Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Circling around

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The surrounding area had become a no-man’s land due to the sudden prohibition issued by the prince. Not to mention the traffic, even the road monitoring was temporarily closed.

The suspension car stopped, Shen Yu and Shan Weiyi both got off the car, and had a close look at the prince’s expression at the moment.

As if a different person, the prince’s eyes were full of fierceness. Although the prince had always had a fierce and violent personality, it had always been wrapped up in an expensive attire by his self-righteous upbringing. But today, he was different.

His delicate skin seemed to be cut open by a knife, and the real and dirty inner parts were pulled out bloody. He took out his hot and ugly heart and put it in front of Shan Weiyi for him to look.

The prince stared at Shan Weiyi standing behind Shen Yu with the most fierce eyes, as if he was his greatest enemy in this life. Shan Weiyi was expressionless, as if he was looking at a dead object—this kind of calm angered the prince even more. The prince raised a destructive weapon and pointed directly at Shan Weiyi’s face: “I’m going to kill you.”

When he said this, his voice was hoarse, and his expression was painful and angry, as if what he was about to say wasn’t, “I’m going to kill you, but—you killed me.

Shen Yu also noticed the abnormality of the prince – he acted according to the note under Shan Weiyi’s windbreaker, and took the risk of taking Shan Weiyi out of the palace. When he did this, he could predict that the prince would not be happy, but he never expected that the prince’s reaction would be so violent. This made Shen Yu judge that something else must have happened in the central hall just now.

Even if Shen Yu was not such a smart person, he can see that the prince was now on the verge of a crazy collapse, like a lunatic standing on the edge of a cliff, who will fall into the abyss if he was stimulated casually. The most frightening thing was that this lunatic intended to hug someone else and fall off the cliff together.

In any case, Shen Yu didn’t want to be the one who was hugged and died together.

He took a step away to the side, no longer covering Shan Weiyi with his body. From this point of view, Shen Yu was afraid of the prince, so he backed away cowardly, pushing Shan Weiyi out to bear the prince’s anger.

The prince was willing to be feared by others, and also very disliked others to defy him.

However, Taifu’s behavior of “adapting to the circumstances” somehow aroused his anger. He sneered bitterly: “Okay, okay, Shan Weiyi, you’re right, he really didn’t treat you well.”

Shen Yu was keenly aware of the hidden message in this sentence: probably Shan Weiyi had talked to the prince and complained that he did not treat him well. This was also a common saying used by cheaters. He didn’t expect the prince to really believe it. Shen Yu felt a little sorry for the prince, and was hurt a little bit. Both he and the prince were just objects of Shan Weiyi’s play.

It’s just that it seemed harder for the prince to accept this reality than for the Taifu.

The Taifu did not respond to the prince, but Shan Weiyi said first: “The Taifu is not good to me? The prince pointed a gun at me, is he treating me well?” 

The prince was furious: “With this thing, are you worthy of my nice treatment?” 

Shan Weiyi did not respond to this sentence, probably because he was not angry with the expression “this thing”. He was still too calm: “Then what is the prince going to do? Kill me?” 

The prince said coldly: “I just said that I would kill you, do you think I am joking?”

Shan Weiyi pulled the corner of his mouth, revealing a mechanical smile.

Shen Yu glanced at Shan Weiyi’s smirk, and then said, “Shan Weiyi offended the prince, and it’s easy for the prince to kill him. But it does not require the use of an anti-matter gun, a military equipment. When you shoot him, the entire space tunnel will be destroyed. It will all collapse.”

The prince wasn’t holding a murder weapon for deliberate murder, but clearly a weapon for terrorist attacks.

The prince smiled coldly: “Official Shen has an armor that can block anti-matter. Why don’t you go forward and block it? It can save him and this tunnel.”

Of course Shen Yu had advanced armor, but it would be unbearable blocking the anti-matter launcher. Also, it’s okay to block one shot, if the prince makes two or three shots, Shen Yu would be useless, and he would directly become non-recyclable waste, living in the aftereffects for the rest of his life.

Shen Yu’s face became serious: “Your Highness, are you really going to shoot here?”

If the prince shot, not only Shan Weiyi would die, but the entire tunnel would also be blown up.

