Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Returning to the maternal home

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For a while, Young Master Shan’s Mother, Zhang Li, lived in a luxury hotel, dedicated to helping Shan Weiyi spend money, and at the same time honestly waiting for Shan Weiyi to “return home”.

It’s a pity, it’s a pity that she couldn’t wait for the news of Shan Weiyi’s return home, but received the news that Shan Weiyi was awarded to the Taifu as his concubine.

Upon learning of this, Zhang Li cried sadly and fell down onto the oversized, beautiful and soft princess bed in the master bedroom of the luxurious suite. She wiped her tears with a silky, non-staining, non-dusty, and red-nosed ALTRA SOFT paper towel, and summoned eight good-looking and handsome eight Clubhouse male models with abs to comfort her. The grief of the rich was also this unpretentious and dry.

There was no male model in the club who did not want to go ashore, so they cherished Zhang Li, the golden coast that was visible to the naked eye. One of the male models quietly retreated from the scene, and went to the smoke-free and fire-free kitchenette equipped with the suite to warm Zhang Li’s milk, so as to highlight his style of a family man. Just as he was passing by the living room, he saw a man with a strange face appear.

This man was handsome and looked like a romantic and passionate person. The male model became wary and asked, “Who are you? Why haven’t I seen you before?”

The handsome man turned his head to look at the male model, and said, “I haven’t seen you before.” 

The handsome man seemed to find it funny, ignored him, then went straight in.

How could the male model just let him do as he wished? He grabbed his hand, but only pulled his clothes. The handsome man’s collar was slightly pulled away, revealing the mottled hickey marks on his shoulders. The male model was even more sure that this person was a colleague, and the look of disdain on his face was even heavier. He sneered and said, “Okay, how short of money are you to come from a previous house and rush to serve the next one without wiping oneself.” 

The handsome man raised his eyebrows, tidied up his clothes, while looking at the male model from the corner of his eyes. He saw that the male model was not wearing a top, but was wearing a pair of overalls, so he asked: “Are you here to repair the toilet? A suite that is 200,000 a day is really different, even the maintenance person has eight-pack abs.” 

The male model only felt that this man was humiliating himself, and angrily cursed: “Which club do you belong to!” 

The handsome man: “Now there is a club for toilet repairs?!”

The male model wanted to curse immediately, but at this moment, several male models in the master bedroom heard the movement and came out to look. Seeing this handsome man with a strange face, they all put on their guard: “Who are you? How did you get here? If you don’t speak, we’ll activate the security device!” 

The beautiful man shrugged with a look of indifference.

At this time, Zhang Li also came out when she heard the movement. When she saw the beautiful man, the tears she had just stopped burst out again, and she rushed to hold him and cry.

The faces of several male models changed when they saw it: It really was a vixen!

The first to take action was the male model who heated the milk. He stepped forward and patted Zhang Li on the shoulder, and said: “Sister Lizi, what’s the matter? I persuaded you just now, but now you’re crying again. Such beautiful eyes are red again, it hurts me to look at you.”

Zhang Li raised her head, looked at the handsome man, then looked at the eight topless male models in the room, feeling a little embarrassed. She coughed, and said, “Let me introduce to you… this is my son.” 

However, they were all professionals, the alert state was immediately lifted, and the business state was instantly changed back. Each of them piled on a bright smile like a chrysanthemum: “So this is Young Master Shan!” “No wonder he was so handsome!” “He does not look like an ordinary person’s son!” …

Zhang Li smiled at her son in a half-embarrassed way: “These eight…are…” It seemed a bit difficult to explain.

The filial son Shan Weiyi naturally wouldn’t embarrass Zhang Li, so he took over the conversation: “Are they the toilet repairers?”

Zhang Li was stunned for a moment.

The most arrogant male model just now was able to quickly pick up the conversation: “Yes, we repair toilets.”

Seeing Shan Weiyi nod, the male model smiled again: “A toilet master like me has very low vision and lacks education. I hope you forgive me for offending you.”

