Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Gentle and Considerate Taifu 

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Bai Nuo had been in this world for a long time, but this was the first time he had set foot in the empire. He lived a very modern life on Earth and the Freedom Federation, and he was quite surprised when he came to the Empire.

The technological level of the empire was naturally not low, but the technology was hidden in the antique buildings, no trace can be found. For example, in the apartments of the Freedom Federation, you can see flickering electronic screens and fresh air vents. In the East Palace, the exhaust holes were hidden in the complicated and gorgeous carved wooden screens, and the electronic screens were also made into ancient bronze mirrors. Compared with technology, it was more like magic.

Furthermore, in the Freedom Federation, no matter how high the status of Jun Gengjin was, on the surface it still preached that everyone was equal. No matter how respectful the attitude of the server was, there will be superficial respect for each other.

And in this building with carved beams and painted holes, the server was so respectful, it was as if he had completely recognized himself as a humble person, bending his waist, lowering his head, and kneeling down to greet him like a cloud, completely in the attitude of a submissive.

Bai Nuo was dressed in brocade, and felt weird amidst the crowd’s kneeling, but he was also a little unusually excited. He couldn’t tell what was wrong with him.

When he was sent into the magnificent living room, Bai Nuo was blinded even more.

The magnificence of the Imperial Palace was not inferior to that of Jun Gengjin’s home. The rare antiques were resplendent as if the treasures accumulated for thousands of years have been smashed against the wall.

This was not because the royal family was much richer than the Jun family, but because of the differences in systems and cultures between the two.

Sitting on the cushion of the antique chair, Bai Nuo watched the palace servants coming and going, kneeling and serving, as if he had become a master. He thought strangely: It seems that Shan Weiyi’s life in the empire was really comfortable.

The corner of his mouth curled into a snicker: He didn’t know what Shan Weiyi would think when he found out that his ‘Imperial Headquarters’ had been stolen?

He must be so afraid that he is anxious to leave the Federation’s progress and rush back, right?

It’s best to hurry back.

In the Freedom Federation, he had to abide by the laws and regulations, and had to deal with being monitored. In this empire, as long as he was noble enough, killing his whole family was just a matter of saying a word.

But after a while, he heard the crown prince and Taifu greeting in unison outside.

Hearing this voice, Bai Nuo hurriedly got down from the chair, leaned over to the window to peek. He thought, as S-level scumbags, the standards of the prince and the Imperial Taifu should not be bad.

He saw the palace people outside the house kneeling in two rows, shouting “Thousand years of blessing”, but the prince and Taifu still did not come.

After a while, he saw the vermillion gate opened for the first time, and two tall and straight figures approached one after the other. Without a systematic introduction, Bai Nuo can tell who was the prince—it must be the proud and luxurious son who walked in front.

Bai Nuo had read the introduction of the script and knew that the prince’s name was Nu Tianjiao, so he thought that the word “Tianjiao” fit his temperament very well.

The man in plain clothes who followed Nu Tianjiao was elegant, gentle, and personable. He presumably was the Imperial Taifu, Shen Yu.

Seeing that the two of them were about to go up the steps, Bai Nuo hurriedly ran away from the window, returned to his seat and sat upright. He thought about Shan Weiyi’s usual behavior, but he was a little bit guilty: he had seen Shan Weiyi go crazy, and he had seen Shan Weiyi’s white lotus, but what was Shan Weiyi really like? There was no information.

But who cared what Shan Weiyi was really like?

After going through the ordeal of the Freedom Federation, Bai Nuo understood something in his heart: it doesn’t matter what the quick transmigrator looks like, what matters is what the Slag Gong likes.

Remembering being abandoned by Dao Danmo because of his white lotus failure, Bai Nuo’s heart ached and he almost shed tears.

But when he heard the sound of the door opening, he immediately picked up the qualities of a quick transmigrator.

After all, Bai Nuo was also a trained A-rank quick transmigrator, and his acting skills were still available. After all, he had played a white lotus for so many years and he had been able to fool Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo.

He imitated Shan Weiyi’s silent expression, and assumed Shan Weiyi’s usual sitting posture.

When the prince and Taifu saw Bai Nuo, they really didn’t see the clue for a while, they just thought that the man was here again.

Shen Yu really wanted to get close to “Shan Weiyi”, but because the prince was here, he had to hold back and didn’t dare to speak first. Naturally, Nu Tianjiao also wanted to get close to “Shan Weiyi”, but he held back because of face, pinched his sleeves, and said arrogantly, “So you’re not dead yet.”

