Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Prince, You are Ignorant

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After coming out of the operating room, Dao Danmo lost his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys, and gained love and a sick body.

Dao Danmo was replaced with artificial organs, and these organs were working in his body. However, because of his own genetic defect that rejected prosthetic bodies, he was left with hidden diseases because he was used for human experiments in his early years. Now his old diseases have recurred, making the situation worse, and his physical condition was getting worse.

With his current situation, it was naturally difficult to continue high-intensity research work.

The experimental work had come to a standstill, and Jun Gengjin’s psychology had also changed.

“Bai Nuo”‘s suicide note and candies gave Jun Gengjin a huge stimulus, which shocked him at the moment, and his favorability broke through 80% impulsively, and even made a move towards “heterosexual and inhumane” for this reason. However, when “Bai Nuo” recovered and major projects were stagnant, Jun Gengjin’s favorable opinion of “Bai Nuo” dropped by about 60%.

Sometimes, seeing Dao Danmo coughing up blood and the laboratory losing money, the favorability can drop to 50%. But when Shan Weiyi sent out a little ambiguous signal to Jun Gengjin in a timely manner, the favorability can also be pulled back to around 60%.

Jun Gengjin’s heart was pulled back and forth, and his favorability rose and fell. Because the favorability reminder was turned on, a voice would be heard every time he went up and down, which annoyed him: Tongzi, do you know why I always turn off the favorability reminder?

Xi Zhitong said: I understand. The fluctuation of human favorability is indeed too frequent.

Shan Weiyi nodded: And most of the time, the reference value of such fluctuations is very low.

Jun Gengjin was a person who values ​​profit over justice.

As Jun Gengjin’s white moonlight, Bai Nuo’s favorability was only 50%.

But this was not surprising. After all, in the original script, Jun Gengjin’s love for Bai Nuo was quite superficial. If he really loved Bai Nuo, he would not let Bai Nuo be alone on the earth, let Bai Nuo fall in love with Dao Danmo and give blessings generously, and empathize with Shan Yunyun in the original script without any burden.

After Shan Weiyi was replaced with Dao Danmo’s heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys, Jun Gengjin’s businessman’s mind came back and suppressed his love mind. He pretended not to have read Shan Weiyi’s “suicide note”, and was still friends with Dao Danmo and “Bai Nuo”.

Jun Gengjin wanted to care more about Dao Danmo’s body, and even more wanted to know when Dao Danmo would be able to return to work. But Jun Gengjin still seemed concerned about his health on the surface. Dao Danmo and Jun Gengjin have been old scumbags for many years, and it can be seen at a glance what Jun Gengjin, the old capitalist dog, cared most about.

Dao Danmo smiled wryly and said, “I can heal but not myself.”

Hearing this, Jun Gengjin felt a chill again.

Shan Weiyi was on the verge of crying: “It’s all my fault, it’s my fault…”

Dao Danmo and Jun Gengjin comforted him together: “How could this be your fault? Thousands of mistakes, yes… en, but you are a victim anyway, so you don’t need to feel sad.”

Shan Weiyi ran out of the ward in a whimper.

Dao Danmo was bedridden, unable to rush out to find him, so he had to ask Jun Gengjin to do it for him.

Jun Gengjin walked outside, looking at Shan Weiyi’s thin shoulders shaking because of sobbing, and his heart moved slightly. He stepped forward and held Shan Weiyi’s shoulder, and said, “Little Nuo, don’t be sad. Old Dao won’t be happy seeing you like this.”

Shan Weiyi just shook his head with tears in his eyes.

Jun Gengjin tried his best to comfort Shan Weiyi and left. Shan Weiyi returned to Dao Danmo’s bedside to accompany him. Dao Danmo’s face was gloomy: “What did he say to you?”

Shan Weiyi could hear the jealousy in Dao Danmo’s words, and smiled with tears in his eyes: “What can he say? It’s just to comfort me.”