Shan Weiyi smiled and said, “How can you say that?” Saying that, Shan Weiyi glanced at everyone. The male models who were still arrogant just now shrank their heads, especially the one heating milk.

But Shan Weiyi wanted to talk to this man: “Why don’t you wear shirts when you fix the toilet? You are not afraid of getting dirty?”

The man was busy smiling: “We are not afraid of getting dirty when we work, service is the most important thing.”

Shan Weiyi said: “I’m talking about not dirtying our toilet.”

Although Zhang Li was a little stunned, she also saw that Shan Weiyi didn’t like these male models, so she hurriedly said: “You all go, I want to be with my son. Let’s chat.” 

The male models didn’t dare to linger, and they all left together after saying a few nice words.

Shan Weiyi sat down on the sofa, and asked leisurely: “Has there been any money in the account these two days?”

Zhang Li originally wanted to ask Shan Weiyi a carful of wods, but now that she was asked a question, she was confused for a moment. Busily opening the account to check, Zhang Li’s expression changed: “I haven’t received any credit for the past two days.”

“En.” Shan Weiyi nodded.

Shan Weiyi had not engaged in activities in the past two days, and Jun Gengjin would have no krypton gold. Not only that, after the last exchange, Jun Gengjin did not contact Shan Weiyi again, as if he was really waiting for Shan Weiyi to come out again. Shan Weiyi said that he decided to retire after becoming Taifu’s concubine, and Jun Gengjin seemed to accept it, as if he could also take advantage of this to retreat. He had no superfluous feelings for Shan Weiyi.

Zhang Li turned her head in a panic: “Then what should we do? Will we run out of money?”

Shan Weiyi said relaxedly: “It’s okay, just put it on the Taifu’s account in the future.”

Zhang Li smiled wryly: “How can the Taifu have so much money? Unless he is a corrupt official.”

It seems that although she was not smart, she was not without common sense. After being in the circle of aristocratic families for so long, she knew all about the income of any family or any official position.

Speaking of this, Zhang Li looked at Shan Weiyi again with sorrowful eyes: “Why did you enter the Taifu’s mansion? Didn’t you say that the crown prince will give you an official job?”

Shan Weiyi sighed, and said: “The Taifu likes me, so he insisted on having me bestowed to him. Look, between the Taifu and me, which one do you think the prince will take care of?”

Hearing this, Zhang Li was also very sad: “How could this be?”

Shan Weiyi sighed again: “Blame me for being too beautiful.”

“How can I blame you?” Zhang Li shook her head quickly, “Blame me, blame me for making you so beautiful, woo woo woo…”

Shan Weiyi persuaded Zhang Li for a while, and at this moment, the access control system beeped again.

Zhang Li was puzzled: “Who is it?”

She opened the door and saw that it was Shen Yu. Shen Yu was followed by two android waiters. Zhang Li was startled: “Imperial Taifu…?” Shen Yu bowed to Zhang Li respectfully. Zhang Li hurriedly said: “Taifu, don’t be like this, how can I bear it?”

Shen Yu said, “You are Weiyi’s mother and my mother-in-law, how can you not bear it? Speaking of which, I am still not polite, I should have come to see you earlier, but I have been sick and unable to come. Please forgive me.” 

The so-called do not hit a smiling person, not to mention that this smiling person was still a high-ranking official, naturally, Zhang Li didn’t show off, and politely welcomed Shen Yu into the room.

As soon as Shen Yu came in, Shan Weiyi picked up the cushion from the sofa and threw it at Shen Yu: “What are you doing here! Get out!” 

The angry look was very cute.

Shen Yu was so happy that he allowed him to throw the pillow at his body and didn’t dodge it.

Shan Weiyi sneered, picked up the crystal ashtray and threw it at Shen Yu.

Shen Yu didn’t dodge, but caught the ashtray with both hands, and didn’t let the ashtray fall to the ground. He just said, “It’s okay for you to hit people when you are angry. But don’t throw these dangerous things. It doesn’t matter if you hit me. It’s just that if the glass shards jumped up and hurt you or if it’s left on the ground and stabs your foot, what should I do?”

