Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Murder without blood

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“How could it be—” Shen Yu’s voice was always pleasant, but at this moment, it seemed that there were barbs of fear, and his gentle voice was a little more sharp and harsh.

Shan Weiyi glanced sideways at Shen Yu’s pale face: It seems that Shen Yu was really afraid of the emperor from the bottom of his heart.

Although the emperor said that talents were the cornerstone of the empire and he also said that he was willing to give anything to his ministers but actually? Rather than relying on so-called “generosity” to rule, it is better to say that he consolidated the imperial power through fear.

The punishment is unknown, and the power is unpredictable.

Sometimes the emperor seemed to be extremely lenient, and the high-ranking officials of the aristocratic family seemed to be the masters, but at a certain inadvertent moment, because of a reason that is suddenly brought up, he can kill all the people.

Is this really generous?

Generosity had never been the foundation of centralization.

Shen Yu understood the emperor’s horror better than the prince.

Or maybe, Shen Yu didn’t have the capital of the prince to occasionally muster up the courage to look directly at the emperor.

How to put it, the prince is the only son of the emperor. No matter how ruthless the emperor was, he still spent a lot of real time and energy on the prince. This emperor, who didn’t even go to court, checked his children’s homework every day.

Not to mention, the prince has the DNA of the former empress, and the same purple hair and purple eyes as the former empress—this is the prince’s gold medal for avoiding death.

Shan Weiyi closed his eyes for a moment, as if to give himself a buffer time. A second later, he opened his eyes again, still with a casual expression on his face, as if he just got in the wrong car accidentally: “Wrong way.”

Surprised and suspicious, Shen Yu summoned the system data to see what went wrong. During the inspection, doubts surfaced in his mind: “This path setting…”

“Has it been tampered with?” Shan Weiyi said in a slow voice.

“En.” Shen Yu nodded heavily, the surprise in his eyes deepened, “Do you know how?”

Not only Shan Weiyi knew, but Xi Zhitong also knew.

To pass through the wormhole, Shen Yu’s shuttle had to contact the control tower, so it naturally needed to be connected to the Internet. As long as it is connected to the Emperor Star Network, it is easy for the Super Brain Emperor to control it.

“Go on.” Shan Weiyi stood up, “Don’t keep His Majesty the Emperor waiting.”

Although Shen Yu didn’t know that the Emperor had evolved a super brain, he could more or less guess that the current situation was related to the Emperor. The emperor had been eyeing him early in the morning, and unknowingly hacked into the system of his own shuttle. This thought made Shen Yu break out in a cold sweat, and a burst of cold air rushed to the sky, which was so cool that he didn’t need to turn on the air conditioner during the hottest period of summer.

This was the first time that Shan Weiyi had set foot in the central hall.

But the strange thing was that Shan Weiyi actually felt that every structure and every design in it was extremely familiar.

The more he looked at it, the more weird he felt, and he couldn’t help turning his head to look at Xi Zhitong beside him, as if looking for some kind of recognition. But unfortunately, because Shen Yu was also there, it was inconvenient for Shan Weiyi to communicate directly with Xi Zhitong.

He looked at Xi Zhitong, hesitant to speak. Xi Zhitong could feel Shan Weiyi’s gaze, but he didn’t understand what Shan Weiyi wanted to express, so he had to stare at Shan Weiyi – this picture fell into Shen Yu’s eyes, making Shen Yu feel that he was unnecessary.

Shen Yu coughed, and said, “This is the central hall, you should be more careful.”

Shan Weiyi’s eyes widened, pretending to be innocent: “Why? Isn’t there no one here?”

Shen Yu endured it, but still unable to hold back, he said: “The Central Palace is a fully intelligent mechanical palace. His Majesty with a strong brain can arrange everything in the palace at his own will… That is to say, everything we do and say here, the words are all within His Majesty’s sight… including what I’m telling you now.”

Shan Weiyi secretly said: Do you think this is only the case in the Central Hall? Still too conservative.

However, Shan Weiyi still pretended to be surprised at the right time: “His Majesty is awesome.”

Soon, Shen Yu brought Shan Weiyi and Xi Zhitong to the main hall.

After entering, Shen Yu didn’t even dare to lift his head. He lowered his head and knelt down under the steps, like a devout believer, and put his forehead on the ground: “This sinner pays homage to His Majesty.”

