Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Jun Gengjin works his part-time job

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Jun Gengjin came to the headquarters as “Jun Gu”.

Stepping into this familiar office area again, Jun Gengjin was filled with emotion. He never thought that one day he would see another sitting in his boss chair.

What’s more, he didn’t expect that it would be a cat sitting in his chair.

Jun Gengjin definitely recognized this cat: Isn’t this “your daddy”?

Jun Gengjin originally thought that “your daddy” was still in the laboratory. But after thinking about it, Xi Zhitong’s diary in “your daddy”‘s brain had been deciphered, and the experimental value left in the laboratory was not that great. On the contrary, Shan Weiyi was very ingenious, and unexpectedly thought of using this highly intelligent pet to help with official duties.

Thinking of this, Jun Gengjin looked at Shan Weiyi with a little more appreciation in his eyes – yes, appreciation, not hatred, not resentment, but appreciation… and longing.

Jun Gengjin was conceited and arrogant, and would not fall in love with others easily. Even for Bai Nuo, he was just a white lotus, and was not rare once he obained it.

In the original plot, Jun Gengjin confirmed that he was just young and had an ignorant longing for Bai Nuo halfway through the plot. The person he really liked was Shan Yunyun. What was it of “Shan Yunyun’s” that moved Jun Gengjin? It was him who can turn the world upside down in the business world, and be able to love and hurt Jun Gengjin.

What Jun Gengjin really liked was someone who can wrestle with him.

Shan Weiyi sat lazily on the sofa next to him, not like the president, but better than the president. He did not dress like Jun Gengjin’s three-piece suit that looked elite, he was casual. He only wore a beige jacquard sweater with black truffle-colored pencil pants. The glazed rose ring dripping with oil suddenly made his fingers look like glacier.

Jun Gengjin noticed that the Tongzi cat was also wearing a jacquard sweater of the same style, with a cat collar around his neck, and the same glass roses on the collar.

It’s not uncommon for cat lovers to wear the same style as cats. Jun Gengjin even remembered that Shan Weiyi liked cats, so he didn’t think much about it.

Jun Gengjin’s gaze swiveled and sized them up and down, between Tongzi cat and Shan Weiyi, until Shan Weiyi asked him, “Have you seen enough?”

Only then did Jun Gengjin realize his impoliteness—he also hadn’t done social etiquette as the lower person in a long time, he could only smile apologetically, and say, “I’m sorry, I just… thought this cat was too pretty.”

“What ‘this cat’? No one told you about the rules here before you came?” Shan Weiyi said proudly, “It’s Boss Tong!”

Jun Gengjin was stunned for a moment, and said, “Tong… Which tong is it?”

“Of course its the Tong from ‘It simply must be Wutong, but not limited to that*’.” Shan Weiyi said.

* when you don’t know the true intentions of others, or the truth of things, you must not be suspicious

“It simply must be Wutong, but not limited to that…” Jun Gengjin murmured: Isn’t that the Tong of Xi Zhitong?

Thinking of this, Jun Gengjin couldn’t help but look at the Tongzi cat more. He thought to himself: It seems that there was indeed an affair between Shan Weiyi and Xi Zhitong! Therefore, Xi Zhitong risked his life to help him, and let him flee with his research results… Now it seems that Shan Weiyi also had some interests in Xi Zhitong so Shan Weiyi treated this cat so well. Was he thinking about the person when he saw the cat?

Jun Gengjin was thinking wildly, but on the surface he still maintained a state of conversation.

He came to Shan Weiyi under the pretense of “Jun Gu” and talked about his admiration for Shan Weiyi. He acted like the most current-minded person in the family, insisting that he had no part in the conspiracy against Shan Weiyi. He said that he admired Shan Weiyi very much, and his words revealed the meaning of taking refuge in Shan Weiyi.

He believed that Shan Weiyi would not reject him.

Although Shan Weiyi temporarily took the position of president with an iron fist, he still needed the support of people from the Jun family and he was exactly the person Shan Weiyi needed to stabilize his empire.

Jun Gengjin tried his best to recommend himself, but Shan Weiyi just smiled lightly. After a while, Shan Weiyi said, “Those characters in your family are just ants, and I don’t pay attention to them at all.”

Hearing Shan Weiyi say this about his family, Jun Gengjin didn’t have any negative emotions at all, and even nodded in agreement. 

