with Zhang Li, and was about to curse again, but Shan Weiyi said: “Okay, how did we go bankrupt?”

Seeing Shan Weiyi’s calm attitude, Shan Dingshan seemed to have a backbone. He said to his son with a benevolent smile: “That’s right, doesn’t the prince like you very much? If the prince was willing to help, this matter will definitely be over.” 

“Do you need to trouble the prince for this kind of thing?” Shan Weiyi looked surprised, “I can find a way to settle it myself.”

Hearing Shan Weiyi’s tone of voice, Shan Dingshan was surprised and happy: “Really? Tell me quickly, how do you want to settle it?”

Shan Weiyi stepped forward, held Zhang Li’s hand, and said, “You are the Madam of the Shan family, so you have to restrict consumption when the Shan family goes bankrupt. But since you want to get divorced, you will no longer be the Madam of the Shan family, so there’s no need to be worried about it.”

When Zhang Li heard it, she was enlightened: “Ah, this is really my good son with an IQ of 250! I never thought of this!”

Shan Dingshan was so angry that he vomited blood: “You b*stard ! What kind of nonsense are you talking about! How can you make your parents divorce?”

Zhang Li became unhappy when she heard Shan Dingshan scolding her son, and ran out holding the child’s hand—back to her mother’s house!

Zhang Li took Shan Weiyi back to her natal family, complaining about the bankruptcy of the Shan family. The father and brother of the Zhang family were both shocked and angry when they heard about this great change, scolding Dan Yunyun the white-eyed wolf while scolding Shan Dingshan the mountain wolf.

Seeing that her father and brother were scolding vigorously, Zhang Li took advantage of the situation and said: “Shan Dingshan and I can’t get along anymore, I want a divorce.”

Hearing Zhang Li wanting a divorce, father and brother paused and didn’t curse the person. They just carefully said, “You and your son are both so old, divorce? Divorce for what? Don’t make a fuss.”

Zhang Li’s eyes widened: “Dad, brother, don’t you love me the most and said that I don’t need to be wronged?”

The father was also a little embarrassed, and only said: “What does being wronged have to do with divorce? If you don’t like the Shan family, you can go back to live with your mother’s family, and your mother’s family will always welcome you. But divorce is not very good, and it is not good to say it. Don’t think about yourself, but also think about your children.”

It turned out that Zhang Li went back to live with her mother’s family when she got angry, and her mother’s family was still willing to accommodate her. But if she wants to get a divorce, it was impossible for her natal family to agree. There was a saying that “the water thrown out was a married daughter”. How could their noble family recycle waste water?

But Shan Weiyi was talking beside them: “My mother wants a divorce just for my sake. Now that my father owes debts, shouldn’t a wife follow along to pay back the money? There is also a saying that a father’s debts should be paid by the son’, so I have to take this debt on too?”

Zhang father and brother were shocked when they heard the words: “That Shan Yunyun really has such a great ability to make your family go bankrupt?”

Only then did Shan Weiyi spread out the accounts in detail, saying that Shan Yunyun really had such a great ability to make the Shan family owe tens of billions in bad debt. This amount was unbelievably huge, and even if the prince can really be invited to come forward, it will not be so easy to settle.

If things were not settled, as the in-laws of the Shan family, the Zhang family was likely to be dragged into troubled waters!

——Thinking of this, Zhang father and brother immediately turned their faces, and hurriedly said to Zhang Li: “If you can’t get along, leave. Can’t our Zhang family still raise a daughter? Let’s leave now.”

Watching the father and brother change their faces, Zhang Li was also disheartened by the speed.

Zhang Li wanted to divorce, but it was Shan Dingshan’s turn to refuse.

Shan Dingshan owed a lot of debt now, so he counted on his wife and son to help him. Shan Dingshan refused to leave no matter what and said with his head held high: “Did the Zhang family raise such a daughter? When disaster strikes, they will betray their husband! This is what is taught in the Zhang family?” 

If he refused to leave, the Zhang family had no choice.

Zhang Li was at a loss, but the crown prince ordered Shan Dingshan to get a divorce, otherwise he would go to the public execution live broadcast room for a while.

Shan Dingshan was discouraged now, and went to the household registration office with Zhang Li to file for a divorce in desperation. Seeing that him being shameless was not enough, he still looked at Zhang Li and Shan Weiyi with tears in his eyes: “Don’t you guys miss any family affection at all?”

