Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Take your Daddy

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Poor Shen Yu was still kowtowing meticulously under the steps of the main hall of the central hall.

Even though he had an excellent physique for a reformed person, he repeatedly knocked his head hard, and his forehead was hit until it was red with damage by the hard floor.

But he still respectfully carried out this seemingly meaningless mechanical repetition of self-abuse.

Like an ascetic who expressed respect and fear of the gods by self-mutilation.

When his self-torture reached a certain peak, the gods finally responded to him.

The emperor’s voice came from all directions, like leaves blown by the wind: “Enough.”

Trembling, Shen Yu fell to the ground: “This sinner is terrified.” 

The emperor said: “What you have done has amounted to treason. “

Cold sweat slipped from the corners of Shen Yu’s forehead, soaking through the bruises that appeared, it was the severe pain of sprinkling salt on the wound. Shen Yu closed his eyes in pain, and said respectfully: “I deserve to die, and I beg your majesty to hand down a punishment. No matter what the punishment is, I will be willing to bear it.” 

The emperor said in a deep voice, “Fine, you just suffered. It’s not your intention to be bewitched by others.”

Hearing this sentence, Shen Yu was startled: “Your Majesty means…”

“I’ll give you another chance.” The emperor said, “The prince’s character is still not good enough, he needs your assistance.”

Shen Yu murmured: “Of course I want to help the prince, I’m just afraid the prince won’t allow it…”

“It’s okay, he will understand.” The emperor said lightly, as if it was just caused by children snatching toys. They were fighting fiercely and crying a lot now, but later they will be good friends again after a while.

Shen Yu’s heart was beating fast, but it was not the joy of escaping a calamity, but more of his worry and concern for another person: “Then what does His Majesty plan to do with Shan Weiyi…and Xi Zhitong?” 

The emperor said: “Xi Zhitong is very talented, but his talent is too much, of course he can’t live.”

Shen Yu: …Sure enough.

Hearing such a sentence, a guess made Shen Yu’s scalp tingle: “Then… what about Shan Weiyi?” 

The emperor’s voice was still calm: “He is no longer here.”

Even before the few words, Shen Yu had already gradually guessed that this was the result, but when he heard the emperor’s announcement, Shen Yu still felt like a sword had been stabbed straight into his heart. His whole body was numb, his throat was fishy, ​​and he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. When he blinked his eyes, he passed out.

On this day, no one knew about Taifu’s coma. The entire empire was paying attention to the incident of the main road of the imperial city dedicated to noble officials being bombed. After all, blowing up an avenue with an antimatter gun was hard to cover up.

However, the emperor still maintained his paternal demeanor and dealt with the aftermath of what the prince had committed.

After the plank road was bombed, the court declared that there was a high probability that it was attacked by hostile elements, and the spearhead was directed at the Freedom Federation. The crowd was outraged, and Jun Gengjin’s characters on a doll in the Imperial Online Store were sold out.

Jun Gengjin said that it had nothing to do with him, but he expressed his deep condolences for this incident.

The masses were still furious: the cat cries for the mouse! Who needs your condolences? On the day of the condolence live broadcast, let’s curse him together!

Considering the sentiments of the people in the empire, Jun Gengjin decided to cancel the live broadcast of condolences.

The masses were even more furious: no condolences! That must be a guilty conscience! Sure enough, Jun Gengjin was a b*tch!

Jun Gengjin really wanted to blow up the empire for a moment, but thinking of the emperor’s terrifying golden eyes that seemed to see through everything, Jun Gengjin thought: forget it…

Jun Gengjin pushed open the door depressedly. When he came to the balcony, his skin was frozen by the autumn wind, he sneezed, and said sadly: “It’s getting cold, have the migrant workers in the city work overtime this week.”

Like this, the Federal Capital Space City became a city that never slept. During this week, every office building was brightly lit, bright as day, and migrant workers were busy shuttling through it. Jun Gengjin sat on the balcony of the mansion apartment at the highest point in the city, opened a bottle of red wine, and looked at the brightly lit office buildings, finally feeling better.

There were no casualties in this terrorist attack, because the prince ordered the clearing in advance. The spokesperson of the empire explained that the prince received a reliable tip that terrorists were going to blow up the main road. As the crown prince, the prince went to the plank road alone to stop the explosives regardless of his own body. It’s a pity that the enemy was too treacherous, and the prince failed to stop the detonation of the bomb. But he still stayed on the plank road until the last second and didn’t give up, and was injured because of this, and had to recuperate in the East Palace for several days.

As soon as the news came out, the Prince’s Electronic Blessing Set was sold out in the online shop of the empire.

In fact, the armor protected the prince well, and he was not injured in the explosion.

It’s just that his heart was very hurt.

The prince suffered from severe PTSD.

He couldn’t fall asleep–in severe cases, couldn’t even close his eyes for a little longer. Because, as soon as he closed his eyes, the explosion would play back in front of his eyes like an old movie.