Shen Yu kowtowed in the empty main hall . There was a muffled sound, but the emperor never gave a reply.

Shen Yu became even more flustered, and knocked his head again three or four times.

Shan Weiyi had a rare conscience and said, “Stop knocking, the emperor is not here.”

Shen Yu was stunned for a moment, a little puzzled and a little surprised: because every time he had an audience, the emperor would always be on the throne, without exception. It was like an NPC with a fixed position in the game. Shen Yu didn’t expect the emperor to be away.

He still maintained the posture of kneeling, raised his head cautiously, looked up like a thief for a second, and then immediately retracted, as if he was playing one, two, three wooden figures. He took a sneak peek and quickly withdrew his gaze, but this one glance was enough for him to see clearly that the emperor was indeed not there.

But that didn’t change his attitude.

He still continued to plead guilty and continued to kowtow.

Shan Weiyi can understand his approach, because he knew that even if the emperor was not there, he can still see it.

Shan Weiyi turned his head and looked around, and said to Xi Zhitong: “I think Shen Yu can’t stop kowtowing like taking drugs. He has lost his temperament. Let’s not bother him. This place is very beautiful. It’s rare to come here, let’s go around for a stroll.”

Naturally, Xi Zhitong would not refuse Shan Weiyi, and said, “Okay.”

Hearing the conversation between Shan Weiyi and Xi Zhitong, Shen Yu stopped kowtowing, raised his head, showing his red forehead, and only said: ” Don’t run around, this is not a joke.”

“Who’s joking?” Shan Weiyi said jokingly, “Didn’t you say that everything here is under the emperor’s control? If he doesn’t allow me to wander around, I can’t go strolling either.”

Shen Yu persuaded, “His Majesty will forgive you if you go a little far. But once you cross the bottom line, it will be a capital offense.”

That is to say, the emperor usually opens and closes his eyes, which makes you feel that he is easy to talk to. When you swell and start to spread your wings, being on the verge of breaking the law, he will suddenly pull you down and roast you.

Shan Weiyi smiled and said, “Taifu thinks we’ve ‘overstepped’ or ‘stepped on the bottom line’?”

Shen Yu didn’t dare to think about these words, his heart almost jumped out.

Shan Weiyi was still calm: “Since we are not dead, we should have not stepped on the bottom line.”

Shen Yu froze on the spot, before he thought of how to answer. Shan Weiyi turned around and went to the other side. Xi Zhitong followed closely behind. Shen Yu was stunned on the spot, but he didn’t dare to follow, he just knelt on the spot and waited for the punishment.

The central hall was a straight road from the main entrance to the main hall, which was very easy to walk. However, after going out from the main hall, there were twists and turns, like a maze, making people feel like they were in a fog, and they can’t tell the east from the west.

Shan Weiyi strolled in the courtyard, walking with his weird intuition, and never went into a dead end once, as if he was very familiar with the road. Xi Zhitong was also surprised by this situation.

Xi Zhitong asked: “Has master been here before?”

Shan Weiyi was startled, and turned to look at Xi Zhitong: “That’s exactly what I wanted to ask you…”

Shan Weiyi had been bound to Xi Zhitong since the first mission, experiencing many small worlds. As a quick transmigrator, Shan Weiyi was also of a mortal body, and he didn’t have a super brain like the emperor. So over time, Shan Weiyi didn’t remember many things. Xi Zhitong was different, as long as it was experienced, seen, and learned, Xi Zhitong will never forget it. As long as he found the key information and retrieved it, he can immediately remember it as clearly as it just happened.

Shan Weiyi frowned, and was about to ask Xi Zhitong to retrieve his memory, but at this moment, the wall beside him suddenly made a sound. Shan Weiyi turned his head and saw an invisible door on the wall slowly opening, as if inviting the two to enter.

Shan Weiyi stepped in, and Xi Zhitong followed behind.

Entering the room, he saw candles burning with a delicate fragrance inside, and in the middle of the room was an exquisite coffin covered with sea gauze decorated with pearls—it was the place where the late empress rested.

“Is it the coffin of the first empress?” Shan Weiyi heard the prince mention it, and he couldn’t help but feel puzzled. A wonderful intuition told him that it probably wasn’t the quick transmigrator “Tang Tang” lying inside.

Shan Weiyi said to Xi Zhitong, “Why don’t you open it?”