Bai Nuo didn’t know how to respond.

He didn’t know much about the grievances and enmities between Shan Weiyi and the gongs. He decided to copy Shan Weiyi’s thinking of pretending to be himself, so without saying a word, he remained silent to the end.

Seeing that “Shan Weiyi” did not speak, the prince stood on the steps and was a little bit embarrassed to get down. Fortunately, Shen Yu kindly helped them cross the steps. He just said: “Forget it, the past is over. You are all right now, so we can feel rest assured.”

Bai Nuo looked at Shen Yu, and seeing Shen Yu’s gentleness and kindness, he felt a little relieved: It seems that this was still the case. The one surnamed Shen was easier to get along with.

He smiled faintly at Shen Yu.

With this smile, Shen Yu’s eyes changed.

Bai Nuo noticed some subtle changes in Shen Yu, but couldn’t tell what was different. But seeing that Shen Yu was still gentle with a warm smile, nothing unusual, Bai Nuo suppressed the uneasiness in his heart, and just said: “I… I forgot…”

Yes, this was the universal law taught by the quick transmigration game.

Pretending to have amnesia when in the unknown.

Bai Nuo rubbed his forehead: “I really don’t remember what happened… who are you?”

Hearing what Bai Nuo said, Shen Yu and Nu Tianjiao looked at each other. Nu Tianjiao frowned, and said to Shen Yu in a low voice: “I heard that he said he came from the laboratory of the Freedom Federation, maybe Jun Gengjin did something to him?”

Shen Yu smiled calmly: “If Your Majesty doesn’t mind, talk to him more, maybe you will new discoveries.”

After speaking, Shen Yu cupped his hands and retreated to the side hall.

When Shen Yu arrived in the side hall, his gentle expression shed like a snake’s skin, revealing a gloomy and cold look. He took off the neat outer shirt, took off the bell inside, put it away, and then put on his clothes properly.

Although he was sitting in the side hall, because of his developed hearing, he could hear the movement in the main hall separated by a wall. Only at the beginning, the prince patiently asked the other party why he lost his memory.

Convenience said that he woke up in the laboratory, was shocked, dissected and then stitched up. After experiencing a lot of torture, he forgot everything except the pain. As he spoke, the other party sobbed loudly.

Bai Nuo’s mournful and lingering cry, like a song, was the most touching. He was also a white-faced lotus for many years, and when the sound of crying came out, it would make people feel heartbroken and feel pity even before the song ended.

He thought that if he cried like this, he would get through, and it would be best to get the prince’s love and affection.

But he didn’t expect that after he had only cried a few times, the prince stretched out his hand – Bai Nuo: are you trying to wipe away my tears?

But unexpectedly, Nu Tianjiao’s palm directly strangled Bai Nuo’s throat, and Bai Nuo’s crying sound was blocked in his throat, not to mention crying, he couldn’t even breathe.

He raised his head and stared at Nu Tianjiao in horror, only to see that Nu Tianjiao’s purple eyes were glowing with anger, as if he could burn Bai Nuo into scorched earth and black bones in the next second. Under such a death stare, Bai Nuo was so frightened that his soul flew out, his thighs trembled, and he was terrified. Nu Tianjiao’s tone was extremely cold: “What are you?”

Bai Nuo realized that he was being suspected of, but he couldn’t think of how he revealed his secrets!

He bit the bullet and stared at Nu Tianjiao, looking at him with the most pitiful, purest and most innocent eyes, trying to win the pity of the scum Gong.

However, what he didn’t know was that the more pitiful and cute he was, the more Nu Tianjiao knew that this was not Shan Weiyi!

Nu Tianjiao’s temperament was not good at all, and he was irritated by Bai Nuo’s obsessive appearance, so he pinched his neck and threw him to the ground. Bai Nuo’s body was already sick and weak, and being thrown on the icy cold gold brick floor, his scarred body was so painful that it almost fell apart. He covered his chest, coughed, stared wide-eyed, with an innocent expression: “I… I really don’t remember anything…”

He believed that his performance was perfect, and what he said was as if he was telling the truth. Even expression experts wouldn’t be able to tell that he was lying.

Nu Tianjiao squinted his eyes to examine him, and seemed to believe that this person had lost his memory.

Maybe the person in front of him really lost his memory, but so what?

Nu Tianjiao thought, even if he lost his memory, Shan Weiyi wouldn’t look like this!

