Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Move your fingers

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Although the civet cat daddy showed a strong spiritual intelligence and it far surpassed the most advanced product of the spirit beast project, Jun Gengjin still didn’t fully believe it.

Because the spirit beast was the intelligent evolution of a biological beast, the brain-computer interaction option has been set since it left the factory. Human commanders bound to spirit beasts can remotely control spirit beasts through brain waves. To put it another way, human commanders can “possess” spirit beasts.

This civet cat acted so witty, maybe it was because Shan Weiyi remotely controlled it?

Therefore, Jun Gengjin kept a cautious attitude, but on the surface he was still quite amazed: “This is impressive. Can you let me take it to the laboratory for further research?”

“No problem.” How could Shan Weiyi not know his thoughts? He smiled and said: “But don’t do anything abuse like live dissection to it, there is only one in the whole universe, if it is destroyed, it will disappear.”

“Of course.” Jun Gengjin nodded more politely, “I am a humanitarian, how could I do such a cruel thing like cat abuse?”

Shan Weiyi smiled and said, “Hahaha… Mr. Jun really knows how to joke!”

Jun Gengjin kept on smiling like a gentleman.

Jun Gengjin quickly took the civet cat to the laboratory, and after careful inspections, he confirmed that the civet cat showed no signs of being manipulated by the human brain. In other words, all this was the civet’s autonomous behavior!

Jun Gengjin and the experts in the laboratory were shocked: “So this is really a highly intelligent spirit beast!”

That was to say, it was an existence with human intelligence and top-level predator fighting power but without human control. Jun Gengjin immediately realized the great value of this cat.

Therefore, Jun Gengjin immediately formed a dedicated professional team to study the civet cat daddy.

What he didn’t know was that he didn’t guess wrong at the beginning. This civet cat was indeed a defective product of the Spirit Beast Project, and was bought by Shan Weiyi at a high price and given to the prince. The prince renamed the cat “Master Yi”.

The inhuman emperor seized Xi Zhitong’s “corpse” as a “hostage”, while Shan Weiyi bargained and asked to take a companion to leave.

The companion chosen by Shan Weiyi was Master Yi.

It was just a cat, so the emperor would naturally not refuse.

In this way, Shan Weiyi brought Master Yi to the Freedom Federation, and deceived Jun Gengjin, saying that Master Yi was the latest research result of Xi Zhitong.

In fact, Master Yi was able to speak and write with his paws only because his brain-computer authority was hijacked by Xi Zhitong. In other words, Xi Zhitong manipulated Master Yi to speak and write, showing extraordinary wisdom.

As for Xi Zhitong’s thinking, of course, it does not have the characteristics of human brain waves, and it was no wonder that Jun Gengjin’s team cannot detect signs of human manipulation. The team was fooled, thinking that this cat had really developed advanced intelligence, and treated it as the only big treasure in the universe, offering to it like an ancestor, while studying it carefully.

Shan Weiyi single-handedly came to the Freedom Federation, and directly handed over Master Yi to the Federal Laboratory. It seemed that he had no cards. At this time, Jun Gengjin can do whatever he wanted with him.

What Shan Weiyi was curious about was exactly this: when Shan Weiyi loses all support as in the original plot, how will Jun Gengjin treat him?

Will he be forced to be Bai Nuo’s substitute like in the original plot?

After Shan Weiyi handed in Master Yi, he was arranged to live in the Federation VIP hotel apartment. The penthouse at the top of the apartment was Jun Gengjin’s current residence.

In other words, Shan Weiyi was stated to be living in a hotel apartment, but actually lived downstairs to Jun Gengjin.

In the first few days of his arrival, Jun Gengjin tried his best to deal with the aftermath and study the affairs of Master Yi, and did not see Shan Weiyi. But he did not limit the activities of Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi had money and time, so he went shopping and drank coffee every day.

It should be said that the Freedom Federation was highly commercialized, and it was more enjoyable to consume here than the empire that emphasized agriculture and suppressed commerce.

After shopping that day, Shan Weiyi returned to the hotel.

Through the hotel lobby, he entered the elevator. The elevator automatically recognized his biometrics and sent him directly to his apartment floor. The decoration of his apartment was simple yet luxurious. The whole place was covered with clean micro-cement from the walls to the floor, and the room was filled with warm light, but there was no main lamp. The source of light was embedded through anti-glare lamps and linear lights. Each beam of light emitted by each lamp had been debugged by the main system of the hotel.

The partition leading to the balcony in the room was a floor-to-ceiling glass door. A slender and tall figure stood by the door, looking at the city scenery from a distance through the glass.

As soon as Shan Weiyi came in, he saw this unexpected guest – Jun Gengjin in a white linen shirt. When he heard the sound of the door opening, he also turned his face and said with a smile, “You’re back.”

According to Young Master Shan’s personality, seeing Jun Gengjin appearing in his apartment without letting him know, he would definitely feel offended. But now that he was lodging under another person’s roof, after Young Master Shan was annoyed for a while, he was more afraid in his heart.

