Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 5

Chapter 5 The protagonist shou must fall into the water

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Shan Weiyi replied: “I guess, he should have tactile deprivation.”

Xi Zhitong tried to understand Shan Weiyi’s words: “Tactile deprivation, you mean an individual who strongly needs to be touched by the skin, and wants to have skin-to-skin contact.”

Shan Weiyi nodded: “I think so.”

Xi Zhitong said: “Adolescents have tactile deprivation, which is generally considered to be caused by the lack of parental caress and contact during infancy.”

“Hmmmm, I think this possibility is very high.” Shan Weiyi rubbed his chin and said, “After all, which of the ruthless princes in a novel don’t have an unfortunate childhood?”

Xi Zhitong said, “But, if the prince has tactile deprivation, why would he reject physical contact with others?”

“It is precisely because he desires contact but rejects contact, that he likes swimming.” Shan Weiyi pondered, “Because the feeling of water washing over the whole body can simulate the feeling of touching, temporarily letting him be comforted.”

Xi Zhitong disagreed: “In my opinion, the correlation between the two is not strong.”

“Indeed.” Shan Weiyi nodded, “But what if it is related to the prince’s favor for Wen Lu? It is precisely because Wen Lu was the only person in the world who can relieve his tactile deprivation that the prince feels him so special to him. After Wen Lu resolutely left, the dignified prince was even willing to abandon his dignity for him and chase his wife to the crematorium (Although there were only nine chapters, this was an attack by a domineering and ruthless prince. Isn’t nine chapters enough for chasing his wife? One more chapter would kill him).”

Xi Zhitong pursed his lips and said, “Maybe you are right, but I don’t fully understand the logic.”

– This was the system saying politely: You are talking nonsense

Shan Weiyi smiled, and said: “This is actually my intuition, and a guess from too many quick transmigrations to dog blood scripts.” Shan Weiyi shrugged: “But the rejection of contact, I think it’s very strange. If it’s psychological, why does he treat Wen Lu so differently? He doesn’t know Wen Lu at all. If it’s not psychological, then we can take a look at it.”

“If it’s not psychological?” Xi Zhitong thought for a while, “Is it pathological?”

Shan Weiyi said: “His tactile deprivation and thirst must be psychogenic, but rejection not necessarily. You still remember, his skin settings…”

Xi Zhitong certainly remembered, a system would never forget the settings: “The prince is a modified person, and his skin is artificial skin.”

Shan Weiyi nodded: “I combined it and I have a suspicion about his Royal father…”

Xi Zhitong stared at Shan Weiyi seriously, waiting for his conclusion.

His conclusion was quite dramatic: “The prince has tactile deprivation and thirst, and he will not tell anyone, including the emperor. But how can the emperor’s heart like a lotus root not know? Although he pretends not to know about the prince’s problem of tactile deprivation and thirst, he is determined to cure him. Therefore, when he was doing skin modification for the prince, he set up such a reflex condition in the nervous system to make the prince reject contact with others.”

Xi Zhitong was stunned. But when he added the characters of the emperor and the prince and performed logical calculations, he was surprised to find that Shan Weiyi’s conjecture was judged to be 99% in line with the logic of the world.

Xi Zhitong still didn’t quite understand: “Why did the emperor do this?”

“People in the world of novels have weird brains, especially this kind of bullsh*t.” Shan Weiyi waved his hand, “Just like those concubines forcing their sons to kill a rabbit that you raised with your own hands…Who would do this in a normal world? But it would be abnormal if you don’t do this in the novel, who can ask for reason?”

Xi Zhitong was still confused: “If it’s an artificial skin problem, then why didn’t Wen Lu arouse the prince’s dislike?”

Shan Weiyi said: “Doesn’t Wen Lu have the protagonist halo? The protagonist halo is a product of high-dimensional technology, and of course it can crack the system settings of artificial skin.”

Xi Zhitong, understanding this setting, said: “It turned out to be like this.”

Useless knowledge has increased.

Shan Weiyi was not proud of his conjecture, but said: “All of this is my guess, and you have to verify it in the end.”

Xi Zhitong understood: “I am a ‘school doctor’, and I can test his body data.”

The artificial skin data set by the interstellar king for the prince was of course a top-secret technology, representing the highest technological level in this world. It was impossible for a normal doctor to check the prince for any clues. Unfortunately, Xi Zhitong was not a “normal doctor”. Under Shan Weiyi’s painstaking training, Xi Zhitong, as a system, was top-notch even in the high-dimensional world. In this small world, it was more of a dimensionality reduction blow, even the most advanced and strongest firewall in this world was as fragile as tofu in his eyes.

Xi Zhitong nodded: “I understand, we need to fight for the crown prince’s progress now.”

“There is nothing difficult about him,” Shan Weiyi shook his head, “Let’s hurry up and open the third line, otherwise, when will we retire?”