After all, Jun Gengjin was adopted.

But Shan Weiyi said again: “Jun Gengjin is different from those ants.”

Hearing this sentence, Jun Gengjin couldn’t help feeling emotional: Sure enough, he also regarded me as an opponent.

The next second, he heard Shan Weiyi say: “Jun Gengjin is definitely not an ant, he is a toad.”

Jun Gengjin: …

Shan Weiyi smiled at “Jun Gu” and said, “What about you? What do you think?”

Jun Gengjin swallowed his saliva, told himself “a man can bend and stretch”, and said with a smile on his face, “Jun Gengjin is indeed… indeed similar to a toad.”

He still showed mercy to himself and used the elegant, more formal name of a toad .

Shan Weiyi chuckled and said, “Okay, I understand why you came here but I don’t know what skills you have yet. You have to let me see your abilities so that I can entrust you with important tasks, isn’t that right?”

“Of course. I’ll let you see.” Jun Gengjin straightened his back: His purpose of coming here was precisely to let Shan Weiyi see his excellence!

Although Jun Gengjin’s physical body died, he was still the only owner of the “door”. Neither Shan Weiyi nor Dao Danmo had permission to use the “door”. Because of this, Jun Gengjin did not panic at all. He can still use the “door” through his consciousness, and even control the Jun system network. If he wished, he can return to the Jun family at any time with Jun Gengjin’s authority, and kick Shan Weiyi off the throne of president.

But he wasn’t going to do that.

Compared with the throne of the head of the Jun family, what he wanted more urgently was Shan Weiyi.

He wanted to get close to Shan Weiyi as “Jun Gu” and make Shan Weiyi like him. Not only that, but when Shan Weiyi falls in love with him, he will return in glory and drive Shan Weiyi from the position of president.

In this way, Shan Weiyi was bound to be completely subdued.

Jun Gengjin said to Shan Weiyi, “You can rest assured that you can give me any work, and I will definitely be able to satisfy you.”

Shan Weiyi lazily said: “Young man, I can see that you are very motivated and have great potential. But after all, you have to start from the bottom. Otherwise, everyone will not accept it. In this way, you will start as an intern assistant. How about it?”

The old president of Jun had said this to Jun Gengjin before, so Jun Gengjin didn’t think there was any problem at all. At that time, Jun Gengjin also started as an intern and then rose to the position of president, step by step.

He believed that if he did it all over again, there would be no problems, and he would only do better. Just like a dungeon that had been cleared before, isn’t that rushing to get an S-level score!

But Jun Gengjin completely overlooked a fact: he was an intern back then, and he went there as the adopted son of Boss Jun. Everyone knew that he was the son of the phoenix and the grandson of the dragon. Boss Jun also appreciated him, so his journey can be said to be smooth and the occasional little pain was also an encouragement.

And now…

After Shan Weiyi arranged for Jun Gengjin to be his assistant, he called Secretary Wang into the office again, and said, “I just arranged a new intern assistant, that mushroom… Jun Gu, you know him, right? 

Secretary Wang listened to Shan Weiyi’s disdainful tone, and even called the wrong name, and he understood it in his heart: “Yes, Boss Jun’s nephew?”

“Boss Jun?” Shan Weiyi squinted, “Who is Boss Jun?”

Secretary Wang broke out in a cold sweat: “I was wrong, I meant…Jun Gengjin.” This was the first time Secretary Wang called Jun Gengjin by his first name. After yelling like that, Secretary Wang felt nervous and excited, even a little refreshed, and wanted to curse or spit again.

Shan Weiyi laughed and said, “Well, if you figured out what the boss’s surname is now, then that’s good.”

Secretary Wang understood, and replied, “I understand.”

Shan Weiyi waved his hand and let Secretary Wang go out.

Jun Gengjin was arranged to be next to the bathroom. He was naturally upset, so he told Secretary Wang that he wanted to change positions. Secretary Wang was an old acquaintance of his, and when he saw Secretary Wang, he naturally assumed his old attitude. That domineering president attitude almost made Secretary Wang laugh angrily: This Jun Gu dares to show off his young master attitude in front of me! Did he even look at whether the boss’s surname is Jun now!

Secretary Wang sneered and said, “There’s no room. If you don’t like it, you can work in the aisle, where the air is the freshest.”