Shan Weiyi shivered his shoulders, and said tremblingly: “Mr. Jun came to the door and didn’t say anything first? I would have sweeped the couch to welcome you, and wouldn’t ask you to wait.”

Jun Gengjin smiled and said, “Sit down.”

With two simple words, Jun Gengjin had assumed the attitude of being the master.

Since Shan Weiyi pretended to be cowardly, of course he didn’t compete with him, and obediently sat down on the ergonomic chair with rattan net surface and simple and neat lines. Jun Gengjin was still standing, looking down at Shan Weiyi, and said with a smile, “You have come from a long way, it has been very hard work. The weather is getting colder, so I have prepared some new clothes for you.” 

When he finished speaking, the semi-automatic clothes hanger slid out from the cloakroom. The hangers were full of clothes, from underwear to jackets, tops to bottoms, all in a small and fresh youthful style, which perfectly fitted the image of “Bai Nuo card image” performed by Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi thought to himself: This b*stard had really embarked on the path of using me as a stand-in.

Shan Weiyi showed appropriate surprise and displeasure on his face, and said softly: “The clothes I brought are enough to wear, besides, I just bought new clothes not long ago.”

Jun Gengjin was a domineering president, but he wasn’t so overbearing that he wanted to throw away Shan Weiyi’s clothes. He just said with a smile: “The weather is getting colder, and the autumn clothes you bought are not warm enough.”

Shan Weiyi raised his eyebrows: “Autumn will not be over for a month or two.”

“No.” Jun Gengjinji slowly opened the door of the balcony glass door.

Almost at the same time as he opened the door, the originally clear night sky, which was full with the autumn moon, was suddenly covered with dark clouds. Immediately afterwards, a cold wind blew up, snowflakes fell, and the cold air was drawn from the balcony instantly, making Shan Weiyi shudder.

But he stared at Jun Gengjin with eyes colder than snowflakes: Obviously, the spectacle of snow in September was Jun Gengjin’s trick.

This was the Freedom Federation space city, and even the oxygen and gravity were provided by the Jun Corporation. It was not difficult to imagine that if Jun Gengjin wanted to change the weather, it was just a matter of adjusting the parameters.

However, Jun Gengjin didn’t seem to care that his sudden cooling down would make life difficult for many poor people without precautions, and even their lives would be in danger.

In his eyes, even if a hundred people died, it was not as important as Shan Weiyi wearing a Bai Nuo winter coat.

Shan Weiyi folded his arms, as if he was cold, then he just said: “Close the door quickly, the wind blowing makes me cold.”

Jun Gengjin did not close the door, but took a beige double-faced cashmere coat from the hanger and put the coat on Shan Weiyi’s shoulders, he said with a smile, “Put on the clothes I prepared for you, and you won’t be cold.”

Shan Weiyi and Jun Gengjin made eye contact, then he let out a cold laugh for a while, and said, “What about that Shan Yunyun?”

“Don’t worry about it.” Jun Gengjin said in a gentle tone, and gently helped Shan Weiyi tie up his jacket, “You and him won’t meet.”

Shan Weiyi smiled colder: “You want us two brothers to be your puppets?”

Jun Gengjin shook his head and said seriously, “I won’t allow you to say that about yourself.”

Shan Weiyi was about to continue mocking, but he heard Jun Gengjin say slowly, “Little Nuo.”

Shan Weiyi simply shut up and looked at Jun Gengjin’s expression carefully. However, Jun Gengjin’s eyes were full of nostalgia. This affectionate gaze seemed to be completely shrouded in Shan Weiyi, but it seemed to be projected in a very distant space.

Shan Weiyi gathered the collar of his coat, and the off-white cashmere fabric gave him a sense of tenderness. When he smiled, his eyes were bent like crescent moons, and his cheeks were fuller, offsetting a bit of the innate vigor that belonged to Young Master Shan, making him appear gentle with an peaceful temperament.

It had to be said that he really grasped Jun Gengjin’s longing for “Bai Nuo”. He can not only make the “Bai Nuo card image” that makes him spend more money, but also create a moving temperament of “Bai Nuo white moonlight” in the three dimension world.

As an advanced quick transmigrator, this was a basic skill.

Looking at the gentle smile of “Bai Nuo” face to face was more shocking and touching than seeing it on the two-dimensional card. The nostalgia in Jun Gengjin’s eyes deepened, and he subconsciously reached out to Shan Weiyi’s face.

But Shan Weiyi quickly put on the “stinky face of Young Master Shan”: “What are you doing? Look but don’t touch.”

There was no need for him to dodge or refuse, just this expression and tone was like a “filter smasher” and it smashed the white moonlight filter all over the place. Jun Gengjin felt disappointed, so he withdrew his hand, but still kept a smile on his face, but the smile was cold: “Don’t worry, I won’t touch you.”

