Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 40

Chapter 40 The Green Prince

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Shan Weiyi didn’t express any emotion, he just raised his leg to push Shen Yu away: “Get out.”

Shen Yu held Shan Weiyi’s foot eagerly, looked at the grip marks left on his ankle, his eyes darkened, and he lowered his head and burned a kiss on it. Shan Weiyi’s feet were clearly cold, and Shen Yu’s lips were hot, like a flame that devoured everything, what danced was the fierce light in his eyes.

Shan Weiyi quickly took his foot away and turned to ignore him.

Shen Yu smiled and said, “Don’t be angry, little madam. I’ll go back first, and I’ll come to you tomorrow.”

After speaking, Shen Yu left the room.

Shan Weiyi was lying sideways on the bed, but he was crackling in his heart: it is a big problem now that the protection cannot be turned on.

This time the incident happened so suddenly, he was still able to beat Shen Yu and then pour the secret medicine to fool him. But Shen Yu is not a fool. Over time and more times, he will definitely discover the clues.

He will have to quickly end this Gong strategy line on this side.

Outside the door, Zhang Li politely sent Shen Yu away. After a while, the doorbell rang again. The door opened, and there was another tall and handsome guy who straight to the point said he was looking for Shan Weiyi.

Zhang Li’s thighs trembled: “It can’t be a lover right…”

She looked at the man in front of her, only to see that the man had the golden ratio for his face, a really rare handsome guy. If Zhang Li saw him in the clubhouse, she might pay for a champagne tower.

But now… Zhang Li swallowed her saliva and said, “Who are you to Weiyi?” 

The tall handsome guy said, “I’m a doctor.” 

As he spoke, he opened his smart wristband and showed his electronic business card.

“Oh…you are the doctor of the Taifu’s residence.” Zhang Li’s doubts subsided by a large part, and said, “Doctor Xi, please come in.”

Xi Zhitong walked in openly.

Zhang Li asked him to wait in the living room, then went into the bedroom to look for Shan Weiyi, and said, “There is a doctor Xi looking for you outside, the doctor of the Taifu’s residence.”

“I know.” Shan Weiyi sat up happily, ” Let him in quickly.”

Zhang Li looked at Shan Weiyi’s cheerful appearance, feeling a little uncomfortable, and said, “That…do you want to tidy up your clothes then see him?”

“It’s not necessary.” Shan Weiyi even unbuttoned two more buttons, “A patient is just a dead thing in the doctor’s eyes!”

Zhang Li: … I feel that something is wrong.

Zhang Li invited Xi Zhitong into the room with a suspicious expression on her face, but at Shan Weiyi’s strong request, she still closed the door.

Xi Zhitong came to the bed and looked down to see that Shan Weiyi’s loose robe could not cover the mottled red marks. Xi Zhitong didn’t understand how he felt, but his Adam’s apple rolled instinctively.

“Come here.” Shan Weiyi waved to him.

Xi Zhitong felt that Shan Weiyi’s hand seemed to be connected to a silk thread pulling him in. As long as Shan Weiyi made a casual move, Xi Zhitong would naturally be pulled by the silk to come to Shan Weiyi’s side.

Shan Weiyi smiled and said, “Good man, you made me so miserable.”

Xi Zhitong apologized: “I’m sorry. Do you need me to repair your body?”

“No need, this has to be left to the target to see.” Shan Weiyi opened his lapel, feeling at ease.

Xi Zhitong didn’t know where to put his eyes, then hesitatingly said: “Then what can I do for you?”

Shan Weiyi leaned back, swinging the belt around his waist slowly, and said casually: “I asked you to conduct an experiment before. How is the project going in the laboratory?”

Xi Zhitong started an experimental project at the Imperial Academy after getting permission from the dean and Shen Yu. The prospect of this project was very good, with the endorsement of the dean and Shen Yu, plus Xi Zhitong’s advanced knowledge, of course it went very smoothly.

Xi Zhitong said: “Everything is going well.”

Shan Weiyi nodded: “Then you go back to the laboratory and help me with something.”

“No problem.” Xi Zhitong agreed without thinking.

Shan Weiyi pressed the wristband, and sent a message to Jun Gengjin who he hadn’t been in touch for a long time: “Not considering the suggestion from last time?”

Jun Gengjin didn’t reply.

Shan Weiyi raised his eyebrows: Good, being so cold huh.

In the last communication, Shan Weiyi asked Jun Gengjin to take him away. Jun Gengjin only liked him a little bit. Of course, this egoistic capitalist would not risk the world to take away the concubine of the Imperial Taifu just because of such a shallow liking.

His answer at the time was the very classic words “it’s not worth it”.

This was the criterion by which he looked at all problems: is it worth it or is it not worth it?

What was worthwhile may not be done, and what was not worthwhile will definitely not be done.

Therefore, Shan Weiyi brought up the old story again, and Jun Gengjin did not respond back.

However, since Shan Weiyi was looking for him, he naturally knew what bait to lay.

He posted another sentence: are you interested in Xi Zhitong’s Experimental Project at the Imperial Military Academy?

Jun Gengjin replied in seconds: Let’s talk about it.

Xi Zhitong returned to the laboratory to preside over the overall situation that day, allowing the bottleneck project to make a breakthrough. With such a gratifying result, the laboratory will of course notify the Taifu and the dean. Hearing the good news, Shen Yu immediately notified the prince to invite him, which meant repairing their relationship and testing his attitude.

The prince was invited to come. With no grudges on his face and seeing the Taifu, he still smiled brightly, bystanders would look at it and find no sign of conflict between the two. It’s just that Shen Yu could still feel the prince’s slight alienation.

But Shen Yu won’t feel disappointed, instead, he thought it was a good start.

It wouldn’t be normal if the prince was full of enthusiasm without any grievances all at once.