The annihilation of Shan Weiyi was only a momentary thing, but the prince seemed to live in darkness and death forever, without reincarnation.

Fortunately, as an S-level reformer, he was equipped with the most sophisticated and advanced dormancy cabin, so he can go without sleep for a long time without affecting his health.

He simply didn’t sleep anymore, and would only go into the hibernation cabin to soak for a while at regular intervals, and then get up again to continue studying or working.

The little eunuch felt distressed when he saw it, and wanted to persuade him, but he didn’t dare. At such a time, only the worry-free and fearless bionic servant would come forward to talk to the prince—such calmness and bravery made the little eunuch admire him from the bottom of his heart.

The bionic servant bowed and said to the prince, “How is the prince, do you need to see a doctor?” 

The prince was full of irritability, and said in a rough tone, “I’m fine, I don’t need to see a doctor.”

“That’s really great.” The bionic servant said calmly, “Then, which beauty is your Highness going to visit tonight?” 

The prince’s heart skipped a beat: “What beauty…”

The bionic servant said: “The Twelve beauties brought to the palace by the prince from the central hall. His Majesty was also very concerned, and ordered this servant to persuade the prince to visit the beauties as soon as possible, and give them a status.” 

The prince’s heart tightened, but he seemed to have no room for rejection.

He smiled wryly: It’s fine, it’s fine…

As the emperor said, the “specialness” of Shan Weiyi was only due to the adjustment of skin parameters. These beauties can also give the prince exactly the same pleasure. The prince thought, if he was lucky enough to meet these beauties, he might be able to forget about Shan Weiyi.

He casually turned over a beauty sign. The servant arranged it quickly.

After a while, the charming beauty came to his side. Even though his expression was indifferent and unmoved, the beauty still dutifully tried their best to untie the robe lightly, revealing their half-body amorous feelings. They first helped the prince undress, and then stretched out their arms to wrap around the prince’s shoulders.

Just when the beauty’s bare arm touched the prince’s shoulder, the prince trembled all over, as uncomfortable as if an earthworm had crawled over his body. But he held back: Impossible… Shan Weiyi is dead, and my skin system has also been corrected, how can I not accept others?

However, it was true.

When the beauty put their arms around him, he already felt uncomfortable. When the beauty’s waist came up to touch him, the prince’s stomach began to twitch. When the beauty’s lips came close, the prince directly said: Ugh…

Beauty: ………

Although he had been trained, his family background was still good, and this beauty still had a certain amount of self-esteem. Seeing the prince gagging, the beauty couldn’t continue no matter how thick-skinned he was, so he backed off and said, “Is your highness feeling unwell? Do you need me to call the imperial doctor for you?” 

The prince was full of irritability, raised his red eyes, and said: “No! No need! You continue to… vomit…”

Beauty: ………………Prince, I really think you need to see a doctor.

The prince’s expression was firm, with the courage of a strong man breaking his wrist: “I can…you come here…vomit…”

Beauty:…you can, I can’t.

The beauty gave up before going to bed, and walked out with his underpants, thinking: I am also a young master after all, and I have a hundred acres of fertile land in my hometown, and I am a beautiful son of a landlord. Can I stand this grievance? Love someone else.

The beauty put on his clothes and went out, but saw an extremely handsome and elegant man standing outside, the beauty couldn’t help but take a second look at such a handsome guy.

But seeing this handsome guy wearing plain clothes, with linen wrapped around his arms, it was as if he was mourning. A sad expression made his features more attractive. It’s really “a handsome man with mourning clothes”. If he was still in the village, the beauty would go to molest the other. Now that he was in the East Palace, he naturally dared not mess around.

He pulled the little eunuch and asked: “Who is that little widow?” 

The little eunuch hastily made a silent gesture, and said in a low voice: “Don’t talk nonsense, beauty, this is the Imperial Taifu.”

The beauty quickly covered his mouth, regretting his slip of the tongue. He thought about it for a second, and said: “Someone in the Taifu’s family passed away, how can he wear mourning clothes?”

The little eunuch knew the inside story, but how dare he say it? He just played dumb: “How can I know this? By the way, have you finished serving in bed? The Taifu wants to meet the prince. If you are finished, I will report.” 

The beauty was half embarrassed: “…It’s over …well…”

The little eunuch then went to report.

When the prince heard that the Taifu was wearing hemp and mourning, he was silent for a while, and then said, “I’ll meet him in the study.”

The little eunuch withdrew.

The prince washed and changed his clothes to make himself look brand new. He looked at his luxurious brocade clothes in the mirror, and for some reason, he was inexplicably envious of the Taifu who could openly wear mourning clothes

He gritted his teeth, shook his head, and walked out of the bedroom to the study.

Shen Yu was the teacher of the prince, and he had been to the East Palace study many times, but he had never been as awkward as this time.

The prince had anger and hatred towards Shen Yu, but when he remembered he killed Shan Weiyi himself, this anger and resentment disappeared with time. When he saw Shen Yu who was emaciated, he felt a sense of sympathy for each other.

The same goes for Shen Yu.