His “touch” was very meaningful. Naturally, it did not refer to the “touch” in the physical sense, but the indescribable “touch” that will be locked in movement.

Shan Weiyi looked at Jun Gengjin: “Is this the truth?”

“Of course. I won’t touch you.” Jun Gengjin smiled, “You don’t deserve it.”

Shan Weiyi: Come on, another scumbag who guards his body like a jade gong.

This kind of scum gong was very common, just like feudal chaste virgins, if you take his virginity, you basically hold him. This was the same as Taifu and the Prince. It can be seen that the author of this series of stories was likely to have a virgin complex.

Jun Gengjin left very simply, as if expressing his determination that he would never touch Shan Weiyi.

After he left, Shan Weiyi quickly closed the balcony door, took off his coat, and was about to adjust the indoor temperature, when he saw the number on the air conditioner panel change, which was Shan Weiyi’s favorite 24 degrees Celsius.

Shan Weiyi smiled: is that you?

Xi Zhitong’s voice was warm: It’s me, master.

Shan Weiyi nodded with a smile: How is the technological level of the Freedom Federation? Is there a technological ceiling similar to that of the emperor?

Xi Zhitong replied: A similar information system exists in Jun’s highest-level laboratory.

Shan Weiyi: … Sure enough. To make the empire afraid, there must be something extraordinary. I am afraid that was what the emperor called the “door”.

Xi Zhitong continued: It was strange that although they have such an information system, they have not promoted it. This system, which is located in the highest federal information center, has not been applied to people’s livelihood, business and other aspects. It only works on the firewall that isolates the Emperor Star network. The information system in other parts of the Freedom Federation are relatively rough, far from being able to compare with the emperor’s super brain.

Shan Weiyi was silent for a while: Perhaps, the Jun Corporation cannot fully control this information system, so it cannot and does not dare to apply it to other places.

Xi Zhitong: But they applied the system to the firewall.

Shan Weiyi said: It is used to isolate the Emperor Star Network—that is, the Emperor Super Brain. Probably compared to the possibility of the information system getting out of control, the emperor is still more terrifying.

Jun Gengjin would show up at Shan Weiyi’s apartment every now and then.

Before he came, the automatic hanger will slide out, with the clothes that Jun Jun Gengjin had matched for him hanging on it.

When Shan Weiyi was in a good mood, he would cooperate, and when he was in a bad mood, he sneered and said to the security camera of the home system: “I won’t wear this.”

At this time, a sum of money will be added to his account.

Shan Weiyi would only wear it when he saw a satisfactory number.

When Jun Gengjin came to the apartment, Shan Weiyi had already dressed up as his ideal “Bai Nuo”. Jun Gengjin drank tea, ate cakes and spent some leisure time with him.

On this day, Jun Gengjin came at three o’clock in the afternoon. When the hour hand was pointing to six o’clock, Shan Weiyi tore off the brown soft coat, revealing the tattered black T-shirt with the words “f*ck the world” inside, put on two rivet rings, and said, “I’m off work, goodbye, old capitalist dog.”

Jun Gengjin tried to be a gentleman, smiling, “Where are you going to have fun dressed like this?”

Shan Weiyi pointed to the “f*ck the world” on the T-shirt: “Going to the live house with this theme.”

Jun Gengjin couldn’t stand “Bai Nuo” wearing such clothes and going to a place where alcohol and tobacco were served, and said, “Unfortunately, that event has been cancelled.”

Shan Weiyi looked surprised: “Cancelled? Why?” 

With a snap of the fingers, Jun Gengjin sent the commands generated by his brainwaves through his smart device, and within a minute, Shan Weiyi’s wristband vibrated, and a message came: “Dear user, I regret to inform you that due to fire control reasons, f*ck the World, the theme music event is temporarily canceled. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Shan Weiyi stared at Jun Gengjin with an angry face: “Old Capitalist Dog!”

Jun Gengjin retaliated seeing “Bai Nuo” being so hostile to him since he was even more unhappy when he said those wild words: “You have to be nice.”

Shan Weiyi smiled: “Don’t get me wrong, I am willing to play this game with you because you respect the rules of the game. If you want to cross the line, I am too lazy to earn this money!”

Jun Gengjin laughed, shook his head as if he was tolerant of a child, smiled and sighed and said: “I thought you were a smart person, but why don’t you understand? This is the Freedom Federation, I just need to move my fingers, and you can’t move an inch. What right do you have to tell me the rules of the game?”

“Hehe,” Shan Weiyi also sneered, “I can’t move if you move your fingers? Let me tell you, I can make you feel uncomfortable just by moving a finger. “

Jun Gengjin only looked at him with a smile, as if mocking his overestimation.

But Shan Weiyi smiled shyly, showed “Bai Nuo’s exclusive expression” again, and started to pick his feet wantonly with his fingers.

Jun Gengjin’s pupils shook like an earthquake: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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