Zhang Li took off her high heels and smashed it on the top of Shan Dingshan. Shan Weiyi hurriedly stopped Zhang Li: “Mother, its a waste. 8,000 yuan a pair of red-soled shoes! Why should you waste it on this poor man!”

Zhang Li didn’t give Shan Dingshan another look when she heard that since it made sense, so as not to look down on this unworthy pig.

Not long after Zhang Li returned to her natal home, her father and brother started trying to find a second spring for Zhang Li.

Zhang Li didn’t want to remarry, so she coquettishly said to her father and brother: “Father, brother, didn’t you say that the Zhang family can afford to raise a daughter? Why are you in such a hurry to marry me?”

The father and brother said kindly: “It’s one thing to be able to afford it, but it’s not a goof thing for you to be alone in your mother’s house. A woman has to find a man to rely on, otherwise she will have nothing for the rest of her life. Since you have to find someone, naturally you have to look for it while you are young. We are thinking about your happiness.”

Zhang Li reluctantly accepted the blind date information sent by her father and brother, and her face immediately changed: “Why are they all widowers and ugly men… And this old bug that I remember that is still famous?” 

The father and brother said, “You have been divorced and had children, how can you be so picky? It is already nice to find these. If you are unwilling, you will have none in the future!”

Zhang Li said coldly, “What if there is none? As long as I don’t pick a noble family or a wealthy person, wouldn’t it be very easy to find a few poor young and beautiful men to play with?” 

The father and brother were shocked when they heard this: “How can a woman say something like this?”

Zhang Li was so angry that she simply didn’t stay at her mother’s house.

Shan Weiyi said: “I said earlier that there is nothing good here in the Zhang family. It would be nice for us mother and son to go out alone.”

Zhang Li believed in Shan Weiyi, and went to a luxury hotel with Shan Weiyi as VIP guests, reserving suite permanent residence.

Who would have thought that the front desk of the hotel said to Zhang Li with an apologetic face: “Ms. Zhang, your credit account has been frozen.”

Zhang Li’s face was stiff and ashamed.

She was born as a daughter of a wealthy family, and after she married, she became a wife of a wealthy family. How could she experience such a thing? She was sad and distressed, looking at her adult son like a lost soul, wanting to cry, “Should we sleep on the street?”

“It’s okay, give me a few minutes.” Shan Weiyi smiled.

Zhang Li shook her head: “How much pocket money do you have? Even if you have a little left, I’m afraid it will be frozen.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Shan Weiyi said.

Shan Weiyi turned his face away, operated the smart light screen on his wristband, and clicked to open the background of the draw card app.

It’s a pity that although he gave Shen Yu a comeback gift, Shen Yu still didn’t return to the card game.

In the final analysis, there were two reasons: first, the prince has become suspicious, so Shen Yu will act more cautiously. But this was not the most important reason. The most fundamental and important reason was that what Shen Yu loved was no longer the Shan Weiyi of the second dimension.

What he fell in love with was the three-dimensional Shan Weiyi, so cards were no longer such a major temptation to him.

Xi Zhitong’s suggestion appeared on the light screen: “Do you need to send the payment code to Shen Yu?”

Now that Shen Yu was so fond of Shan Weiyi, he should be willing to be an ATM slave. Instead of playing those fancy card games, he was willing to throw money directly.

But Shan Weiyi said: “Shen Yu has only the coffin left now, let’s keep some bottom line. We are cutting leeks, not pulling carrots.”

He was a conscientious planner.

In this way, he pressed the screen a few times and said: “Looking for new leeks.”

Xi Zhitong said: “The prince does not have much cash, and his cash flow has been under the emperor’s supervision.”

“I know, who said it’s him?” Shan Weiyi shook his head, “Not all green ones are leeks.”

Shan Weiyi operated a few times, and clicked the operation button skillfully with his fingers.

The luxury cabin of the starship was gorgeous, with both ancient antique furniture and advanced technological equipment.

A beautiful picture appeared on the optical brain screen – a boy who looks like Bai Nuo wearing a white shirt and smiling towards the sun, which perfectly represented Jun Gengjin’s imagination of the lover of his dreams.

Jun Gengjin, who was sitting in front of the light screen, condensed his face slightly, and subconsciously reached out to touch the smiling face of his dream lover on the screen, but the moment his finger touched it, the picture became blurred, and a very eye-catching payment code popped up in the center of the screen.

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