However, if he really wanted to kill Shan Weiyi, he must use destructive weapons.

This is because Shan Weiyi is an A-level warrior and an advanced reformer. Ordinary weapons can’t kill him. Even if he was crippled by crazy attacks, a professional medical team can help him recover. Only by using an anti-matter weapon to annihilate him can he completely disappear from this universe.

Shen Yu’s heart was very heavy: the prince was serious.

The prince had many ways to kill Shan Weiyi, but he chose the most decisive one: completely annihilate Shan Weiyi.

Perhaps, the prince was now losing his head in his huge impulse. He also knew that he was dazzled by anger and pain, and he knew that killing Shan Weiyi was a decision that he might regret. The root of the problem was that the prince knew he would regret it.

If Shan Weiyi was murdered by an ordinary weapon, he would at most enter a state of “brain death”, and he might be able to save him if he worked hard. Even if the current technology can’t save him, he can still be sealed and frozen like the former queen, in order to develop technology to a level that can revive him in the future.

But if he was “obliterated”, it would be impossible to recover.

Taking out the anti-matter gun – the prince did not allow himself a slight leeway to repent.

The madness in the prince’s eyes was burning like a raging fire, but it cooled down under Shen Yu’s simple question. Suddenly, his eyes turned from fire to ice. The extreme cold made him look extremely calm.

“Yes,” he said, loudly.

After this short sentence was over, the prince’s purple eyes were filled with torrents of pain again.

Knowing that the crown prince was telling the truth, Shen Yu was silent for a moment, and then asked, “Is your Highness planning to kill me too?” 

The crown prince closed his eyes and said, “No. As long as you repent, I am willing to let you live. “

This is the kind of magnanimity he has to display—it’s what the emperor needs to see.

However, there is a more important point, that is, the prince’s self-esteem no longer allowed him to hurt his teacher for Shan Weiyi, a liar. He wanted to tell himself, Shen Yu, the emperor and everyone who knew the inside story that he didn’t care about Shan Weiyi that much.

Shen Yu knew the prince very well, so he could understand the prince’s psychology. Shen Yu sighed slightly, and asked: “The ‘repentance’ that the prince refers to means leaving Shan Weiyi and leaving alone, pretending that this person never existed, so you and I are still friendly?” 

The prince replied coldly: “You can understand it this way.”

Shen Yu looked at him as if thinking.

The prince’s palms trembled slightly, and he felt that the gun in his hand was getting heavier and heavier. He didn’t know how long it would take for Shen Yu to make a decision. How long can he support such peace? Every second that passed, he felt that the weapon in his hand weighed a hundred catties. The more time passed, the more he couldn’t hold the lethal weapon pointed at Shan Weiyi’s beautiful face.

However, Shen Yu hardly thought for a second, and quickly replied: “I am willing to repent, and I will leave immediately, Your Highness, please do what you want.” 

The prince was stunned: This is too refreshing! Doesn’t he have to contemplate for a while? This could be related to Shan Weiyi’s life!

Seeing that Shen Yu was so flexible with the current affairs, the prince didn’t know whether he should be happy or not, and his mood was very complicated.

However, Shen Yu didn’t give the prince time to digest, he turned around and returned to the car in a hurry, as fast as a chicken being kicked out.

Seeing Shen Yu’s agile movements, the prince was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t help but say, “You have no real affection for Shan Weiyi?”

After asking this sentence, the prince bit the tip of his tongue. D*mn, why would he ask such an embarrassing question?

Hearing the prince’s question, Shen Yu paused, and answered half a second later: “I really like him. But I really prefer to live.” 

The prince’s heart was a little cold, and his face showed sarcasm: “This is also a matter of course.”

Seeing the prince’s uncertain appearance, he didn’t know if he would change his mind. Shen Yu hurriedly excused himself, stepped back into the car, adjusted the suspension car to the manual driving mode, and left the scene at a speed that would be chased by the traffic police.

This passage had been cleared ahead of time, and after the Taifu left, only the crown prince and Shan Weiyi were left on the plank road that seemed to be born in the void. The plank road was transparent, like a glass straw connecting two space cities, floating in it, you can see thousands of stars effortlessly.