Dao Danmo was a person who lacked a sense of security, and under the current situation, he was even more sensitive and suspicious. His eyes were gloomy, but there was a smile on the corner of his mouth: “I’m also a useless person, and I can’t give you happiness. You’d better stay with Jun Gengjin. He will take good care of you. I’m relieved.”

His words were so beautiful, but his heart was as poisonous as a snake. He was just uneasy and probing, if Shan Weiyi really showed a little hesitation, Dao Danmo would poison Shan Weiyi in the next second.

If he was a useless person who was not worthy of “Bai Nuo”, then “Bai Nuo” must also become a useless person, so that they can match each other.

How could Shan Weiyi not know what bad water was simmering in Dao Danmo’s vicious head? 

He looked at Dao Danmo with tears in his eyes, and laughed bitterly: “If you think this way, what’s the use of my healthy body?”

Saying this, Shan Weiyi grabbed the fruit knife on the bedside table and was going to cut his wrist. Dao Danmo’s eyes were wide open, but there was joy in the astonishment. Shan Weiyi’s actions were not fast, and he made a notice before self-harm. If Dao Danmo really felt sorry for him and wanted to stop him, he would definitely be able to stop him. But Dao Danmo didn’t do that, he just opened his eyes wide, watching the sharp blade draw a deep bloodstain on Shan Weiyi’s thin white wrist without blinking.

Dao Danmo felt like he was seeing spring flowers blooming and red flying together, it was simply the most beautiful picture in the world.

In Dao Danmo’s eyes, Shan Weiyi’s blood flowed profusely, and the poignant beauty was better than tears falling like rain.

Dao Danmo held Shan Weiyi’s wrist like a believer holding an offering, his eyes were full of fanaticism and piety.

Shan Weiyi looked down at him with all kinds of compassion, like a god crossing the world.

Distant interstellar.

The bridge of the space city was erected, and the plank road was opened to welcome the distinguished guests from the empire.

The imperial shuttle carrying the noble prince and Taifu slowly docked.

Inside the cabin, Nu Tianjiao sat alone by the porthole, as if sorting out the chaotic but clear thoughts of the past few days.

When he saw through the fake Shan Weiyi, he only thought it was a scam by a profiteer. However, Shen Yu still kept an eye out. He kept Bai Nuo in the East Palace and observed carefully.

Nu Tianjiao and Shen Yu acted out the red face and the white face. Nu Tianjiao often used the power of the prince to beat Bai Nuo at every turn, or sent him to be skinned and boned, or punished to work hard, tortured in every possible way, and used cruel methods. When Bai Nuo kept complaining, Taifu would “just in time” enter the East Palace and “drop in” to visit Bai Nuo.

If Bai Nuo fell ill, the Taifu would quietly send medicine as condolences. If Bai Nuo was suffering from a cold, Taifu privately gave him clothes and warmed the stove. Or if there were slaves who bullied Bai Nuo, the Taifu would also stand up, and the hero would save the fool.

Bai Nuo who lost the high-dimensional system was no different from ordinary people, and he can’t perform any secret skills, and his thoughts were shallow, so he can only rely on this seemingly gentle and considerate Shen Yu.

Bai Nuo let go of his guard against Shen Yu. Shen Yu took advantage of the situation and asked why he was transformed into Shan Weiyi by Jun Gengjin?

Hearing this, Bai Nuo became angry: “How could Jun Gengjin reform people? It was clearly…” 

At this point, Bai Nuo bit the tip of his tongue, still concealing part of the truth, and said pitifully, “I was originally Young Master Shan’s clone. Of course, I look exactly like him.”

Hearing this, Shen Yu was a little surprised.

Bai Nuo said again half-truthfully: “I was originally a clone prepared by the Shan family for Young Master Shan, but because of a genetic defect, I was sold to a research institute on Earth. There I met Jun Gengjin and became a good friend.”

Shen Yu asked, “Since you are a good friend, why did he send you here?”

