Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 57

Chapter 57 My Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lung, and Kidney

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A while ago, Jun Gengjin visited the Empire. According to usual practice, the empire should also send representatives to communicate with the Federation.

It was impossible for the emperor to go out, so the representative candidate can only be the prince.

If the crown prince wanted to come, he would naturally have to bring the Taifu with him.

The two of them negotiated with Jun Gengjin to bring “Shan Weiyi” with them… ” But, after all, Young Master Shan was His Highness’s favorite.” Shen Yu ran over without blushing and talked big, “Gengjin wanting to see him, I’m afraid he still has to show some sincerity.”

“Of course, of course.” Jun Gengjin said with a smile. He was smiling, but he was holding his breath in his heart, and he was also weighing the pros and cons.

What were the identities of the prince and Taifu? If they want to make a condition, they would definitely drive it to the top. Although Jun Gengjin valued Bai Nuo, he didn’t value it to the extent that he was willing to cut his flesh.

However, the prince and Taifu have not made an offer for a long time, which made Jun Gengjin even more suspicious. The more the two of them did not ask for a price, the higher the price would be.

Although Jun Gengjin was concerned about Bai Nuo’s health problems, he was more concerned about the research progress of high-dimensional systems. The research on high-dimensional systems was divided into several sections. Dao Danmo was mainly responsible for human brain science and genetic engineering, which were key projects.

When Jun Gengjin went to the laboratory to check on the progress of the work, he did not see Dao Danmo at his post-this was rare, because Dao Danmo was very hardworking in research. Jun Gengjin recruited a research assistant and asked, “Have you seen Old Dao?” 

The research assistant replied, “He went to rest.” 

Jun Gengjin was surprised: “Why did he go rest?”

How could his staff possibly have the word rest in their dictionary?

The research assistant explained: “Dr. Dao and Mr. Bai Nuo have similar genetic defects and cannot use high-precision prosthetic eyes, so his remaining eye felt too burdensome and his eyesight was tired. In addition, he has to take care of Mr. Bai Nuo recently. Managing the laboratory and preparing for organ donation was really a bit overwhelming for the body.”

“Organ donation…” Jun Gengjin frowned.

In their view, “Bai Nuo”‘s illness was caused by “Shan Weiyi”. But “Shan Weiyi” has lost the high-dimensional system now, even if he was found, the possibility of curing “Bai Nuo” was not high. Therefore, Dao Danmo was ready to exchange his organs for “Bai Nuo”.

Jun Gengjin thought: Dao Danmo can do this for Bai Nuo, it was indeed true love.

However, Dao Danmo’s work efficiency was greatly reduced just by changing one eye. If he donates a kidney and a liver, is it still worth it? Was this project going to die?

“Bai Nuo” was the lover in Dao Danmo’s heart, but not Jun Gengjin’s. Jun Gengjin liked Bai Nuo very much, but in the face of interest, this liking was not worth mentioning.

In the ward, Shan Weiyi’s face was pale, his body was covered with a blanket, his body was broken and pitiful.

Jun Gengjin pushed the door open, and when he saw this “Bai Nuo”, he sighed and said, “Little Nuo…”

Shan Weiyi coughed and said, “What’s wrong?”

Jun Gengjin raised his eyes to look at Shan Weiyi. He said, “Your organs are failing… Old Dao said that he will find a way for you. If there is no other way, he will exchange all his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys for you. Don’t worry.”

The words were consolation, but the essence was blatant malice.

According to Bai Nuo’s white lotus character design, how could he accept Dao Danmo donating his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys to him?

——Of course, Shan Weiyi had no psychological burden on this at all.

At the moment, he only paid attention to Jun Gengjin’s purpose of doing this: Obviously, Jun Gengjin’s love for “Bai Nuo” was really just a teenager’s hazy yearning, not true love. Therefore, in his script, he would easily empathize with “Shan Yunyun”.

Besides, if Jun Gengjin really loved Bai Nuo, how can he be friends with Dao Danmo?

