Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Taifu’s Bell

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On the other side of the laboratory, the Taifu and the dean had a very in-depth exchange on the project. They sat there chatting for a while, but the prince still did not appear.

It seemed that the time was a bit too long. Both the Taifu and the dean felt strange. They were about to go to inquire, but they saw the bionic experimenter in the laboratory appear telling them: “The prince has left first. Please take care of yourself.” 

The Taifu was suspicious, and asked again: “What about Xi Zhitong?”

The experimenter replied: “He also has something to do, so please excuse him, I hope you two can forgive him.”

In other words, the prince left without saying goodbye. Although it was not appropriate, with his identity, the Taifu and the dean couldn’t say anything. However, they were the “financial fathers” of Xi Zhitong’s laboratory, and Xi Zhitong being so rude was really unreasonable. The prince can’t be spoken to, but was Xi Zhitong the same?

The dean had to mutter a few words, and said: “This Xi Zhitong has real talent and is studious, but he is really not very understanding of the world.” 

The Taifu laughed: “He came from the Freedom Federation, maybe he has no concept of superiority and inferiority. Besides, with his talent, if he is a man of sophistication, he may not be able to be our subordinate.”

It makes sense to say so.

The dean remembered that Xi Zhitong was a miracle doctor who had treated him for problems that had ached him for many years, so his resentment was greatly reduced, he only said: “Yes, it is normal for a talented person to have some temper.” 

The Taifu did not go back home, but went to the hotel first, looking for Shan Weiyi, but was told by Zhang Li that Shan Weiyi went out early this morning. The Taifu was rather lonely.

Seeing the sad look on the Taifu’s face, Zhang Li was even more embarrassed to say: Not only did Shan Weiyi go out early in the morning, but he even dressed up and sprayed on hormonal perfume.

Zhang Li felt that her child was really causing troubles to let such a good son-in-law wear a green hat, at the same time, as a vicious villain mother, she couldn’t help complaining: My son just made a mistake that all men in the world would make, and it is not all his fault. Leaving aside the facts, isn’t it true that the Taifu should have some responsibility since he can’t grasp the man’s heart?

Shen Yu drove back to the house, while abusing his power to check the road surveillance, using the powerful face recognition function of the Sky Eye system to discover Shan Weiyi’s whereabouts.

He found out that shortly after he left yesterday, Xi Zhitong went to the hotel, stayed for a while and then left. The next day, Shan Weiyi set off for Xi Zhitong’s laboratory early in the morning, which happened to be the time when the prince and them were inspecting.

Seeing these pictures, Shen Yu’s pupils constricted at the thought of Xi Zhitong and the prince leaving without saying goodbye today – he immediately thought of what might have happened.

Naturally, he never thought that Xi Zhitong was an “adulterous man”. He only knew that Xi Zhitong and Shan Weiyi had a good relationship. After all, Xi Zhitong himself said that Shan Weiyi was one of his few friends. For a person like Xi Zhitong, friend must be a very important word.

Shen Yu speculated that Xi Zhitong might have been entrusted by Shan Weiyi to help him lead the way to the prince.

Thinking of this possibility, Shen Yu trembled all over.

At this time, the car had sent him to the Taifu residence. He got out of the car in a daze, and as soon as he entered the mansion, he saw the servant of the Eastern Palace standing there waiting for him. Shen Yu recognized him: he was the ruthless bionic servant who had previously sentenced him and Shan Weiyi to only let one survive.

When Shen Yu saw him, he felt chills all over.

The bionic servant said in an emotionless tone: “Greetings to the Taifu.”

Shen Yu suppressed the uneasiness in his heart, smiled and nodded at him: “Why are you here? Is there any order from the East Palace?” 

The bionic servant replied: “The crown prince said that Taifu has worked hard and made great achievements, so he will be rewarded.”

Shen Yu kept smiling: “The crown prince has over-rewarded me, and I am really embarrassed. I should not be rewarded for doing nothing.”

“The crown prince rewarded a beauty, saying that he must be very suitable for you to thank you for your kindness.” The bionic servant’s tone of voice was mechanical, revealing an unaccommodating coldness.

Shen Yu felt even more uneasy, but he had to accept it with a smile on his face.

The bionic servant left after sending down the crown prince’s oral order, only telling him that the beauty was in the house.

Shen Yu was struggling, but had to push the door open and walk into the house. But he saw that the room was filled with a delicate fragrance, it was Shan Weiyi who was sitting on the bench.

Seeing Shan Weiyi’s face, Shen Yu’s uneasiness disappeared immediately. He doesn’t even care about what happened between Shan Weiyi and the prince, as long as Shan Weiyi was still by his side.

Shen Yu stepped forward quickly and held his hand. His surging emotions were about to turn from his eloquent tongue into love words, but when he came into close contact with “Shan Weiyi”, the chill suddenly infected his heart.

The hand he held did not have the temperature of a normal person.

He let go in shock, and found that Shan Weiyi’s face was clean and flawless, with a lack of expression, and there was no trace of light in his eyes. He was as delicate as a doll but lifeless.

Shen Yu took a step back and said in surprise, “You are a bionic!” 

The bionic was programmed to answer such questions truthfully. Therefore, this “Shan Weiyi” replied: “Hello, I am No. J8708, the seventh-generation bionic human used by the royal family.”

Shen Yu was furious, and shocked. The bionic Shan Weiyi looks so calm and stable, making Shen Yu look like a clown jumping on a beam. Realizing that the person in front of him was not a real “human being”, Shen Yu no longer concealed his emotions. He had anger, humiliation and pain written on his face. His usually elegant face was red, he waved his hand, which was usually only for writing, and grabbed the bionic man’s throat.