Bai Nuo didn’t want to go into details at first, but due to Shen Yu’s tricks, he told a pretty general story about it: It was Shan Weiyi who, in order to seduce Dao Danmo, used a trick to switch their identities. Therefore, Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo recognized the wrong person, so they sent him here.

Speaking of this, Bai Nuo was both angry and resentful: “Now Shan Weiyi should be using my identity to have a good relationship between Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo!”

This story sounded incredible, but because the protagonist of the story was Shan Weiyi, Shen Yu thought it was very reasonable. However, Shen Yu still felt puzzled: “Why did Shan Weiyi do this?”

Bai Nuo naturally knew the reason, but he couldn’t talk about the high-dimensional system. Bai Nuo faltered: “Who knows? Maybe he just has this hobby.” 

As he spoke, Bai Nuo sincerely hoped that someone would show up to stop Shan Weiyi. Bai Nuo couldn’t help but say: “Taifu, is it possible that a big man like you guys were being played with like this by Shan Weiyi?”

“You guys?” Shen Yu raised his eyebrows, “Who is ‘guys’?”

Bai Nuo realized that he had slipped his tongue, he quickly bit his lips and shook his head: “I… I made a slip of the tongue.”

Shen Yu said with a smile: “It seems that there is something inside that ‘guys’ we don’t know but you do.”

Looking at Shen Yu with a pair of peacock blue smiling eyes, Bai Nuo panicked inexplicably, as if he just remembered at this moment: Shen Yu’s position was not “Gentle Gong”, but “S-level scumbag gong”.

The Prince and Taifu do not have the black technology of Jun Gengjin, what kind of high-dimensional system can be extracted? However, as cruel human beings with supreme imperial power, they were proficient in torture. They sent Bai Nuo directly to the torture laboratory.

Bai Nuo originally thought that he had suffered enough in the Dao Danmo laboratory, but he didn’t expect he would be sent here.

Dao Danmo’s laboratory was set up for medical and research purposes. Although it was painful, it also had limitations. However, the torture laboratories of the feudal empire were used to torture human beings and destroy their will, and the cruelty was not in the same magnitude at all.

Within a minute after entering, which was not enough time for the lab attendant to make instant noodles, Bai Nuo exposed everything.

The prince and Taifu who learned the truth of the world were extremely shocked, but when they recalled the past, they felt suddenly enlightened.

Bai Nuo no longer had a system, so his words were not so reliable. Therefore, the prince and Taifu sneaked Wen Lu and Ruan Yang over to question them. Wen Lu had been skinned and tortured to the point where he was no longer human or ghost, and the prince had to find someone to help him heal his physical and psychological trauma. As for Ruan Yang’s mental condition, he was okay. After learning that Bai Nuo had exposed everything, Ruan Yang didn’t hold back.

Nu Tianjiao still couldn’t believe it: “You also have that so-called ‘system’?”

Ruan Yang nodded.

Nu Tianjiao said again: “Then why are you still under house arrest and unable to save yourself?”

He also wanted to ask Wen Lu the same question.

Since you are such an awesome high-dimensional creature, why are you so weak?

Ruan Yang explained: “Because there are no points.”

He bowed his head a little ashamedly.

Listening to their fragmentary confessions, Shen Yu managed to piece together a complete picture: “Is it because we don’t like you?”

Ruan Yang was more ashamed and embarrassed, and nodded stiffly.

Shen Yu smiled at him.

Ruan Yang was dazzled by his beautiful smile, and a voice suddenly sounded in his mind: Congratulations, the mission target Shen Yu’s favorability towards you has increased by 10%!

Ruan Yang looked at Shen Yu in shock.

Shen Yu smiled at him and said, “You’re welcome.”

Ruan Yang was very surprised: “You…you toward me…”

Shen Yu said gently, “You are my noble person, how could I not have a good impression of you? 

Ruan Yang: I always feel that the noble person he is talking about is more like “tool”

But Nu Tianjiao sat on the side, silent without saying a word, a storm seemed to be brewing in his purple eyes.