He looked at the lingering melancholy in the eyes of the normally arrogant prince, and he was actually rejoicing: there is still someone like me in this world…

Shen Yu said lightly: “Shan Weiyi’s mother is alone outside, it is very difficult for her…I want to take her to the mansion to support her.”

At the beginning when Shan Weiyi was rewarded to the Taifu, the prince had a big knot in his heart. Now he didn’t care that much anymore.

The prince smiled wryly and said: “That should be the case. Your salary is not much. If there is anything lacking, tell me, and I will add to it.”

Shen Yu said again: “Your Highness is kind, please help me to ask His Majesty for a decree, and give her a title, that way the standard of offerings can be higher.” 

The prince said lightly, “Okay, that’s not difficult.”

Since the person was dead, the emperor would generally not be frugal about such things.

However, Shen Yu still had lingering fears in his heart, and he still didn’t dare to go to the emperor, so he went around it and asked the prince for help. The prince was also willing to help. Sometimes, the relationship between people was so wonderful.

Shen Yu’s request for help made the prince feel warm. He felt as if he could have a kind and friendly relationship with Shan Weiyi again. He seemed to finally be able to take care of Shan Weiyi.

The prince silently glanced at Shen Yu.

Shen Yu also returned a tacit look.

At this moment, they seemed to be reconciled.

The prince smiled lightly, and said, “Is this the reason why teacher came this time?”

Shen Yu smiled wryly and said, “The other thing is… I want to see Master Yi.”

Shan Weiyi was gone, and the cat was still there, so it’s good to see the item to think of the other.

The prince was silent for a while, and said: “That cat is lost.”

“Lost?” Shen Yu was surprised, “The East Palace is closed, where can he go…”

Shen Yu stopped before he finished speaking.

There was surveillance everywhere in the imperial city, so how could such a big cat be lost?

There was only one existence that could make such a big living thing disappear in the East Palace… 

The prince and Shen Yu looked at each other, and they both understood what the other meant: the emperor was so cruel that even the cat that Shan Weiyi bought couldn’t stay?

Both of them dared to be angry but did not dare to speak.

This kind of secret anger and unspeakable sadness together formed a hinge, which actually held together the cracked teacher-student relationship again.

In their view, Shan Weiyi died tragically, and the culprit was the cold-blooded emperor.

And this emperor was not even willing to let go of a cat!

Damn it, Master Yi was so cute!

At this moment, at the entrance of the No. 3 wormhole of the Freedom Federation, a luxury special plane was parked beside it. The turbulent flow of space was raging like a strong wind, blowing the green grass and wild sand, while Jun Gengjin was wearing a three-dimensional windbreaker, standing in the turbulent flow, standing tall and straight like pines and cypresses, unmoved.

Shan Weiyi lazily went underground, and brought the “companion” he asked for from the emperor – a delicate and soft civet cat.

When Jun Gengjin saw this cat, he was also a little surprised, and said with a smile, “It’s so cute, what’s its name?”

Shan Weiyi said lazily, “It’s Daddy.”

Jun Gengjin kept smiling: “What a good name.”

Shan Weiyi shrugged, looked around, and said, “Why don’t I see Shan Yunyun?”

Jun Gengjin still maintained a professional smile: “I thought you wouldn’t want to see him.”

“Why not?” Shan Weiyi asked back, “Before he eloped with you, he promised me that he would become the richest man. I’m so jealous. I’m rubbing my eyes to get ready to be jealous, how can I not see him?”

“How funny.” Jun Gengjin’s answer was still so vague, and he immediately turned defensive into offensive and asked, “Speaking of which, you promised to bring Xi Zhitong, why don’t I see him?”

Shan Weiyi said: “I only said that I would bring his research results, but I didn’t say that I would bring him.”

Jun Gengjin then asked: “Then where are his research results?”

Shan Weiyi pointed at the civet cat and said, “This is it.” 

Jun Gengjin smiled and said, “Although I don’t have much experience, I also know that this is a defective product of the spirit beast project. Since you decided to lie to me, please be careful.”

Shan Weiyi raised his eyebrows and said, “May I ask how far the most perfect product of the Spiritual Beast Project ended up?”

Jun Gengjin was about to answer, but Shan Weiyi asked again, “Can they speak and write?”

Jun Gengjin made up his mind and said, “Of course it’s impossible. Even the best products in the Spiritual Beast Project can’t reach the IQ of a normal adult human.”

Shan Weiyi said to the civet cat, “Come on, give a show for Mr. Jun.” 

The civet cat looked at Jun Gengjin, and uttered a beautiful, mellow but slightly mechanical baritone voice: “Hello Mr. Jun, I am your Daddy.”

Jun Gengjin was greatly shocked! ! !

At this moment, the civet cat used its beautiful fleshy paws to draw out a “daddy” on the sandy ground, with silver hooks painted on iron, agile and graceful, it looked like a thin golden body at first glance! ! !

Jun Gengjin: This handwriting is better than mine! ! ! ! !

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