Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 54

Chapter 54 When fakes are true, when the true are fake 

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On the way back, Shan Weiyi still didn’t say a word.

Bai Nuo wondered: Is he guilty? Still scared?

However, in the eyes of Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo, “Bai Nuo”, who stared affectionately but did not say a word, was more like the silent princess in the fairy tale “Wild Swan”.

Shan Weiyi was not complacent either.

He knew in his heart that Dao Danmo was extremely suspicious. Even if Bai Nuo tried his best to prove himself, he still couldn’t gain Dao Danmo’s trust. It was impossible to completely win the trust of others without saying a word. It can only be said that Dao Danmo and Jun Gengjin were now more concerned about themselves than Bai Nuo.

To a certain extent, they have identified Bai Nuo as a “fake Bai Nuo”, and as for Shan Weiyi, it was still under investigation.

They pretended to believe in Bai Nuo, but it was just hypocrisy. Was it because of fear of this “high-dimensional creature”?

The car drove to the “Door · Information Center”.

This was the most secret place in the Freedom Federation, and even the emperor’s information tentacles cannot sneak in.

Bai Nuo was not very surprised to be brought here. As Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo’s most trusted person, he had been here once or twice.

The interior of the “Door Information Center” didn’t look much different from a general research institution. The only difference was that there were no real humans here, and the participants in the research, except Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo, were all bionics and artificial intelligence.

After entering, Jun Gengjin first summoned a bionic man and asked him to take Shan Weiyi away. Shan Weiyi followed very obediently.

Bai Nuo watched Shan Weiyi walk away in such a dejected manner, his heart was full of pride, and he became a little more tender and affectionate than he was used to. He said to Dao Danmo and Jun Gengjin: “He doesn’t look like a bad guy. Don’t hurt him.”

At this moment, Bai Nuo looked exactly like the Bai Nuo in Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo’s memory. However, they only felt that this person was putting on airs.

Dao Danmo was indifferent, and he didn’t want to get too close to this “fake”, so he just said: “I have a sense of proportion.”

Jun Gengjin glanced at Dao Danmo, knowing that Dao Danmo’s acting skills were not good, so he had to do it himself. He smiled and said to Bai Nuo: “Little Nuo, you are always so kind.”

Bai Nuo smiled shyly.

Jun Gengjin said again: “However, if you don’t hurt others, others may hurt you. How about it, let Old Dao give you a thorough body check, so that we can feel rest assured.”

This sounded very good, reasonable too, so Bai Nuo didn’t doubt it and nodded in agreement.

Dao Danmo led Bai Nuo to the examination room and fixed him onto the laboratory bed.

When Bai Nuo found that his limbs were being locked by automatic locks, he suddenly felt uneasy: “This…is this a physical examination? Why didn’t this happen before?”

Dao Danmo glanced at him, the coldness in his eyes made Bai Nuo freeze from head to toe.

At this moment, he finally realized what was going on now. He shouted: “Danmo! Danmo! It’s me! Don’t you recognize me?”

Dao Danmo pulled up the corner of his mouth, gave him a smile colder than moonlight, and silently pressed a button .

He saw a metal helmet lowered from the top of the bed, covering Bai Nuo’s forehead.

A piercing pain started from the top of Bai Nuo’s head and quickly spread to his limbs. In the frantic pain, he vaguely heard the cold mechanical sound from the helmet: the ‘high-dimensional system’ has been detected.

Dao Danmo snorted coldly: “Another stupid and arrogant high-dimensional creature.” 

On the other side, Shan Weiyi was also lying on the examination bed.

However, the inspection he faced was much gentler. The android conducted a series of checks on him.

Afterwards, the bionic man left the room and reported to Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo: “His brain waves are normal.”

For high-dimensional organisms, “Door Lab” also had a lot of research. The brain waves of high-dimensional creatures were different because they had a “system” in their brains. Therefore, under the monitoring of the “door inspection system”, two sets of different radio wave data will appear, just like there are two consciousness in one brain.

There was no such feature in Shan Weiyi’s check.

Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo now believed even more that Shan Weiyi was their pure and innocent Bai Nuo – but just a bit more. The appearance of the high-dimensional man aroused their vigilance, but Shan Weiyi kept silent and did not give a strong proof. The suspicion of the two old dogs was not so easy to eliminate.

