Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Electric Prince

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All the attendants knew that Wen Lu was the crown prince’s favorite! Shan Weiyi dared to push Wen Lu into the water, wouldn’t that be causing his own bad luck?

But Wen Lu stood up haggardly, coughed twice, held the prince’s hand and said, “No, it was my carelessness… I don’t think he did it on purpose… Your Highness, don’t blame him…” 

The prince looked at Wen Lu, smiled faintly, rubbed his fingers over the tip of his ear, pinched it lightly and effortlessly, and then caused Wen Lu’s ear to burst open, having a few drops of red blood drip out. Wen Lu was startled and in pain, looking at the prince tremblingly, but saw the prince smiling and saying: “If you don’t cherish your skin, why don’t I ask someone to peel it off again.”

The painful memory of skinning came to his heart unexpectedly, Wen Lu was swept away by fear, too frightened to look up.

The prince said softly: “It seems that I’m still too kind.” 

The attendant couldn’t figure it out at all, and didn’t know what irony the prince was talking about.

However, the Taifu who had just walked to the door understood what the Prince meant.

What the prince said was not irony, but the truth.

The prince just said something to threaten Wen Lu, not because he suddenly went crazy, but because he sensed that Wen Lu was playing tricks. Wen Lu’s pleading for Shan Weiyi was too fake, the prince who has been in the palace’s political struggles could see through it at a glance, and he was naturally unhappy. What annoyed him the most was this kind of white lotus. He thought, maybe it was because he had acted too kindly, which made people like Wen Lu have delusions of being able to calculate on him.

Of course, what the crown prince disliked even more was Shan Weiyi. Shan Weiyi knew that Wen Lu was the prince’s man, but he dared to hurt Wen Lu. This was not giving the prince face. Not to mention, Shan Weiyi actually cured his legs in private, which made the prince even more unhappy.

The prince thought he was still too kind. Before, he just broke Shan Weiyi’s leg, and didn’t teach him a lesson. This time, he will have to be more ruthless, so that others can know that the prince’s majesty cannot be offended.

Shen Yu saw what the prince was thinking, and knew that Shan Weiyi’s death was coming.

Shan Weiyi’s face appeared in Shen Yu’s mind again: this young master Shan has become more and more interesting since he became disabled. Sometimes fragile, sometimes domineering, but always looking at himself with eyes that were determined to win… Such an interesting thing, but its life was not long.

Shen Yu still felt a little regretful in his heart.

But only a little.

Seeing Shen Yu approaching, the crown prince smiled, “Master, I heard that your friend also fell into the water and was injured. Is he okay?”

Shen Yu said with a smile: “Teacher Ruan is in good health and recovered quickly but Wen Lu, he seems not very good.”

“What can I do? It’s just a little fever, don’t worry.” The prince replied.

The topic of the two was Wen Lu, but no one looked at Wen Lu or asked about Wen Lu. It seems that Wen Lu was really a deer, or some other pet. When the guests came to ask a few questions, the owner also answered a few questions, and they were polite to each other; no one would ask how the pet felt.

This was also what made Wen Lu unhappy: both the crown prince and Shen Yu had a favorable opinion of him that exceeded 60%, but he never felt that he got any respect.

Originally by the prince’s side, seeing the prince being harsh to others, but occasionally showing tenderness to himself, Wen Lu was also a little happy. However, once Shen Yu appeared, Wen Lu sensed that something was wrong.

No matter how much the prince pampered himself, he treated himself like a cat or a dog. Wen Lu originally thought that it was the prince’s natural arrogance, the arrogance rooted in a nobleman’s heart, which cannot be changed. But unexpectedly, in front of Shen Yu, the prince was really polite, polite like a student. Although it could still be seen that the prince maintained the arrogance of a superior, it could also be seen that he respected and recognized Shen Yu.

Only then did Wen Lu realize: it’s not that the prince doesn’t know how to respect people, it’s that the prince simply doesn’t treat him as a human being.

If he wants to attack the prince, he must have the prince recognize himself as a “person”.

This was the most basic.

Wen Lu twisted the corners of the quilt, and said angrily: “The Taifu is here to visit, why don’t you ask me what’s wrong?”