Xi Zhitong was speechless and the automatic reply was mechanical: “My host, you are really wise.”

Shan Weiyi smiled, and shook his finger again: “I repeat, I am not your host.”

Xi Zhitong felt a strange feeling, an unclear emotion. He looked at Shan Weiyi in confusion: “Then who are you to me?”

Shan Weiyi replied without thinking: “Master.”

Xi Zhitong also accepted without thinking: “My master.”

As soon as these words came out, the heart that had nowhere to land just now seemed to suddenly have a place to rest, which made Xi Zhitong feel a rare satisfaction.

For the sake of his master, Xi Zhitong would go through all kinds of fires and water, not to mention just testing whether there was really a problem with the prince’s artificial skin.

The prince was not easy to get close to, so Xi Zhitong doesn’t intend to get close.

Xi Zhitong only asked the dean that he wanted a laboratory for medical research, and the dean trusted him quite a lot, so he would not refuse. Shen Yu, who appreciates Xi Zhitong’s talent, was also willing to give his full support. Xi Zhitong got quite a lot of resources, and he also pretended to write research topics, mobilized several graduate students to help with things, kept busy, and the progress of the experiment was moving forward in an orderly manner according to Xi Zhitong’s calculations-this made both the dean and Shen Yu not suspect him.

In private, Xi Zhitong used the resources of the laboratory to do other things.

Soon after, an artificial mosquito flew out of Xi Zhitong’s laboratory, aimed at the prince who was active in the drill grounds, and stopped on his ear.

Artificial mosquitoes naturally do not suck blood. Besides, the prince’s artificial skin was very tough, and ordinary mosquitoes cannot penetrate it. It’s just that this mosquito was unusual. The needle-like structure made of special materials can easily pierce the prince’s skin. Damage to the artificial skin structure was a trivial matter, as the skin’s ability to heal itself was very strong. But the problem was that the needle that the mosquito pierced with carried the virus designed by Xi Zhitong. Within seconds of the artificial mosquito staying on the prince, the prince’s artificial skin system was breached—and the prince didn’t notice it.

His artificial skin was still functioning as usual, protecting the prince’s body. However, all the data was also transmitted to Xi Zhitong’s terminal synchronously.

Xi Zhitong told Shan Weiyi: “You are right.”

Shan Weiyi was not surprised: “Tell me more specifics.”

Xi Zhitong said: “First, the artificial skin connected with his nervous system and gave his skin an order to make him hate touching other people.”

Therefore, the prince who longed for skin-to-skin contact paradoxically hated other people’s skin-to-skin contact.

Xi Zhitong continued: “Second, the protagonist’s halo system has modified the order, making Wen Lu an exception.”

Shan Weiyi nodded, and said: “Is there a third?”

“The third is also a new discovery,” Xi Zhitong said, “The artificial skin system has been transmitting the prince’s body data to the palace center.”

Shan Weiyi smiled: “I understand, that is to say, the emperor is monitoring the prince all the time.”

It fits the emperor’s cruel, suspicious and controlling desire.

Thinking that the emperor was also one of the targets of the mission, Shan Weiyi felt a little unhappy: all my targets are scumbags. Can’t you let my work life have a happy ending?

Although the Imperial academy was only a small-scale space city, its ecosystem was quite complete, with lakes and mountains. The artificial lake of the academy was as green as emerald, and its waves were as flat as a mirror, reflecting Wen Lu standing next to it. Wen Lu was wearing a loose shirt, which highlighted the thin demeanor that the protagonist Shou must have.

Not far from him was Shan Weiyi sitting in an automatic wheelchair.

Wen Lu stopped in front of him, bit his lower lip, and said, “Master Shan, I know you have misunderstood me… Sigh, I didn’t want you to become like this…”

Shan Weiyi:… ? I don’t play the leading male lead role, why do you need act in front of me?

Shan Weiyi didn’t understand, but he had to respond according to his personality.

He sneered according to his personality and said, “You didn’t want it? I can see you truly enjoyed it. If I hadn’t sent you to the swimming pool, you probably wouldn’t be where you are today. How is it? How does it feel to sell yourself to the prince? Do you think your buttocks has become noble?”

Wen Lu’s big deer-like eyes were filled with tears and widened in disbelief: “You…why are you always so hostile to me? How did I offend you?”

Shan Weiyi sneered, but did not answer. Because he couldn’t answer either. The reason why Young Master Shan hated Wen Lu was written in the background of the plot. Shan Weiyi didn’t read this part seriously, and he has forgotten it now. He lost his system and couldn’t consult the script, so he had to be vague.

However, Wen Lu deliberately came to block the road, not to ask him why he hated himself.

