Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 50

Chapter 50 The Death of Tang Tang

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Shan Weiyi was of course curious.

But the more curious he was, the more he showed he didn’t care. If Bai Nuo was a smart enough person, he should understand that Shan Weiyi’s indifference at this time was just a disguise, just to draw out more information.

Shan Weiyi just smiled faintly, staring at Bai Nuo with unclear meaning.

Under normal circumstances, if one party to the conversation remained silent, the other party was likely to subconsciously say more words to make the scene smoother-this was especially obvious in people with weaker temperaments or flattering personalities.

Bai Nuo seemed to be such a type of person. He couldn’t bear this awkward and stiff atmosphere, so he continued the topic in that soft and waxy tone, throwing out extremely valuable information for free: “Shan Yunyun is being suspected, so he was kidnapped for research.”

“Suspected?” Shan Weiyi raised his eyebrows, “Suspected of what?”

Bai Nuo muttered, “They said that with Shan Yunyun’s IQ, it is impossible to have that kind of business sense, so they suspected that he also had a high-dimensional system.” 

The first half of the sentence didn’t surprise Shan Weiyi too much, but the second half of the sentence surprised Shan Weiyi, especially the word: “Also?”

Shan Weiyi frowned: “Why do you say ‘Suspect him also’? Who do they suspect?”

Bai Nuo said quietly: “Who are the other transmigrators in this script that you haven’t seen…?”

Shan Weiyi’s pupils moved: “Tang Tang.”

Tang Tang, A-level quick transmigrator number 464.

As an A-level quick transmigrator, he had quite a lot of points. He knew that he was going to challenge the S-level quick transmigrator this time, so he was naturally ready for it. As soon as he landed, he drastically modified his parameters and became an interstellar beauty with both talent and appearance.

At that time, Emperor Star was still divided between the aristocratic families and did not form a unified dynasty. After all, this galaxy was really too big. It was a rare feat to rule a planet, let alone rule a galaxy.

Tang Tang was the son of a noble family on the mine star in the galaxy.

The target he wanted to attack was not the mine owner of the mine star, but a slave.

The slave had blond hair, blond eyes, and a fit body, his beauty shining like the sun. Therefore, many libertines were interested in him.

Tang Tang appeared, took the beautiful miner by his side, and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t humiliate you.” 

The blond miner showed neither gratitude nor humility at all, only sincerely asking him: “What do I need to do for you?”

Tang Tang asked him: “Can you read?” 

The miner said: “I can learn.”

Tang Tang smiled and said: “Then learn your name first. ” Tang Tang raised his brows, looking amazingly beautiful, “What’s your name?” 

The miner replied: “My name is Slave A.”

Slave A was a common name in Mining Star.

After him, there will naturally be Slave B Slave C and so on… If he dies in a mine accident, a new person will appear to replace him as “Slave A”. Therefore, the word Slave A was more of a code name than a name.

Tang Tang sighed and said: “This name is not good, let me change it for you.” 

But Slave A said: “What’s wrong with this name?”

Tang Tang stopped.

To be honest, Tang Tang had done a similar script before. It’s just an ancient feudal book. He was a son of an aristocratic family, and he promoted a slave to be a servant. When he said he wanted to teach the person how to read and help him change his name, the other party should be very grateful…

But this slave seemed to be unaffected.

Tang Tang was also a bit unable to perform, thinking: maybe this person is more introverted.

Tang Tang was very kind to Slave A, and taught him to read and write in person, and went to school with him. When others bully Slave A, he would stand up for Slave A.

However, unlike the other slaves in the previous scripts, this slave was not grateful or moved at all. Of course, he would still thank Tang Tang.

But Tang Tang could see that Slave A was not grateful to him at all.

It’s not right to say that Slave A doesn’t know what’s good or bad. Because, as a servant, Slave A can be said to be conscientious. He took care of everything for Tang Tang in an orderly manner, and never made mistakes. Tang Tang coughed, and there was pear soup in the evening. The temperature and sugar content were completely in line with Tang Tang’s taste, and there was no mistake.

As a servant, Slave A really had nothing to say to Tang Tang, he was considerate and caring. But if you check the favorability, it was zero…

So, Slave A was really kind to Tang Tang, but he really had no feelings for him. All his gentle behavior towards Tang Tang was completely out of professional ethics.

However, what Tang Tang wanted was not a caring servant!

In order to make him happy, Tang Tang asked him again: “Aside from studying, is there anything else you want to do?”

Slave A thought for a while and said, “Actually, I like mining.”

Tang Tang: …D*mn it.

I tried my best to save you from the mine, but I caused you to lose your hobby, no wonder you don’t like me.

Tang Tang then bought a mine for Slave A to dig for him.

Slave A was digging mines and studying at the same time. Soon, he dug out rare treasures, and he became a learned scholar within his studies.

The treasure he unearthed attracted the covetousness of other families.