Shan Weiyi’s brainwaves were normal, because he sent Xi Zhitong to his avatar.

Doppelgänger—that is, Xi Zhitong’s “corpse”.

As a quick transmigrator, you can use the resurrection card to “resurrect from the dead” in the small world. But what about the system? There were no rules in this quick transmigration game, and no one knew. Shan Weiyi also held the attitude of giving it a try, and let Tongzi land into Xi Zhitong’s body again.

When Tongzi’s consciousness returned to “Xi Zhitong”, he scanned his body routinely and found that this body had been repaired—the heart pierced by the emperor’s palm laser had also fully recovered its function.

This was not uncommon in the interstellar era. It was a mere fatal injury. With the scientific level of the emperor, it was not difficult to completely repair it. But why did the emperor do this?

Why did the emperor kill him with his own hands and restore his “corpse”?

As an AI, Xi Zhitong has an objective sense of his own body that ordinary people do not have. When he returned to his body, he didn’t try to move his fingers or roll his eyes to dispel the uncomfortable stiffness like ordinary people. He was still like a corpse, his limbs were stiff and motionless and this sense of being out of control didn’t bother him. Because he observed and examined his body from an extremely objective angle, the subjective feeling that was extremely important to human beings was just one of the reference data for him.

Xi Zhitong soon noticed that his body was connected with many artificial devices. Data lines were connected from head to toe, so that every change in his body will be transmitted to the central master brain through these lines.

In that case, signs of awakening in his brain may have been caught by the emperor, or he may not have – because he did not move.

After he came to the body, he was lurking like a most brilliant Trojan horse virus, and he never committed any misdeeds.

Xi Zhitong didn’t touch any nerve or muscle of this avatar, his consciousness flowed slowly along with the data cable. The emperor’s super brain consciousness was not only connected to this “corpse”, but also connected to any place where the emperor star network goes. Every second, the emperor was processing massive amounts of information.

As a system, Xi Zhitong understood this feeling very well, and fully understood that it was impossible for the emperor to pay attention to every subtle change like an omniscient and omnipotent god. The same was true for Xi Zhitong himself. Usually, they have a complete set of systems and algorithms themselves, and only when a certain data fluctuates abnormally will they attract attention. However, the information was too much and too complex, and most of the fluctuations will not be directly transmitted to the main consciousness, but will be screened layer by layer by the intelligent system. In other words, most minor data changes will not attract the attention of the mastermind.

Xi Zhitong’s consciousness was like a leaf of algae that no one paid attention to, lurking and flowing lightly in the vast information flow, feeling the ups and downs of the tide, and absorbing as much information as possible at the same time.

Xi Zhitong was not in Shan Weiyi’s mind at the moment, and Shan Weiyi had successfully passed the “Door Lab” brain wave test. Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo confirmed that Shan Weiyi was not a high-dimensional creature, and their wariness of him had been greatly reduced. Correspondingly, the trust value had also increased a lot.

After passing the brain wave test, Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo sent Shan Weiyi back to the warm and comfortable mansion to recuperate.

As for Bai Nuo…

Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo stood beside the experimental bed and watched Bai Nuo struggling, with no trace of pity in their eyes.

Bai Nuo knew from a long time ago that Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo were cold-hearted scumbags, but… when they treated him well, the kindness was really refreshing. Even more because they were as cold as ice to others, their kindness to himself was even more precious. This contrast made Bai Nuo feel great satisfaction from body to heart.

And now, when he became the one who was treated indifferently, he also suffered great pain from body to heart.

After another round of electric shocks passed, Bai Nuo laid limp on the experimental bed, out of breath, staring at Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo with empty eyes. The corners of his eyes were red but there were no tears, as if the tears had all flowed away.

Dao Danmo didn’t even look at him, and only asked Jun Gengjin: “The system has been extracted, what should I do next?”

Through research on Tang Tang and Shan Yunyun, the two have already come to a result: these people’s bodies were no different from an ordinary person. After the system is extracted, the body actually loses its research value.

Dao Danmo glanced at Bai Nuo indifferently, and said to Jun Gengjin, “Get rid of it directly?”

Jun Gengjin shook his head and said, “He’s still useful.”