Wen Lu covered his face and wept, turned his back to Shan Weiyi, and said sadly: “Why does everyone treat me like a scumbag…”

Seeing Wen Lu’s back, Shan Weiyi raised his eyebrows and understood: there was no one around, the protagonist Shou turned his back on him, as a vicious cannon fodder, if he didn’t violate the character setting, he could only rush over and push Wen Lu down the lake .

Wen Lu was setting a trap.

If Shan Weiyi pushes Wen Lu, he will definitely be slapped in the face again.

If he didn’t push him, it was going against the character design… In fact, it’s not true. Shan Weiyi can think of several ways, which doesn’t violate the character design, and he doesn’t need to push Wen Lu.


Shan Weiyi didn’t want to avoid it, so he sneered: You want to be hurt, how can I disagree?

Shan Weiyi drove the wheelchair without thinking, and pushed Wen Lu down with a “swoosh” like Hot Wheels.

Wen Lu originally thought that Shan Weiyi would sneakily push him, but he didn’t expect Shan Weiyi to be so fierce, driving a two-wheeled car to hit someone vigorously.

Wen Lu felt a pain in his back, and his whole body was immediately sent flying, drawing an arc and plopping into the lake.

Wen Lu was swimming towards the bank while calling for help, and felt a sharp pain on his forehead. He covered his forehead in pain and felt blood on his hand. He was taken aback, and when he looked up, he saw Shan Weiyi throwing a brick at him.

Wen Lu was so frightened that his face paled: Shouldn’t he run away after pushing someone? Why are you still here and hitting people? Good, you want to play the low-intelligence vicious cannon fodder so penetratingly!

Shan Weiyi wanted to pound his head and curse at the same time, his words were so dirty that the script locked it down!

Wen Lu was injured, smashed, and insulted passionately, even clay figurines would get angry. He thought that he would be a carp and would jump up and fight with Shan Weiyi in the next second, to see who was the best at being spicy in this quick transmigration game.

However, he wasn’t allowed to get angry, he could only say with tears in his eyes, “Woooooooo…. Save me….. Wooo… what are you doing…. wooo….”

Wen Lu’s head was smashed until there were several bumps, but with the aura of the protagonist, he would not die even if he was hit by a nuclear bomb, so this small injury could not kill him.

It’s just that it hurts…it really hurts…

Wen Lu was tearful and angry, he was already thinking about how to get revenge on this vicious cannon fodder later.

At this moment, Ruan Yang jumped out at the right time, pretending to be surprised and said: “Shan Weiyi, what are you doing!”

Shan Weiyi turned to see Ruan Yang, and sneered in his heart: It turns out that two people were conspiring to deal with me!

Ruan Yang walked over quickly, grabbed Shan Weiyi’s hand carrying bricks, and held him tight.

Shan Weiyi was just a cripple, Ruan Yang was still confident to deal with it.

Ruan Yang was arguing with Shan Weiyi while shouting for someone.

Shan Weiyi clearly felt that Ruan Yang deliberately pulled himself towards the water at this moment—according to Shan Weiyi’s character design, he can’t swim, and the vicious cannon fodder doesn’t have a halo protection like the protagonist. If Shan Weiyi falls into the water, he can only GG and fail directly.

Shan Weiyi didn’t expect Ruan Yang to be so ruthless, planning to physically destroy himself directly!

This was also a dangerous move for Ruan Yang. He intends to follow his “careless” personality, pretending to accidentally get Shan Weiyi into the water, and see if he can directly kill Shan Weiyi.

Ruan Yang pulled Shan Weiyi, pulling his arms hard, wanting to use the inertia of the wheelchair to throw Shan Weiyi into the water.

However, at this moment, something unexpected happened—

Shan Weiyi smiled charmingly—and

Stood up!

Shan Weiyi…

Stood up!

—What a medical miracle! ! !

Wen Lu was stunned.

Ruan Yang was stunned.

Shan Weiyi didn’t wait for the two to react, did a shoulder throw, and threw Ruan Yang into the water.

Ruan Yang was so frightened that he jumped to the shore with Wen Lu, but was hit by Shan Weiyi with a brick on the forehead. 

Shan Weiyi stood majestically on the bank, holding a brick in one hand, pointing to the ground with the other, and said, “Stay in the water to cool off for this master.”

Wen Lu and Ruan Yang: ….. This is an inherent act – a true bully.

On this day, Wen Lu and Ruan Yang’s swimming experience value increased by 500%.

After returning, both Ruan Yang and Wen Lu fell ill. Ruan Yang was a little sunny character. He was in good health, so not seriously ill. But Wen Lu was delicate and soft, so he had a high fever when he returned home.

Wen Lu was lying on the bed, his face was green and his lips were white, so pitiful. The prince reached out his hand to brush his hot forehead, and looked out the window with heavy eyes: “Where is the one with the surname Shan?”

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