Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 49

Chapter 49 It’s Bai Nuo

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Shan Weiyi was grounded.

This kind of “grounded” that was very “invisible”. He could leave the room, leave the apartment, but everywhere he went was a cage. Jun Gengjin had to fully approve of the dishes offered to him by every restaurant, and the clothes delivered to his home were also in Bai Nuo style.

He can’t get in touch with anything that Jun Gengjin never wanted him to get in touch with, ranging from external information to a small beautiful wine glass – because pure Bai Nuo doesn’t drink alcohol, so the only cups Shan Weiyi can buy were mugs with a simple shape.

What’s more, he couldn’t find a living person to talk to him.

He could only go out by car, and when he arrived at his destination, the place had been cleared. Although the shopping mall seemed to be full of people, with a closer look, it was full of low-intelligence NPCs. They will not talk to Shan Weiyi normally, they will only send out friendly and fake smiles. The servers who received Shan Weiyi were also blatant robots, with steel bodies and mechanical voices, not like a human at all.

If Jun Gengjin really wanted to trap Shan Weiyi in “dream World”, he could have done it more artistically. With his ability to cover the sky with his hand, it was not very difficult to find some high-end bionics or even real humans as a group performer, and let Shan Weiyi fall into a false environment. But Jun Gengjin refused to do so.

His purpose was too clear.

He just wanted Shan Weiyi to feel the coldness and isolation of this world.

He just wanted to let Shan Weiyi live in a world isolated by coldness, and to make Shan Weiyi clearly aware of such a reality.

And Jun Gengjin was the only real and warm existence in this false and cold world, whether Shan Weiyi liked it or not.

The latest TV program was played on the visualization wall of the apartment, which was a documentary of snow-capped mountains and glaciers. Shan Weiyi was able to see this film, of course it was because it is Jun Gengjin’s intention.

The intelligent system had already set everything up for Shan Weiyi. All the colors he saw were cool, the movies he saw were all depressing, and even the food he ate was oil-free and sugar-free cold food. The temperature of these foods was basically below 40 degrees Celsius. They were oil-free, sugar-free, and salt-free. They were mainly vegetarian. The only sources of protein were boiled eggs and iced milk for breakfast, and boiled chicken breast for the main meal.

If he really found the chicken breast bland, the cooking robot would show mercy and sprinkle some pepper on the chicken breast.

Shan Weiyi fully understood why Young Master Shan in the original plot was driven into a mental breakdown by Jun Gengjin.

In the middle of the night, the indoor lights were still dim, and the artificial moon outside the window seemed extremely bright. The cold light shone on the marble countertop in the living room, and the natural texture shone with a cool brown light.

The moment the automatic door opened, orange lights flooded the room, and even the temperature was automatically raised by two degrees, creating a warm feeling of moistening everything silently——Jun Gengjin was back.

Only when Jun Gengjin came back would the room become warmer, warmer colors will appear, hot food will be served, and there would be more of an atmosphere…

It was like training a dog’s conditioned reflex. Jun Gengjin will do his best to connect with all the ordinary beautiful life atmosphere. No human being with a normal sense would fall into this trap. However, through various means such as isolating one from the whole world, most people will lose their most basic judgment after a set of depressing combination punches.

It’s no wonder that in the plot, the originally proud and arrogant Young Master Shan fell in love with this cruel president after being abused foolish.

Of course, Shan Weiyi was not depressed.

In addition to his mental strength, it was also because he had a cat.

On that snowy night, Shan Weiyi brought back a stray bionic cat. In this regard, Jun Gengjin had no objection.

Jun Gengjin naturally didn’t know that this cat was actually Xi Zhitong, a high-powered scientist he had been thinking about.

When Jun Gengjin entered the room, he saw a thin figure on the matte leather sofa. Because the room temperature was not high, Shan Weiyi hugged his knees on the sofa, covered his body with a blanket, and held the Tongzi cat in his arms. Hearing the sound of the door opening, he was tormented by loneliness and couldn’t help but turn his head like a puppy, protruding a pale face from under the soft blanket.

Due to the recent physical and psychological torment, Shan Weiyi’s peach-like good color on his face was covered by snow-like melancholy, and he became thin and haggard—this made him look more like the sentimental Bai Nuo who was riddled with illnesses.

“Little Nuo…” Jun Gengjin called out in a warm voice, “Why aren’t you asleep? Didn’t I tell you not to wait for me?”

Shan Weiyi brushed Tongzi cat’s soft head with his hand, and bowed his head in silence.

Jun Gengjin sat down beside Shan Weiyi, and said softly, “I was wrong, I shouldn’t have come back so late, Little Nuo.”

Shan Weiyi’s eyes were covered with a gloomy light, and he looked at Jun Gengjin in a daze: “Little Nuo?”