Shen Yu smiled and said to Wen Lu: “Then classmate Wen, where is it uncomfortable?” The words were light and soft, as if teasing a child, revealing some pampering.

Wen Lu knew that the other party was being fake, but he still couldn’t help his heart beating a few times faster. He shook his head with a smile, and suddenly thought: Does this count as flirting with the cannon fodder gong in front of the protagonist gong?

Thinking of this, Wen Lu felt a little guilty, and glanced at the prince, but saw that the prince didn’t care.

Wen Lu breathed a sigh of relief, but also felt somewhat frustrated: are you not jealous at all? That’s why I can’t really put my mind at ease.

The Taifu saw that Wen Lu was not very happy, so he asked considerately: “What are you thinking?”

Wen Lu shook his head, saying: “I was just thinking… how did Young Master Shan suddenly stand up?

This spoke straight to the heart of the prince. The prince was very concerned about this: which doctor dares to treat Young Master Shan?

Shen Yu then said, “I guess it might be Xi Zhitong.”

“Xi Zhitong?” The prince paused, and said, “Is that Xi Zhitong who you and the dean value very much, who even had his laboratory funded?”

“Yes.” Shen Yu nodded, “I saw Young Master Shan looking for him before, maybe it was to heal his legs.” Then, Shen Yu smiled lightly, “Xi Zhitong is an outsider and doesn’t know the rules. I will explain the situation to him.” 

The last sentence was an intercession for Xi Zhitong.

Shen Yu was very interested in the project that Xi Zhitong was researching, and invested a large sum of money, so it was conceivable that he wanted to protect him.

If it was someone else, the prince would not forgive him lightly.

But since it was Shen Yu who spoke, the prince said in a flat tone: “Since that’s the case, forget it.”

Hearing the two of them saying “Xi Zhitong”, Wen Lu frowned: Where did such a character come from? Why is there nothing in the script?

But this was not surprising. This book had so many quick transmigrators in one breath, the butterfly effect can fan out seven or eight tornadoes, it was not very strange that unknown characters appeared.

The prince only said: “Xi Zhitong can be forgiven, but Shan Weiyi cannot be indulged lightly.”

Shen Yu felt a little regretful, but did not open his mouth to intercede.

However, when Shen Yu left Wen Lu’s dormitory, he did not leave the dormitory, but came to the door of Shan Weiyi’s dormitory.

The automatic door of the dormitory opened automatically in front of Shen Yu, which surprised Shen Yu. When he stepped into the room, he saw Shan Weiyi sitting by the window. He was wearing a French shirt with a small stand-up collar and ruffled edges, which contrasted his chin. His lower body was covered with an elegant retro anthracite gray woolen blanket, and he still looked like a nobleman of a family.

Shen Yu’s gaze lingered on his blanket for a while before he smiled and said, “Your leg is healed.”

His tone implied regret: The leg is healed, but his life is about to end.

Shan Weiyi raised his eyebrows: “Who filed a complaint with you? Was it the one surnamed Ruan? Or that Lu something?”

Shen Yu shook his head slightly: Being this domineering, it’s no wonder you’re not pleasing.

Weak boys are cute.

However, although Shan Weiyi held his neck stubbornly, the fragility revealed in his proud posture was still enough to arouse Shen Yu’s interest.

Faced with such a Shan Weiyi, Shen Yu felt regretful, sighed, and said, “You should have a good rest.”

After speaking, he turned his head and left without showing much nostalgia.

That night, Shan Weiyi was wrapped in a sack and thrown directly into the artificial lake.

This artificial lake was the one where Wen Lu and Ruan Yang fell into the water.

The prince directly asked Shan Weiyi to be thrown there, and he was brazenly announcing to the world that he did this, just to vent his anger.

Shan Weiyi’s character can’t swim, so after being thrown down, he just struggled in vain.

The more you struggle, the more water enters the cavity, and the more you can’t breathe.

The night water was as black as ink, spreading endlessly in front of his eyes, filling into a suffocating chaos.

He scratched his hands and kicked his feet, but at the moment when he was about to sink to the bottom, he met a pair of strong arms which pulled him out of his desperate mire.

A pale face emerged from the water, breathing heavily. The dripping eyebrows and eyes reflected the handsome face of the rescuer.