And Shan Weiyi in front of the prince’s eyes seemed to be more dazzling than the thousands of stars – so dazzling that the prince’s eyes became dry and even shed tears.

The moisture seemed to be sucked out of his body, pumped to the tear ducts, and his tears gushed out like a bank, covering his cheeks—he hadn’t cried a lot since he could remember. Even when he was a child, he did not dare to reveal his true feelings, let alone cry loudly, because he remembered the court instructions of the emperor.

But at this moment, he became extremely emotional and vulnerable.

As if he was the one the weapon was pointed at.

Standing in front of the dark muzzle of the gun, Shan Weiyi’s expression was still cold and fearless, and his thin lips uttered cold words: “You are so pitiful, you really fell in love with me?”

These words were like a fuse, finally igniting the prince’s long-suppressed emotions.

He broke down and cried bitterly, crying so violently that it seemed that every muscle in his body was twitching. He looked at Shan Weiyi in pain, as if looking at a world-famous painting that was about to be burned: “I’m so pitiful…I really…”

“Boom”—the prince pulled the trigger.

The air exploded with huge energy as it expanded instantly, and everything disappeared in the smoke and dust of the explosion in an instant—including the prince’s tears floating in the air.

The strongest armor in the empire opened automatically, and the nanomaterials that could resist explosion damage quickly spread to the prince’s whole body, wrapping him gently like a baby in a bundle.

“I really… fell in love with you…”


Taifu’s special suspension vehicle galloped out like lightning, and soon flew out of the space tunnel.

As soon as he left the tunnel, the explosion happened behind him. The annihilation of antimatter caused a huge explosion, sending out a huge mushroom cloud. If it were on earth, it would be a destructive landscape. It’s a pity that this was space, such a huge scene did not make a single sound, and the magnificent space tunnel behind it was annihilated silently.

Shen Yu didn’t look back at the explosion, but sped up his movements so that the hover car quickly drove into the space shuttle waiting in front. After the shuttle received the suspension vehicle, the hatch was closed.

The hover car was parked in the parking lot inside the shuttle. Shen Yu jumped out of the suspension car, walked around behind, and opened the trunk. Like a magic trick, Shan Weiyi was pulled out of the trunk.

Shan Weiyi smiled and said, “It was really scary just now.”

Looking at Shan Weiyi’s smiling face, Shen Yu still had lingering fears in his heart. He believed that Shan Wei was not frightened at all, but Shen Yu was still a little scared.

Shen Yu said: “You asked me to bring your bionic man out because you knew the crown prince was going to kill you?”

Shan Weiyi nodded, “It’s a random guess. I had to be prepared.”

It turned out that Shan Weiyi’s instructions to Shen Yu was not only take him out of the imperial palace, but also to secretly stuff him into the trunk, and let the bionic man sit in the car, wear Shan Weiyi’s clothes, and pretend to be Shan Weiyi in front of the prince. The bionic system was connected to Shan Weiyi’s smart device, so Shan Weiyi can see the prince even in the trunk and give appropriate responses.

However, the technology of the bionic man was still a little weaker. When speaking, the expression was not very rich, and the occasional smile was relatively mechanical. This made Shen Yu feel terrified when he saw it: “You are bold. The bionic man can’t completely imitate you, if the prince finds out, won’t he be even more angry?”

“The prince is crazy, his brain is not good, so he can’t tell the difference.” Shan Weiyi said lightly, “Besides, even if he finds out, I will just die. If he doesn’t find out, I can live. I still have to fight and risk it.”

Shan Weiyi described such a life-and-death situation in such an understatement, as if everything was under his control. Shen Yu was just like a toy in his palm, unable to leave at all, but he now had value because he played with him.

Shen Yu looked at Shan Weiyi obsessively, held his hand, and kissed him loyally on the back of it: “What else can I do for you?”

Shan Weiyi lowered his eyes and said, “What I ordered, Is everything arranged?”

Shen Yu spread his hands and activated the light screen of the shuttle: “This is the aircraft you wanted that can travel through wormholes.”

Shan Weiyi said: “I’m not talking about this.”

Shen Yu smiled and asked: “Then what are you talking about?”

Shan Weiyi glanced at him coldly: “Playing stupid with me?”