He seemed a little confused.

Jun Gengjin smiled and brushed Shan Weiyi’s bangs with his hand: “Yes, my Little Nuo…Little Nuo is my favorite person, and I am willing to give him all the best things in the world, because he is also the most beautiful person.”

Shan Weiyi decided to look at Jun Gengjin.

Jun Gengjin looked at Shan Weiyi with piercing eyes: “So, are you Little Nuo?”

Shan Weiyi: … I am your daddy.

On the surface, Shan Weiyi was in a daze: “I am…”

At this moment, the automatic door suddenly opened.

Jun Gengjin’s face froze: This automatic door had the ability to recognize, and there were only two people who can make it open automatically: Jun Gengjin and

A tall and thin young man in a white shirt walked in. Beautiful, with clear eyes, like a white lotus flourishing —it was the Bai Nuo that Jun Gengjin always missed with all his heart.

“Little Nuo.” Jun Gengjin stood up and subconsciously blocked Shan Weiyi with his body, as if this could cover up his existence in front of Bai Nuo.

Jun Gengjin put on a soft smile and asked, “Why are you here?”

Standing behind Bai Nuo was a man with black hair and black eyes. Dao Danmo.

Dao Danmo had a hidden smile on his face: “It seems that we came at a bad time, could we have become a third wheel?”

Jun Gengjin kept smiling: “What are you talking about? We are all friends. You coming here, I welcome you very much.”

Bai Nuo poked his neck out and looked behind Jun Gengjin: “Since it’s a new friend, why don’t you introduce us?”

Jun Gengjin had no choice but to support Shan Weiyi – Shan Weiyi looked even younger and weaker than the chronically ill Bai Nuo at the moment. He raised his face timidly, his eyes fell on Bai Nuo’s face, he was shocked for a moment: “You are…”

Bai Nuo also looked surprised: “This is…”

Dao Danmo stood at the side, his expression was very cold, and his eyes were dark. However, when he saw Shan Weiyi, his eyebrows were raised a little because of surprise: Shan Weiyi and Bai Nuo looked too similar.

Even though Dao Danmo had heard that Bai Nuo was a clone of Shan Weiyi, Dao Danmo couldn’t help being surprised when he actually saw a human being who was almost exactly the same as Bai Nuo.

Shan Weiyi fully demonstrated the fragility that a mentally broken person should have. His brown glass beads-like eyes reflected Bai Nuo’s face, his pupils shrank, and his voice trembled: “Who are you?”

Bai Nuo seemed unable to act this surprised, he just said dryly: “I am Bai Nuo.”

Shan Weiyi’s emotions immediately collapsed, as if a mountain torrent erupted: “You…you are Bai Nuo…What about me? Who am I? “He turned his face to Jun Gengjin, and slammed Jun Gengjin’s chest madly because of his addiction to drama: “Didn’t you say I’m Little Nuo!!!”

Shan Weiyi, an A-level warrior, almost caused Jun Gengjin’s chest to explode with his small fists.

When the fist came down, Jun Gengjin seemed to hear the sound of his sternum being broken: … ah… hasn’t it been a month since he’s been fed…

In order to maintain his domineering demeanor, Jun Gengjin reluctantly pretended to have no sternum. He activated the S-level human reformer superpower and grabbed Shan Weiyi’s hands with one hand and said, “Stop making trouble.”

Shan Weiyi’s eyes were filled with tears: “You…you…”

Jun Gengjin placed his hand on Shan Weiyi’s head, it seemed that he was patiently comforting his lover, but in fact, he sent an electric current through the palm of his hand, directly stunning Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi rolled his eyes and collapsed on the sofa.

Jun Gengjin hurriedly said to Dao Danmo: “Look at what’s wrong with him.” Dao Danmo, who saw through everything, smiled lightly, but chose not to expose it. After all, he didn’t want to expose these dirty things to Bai Nuo. To him, this would dirty Bai Nuo’s clean eyes.

Dao Danmo took two steps forward, and said to Jun Gengjin, “Would you like to see your breastbone first?” 

Jun Gengjin lifted the corner of his lips in a sneer: “I’m fin…”

When the last word hadn’t come out, Tongzi cat jumped up and stepped on Jun Gengjin’s fracture, then jumped to the balcony and ran away with his tail up.

Although the cat seemed to jump lightly, it had a lot of energy when it stepped on the person, not to mention that this was a big cat the size of a pallas cat.

Being stepped on by the Tongzi cat, Jun Gengjin felt so painful that he almost vomited blood.

But in front of his white moonlight and his rival in love, he maintained his temperament with extraordinary willpower, showing the demeanor of a domineering president with a slight smile: “I’m fine, just take a look at him.” 