Jun Gengjin was stunned by Secretary Wang’s rebuke. He had known Secretary Wang for so many years, and this was the first time he had seen Secretary Wang look so arrogant.

Before Jun Gengjin could use his brains to turn the corner, Secretary Wang snorted coldly and left.

Jun Gengjin never expected that Secretary Wang would have such an attitude towards him. He secretly analyzed and thought that Secretary Wang himself was a person who flattered his superiors and bullied his subordinates. Such people were not uncommon. He knew that there were many such people in his company but he won’t mind too much, because he had always been the one who was “flattered”, and today was the first time he had been “treated poorly”.

He said to himself: Just bear with it for a while, as long as Shan Weiyi sees his strength, he will naturally be promoted, and then Secretary Wang will still have to bow to him.

Unexpectedly, he had no place to display his strength at all.

Usually his job was to order takeout, send and receive express delivery, charge the sweeping robot, etc; no one would praise him if he did a good job. College students aren’t idiots.

Jun Gengjin really wanted to immediately manipulate the “door” system to electrocute Secretary Wang to death, but he was afraid that this would expose his identity and let Shan Weiyi notice, so he could only bear his anger.

One day, Jun Gengjin deliberately went to the CEO’s office to deliver coffee. He saw Shan Weiyi hugging the Tongzi cat in his arms. Although Shan Weiyi was tall and slender, he looked pampered in the big cat’s arms. The cat looked cute, but when the cat became as big as a beast, you can see that the muscles of its limbs were flexible, and the cat’s paws, which should make people feel soft and cute, were full of aggression when they rested on the beauty’s slender waist.

When Jun Gengjin walked in, the Tongzi cat, who was rubbing against Shan Weiyi’s shoulder, immediately raised his face, his cat eyes shone sharply, making people frightened, and he breathed out, as if threatening in a low voice.

Jun Gengjin paused, looking at the appearance of the human and cat, feeling that something was wrong, but he couldn’t think of what was wrong.

Sensing that Jun Gengjin came in, Shan Weiyi hurriedly helped Tongzi cat button the cat’s shirt, muttering in a low voice: “Don’t be disheveled in front of outsiders.”

Tongzi cat said seriously: “Don’t worry, master, I will keep my cat morals.” 

Jun Gengjin never thought that there were still cats in the world who were willing to wear clothes obediently, maybe this was a smart pet.

Jun Gengjin coughed and said to Shan Weiyi: “Hehe, did I come at the wrong time? Young Master Shan looks busy?”

“Yes, so you know.” Shan Weiyi bluntly said.

Jun Gengjin choked for a moment, then smiled again: “I’m here to report my thoughts.”

Shan Weiyi said lazily, “Then tell me.”

Jun Gengjin immediately said one of his business ideas. With many years of experience and unique information advantages, he believed that his plan was completely mature, feasible, and even amazing.

After Shan Weiyi listened, he said: “Your idea is a bit interesting, write a more specific proposal, and I’ll take a look at it.”

Jun Gengjin turned around and wrote the proposal. Secretary Wang asked him to do chores, and he said, “Boss Shan asked me to write a plan, I don’t have time for that now.”

Secretary Wang didn’t dare to say anything when he heard him mention President Shan. Unexpectedly, Shan Weiyi “just happened” to pass by at this time, and said: “You have to write the plan and you have to do your job well. Young people like you have to be down-to-earth.”

Jun Gengjin gritted his teeth and had no choice but to listen to Secretary Wang. Seeing Shan Weiyi’s attitude, Secretary Wang became more aware. After being insulted by Jun Gengjin, Secretary Wang decided to pay back a hundredfold. He directly stopped the bathroom cleaning robot and told Jun Gengjin to clean the toilet.

Jun Gengjin was even more furious: I am a domineering CEO, but I have to clean the toilet?! If Shan Weiyi or Dao Danmo finds out, will I still be able to look like Shan Weiyi’s lover in the future? If you let Slave A know, won’t he laugh until he’s super brain-crazy!

Jun Gengjin looked at Secretary Wang angrily, and then paid a part-time worker to clean the toilet.

After he finished paying, he found out that the bank balance was only eight yuan. He panicked: Eight yuan? How could it be only eight yuan?

He took the status of “Jun Gu”. Although “Jun Gu” was not as rich as Jun Gengjin, he was also a top rich second generation, how can he have no money?