Sensing Nu Tianjiao’s anomaly, Shen Yu asked someone to take Ruan Yang down first. Shen Yu only said to Nu Tianjiao: “Your Highness, what’s wrong with you? If it’s because you don’t have a good impression of Wen Lu…”

“It’s not this.” Nu Tianjiao pursed his lips and looked at Shen Yu, “I’m thinking about other matters.”

Shen Yu asked, “What are you thinking?”

Nu Tianjiao looked at Shen Yu in a daze: “Tell me, does Royal Father…know…”

Shen Yu was terrified, his hair stood on end, but his expression remained unchanged: “It makes sense.”

Nu Tianjiao squeezed his palms, as if he had made up his mind: “I’m going to see my Father.”

Central Hall.

When Nu Tianjiao entered, the emperor was not on the throne.

The emperor was at the coffin area. Nu Tianjiao was very familiar with the place, he knew that the emperor usually liked to reminisce about the former empress next to the airtight coffin.

However, today the coffin was opened, and there was a handsome male corpse – it would be inappropriate to say it was a corpse. The skin of this body was very shiny, full of vitality, lifelike, not dead at all.

When Nu Tianjiao saw the person in the coffin, his face changed suddenly: “This…is this…Xi Zhitong?” 

The emperor smiled lightly, nodded and said, “I’m monitoring him.”

Nu Tianjiao was confused: “I…I thought …”

“You thought the one in the coffin was the former empress.” The emperor cut off.

Nu Tianjiao’s heart sank: “I was wrong.”

Nu Tianjiao always thought that Tang Tang was in the coffin. But now he knew that Tang Tang’s body had been stolen long ago, it was impossible for Tang Tang to be in the coffin.

But, why Xi Zhitong? The emperor seemed to be in a good mood today, and he was also patient. He was willing to explain more to Nu Tianjiao.

“Before this, the coffin was always empty.” The patience seemed to end here, and the smile became indifferent: “Did you come today to talk about this?” Nu Tianjiao understood that this sentence meant that the emperor did not want to continue discussing this topic. Nu Tianjiao pressed his chin, remained silent for a second, and then slowly opened his mouth: “I came today to beg Royal Father to allow me…”

The emperor’s gaze swept across Nu Tianjiao’s face like a breeze.

Under the gaze of the emperor, under pressure, Nu Tianjiao said his request: “Allow me to marry Shan Weiyi.”

After saying this, everything fell silent.

The emperor’s golden pupils were still locked on Nu Tianjiao, but the meaning in the eyes was not very clear.

This ambiguity made Nu Tianjiao’s pressure even greater. Nu Tianjiao hardly dared to raise his head, but he still stuck out his chest. He said deeply: “I know… Royal Father doesn’t like it… I finally understand Royal Father’s painstaking efforts. Royal Father probably knew the origin of Shan Weiyi, so you stopped me from thinking about him, but …”

“You have improved.” The emperor cut off, “but not much.”

Nu Tianjiao shook his body: “Royal Father?” 

The emperor said flatly: “You said, you want to marry him, didn’t you?”

This was originally said by Nu Tianjiao, but when asked by the emperor, he was embarrassed: “Well… yes, Royal Father.”

“Then you shouldn’t beg me,” the emperor said, “You should beg him. “

Nu Tianjiao was a little dazed when he heard the words.

The emperor sighed slightly again: “You are still ignorant.”

This made Nu Tianjiao feel quite frustrated, and he was also annoyed: “How do I understand this? Royal Father, if the person you like approaches you for the purpose of playing with you, and at the same time seduces another man, intending to abandon you after getting your heart, what will you do?”


The previous chapter, a lot of people commented that they were afraid that I would end it quickly… Haha, I won’t… Some readers said that Mr. Jun is too good at being a scum Gong but that is a misunderstanding. Old Capitalist Dogs are not so easy to get real feelings.

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