In Jun Gengjin’s heart, Dao Danmo, who can study high-dimensional creatures, was more important than Bai Nuo.

Now, the problem of “Bai Nuo” was getting bigger and bigger. He was afraid that not only Dao Danmo’s eyes, but also Dao Danmo’s vital organs will be affected. This will inevitably affect the research work of Dao Danmo, so he couldn’t stand it anymore.

Jun Gengjin held Shan Weiyi’s hand and said, “Even if Old Dao has to give up this life, he will save you.”

Shan Weiyi looked at Jun Gengjin, his pupils moved slightly, and after a while, the tears flowed down, spilling from the corner of the eye.

Jun Gengjin held Shan Weiyi’s hand, and hurriedly said: “Don’t cry, don’t cry…”

Shan Weiyi blinked, and the crystal tears covered his snow white cheeks, which was too beautiful to behold. Jun Gengjin looked at it with great pity, distress…and even guilt.

However, Jun Gengjin must do this for his own sake.

Shan Weiyi gritted his teeth and said, “I…I won’t drag you down…”

Jun Gengjin’s heart tightened, and his face showed pity: “What are you talking about? How can you drag us down?”

Shan Weiyi looked at Jun Gengjin mournfully, he curled his lips into a smile and said, “Brother Jin, do you remember the candies I gave you when you were young?”

“Yes.” Jun Gengjin felt even more sour, “Of course I do. “

Shan Weiyi said softly: “Every time the nurses in the nursing home handed out candy, I gave it to you first, and I haven’t tasted it myself.”

This made Jun Gengjin even more guilty: “Little Nuo…”

Shan Weiyi smiled wryly and said, “I suddenly wondered what that candy tastes like, can you buy it for me to taste, okay?”

At this point, how could Jun Gengjin not agree?

What the nursing home gave the children were cheap and low-quality candies, but that was the only candy Jun Gengjin got in his childhood. Bai Nuo had been warming up Jun Gengjin since then.

Jun Gengjin tried to recall everything in the past, and his heart became more and more sour.

He asked his assistant to bring the candy, put it in a beautiful box, and carried it to Shan Weiyi’s hospital bed.

Shan Weiyi picked up a candy, unwrapped the plastic wrap, and swallowed it, his expression looked like he was drinking medicine rather than eating candy.

Jun Gengjin was also full of bitterness, looked at Shan Weiyi, and said lightly: “Little Nuo, you are my most important person…”

Shan Weiyi looked at Jun Gengjin meaningfully, and said inexplicably, “The password is Three seven six eight.”

Jun Gengjin looked at Shan Weiyi, puzzled.

Shan Weiyi didn’t say anything, just pulled the quilt and laid down.

After Jun Gengjin left, his mind was full of this sentence: The password is 3768…

What password?

In this Freedom Federation, Jun Gengjin does not need a password to enter the system. Jun Gengjin tried his best to activate the main brain, hack into Bai Nuo’s personal information system, and found an encrypted file inside, the password was exactly 3768.

The system information showed that this document was just created.

Obviously, “Bai Nuo” wrote the document after telling him the password.

Jun Gengjin felt both sad and funny: Little Nuo is so innocent, he thought I needed a password to read his encrypted files!

Jun Gengjin possessed such high authority that he could crack Bai Nuo’s personal information system with the flick of a finger. However, for some reason, he did not choose to dismantle it, but entered 3768 in the password field with a bit of piety.

There was a letter inside.

[Brother Jin, if you read this letter, it means that my life has come to an end…

I have been in poor health since I was a child, and I have always accepted the reality that I am very close to death. There should not be many people who prepare a suicide note at such a young age like me!

I always knew your feelings for me but I pretended not to know. Because I know that a response would be the greatest misfortune.

You are like the sun that burns forever, but I am the dust that will be annihilated at any time. I can’t even revolve around you like a little planet.

You don’t need me to be happy, to be honored, to be satisfied. If there was me, there would be more shadows, more regrets, more anxiety…

I always knew that you liked me, but you don’t like me that much.