Thinking of this, Nu Tianjiao was furious and kicked Bai Nuo away.

Bai Nuo was immediately kicked until he vomited blood.

Seeing Bai Nuo being so weak, Nu Tianjiao realized more and more that this person was a counterfeit, he was so angry that he scolded Jun Gengjin for being a shameless profiteer, the richest man in the Federation actually sold fakes!

——Jun Gengjin was indeed wronged this time. It was true that he was a profiteer, but he really didn’t know how to sell fakes.

Under Nu Tianjiao’s rage, Bai Nuo would probably be killed on the spot with three punches and two kicks. Bai Nuo didn’t care about playing an innocent person anymore, so he cried and begged for mercy, “Your Highness, please forgive me! I really don’t know anything!”

Nu Tianjiao saw this man begging for mercy with Shan Weiyi’s face, and felt that he was blasphemy to Shan Weiyi making him even more angry, and he was about to kill him with a punch. At this time, the Taifu turned out from the side hall and stopped Nu Tianjiao: “Your Highness, no.”

Nu Tianjiao would still listen to the Taifu’s words. He put down his iron fist, and said calmly: “Your reaction just now, did you find out that this person was a fake earlier than me?”

Shen Yu couldn’t admit it directly, he just said: “How can this be confirmed easily? Let’s think about it in the long run.”

Nu Tianjiao was unhappy, he admired Shen Yu, but he didn’t want to admit that Shen Yu was smarter and sharper than himself.

Shen Yu knew Nu Tianjiao’s psychology, so he changed the subject and said, “This matter may not be that simple. Your Highness, you should extinguish the fire first. I will take this man down so that he won’t be in the way.”

Nu Tianjiao waved his hand, which was considered admittance.

The Taifu wanted to help Bai Nuo up, and asked: “Can you still stand up?”

His voice was as gentle as spring water, Bai Nuo was tortured again and again, and suddenly being treated so gently, his heart warmed. He thought: Sure enough, Shen Yu is quite gentle.

From the script, Bai Nuo thought that Shen Yu was the gentle second lead who guarded Wen Lu, but now that Shen Yu was so gentle and refined, he thought it was true.

Bai Nuo sobbed and shook his head. Shen Yu gently helped Bai Nuo up, sent him to the side hall, and gave him the medicine himself. Bai Nuo was moved to tears. He read the script and felt that Shen Yu should like miserable beauties. He said weakly and miserably: “I really don’t know anything… woo woo woo… Why did Your Highness treat me like that? What did I do?”

Shen Yu shook his head and sighed: “You didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t worry too much.” 

It was the first time Bai Nuo met someone who was so gentle from the beginning, thinking: No wonder Shan Weiyi’s strategy for the empire went so smoothly. It turned out to be an easy start. It’s not like me, who had a paranoid person like Dao Danmo from the very beginning…

Thinking of Nu Tianjiao’s reaction just now, Bai Nuo felt a little jealous and resentful: Why did they recognize me at a glance? Dao Danmo and Jun Gengjin couldn’t even recognize him.

Bai Nuo was in a lot of embarrassment, and after a while, he comforted himself: Shan Weiyi came prepared. I didn’t have enough time to prepare, so it’s understandable that I didn’t act like him. However, Shan Weiyi is not aware of the many intimate things between me and Dao Danmo, and I am afraid that he will be discovered soon… unless… he also pretends to have amnesia like me?

Thinking of this, Bai Nuo secretly sneered: If he thought that he would be safe by pretending to have amnesia, then he was wrong. Dao Danmo’s research on the human brain was very in-depth, and Shan Weiyi’s words of pretending to have amnesia can’t be hidden from him.

Bai Nuo just wanted to wait and see Shan Weiyi roll over.

Whether it was the prince or Dao Danmo, they have done real harm to Bai Nuo. But when it comes to revenge and hatred, Bai Nuo hated Shan Weiyi the most. The reason for this was both simple and complex.

Anyways, Bai Nuo just wanted to see Shan Weiyi’s bad luck because he failed to pretend to be an amnesiac.

Unexpectedly, Shan Weiyi did not pretend to have amnesia at all.

He really didn’t know much about the private affairs between Bai Nuo and Dao Danmo. After all, Dao Danmo and Bai Nuo had been lovers for many years. Shan Weiyi’s acting skills were deceiving for a while, but after a long time, they will definitely show their flaws.

If you keep pretending to be dumb, crying and not speaking, it would not be a long-term solution.

Therefore, Shan Weiyi took a new path.

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