Tang Tang tried his best to reject all opinions and let Slave A to lead the army to rebel. When Slave A led the rebellion, he seemed to have developed a new interest besides reading and mining, which was fighting.

However, Tang Tang’s planet was relatively remote after all, with insufficient manpower and material resources. If they were mobilized and attacked, it was difficult for the Tang family to resist.

In order to resist the siege of other aristocratic families, Slave A was exhausted, and even less concerned about Tang Tang. Tang Tang turned himself into a stunning beauty, flaunting his head in front of his servants. Slave A was also completely unmoved, indifferent.

Slave A only cared about: reading, mining, and fighting.

In order to arouse Slave A’s interest, Tang Tang had no choice but to offer to help fight the war.

However, Tang Tang didn’t know anything about the art of war, so he couldn’t help at all in terms of combat strategy.

In order to grab Slave A’s attention, Tang Tang can only use the knowledge of the high-dimensional world to design new weapons for Slave A.

Seeing the blueprint of the new weapon, Slave A’s eyes really brightened, and looked at Tang Tang differently.

Tang Tang’s brain twitched, and he heard the system say: The target’s favorability towards you has increased by 1%.

Tang Tang almost cried.

He had been fighting for ten years, giving him books and teaching, giving him thousands of troops, and giving him gems… It’s been so long, and only at this moment did he get a 1%!

Tang Tang didn’t know whether to call him the biggest miser in the multiverse, or to cry with joy.

Slave A didn’t know his mental activities, but just looked at the blueprints with fascination.

“This is an antimatter gun,” Slave A said, “but how do we capture antimatter?”

All new weapons were based on new knowledge of physics. In order to make the weapon possible, Tang Tang also had to teach Slave A related physics knowledge along the way.

Tang Tang transformed himself and became the father of contemporary physics. He popularized high-precision high-dimensional knowledge such as quantum transmission, macroscopic world transformation, antimatter capture, and cosmic ray capture.

With the help of Tang Tang, Slave A lighted up the technology tree and became the strongest existence in this galaxy. He led a regiment of bionics who were not afraid of bloodshed or tears, with strict discipline. With a dark matter gun in his left hand and a cosmic ray gatling in his right hand, his combat power was crushing. The emperor star system shocked the world. The aristocratic family would either be directly destroyed by him, or he would take the initiative to bow his head and become a minister. Slave A would stabilize the world without any suspense and establish a new dynasty.

After ascending the throne, Slave A married Tang Tang, enjoyed the pampering of the pepper room, did not take in concubines and went to the pepper room to talk to Tang Tang every night to exchange knowledge on physics, computers, artificial intelligence and other subjects.

Tang Tang really wanted to talk about romance, poetry, and philosophy of life, but slave A was not interested.

In order to brush up Slave A’s favorability, Tang Tang could only continue to popularize high-dimensional knowledge.

One day, Tang Tang found that something was wrong with his body.

As a quick transmigrator, he immediately asked the system to check himself.

The system said: You are poisoned.

Tang Tang:? Who poisoned me?

System: Imperial Physician Dao.

Tang Tang didn’t understand why Imperial Physician Dao wanted to poison himself.

However, it was easy for the high-dimensional system to check this, and it quickly conclude that his scientific knowledge and new weapons were inevitably spread to the Freedom Federation. The Freedom Federation cared about him very much and was very afraid of him. Imperial Physician Dao was their spy. They were ordered to steal your biometrics and brain data while murdering you.

Tang Tang: …

System: Do I need to use detoxification props?

Tang Tang: No need, don’t I need to die and become the emperor’s white moonlight in the best years of my life? This is just right…

So, when the doctor of the Dao family gave him fake medicine, Tang Tang, with the high-dimensional system, knew that it was the medicine that he shouldn’t drink, so he drank it anyway. He did not stop or even acquiesce in the theft of his biological information by the doctor of the Dao family: because he thought it was to pave the way for the follow-up plot. In the original plot, there was a scene where Dao Danmo took the biological information of the former empress to do plastic surgery on Young Master Shan into the former empress.

If the Dao family didn’t steal his biological information, then this plot would not be valid.

Therefore, Tang Tang, who had a system to help him open his eyes, was killed by the Imperial Physician Dao.

After Tang Tang was killed, he realized that this was different from what he thought.

His body was not preserved by the emperor, but was smuggled to the Freedom Federation Laboratory.

He wanted to turn on the “Rebirth” function, but found that the system was stuck with a BUG.

As soon as he opened his eyes, Tang Tang woke up from the quick transmigration game.

The leader of the quick transmigration game looked at him helplessly: “I regret to inform you that your system was captured by the low-dimensional world.”

Tang Tang was stunned for a while before asking: “What? How could my system… …” 

The leader sighed: “This was a small world that was developing and maturing. Every character had gradually developed a sense of self-awareness. It is not impossible for such a situation to happen.”

Tang Tang was not as experienced as the leader, it was the first time he heard of such a situation, and he still couldn’t believe it: “How can they have such high technology?” 