Shan Weiyi was not surprised, just smiled and hugged the other person’s broad shoulders: “You came so late, I was dying.”

Xi Zhitong supported Shan Weiyi’s waist while swimming to the shore. Shan Weiyi was indeed like a person who doesn’t know how to swim and accidentally fell into the water, wrapping his hands and feet around the rescuer. Xi Zhitong felt Shan Weiyi’s warm body pressed against him tightly, and his scalp tingled for a while. These bodily reactions were something Xi Zhitong was extremely unfamiliar with, and he didn’t know how to deal with them.

He could only say in a mechanical tone: “Master, can you let go of me a little bit?”

“That’s not possible.” Shan Weiyi rested his head on Xi Zhitong’s shoulder, “I’m so scared now.”

Xi Zhitong: “Excuse me, is master acting?”

Shan Weiyi blinked, but did not answer.

Xi Zhitong couldn’t hear the response, and could only see Shan Weiyi’s amber eyes, shining under the reflection of the moonlight and water.

Boom, boom, boom…

Xi Zhitong’s heart beated faster.

Xi Zhitong noticed that the human body was indeed very strange, and there were too many reactions that an AI ​​can’t figure out. Especially when facing his master.

Xi Zhitong did a systematic physical examination on himself, but found no abnormalities, so he had to attribute these abnormal reactions to the normal BUG of a human body. This kind of BUG was fatal, and the harm was not great, so there was no need to worry about it.

The dome of the school infirmary was illuminated by star-like overhead lights, scattering soft light.

Xi Zhitong took off his wet clothes, put on his blue coral fleece pajamas, turned his head, and saw Shan Weiyi standing beside the closet, taking off his wet shirt, and was about to take off his pants.

Xi Zhitong only felt a rumble in his head, as if a train was whizzing by, and his eardrums swelled as if he had been beaten thousands of times.

Sensing Xi Zhitong’s stiff gaze, Shan Weiyi raised his eyes and smiled: “Does artificial intelligence also feel shy?”

Xi Zhitong didn’t know what to answer, as if he was in a crash, and after a few seconds, he found his voice and said in a daze: “So it is because of being shy…”

Shan Weiyi carefully wrote down in his heart: AI will also be shy after turning into a human.

“It’s not surprising, maybe you learned it.” Shan Weiyi tilted his head, turned around and walked into the changing curtain, and closed the curtain.

Xi Zhitong was still standing outside the curtain like a clay sculpture. His body had perfect numerical values, every parameter was at the limit of a human being, and his hearing was naturally extraordinary. Listening to the rustling of clothes in the curtain, Xi Zhitong uncontrollably imagined the scene of Shan Weiyi changing clothes, but was suppressed by the sense of morality and shame he had just learned, so he was in a dilemma.

Shan Weiyi didn’t know that an AI would still fight between heaven and man, but he himself was as calm as water.

After changing his clothes through the curtain, Shan Weiyi revealed his face, which was frozen white by the water, from the crack of the curtain, and said, “The prince was determined to kill me this time.”

Xi Zhitong’s heart tightened again. An inexplicable emotion pushed him to speak with a strange impulse: “We can control the prince’s skin and nervous system.”

“So?” Shan Weiyi asked, puzzled.

Xi Zhitong said: “I can electrocute him, if you want.”

Shan Weiyi: …Ah, what have my pure student learned recently…

“No need.” Shan Weiyi smiled easily, “Besides, how can I target him if you electrocute him?”

Xi Zhitong pursed his lips, and deeply reviewed his mistake: “It was indeed my negligence.” Saying that, Xi Zhitong corrected: “I can shock him.”

“No, I don’t want to play with a fool.” Shan Weiyi picked up a towel and wiped his wet hair, put on his shoes and prepared to go out.

Looking at the back of Shan Weiyi who was about to leave, Xi Zhitong felt a little more lonely: in the past, he was inseparable from Shan Weiyi as a system, but now, they have become two independent individuals… He can no longer accompany Shan Weiyi all the time and he can’t read Shan Weiyi’s inner thoughts…

Xi Zhitong couldn’t help asking: “Where are you going?”

Shan Weiyi didn’t seem to know that this AI had learned to be sentimental. Without looking back, he said, “To call the electric prince.”

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