“What’s the use?” Dao Danmo asked.

Jun Gengjin said, “He can bring chaos to the court.”

Dao Danmo raised his eyebrows: “Him?”—one word revealed complete contempt.

“You may not believe it, but it’s true.” Jun Gengjin said slowly, “Both the crown prince and the Taifu love him, and they are at odds with their disciples because of him. For this reason, the emperor couldn’t tolerate him, so he fled here.”

Dao Danmo was still dubious: “Slave A can’t tolerate him, can he still live?”

This was a very convincing sentence.

Dao Danmo hated the emperor very much and because he hated the emperor, he spent a lot of effort to understand the emperor. In his opinion, if the emperor can’t tolerate a citizen of the empire, that person will never leave the Emperor Star alive… Of course, Dao Danmo himself was an exception, a fish that slipped through the net. He was able to escape back then because the emperor was not yet the master of the super brain.

And with the ability of the current emperor…

Dao Danmo’s eyes were full of doubts.

But Jun Gengjin said: “Don’t forget, he has a high-dimensional system, who knows what loopholes he took advantage of?”

Dao Danmo was still suspicious: “What loopholes can Slave A let him take advantage of?”

Jun Gengjin nodded slightly: ” Your worry is not unreasonable. But we can also use this to test a little. Anyway, the high-dimensional system has already been obtained, and he can’t make any trouble.”

“How to test?” Dao Danmo asked.

Jun Gengjin: “We can spread the word that Shan Weiyi is in our hands, and see how the prince and Taifu will react?”

Dao Danmo agreed.

Already tortured to the brink of death, he was thrown into a rehabilitation bed and underwent a series of physical repairs. Now that he had no system, he had nothing to rely on. Not to mention, the successive blows in the past few days had already worn him out and he lost the will to resist. He obediently accepted a series of arrangements—he thought it was a new round of torture, but unexpectedly, after being repaired, he was put in clean and beautiful clothes and sent out of the laboratory.

Leaving the laboratory, he was invited to a beautiful car. He hadn’t been treated like this in a long time. Such preferential treatment surprised him, delighted him, and puzzled him with fear. His hands were tucked into the ornate embroidered sleeves, and he stared awkwardly ahead. Sitting in front of him was a person he was very familiar with – Jun Gengjin.

However, now Jun Gengjin was more like a stranger to him, moreover, a very dangerous stranger.

Bai Nuo said in fear, “What are you going to do to me?”

Jun Gengjin smiled gently, raised the champagne glass to him, and said, “Don’t be nervous, dear high-dimensional creature.”

Bai Nuo felt the sarcasm in his tone. If he had felt sad about it before, now it was only fear.

Jun Gengjin admired the fear in his eyes, and comforted him slowly, “Don’t be afraid, I just wanted to ask you to do me a favor.”

“A favor?” Bai Nuo frowned puzzled. He had nothing now, what can he do to help Jun Gengjin?

But Jun Gengjin said: “Although you stumbled here to us, you still did a good job in the empire. The imperial governor and prince are all fascinated by you. After hearing that you were in our hands, unexpectedly, they are willing to give any price to redeem you. Logically speaking, I shouldn’t sell you. But they offered too much, and any profit-seeking businessman can’t refuse–I am no exception…”

Bai Nuo was confused at first, but finally understood. A smile uglier than crying suddenly appeared on his face: “Do you still think I’m Shan Weiyi?”

Jun Gengjin smiled mockingly: “Do you still think you can pretend to be Little Nuo?”

Shocked, sad, disbelief, and out of control rage…but it’s all over. He seemed to have no energy left, just tiredness. As if admitting something, he sighed.

In Jun Gengjin’s view, his dejection has another meaning. Jun Gengjin raised his head as if he was winning, and said with a smile, “It’s okay, I won’t argue with you. Anyways, you are going back to the Prince and Taifu now. I believe they will treat you well.”

Bai Nuo was in a daze for a moment.

But at this moment, Bai Nuo’s eyes lit up.

He was suddenly blessed: If I take the identity of Shan Weiyi and return to the prince and Taifu, can I also retaliate? Just like he stole Danmo’s favor from me, I can also steal the Prince’s and Taifu’s favor from him…

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