Shen Yu saw that Shan Weiyi was really upset, so he hurriedly coaxed: “The things you told me to do, how can I not do it?”

Then, Shen Yu clapped his hands, opened the voice-activated door, and Xi Zhitong walked out slowly.

After Shan Weiyi saw Xi Zhitong, the coldness in his eyes was immediately replaced by warmth. He waved to Xi Zhitong, and said the same sentence: “You were slow.”

Xi Zhitong still stepped forward to apologize sincerely.

Shan Weiyi held Xi Zhitong’s hand and said, “It’s okay, you came just in time.”

If Shen Yu still can’t see that there is an affair between Shan Weiyi and Xi Zhitong by this time, then he really is an idiot, deaf and blind.

However, Shen Yu seemed to have no need to be angry anymore.

He tied all his wealth and life to Shan Weiyi alone, and gave him his dignity with both hands, only hoping that Shan Weiyi could be happy. Therefore, he maintained a calm and elegant manner, and even joined in the conversation, saying happily: “We will be a family from now on.”

Xi Zhitong: … I don’t understand human beings.

Shan Weiyi seemed very satisfied with Shen Yu’s attitude, he bent his eyes at Shen Yu: “Okay, let’s start, I have to elope to the Freedom Federation with Taifu.”

Shen Yu said: “My honor. “

In the original plot, Shen Yu finally abandoned the prince and eloped to the Freedom Federation with Wen Lu.

It seems that the power of the plot is still there, but Wen Lu has already left the scene, making Shen Yu abandon his identity and loyalty and join the hostile forces, which has become Shan Weiyi.

However, Shan Weiyi doesn’t intend to follow the plot and have a deep sadistic relationship with Shen Yu.

Shan Weiyi pretended to be a roundabout snake with Shen Yu, that is to say, Shen Yu had a flying machine that could travel through impulses at any time. Although Shan Weiyi has money now, this kind of military-grade equipment cannot be obtained with money.

On the side of the Freedom Federation, Shan Weiyi also found Jun Gengjin to help him.

Shan Weiyi’s interstellar travel like this didn’t cost a penny, which made him happy.

Anyway, Shen Yu’s favorability has been maxed out, this time he will be dumped when he runs out of use, and he will be sold to Jun Gengjin immediately when he arrives in the Freedom Federation, he will be happy x2.

Shen Yu, who didn’t know that he had been sold, was also very happy. He went to the console to adjust various parameters. For the sake of safety, Xi Zhitong also followed behind, observing Shen Yu’s operations to see if there was anything tricky. Shen Yu was honest this time. He had already thought that he would have no future after offending the prince, and he couldn’t let go of Shan Weiyi, so he could only elope with Shan Weiyi, there was no other way to go.

Although Shan Weiyi seemed to like Xi Zhitong more at present, Shen Yu believed that with his scheming and beauty, he would be able to succeed in becoming the main person in the end.

With that in mind, he steered the aircraft into the wormhole quickly.

The space inside the wormhole was dark, and the shuttle was rolled and slapped like duckweed in the waves, and the twisted and folded space changes caused extreme pull on the human body.

Even Shen Yu, who had received special training, felt quite uncomfortable. He himself felt uncomfortable, but he couldn’t help turning his head to pay attention to the passengers in the same cabin. At this moment, he noticed that both Shan Weiyi and Xi Zhitong looked like normal people, Shan Weiyi could even eat potato chips, and Xi Zhitong was even more awesome, pouring tea for Shan Weiyi, without even a drop of water leaking out of the cup.

Shen Yu: ……… What kind of perverts are they?

Although the wormhole jump was difficult, the time was very short.

After a while, the end of the wormhole descended like a tearing sun, and the light artistically covered the metal surface of the shuttle, and the surface coating gave off a sharp light. After the shuttle landed smoothly, the glare gradually disappeared, and the field of vision became clear again.

Shen Yu, Xi Zhitong, and Shan Weiyi looked out through the viewing window, without exception, with their eyes wide open to confirm: this is not the Freedom Federation.

Experiencing the wormhole, shuttling through the folding space.

They came to the central hall.

In front of their eyes, the majestic palace gate opened slowly, as if welcoming visitors from afar.

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