Shan Weiyi sneered and remained silent.

Zhang Li, who was standing aside, was shocked: My son is awesome!

Shan Weiyi said lazily: “I’m tired and want to rest.”

Shen Yu thought of that charming dream and his excessive actions in the dream, so he was naturally very tolerant and loving towards Shan Weiyi: “Naturally, should I help you go in and rest?”

“No need.” Shan Weiyi refused coldly, “I’ll go in for a while by myself, and you stay here to talk to my mother.”

Shen Yu would do anything.

When Shan Weiyi entered the room to rest, Zhang Li in the living room was still dazed. She thought her son was a poor little boy who was forced to enter the mansion, but looking at it now… it seems that this was not exactly the case.

She looked at the closed door of the bedroom suspiciously and felt tangled up, then turned her gaze to the Taifu’s face, and said with an embarrassed smile: “My child is spoiled by me.”

Shen Yu only said: “How could that be? You educated him very well, it’s just because I didn’t take good care of him that he’s unhappy.”

Hearing such words from the Imperial Taifu, Zhang Li’s thoughts were very messed up, and she almost wondered if her son had given Shen Yu some ecstasy medicine (and this guess turned out to be true).

After an unknown amount of time, Shan Weiyi fell asleep lazily. The sex dream with Taifu was fake, but the pain in his waist and legs were real. Xi Zhitong was really not polite.

Shan Weiyi smiled and shook his head, and went to the bathroom to wash up. The sound of washing of the boiling water let people outside the room know that he was up.

After a while, the bedroom door was opened from the outside, and Zhang Li walked in.

Shan Weiyi saw Zhang Li after washing, and asked with a smile, “Shen Yu is still outside?”

Zhang Li nodded, then pulled Shan Weiyi to sit down again, and said, “I see that this Taifu is not bad.”

Shan Weiyi said: “You thought my father was not bad back then, right?”

Zhang Li: …

Zhang Li choked for a moment, and said again: “How can it be the same? I have grown up now, and I know how to read people. The Taifu is really good to you. Which powerful man is willing to bow down to his wife or concubine like this? Besides, it is a foregone conclusion that you will enter the mansion, and there is nothing to change. You are a gift from the crown prince, even if you want to divorce and remarry, it is impossible…”

Shan Weiyi: “Everything is possible.”

Zhang Li was speechless: … This kid just loves to argue.

Zhang Li persuaded Shan Weiyi for a while with the thoughts of ​​an old mother worrying about her child’s marriage. Shan Weiyi occasionally nodded and occasionally said a few words, Zhang Li was angry and amused.

For a while, Zhang Li was worried since Shan Weiyi suddenly became the Taifu’s concubine. However, with such a wave of actions by Shan Weiyi, it successfully reduced Zhang Li’s worries a lot. Shen Yu was also eloquent, coaxing Zhang Li well. Zhang Li felt that Taifu was a good home for him.

Zhang Li persuaded him a few words, and seeing that Shan Weiyi didn’t speak, she went out first.

After a while, the bedroom door opened again, and it was Shen Yu who came in this time.

Shen Yu sat down by the bed, smiled at Shan Weiyi, “When are you going to come back?”

Shan Weiyi raised his eyebrows, “Didn’t you get everything you wanted? Why should I go back?”

Shen Yu rolled his eyes. I just said: “It’s a helpless bottomless pit of desire.”

Shan Weiyi leaned against the bed and said softly: “You coaxed my mother well, she really thought I had met a husband. But you know, I understand the human attempt.”

“Why do you have to be so understanding?” Shen Yu smiled, “Just like me, I don’t understand where you got so much money to support your mother to live such a luxurious life.”

Shan Weiyi raised his eyelids, and with a sharp look, he looked at Shen Yu.

Shen Yu was still tender in every possible way, reaching out his hand to brush Shan Weiyi’s sharp eye corner: “I don’t understand, but I won’t ask, I don’t mind.”

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