“Shan Weiyi” faced him with extreme gentleness, even though he was strangled by the throat, he still kept a gentle smile to the maximum extent.

Looking at this face that was almost the same as Shan Weiyi’s, Shen Yu’s heart was devoid of joy, only resentment. He vented his resentment on the bionic man in front of him.

He uses this “person” as a doll to vent. He picked up a knife, a gun, or a vase or a chair, he picked things up at random, or was just empty-handed, and greeted the bionic man.

He mercilessly abused this “person” who looked the same as Shan Weiyi, and obtained a strange satisfaction from it. However, this satisfaction was fleeting and would soon disappear, and then there would be a bigger hole in his heart.

Androids were rarely “dead” in the true sense of the word.

Therefore, Shen Yu was able to “kill” him again and again.

After being repaired the next day, he was able to appear in front of Shen Yu as good as new again, for Shen Yu to torture and kill again.

Shen Yu couldn’t really vent his emotions.

He was suffering more and more.

Just like when he murdered “Shan Weiyi”, he was also killing himself again and again.

Cruel, painful, yet satisfying.

Until Shen Yu received a package.

The information on this package showed that it came from Xi Zhitong’s laboratory.

Shen Yu believed that this object should have come from Shan Weiyi.

This unfounded guess made him treasure the item.

He carried the package into the bamboo house, placed it on the beauty couch where Shan Weiyi had slept before, and gently opened it, just like unraveling his lover’s clothes on a gentle moonlit night.

After dismantling the layers, he saw a long windbreaker inside.

Shen Yu shook off the windbreaker and found that the clothes were completely made according to Shen Yu’s size, as if they were tailor-made – this realization nourished Shen Yu’s dry heart like running water.

There was a satisfied smile on the corner of his mouth, as if he had received a secret gift from the devil.

His fingers slid over the stand-up collar of the trench coat and found “SH” embroidered on the inside of the collar. SH… Shen Yu murmured: This is Shen? Or Shan?

It was unknown.

But such sweet suspense filled Shen Yu with joy.

Soon, he found that there was a bell tied under the windbreaker, and a note with Shan Weiyi’s own handwriting on it.

The crown prince has Shan Weiyi, just like a fish has water.

He can no longer leave.

For this reason, he would rather break his promise.

He brought Shan Weiyi back to the East Palace and let him live in the main hall. Shan Weiyi reasoned that he was unwell, and he was not allowed to be touched. He slept peacefully in the study, and allowed the little eunuch to take care of Shan Weiyi’s daily life carefully, and to not make any mistakes.

The little eunuch couldn’t understand the development of the plot anymore, but he could only follow suit.

The crown prince seemed to have a plan in mind, as if it was not a big deal to hide the beauty awarded to the Taifu in the East Palace.

In fact, however, he was very disturbed. He knew that he needed to give the emperor an explanation.

In the evening, it was time for the prince to give the emperor his evening visit.

He left the East Palace, passed the bridge, and came to the lawn outside the central hall. Just as he was about to enter, he saw a familiar figure standing on the grass——Shen Yu.

The prince’s eyelids twitched: Could it be that he came to complain to his father?

But he felt that Shen Yu didn’t have the courage.

The prince put on a smirk, stepped forward and said, “Is this teacher?”

Shen Yu turned his face and bowed to him, “Your Highness.” 

The prince looked at Shen Yu, but saw that Shen Yu’s outfit today was very different from usual. Shen Yu didn’t wear a suit, but a long windbreaker, his waist was tied with a wide belt, the collar stood high, and the hem covered his mid-calf, revealing a pair of black long leather boots. Dressed like this, he couldn’t tell what the inner layer of Shen Yu’s clothes was.

However, what he didn’t know was that Shen Yu’s clothes didn’t have anything inside.

Shan Weiyi’s handwritten instructions made Shen Yu just wear the clothes and stand outside the central hall – the place in the empire that frightened Shen Yu the most.

Shen Yu knew that he shouldn’t perform such a ridiculous task, but he seemed to have lost his ability to judge. He seemed to have handed over all control to Shan Weiyi.

There was nothing he could do but obey.

What was even more incomprehensible was the supreme pleasure he derived from this obedience.

Especially under the scrutiny of the prince’s eyes, Shen Yu’s skin was tense, lest there be any clues, especially the Shan on the inside of the collar. Shen Yu turned his face to the side, avoiding the prince’s gaze unnaturally, but his body was enjoying it.

The prince looked at him suspiciously. The prince could feel that something was wrong with Shen Yu, but he couldn’t determine what was wrong. After all, he was not perverted enough.

After thinking about it, the prince thought that he took away Shan Weiyi himself, which made Shen Yu uncomfortable.

Thinking of Shen Yu appearing in the central hall at this time, the prince suspected that Shen Yu was going to report him to the imperial court. He then asked, “Did the teacher come to pay respects to the emperor?” 

Shen Yu shook his head: “No, I’m just… here to worship the central hall.”

Even if Shen Yu was really daring, there are still limits. It is unlikely for him to go into the central hall to engage in shameful PLAY, on the lawn outside the central hall was already his most exciting adventure.

The prince was also relieved, and said, “Then I’ll go to visit the emperor first.”

“Please.” Shen Yu said.

The crown prince walked outside the central hall, and respectfully said: “This son has come to see Royal Father.” 

The door of the central hall opened automatically—but unlike usual, this time the emperor’s own voice came from the loudspeaker: “Taifu also come in.”

Hearing these words, the prince was still okay but the Taifu was shocked and trembled. At this time, the sharp-eared prince heard the tinkling of bells coming from the Taifu’s tightly wrapped windbreaker.

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