He took a closer look, only to realize that because he had surrendered to Shan Weiyi and angered the seniors of the Jun family, the Jun family had blocked his finances.

Jun Gengjin still remembered the password of the private bank account under Jun Gengjin’s name. Of course, he had a way to get money for himself, but he was also afraid of attracting Shan Weiyi’s attention, so he dared not act rashly. So, he sat on the toilet deep in thought.

Just as he was meditating, the toilet suddenly issued a sharp beep: Please pay attention! Please note! Employee No. 4321 had used up his paid sh*t time, please leave the toilet immediately, or enter pay sh*t mode.

Jun Gengjin: … F*ck. Who designed this insane toilet? Huh? It seems to be me.

Jun Gengjin left the bathroom with a skeptical look on his face, it was already off-duty time. People left the office one after another. Jun Gengjin was a little dazed: “Why did everyone leave so early?”

A colleague said to Jun Gengjin, “Don’t you know yet? Young Master Shan is carrying out reforms, saying that he will implement a nine-to-five work week system!” As he said that, the colleague’s face was beaming, “Anyway, as long as the work is completed, you can leave.”

Jun Gengjin turned pale with shock: “But the work can’t be completed! Leave work at 5 pm and off on weekends? Can you finish work in time? Being so lazy, how can the employees realize their self-worth?” 

The colleague was shocked, looked at Jun Gengjin with the eyes of looking at a pile of stinky sh*t, pinched his nose and hurried away from him.

Jun Gengjin was also shocked. After living for so long, it was the first time someone looked at him like sh*t. Anyway, he was also a tall, rich and handsome man! Even when he was an orphan in the research institute back then, he was still a handsome and sweet-mouthed boy, and Bai Nuo protected a demon-like kid like him. Apart from the physical pain of the body modification, he had not suffered any spiritual harm. On the contrary, he was well protected by Bai Nuo. After that, he was successfully transformed and adopted by the Jun family, and even became a master. This had also developed his unique character.

Jun Gengjin still worked overtime at his job – not that he really liked to work overtime, but that he will not be disturbed by Secretary Wang only after work time, so he can complete the plan for the boss with peace of mind.

Shan Weiyi did not encourage overtime work, so everyone in the president’s office left work early, and only Jun Gengjin worked alone. Originally, Secretary Wang was the only one in the president’s office who didn’t like Jun Gengjin, and the others at most just stood by and watched, and those who were more enthusiastic would occasionally help him. But now, Jun Gengjin was being sneered at by the office workers because of his crazy overtime work and the announcement that “overtime work is good for employee development and leaving work at five o’clock was lazy behavior”.

Jun Gengjin experienced what it’s like to be bullied in the workplace, which was not a good feeling. But he didn’t take it seriously. After all, in his eyes, both his colleagues and Secretary Wang were nothing but ants. Sooner or later, he would trample them under his feet. Of course, he didn’t care about their opinions. Although they were hostile to him, Jun Gengjin can only lament that “it was a mediocrity to envy others”. He believed that Shan Weiyi was a smart person, and as long as he showed his excellence, Shan Weiyi would definitely appreciate him. When the time comes, these bullies will definitely kneel and lick his feet in turn.

Jun Gengjin tried his best to be steadfast and forbearing. While wearing the boss’s small shoes and receiving the eyes of his colleagues, he worked overtime to come up with plans to improve his grades. On this point, Shan Weiyi, who was watching coldly, had to give him a thumbs up: Jun Gengjin was worthy of being an Old Capitalist Dog, he really had something. Even if he was upset, he did what he had to do. Even if Secretary Wang asked him to clean the toilet, no matter how uncomfortable and unwilling he was, he would still hold back his anger to clean the toilet so that no one could find a single fault. Over time, Secretary Wang didn’t give him too much trouble.

Cleaning the toilet was just that, let alone come up with a plan-this was also the old profession of the Old Capitalist Dog. Jun Gengjin made this PPT, maniacally polished the plan step by step, which made it so wonderful that he was full of admiration. In this way, he cheered up and walked towards Shan Weiyi’s office with his head held high.

He believed that it was impossible for Shan Weiyi not to be amazed by such a perfect plan!

As long as Shan Weiyi appreciated him, he could counterattack and make Secretary Wang clean ten times as many toilets as he had cleaned!

Thinking so, he raised his head and walked into Shan Weiyi’s office.

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