Dao Danmo knew the Shan Weiyi fainted because he was stunned by Jun Gengjin, but he still pretended to check Shan Weiyi, and said: “He fainted because he was too emotional, he will be fine after taking a rest.”

Bai Nuo couldn’t help but speak to Jun Gengjin, “Brother Jin, why did he say he was Little Nuo? What’s going on?”

Jun Gengjin said, “His name also happens to have the word “nuo.”

Bai Nuo smiled wryly and said, “Why does he look so similar to me? He should be… Young Master Shan, right? Is he called Shan Weiyi?”

Jun Gengjin nodded: “En, after he came to the Federation, he just changed his name and surname. After all, his situation is very complicated, and he fled from the Emperor Star.”

Dao Danmo: … What f*cking nonsense, who would believe that and write that.

Bai Nuo nodded: “So that’s the case.”

Dao Danmo: … He is just too naive.

Dao Danmo deliberately dismantled the stage, and asked, “Really? Then what’s his name now?”

Jun Gengjin said, “It’s just… Wei Nuo.”

Dao Danmo: “That name sounds a bit sloppy.”

Jun Gengjin looked at Dao Danmo with a calm smile: “You can’t be particular when fleeing in a hurry and creating a fake identity.”

As he said this, Jun Gengjin even opened Shan Weiyi’s federal ID card: the name “Wei Nuo” was impressively written on the column.

Dao Danmo knew that this must have been changed just now. Although Jun Gengjin’s brain was not comparable to that of the emperor who had evolved into a super brain, he was also connected to the federal network. He can send instructions with brain waves and it only took a second. If there was anything that was inferior to the emperor, it was that his information processing ability was still at the human level. Therefore, he cannot access massive amounts of network information, all he can do was search through the system when necessary, and send some simple and direct instructions through brainwaves.

The housekeeping robot carried Shan Weiyi into the room.

Jun Gengjin also explained to Bai Nuo: “He has suffered a lot in Emperor Star, and now his condition is not good. Originally, he wanted to join Shan Yunyun…but you also know about Shan Yunyun. I originally only wanted to have him leave with money, but he looks so much like you, I couldn’t bear to see him wandering alone, so I took him in… If you don’t like seeing him, I can also let him go.”

Bai Nuo hurriedly shook his head and said, “I didn’t mean that.” He showed compassion: “He is too pitiful. What happened?”

Jun Gengjin never wanted to let Bai Nuo know too much inside information, so he said: “He was beaten into becoming disabled by the prince, and was expelled from the academy by the Taifu. His father divorced his mother, and he left with his mother. The mother and son were not tolerated by the maternal family… In short, there were all kinds of ups and downs. He also left his hometown because he had nowhere to go.”

Bai Nuo showed sentimental and sympathetic eyes when he heard the words: “He is also a pitiful person…”

When Shan Weiyi was comatose, he played a game of Go with Xi Zhitong in his mind. Although an AI is invincible in the Go game, because Xi Zhitong’s program was designed with the setting of “50% winning rate against Shan Weiyi”, the experience of playing chess with Shan Weiyi was very good. 

After the game of chess was over, Shan Weiyi gradually “woke up”.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a face that was almost exactly the same as his own, looking at him with sadness—this was still a bit scary.

Seeing Shan Weiyi wake up, Bai Nuo reached out to help him: “Are you okay?”

Shan Weiyi waved his hand, did not accept Bai Nuo’s help, and stubbornly got up on his own.

But Bai Nuo sighed leisurely, and said: “You don’t need to guard against me, I have no ill intentions towards you.”

“Oh?” Shan Weiyi thought this was quite new.

Bai Nuo shook his head and said, “Listen to my advice, get out of here quickly. Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo are not as simple as you imagined.”

Shan Weiyi only found it more interesting: “How? I don’t understand “

Bai Nuo said: “I let my system block the monitoring of this room. They can’t hear us.”

Regarding this, Shan Weiyi had not yet responded, and Xi Zhitong in his mind had expressed very intimately: It’s true. His system has cut off surveillance and replaced surveillance footage with non-still footage. Therefore, the picture that can be seen on Jun Gengjin’s monitoring station is that you are in a coma, and Bai Nuo is sitting on the side, taking care of you.

Shan Weiyi listened to Xi Zhitong’s words in his head, and seemed to be absent-minded and in a trance.

Probably because Shan Weiyi’s madness and fainting was portrayed so well before, Bai Nuo really thought that Shan Weiyi had some mental problems.

Bai Nuo also comforted softly and said: “You don’t have to be afraid.”

Shan Weiyi smiled and said: “I’m not afraid.”

“You should be afraid.” After speaking, Bai Nuo lowered his eyes and said, “Aren’t you curious about where Shan Yunyun went?”

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