But when the prince saw the Taifu, he felt uncomfortable. Although he pretended not to care, he couldn’t help imagining the picture of the Taifu and Shan Weiyi’s affection, which scratched his heart, and he felt uneasy.

The dean of the Academy didn’t know the inside story, smiled beside him and said, “I heard that the crown prince rewarded a new beauty to the Taifu, no wonder the Taifu looks refreshed.” 

After the dean said this with a smile, the atmosphere in the audience turned from a fake high to freezing point-everyone was smirking but the smiles were so cold that they could freeze someone to death.

The dean also noticed that the atmosphere was not right, but he didn’t know what was wrong, so he could only smile coldly.

The prince gritted his molars, and smiled at the Taifu: “Yes, I wonder how it feels to be in the arms of a beauty?” 

——This was a life risking question… 

The Taifu’s heart tightened, and he smiled on his face: “Recently, I have been lingering on the sick bed. It’s been a few days since I’ve gotten better, and I haven’t seen him much.”

Hearing this, the prince’s heart relaxed childishly, and the smile on his face became stronger: “Teacher, you should pay more attention to your body.”

“Naturally, Naturally.” The Taifu replied with a nod.

The dean wanted to liven up the atmosphere, so he joked: “The crown prince rewarded the Taifu with such a delicate beauty, how can the Taifu pay attention to his body hahaha…”

The atmosphere in the audience that finally eased up again turned into a fake pretense again. The crown prince and the Imperial Taifu were all putting on a fake smile: “Hahahahaha…” 

The dean was very proud of his joke: “Hahahahaha…”

Xi Zhitong watched from the side: Human beings are really confusing.

The prince was unhappy, and he didn’t want to wrong himself too much. He fake smiled for a while, left the scene with an excuse, and hid in the rest room to sit. The food delivery robot brought him refreshments. He picked up the teacup and poured half a cup of iced tea into his mouth, as if trying to cool down his feverish mind, but the effect was not great.

On the sofa, he closed his eyes, and Shan Weiyi’s smile immediately appeared in front of his eyes.

He opened his eyes suddenly, and punched the sofa hard with his fists.

The innocent sofa was punched with an irreparable hole by the prince’s iron fist.

Just then, the automatic door opened.

The prince turned his head, displeased: the automatic door of his rest room should be locked, the only one who can open it automatically without his consent who should be entering the door must be Xi Zhitong.

The prince didn’t want to be disturbed, so he frowned and looked at the door. Unexpectedly, the person who entered the door was Shan Weiyi!

The prince was stunned, and the expression on his face was extremely complicated, which cannot be described in words.

Shan Weiyi was wearing a linen brown shirt and dark blue trousers, looking very casual, as if walking on the beach. The crown prince hated him approaching his eyes calmly like this, it was an unforgivable crime.

The prince said angrily: “Shan Weiyi!”

Shan Weiyi smiled, he was obviously not afraid of the prince’s anger, which added to the prince’s anger.

The prince stood up and said with a sneer, “Who allowed you to come in?” 

Shan Weiyi said lightly, “I regret it.”

His sneer disappeared, and his eyes became a bit more resentful.

I regretted it— three simple words, but they exploded like a nuclear bomb and completely collapsed the prince’s psychological defense.

But on the surface, he still clung to the prince’s pride: “Listen to yourself, what are you talking about.”

Shan Weiyi walked to the prince’s side, did not make a long speech, only used his eyebrows and eyes to make a fuss, and the words in his mouth were still very short: “He is not good to me.” ——

He is not good to me…

The prince’s heart was beating wildly, and the anger burned from his heart to his head: this time it was not aimed at Shan Weiyi, but at Shen Yu.

The prince was surprised and angry: he treats you badly?

How dare he treat you badly?

The prince stayed where he was, staring at Shan Weiyi’s face.

Shan Weiyi let out a breath, and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt, revealing mottled red marks.

Such traces hurt the prince’s eyes more than anything else. The prince seemed to see a colorful poisonous snake. He was amazed by its vivid beauty, and opened his eyes wide in fear, wanting to stay away.

In the next second, Shan Weiyi rushed forward and hugged the prince.

The prince’s body couldn’t resist Shan Weiyi’s touch—no, it wasn’t irresistible, but completely addictive.

Shan Weiyi just hugged him gently. His strength was so light, it was like the furry Master Yi leisurely rubbing his head, light and soft. However, the prince felt as if he was entangled by a big boa constrictor, unable to move, even his life was almost swallowed.

The tea that the prince just choked on just now had entered the prince’s body to play a role. Although this was a nearly perfect S-level modified body, which was immune to almost all hallucinogens in this world- it cannot resist the precise blow from the high-dimensional world. The secret medicine entered the prince’s blood, causing the prince to fall into an intoxicating hallucination.

It projected his wild dreams i related to Shan Weiyi.

He wanted to use the most domineering kiss to cover the traces left by the other man on Shan Weiyi. He was furious when he saw the raging red marks on Shan Weiyi’s delicate body. But when his fiery kiss fell, he realized that what he was angry with was that the person who made the red marks was not himself.

At some point, the prince fell on the carpet like in a dream and the automatic door opened again, it was indeed Xi Zhitong who came in this time. Shan Weiyi sat on the sofa in a leisurely posture, gently hooked the belt around his waist with his fingertips, and slowly said the words that he most often said to Xi Zhitong: “You were so slow in coming.” 

The automatic door closed behind Xi Zhitong, he tightened the corners of his mouth: “I’m sorry.” 

The prince was intoxicated in the most realistic dream, being an arrogant and wanton tyrant, rampaging in the gentle town.

But in reality, Xi Zhitong was the most dedicated worker, faithfully implementing the prince’s fantasy on the sofa.

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