His tone was brisk, as if he was talking about opening a can, not a coffin.

Before Xi Zhitong could answer, a tall figure turned around from behind the curtain – snow long white hair, eyes like gold jade.

Seeing such shocking eyes, Shan Weiyi narrowed his: they looked so familiar.

The emperor smiled at Shan Weiyi, but did not speak.

Shan Weiyi: …Wasn’t the emperor ruthless and ungrateful, with little expression? Smiling at me as soon as we meet? Definitely trying to kill me!

Shan Weiyi looked at the emperor vigilantly, but his expression looked relaxed. He also smiled at the emperor: “This young man was born so handsome and with such good skin and no beard on his face, he must not be an eunuch?”

Such ridicule did not anger the emperor, and the emperor even revealed a deeper smile: “I’ll take this as a compliment.”

Shan Weiyi also smiled: “Of course it’s a compliment.” 

The emperor replied: “Thank you.”

Shan Weiyi didn’t expect the scene to be so peaceful. It was completely different from the target Gong’s he usually first meets with the smell of gunpowder. Shan Weiyi began to examine himself: Maybe this perverted world made me a little perverted.

Shan Weiyi said: “I’m a little tired, can I have a stool?” 

The emperor said: “Compared with a simple stool, the top-layer cowhide down sofa is more suitable for you, isn’t it?”

Shan Weiyi really liked down sofas, and being pointed out by the emperor, his heart was not surprised: I’ve been in this world for a while, if he keeps staring at me, it won’t be surprising if he knows what I like.

At this moment, a snow-white leather down sofa appeared behind Shan Weiyi—it seemed like magic.

Shan Weiyi was a little surprised, and subconsciously looked at Xi Zhitong.

Xi Zhitong simply said: “This is quantum teleportation.”

Shan Weiyi: …Using quantum teleportation to send me a sofa? The emperor must be showing off his high-tech prowess to frighten me.

Shan Weiyi kept calm, making himself seem not to be intimidated at all, and sat on the sofa with his arms spread out like a hedonistic son of rich parents.

The emperor said again: “Can you tell me who wrote those programs?”

Shan Weiyi was stunned: “What program?” 

The emperor said: “The program that breaks through the prince’s skin system, the card drawing program, and some other things.”

Shan Weiyi didn’t expect the emperor to be so direct, so he made a candid gesture and said, “He wrote it.” 

As he spoke, he pointed to Xi Zhitong who was standing aside. 

The emperor looked at Xi Zhitong: “You wrote it ? ” 

Favorability increased by 10%.

Xi Zhitong: …? ? ? 

The emperor took a look at Xi Zhitong: “Your ratio is also close to perfect.” 

Xi Zhitong was about to answer thank you, when he suddenly heard a voice in his head, “The emperor’s favorability for you has increased by 10%.” 

Xi Zhitong: …? ? ? 

Okay, this is the first time Xi Zhitong felt what “this man makes me uncomfortable” means.

At this time, the emperor took a step forward, walked in front of Xi Zhitong, and looked at his face more closely: “It really looks good.”

Xi Zhitong didn’t want to answer thank you and at the same time he heard a voice in his head again, “The emperor’s favorability for you has increased 10%.”

Just when the emperor’s affection for Xi Zhitong reached 30%, the emperor put his hand on Xi Zhitong’s chest. Before Xi Zhitong could react, a laser shot out from the emperor’s palm and penetrated Xi Zhitong’s chest.

Xi Zhitong’s eyes were dilated, but he still heard the data report in his brain:

 ——The emperor’s favorability for you has dropped to zero.

The laser emitted by the emperor was precise and fast, just like a skilled nurse pricking a needle in a child’s vein. It was extremely fast and accurate, and even an extra drop of blood didn’t flow when it was withdrawn.

This was the case for Xi Zhitong, his heart had been shattered, but there was only a hole burned by the laser on his skin. The fatal wound had scabbed over, and not a single drop of blood had flowed out.

So clean and tidy.

Xi Zhitong fell back to the ground, before his eyes were covered by darkness, the last system voice heard in his head was: 

——You are dead.

The emperor looked at him still politely, smiled and said to Shan Weiyi: “For fear of staining your clothes and sofa, I specially chose a laser weapon so that he won’t bleed. He doesn’t look so bloody and scary, right?”

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