The leader stared at Tang Tang silently for a minute.

Tang Tang’s scalp was numb from being stared at: “Ah…is…is it because I invented advanced technology?” 

The leader nodded slowly: “Do you still remember how many advanced technology projects you sent to the small world and how many people you inspired to become physics geniuses?”

Tang Tang: … Who can remember this?

The leaders was also speechless.

This was originally a retirement script arranged for Shan Weiyi. Shan Weiyi wanted to challenge, so the difficulty was naturally not low, but the quick transmigration game was not crazy enough to take five S-level quick transmigrator players and Shan Weiyi to PK, so they only invested in five guys who were on the verge of assessment. From the perspective of leadership, these five people were all talented but lacking in character. When they were selected, the leader mainly planned to let Shan Weiyi teach these rookies a lesson and give them a shocking education.

Unexpectedly, it was the newcomers who gave the leaders a shocking education—never put a rookie into a world with a high degree of freedom.

The rookie crashed in the normal game—

The leader slapped him: How about you don’t do that!

The rookie crashes in the high-level game—

The leader slaps himself: How about you don’t do that!

Tang Tang thought that all the people in this small world were barbarians whose intelligence was lower than his own, but this was not the case.

Federal scientists discovered abnormalities in Tang Tang’s brain waves from the data sent by Imperial Physician Dao. They had also thoroughly learned the knowledge of this small world that Tang Tang propagated, so they deduced that there was a high-dimensional system in Tang Tang’s brain. But this was just an overly bold conjecture.

However, Old Mr. Jun made a decisive decision and said: “If this is true, then his brain is a priceless treasure. The Freedom Federation will keep it for itself no matter what price it pays.” 

The scientist hesitated: “Even if it is only one in ten thousand possibility?”

Old Mr. Jun replied firmly: “Even if there is only a one-in-a-billion possibility.”

In this way, Old Mr. Jun dispatched the most hidden spies in the empire to transport Tang Tang out.

In order to accomplish this, all his hidden posts in the imperial palace were exposed. But he had no regrets.

Relying on the knowledge disseminated by Tang Tang before, the scientists of the Federation carried out development and research, and successfully worked out a way to trap high-dimensional systems. At Tang Tang’s “rebirth”, when the soul and the system came out of the body together, scientists successfully captured the system.

This was the birth of Jun’s “Supreme Information Center Gate”, which was enough to make the emperor step back.

When Tang Tang was alive, the emperor was not yet a super brain. His control over the empire was not yet strong, it was still in the founding stage. The foundation unstable, ambushed on all sides, he couldn’t even control his own imperial hospital.

After Tang Tang’s body was stolen, the emperor realized it and was naturally furious. For this reason, he bloodbathed the Imperial Hospital and exterminated the Dao family.

Therefore, although the emperor killed the imperial doctor, he did not clamor that “the imperial hospital will be buried along with the empress if she can’t be cured”.

Tang Tang’s body and various biological data were firmly in Old Mr. Jun’s hands.

After the old Mr. Jun’s death, Jun Gengjin took over the Jun family, and also took over the “door”.

After Jun Gengjin got acquainted with Shan Yunyun, he noticed many strange things about Shan Yunyun, so he lured him to the Freedom Federation, where he existed as the No. 2 biological experiment subject of the “door”.

Before Shan Yunyun came to the Federation, he had contacted Bai Nuo, but disappeared mysteriously.

Bai Nuo felt strange, and with the help of his own system, he learned of the existence of the “door” after following the clues.

Looking at Shan Weiyi, Bai Nuo frowned and said: “Fortunately, when I attacked Dao Danmo, I didn’t show any superiority, so he didn’t doubt me. Otherwise…”

Hearing what he said, Shan Weiyi couldn’t help raising his eyebrows: “Both systems have been taken, why isn’t the quick transmigration game doing anything?”

Bai Nuo said in a low voice: “I’m afraid this world has developed an independent consciousness, and the quick transmigration game won’t be able to control it.”

The thoughts of ​​Shan Weiyi coincided with that.

Shan Weiyi asked again: “How did Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo explain to you that a living person as big as Shan Yunyun disappeared?”

Bai Nuo replied: “They said that Shan Yunyun stole Jun’s business secrets and escaped. I’m pretending to believe it, that’s all I can do.” Bai Nuo looked at Shan Weiyi sympathetically, and said, “Before you are suspected, you should get out now. If you quit now, the mission will fail at worst, and it is better than being caught and trapped here to suffer.”

But Shan Weiyi smiled: “You’re persuading me, but why don’t you get out?”

Bai Nuo’s face was embarrassed, and under Shan Weiyi’s sharp gaze, he stammered: “You… …Why…why don’t you understand a good person’s intent?”

But Shan Weiyi seemed to have seen through him: “I know.”


The prince actually has a name, called Nu Tianjiao. Everyone can call him Jiaojiao (not)

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