That’s fine. Really.

You will be the one who will do great things. There is always a price to pay for great things.

And I am willing to pay that price for you.

Thank you, thank you for finally giving me candy today. 】

Gengjin looking at it even more, his heart was devastated!

His lips trembled in disbelief for a moment.

“How… how…” Jun Gengjin suddenly opened his eyes wide, as if thinking of some terrible scene, he trembled all over, and then dialed the communication number of the medical robot, “Quick, go and see Bai Nuo!” 

The medical robot immediately went to the Bai Nuo’s ward after receiving the instruction.

As expected, “Bai Nuo” swallowed the neurotoxin and intended to commit suicide. Although the medical robot rescued him in time, “Bai Nuo” was in danger because of his poor physical fitness.

When Jun Gengjin rushed to the scene, he saw “Bai Nuo” holding a candy in his hand.

At this moment, this ruthless Old Capitalist Dog actually burst into tears, with thousands of swords in his heart.

The medical robot quickly sent “Bai Nuo” to the emergency room.

Looking at Bai Nuo’s pale face in the emergency room, Jun Gengjin stood upright like a dead tree. His tears fell down as if they were worthless, and his cold expression was filled with a bit of actual sadness.

He who was ruthless and unfeeling actually knew what is heartache at this moment.

He put his hand on the glass, touching the coldness of his palm.

At this moment, Dao Danmo’s anxious voice sounded: “What’s wrong?”

The doctor who dealt with it replied: “It’s neurotoxin…”

Dao Danmo said angrily, “How did he come into contact with neurotoxin?” 

Lips were silent.

But the doctor said: “Mr. Bai has high-level authority and can open the lock at will… He should have gotten the medicine by himself and intended to commit suicide…”

Dao Danmo’s face turned pale immediately: Suicide…

“Suicide…” Dao Danmo with a white face said emotionally, “He did it for me…he didn’t want to drag me down, that’s why he committed suicide…”

Hearing Dao Danmo’s speech, Jun Gengjin was very displeased. This was the first time he felt such strong hostility and jealousy towards Dao Danmo.

Jun Gengjin gritted his teeth and murmured, You’re being passionate! You don’t understand at all…

Just when Jun Gengjin decided to defend his love regardless, he saw Dao Danmo stepping forward and said solemnly: “I will exchange blood with him!” 

The doctor was stunned, and said: “Exchanging blood… this operation, the risk is too great!”

Dao Danmo smiled: “What’s the matter? Even if it’s my life, I can give it to him.” 

The doctor opened his mouth in astonishment, and glanced at Jun Gengjin again, as if he was asking the boss for his opinion.

In the past, Jun Gengjin would definitely stop Dao Danmo.

But now, Jun Gengjin actually nodded and said, “Okay, Old Dao, you are so good! I support you!”

Dao Danmo was also surprised: “You…you support me?”

Jun Gengjin laughed: ” Yes, I understand now. Wealth is just a cloud, nothing is more important than sincerity.”

Dao Danmo volunteered to enter the operating room.

Through the glass window, the well-known poison Imperial Physician Dao Danmo offered his healthy organs.

While the doctor was performing the operation, his expression became more severe. He wiped the sweat from the corners of his forehead and said to Jun Gengjin: “Mr. Jun, Bai Nuo’s heart failure… Do you want to change his heart too?” 

In the past, Jun Gengjin would definitely not agree.

But now, Jun Gengjin’s eyes sank: “Change it. Old Dao will agree.”

After all, Jun Gengjin was the boss. All medical ethics can be put aside in front of him, and the doctor continued to operate according to Jun Gengjin’s wishes.

Not long after, “Bai Nuo” also suffered from liver and kidney problems…

While this major operation was in full swing, the special plane of the prince and Taifu had already landed in the Federation.

Among the companions were not only the “Shan Weiyi” they promised to bring, but also Wen Lu and Ruan Yang, who have not shown their faces for a long time.

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