Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 62

Chapter 62 How to Abuse the Old Capitalist Dog

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Shan Weiyi’s eye waves sent light spring emotions like a dream. How could Dao Danmo not be moved?

But Shan Weiyi asked him: Will you believe me?

——It’s okay not to ask, but after asking this question again and again, Dao Danmo’s sensitive and suspicious heart immediately rang the alarm: Why did he ask me like that? And asked more than once…

Could it be, was this his purpose?

It was really hard for Dao Danmo to believe that Shan Weiyi really loved himself. Not only because Shan Weiyi was a terrible high-dimensional creature, but also because the acquaintance time between him and Shan Weiyi was too short. During this period, it seemed that no romantic scenes were created that were beautiful enough to make Shan Weiyi’s heartbeat.

No matter how he thought about it, it was impossible for Shan Weiyi to really fall in love with him.

Shan Weiyi asked this question with ulterior motives.

Dao Danmo’s eyes immediately darkened, and his tone was indifferent: “Believe you? Do I look like a fool?”

Dao Danmo indifferently denied it, but Shan Weiyi didn’t seem disappointed at all, not even surprised.

He sighed slightly, and said, “Of course you shouldn’t believe me.”

Dao Danmo stared at Shan Weiyi and remained silent, but he heard Shan Weiyi continue on his own: “It’s like how I don’t believe you really love me.” 

As soon as these words were uttered, they pierced Danmo’s heart like a knife.

Dao Danmo was in pain and anger: Don’t believe in it?

His face was almost contorted, and his eyes seemed to ooze poisonous juice. He almost turned into a vicious crow and asked him hoarsely: Why don’t you believe me? I would give everything for you! You don’t believe that I love you? You are nothing short of a demon!

However, he didn’t say anything.

He was as handsome and silent as a renaissance marble statue.

Shan Weiyi no longer explained anything to Dao Danmo, let alone make him believe his own words. He proposed to take Dao Danmo out of the hospital and take him home. Dao Danmo said that since he recovered, he should stay in the laboratory and continue his research.

“Study Xi Zhitong’s results?” Shan Weiyi asked.

Hearing this, Dao Danmo seemed a little embarrassed. His research level lagged behind that of Xi Zhitong, and now he had to use Xi Zhitong’s “inheritance” as a textbook. Dao Danmo was still very proud of his profession, he really didn’t expect such an existence to crush him suddenly. He was unwilling to admit defeat, let alone admit defeat in front of the person he likes.

Dao Danmo turned cold, and said, “He should be your partner? Maybe, he is also a high-dimensional creature?”

“He was not a high-dimensional creature.” Shan Weiyi answered simply and sincerely, he really thought this: How can Tongzi be considered a “biological creature”?

Shan Weiyi smiled lightly: “But if thinking this way can make your self-esteem feel better, you can also believe it.”

Dao Danmo’s face was almost distorted.

Shan Weiyi and Dao Danmo “lived separately” as a matter of course.

Dao Danmo thought he could forget everything while being immersed in his work, but looking at Xi Zhitong’s diary, he became more and more powerless. Xi Zhitong had already written well the achievements that needed breakthroughs in the near future, even the youngest doctor under Dao Danmo can rely on Xi Zhitong’s notes to preside over the project. Dao Danmo’s research in front of Xi Zhitong was like child’s play, stupid and ridiculous.

Dao Danmo couldn’t settle down to study, impetuous, he always thought of Shan Weiyi in the dead of night.

Ever since he met “Bai Nuo”, they had always been inseparable. Looking back now, it was because no matter what, “Bai Nuo” needed to attack him. Therefore, these two “Bai Nuo” would revolve around him, day and night like the earth revolves around the sun.

But now, “Bai Nuo” was gone, and there was only one Shan Weiyi, who did his own thing.

Shan Weiyi did not continue to dress up in the style of “Bai Nuo”, and no longer circled around Dao Danmo. The “Bai Nuo” who focused on Dao Danmo completely disappeared without a trace, but Shan Weiyi did not look for other people, and there was no sign of attacking other men.

Dao Danmo couldn’t help being curious about what Shan Weiyi wanted to do now.

He silently paid attention to the movement of Shan Weiyi – this was not difficult. Shan Weiyi did not hide his whereabouts from him. Dao Danmo can go online at any time to check Shan Weiyi’s schedule.

Dao Danmo was like a young man who was chasing a celebrity using social media for the first time. He had to refresh the page from time to time to see if there were any new notifications—Did Shan Weiyi update his status? Had Shan Weiyi updated his schedule? Who did Shan Weiyi like? …

He followed Shan Weiyi crazily and quietly, like a stalker hiding in a corner.

Of course, he was not so “hidden”.

Shan Weiyi’s state was made public to him because Shan Weiyi wanted him to see it.

In the CEO’s office, Shan Weiyi was resting on the sofa, while another person was sitting on the boss chair—oh, it’s not quite right to say it’s a person…

It’s a cat.

The people in Jun corporation’s president’s office were shocked when they saw the cat for the first time. In addition to the surprising fact that the new president brought a cat to work, it was also because the cat was too big. This also allowed everyone to see at a glance that this was the product of the Spirit Beast Project. This “Master Yi” was originally the size of an ordinary cat, but now it had grown into it’s full body, the size of an adult leopard.

Interestingly, even though it was the size of a leopard, it still had the shape of a cat, growing up in proportion like a cat, making him look cool and cute. Shan Weiyi was walking on the road, and the cat was majestically by his side, with its fluffy tail still standing up, hooking Shan Weiyi’s wrist from time to time.

The cat immediately became the center of the conversation, and everyone whispered: “Is the CEO a cat slave? Why did he bring the cat to work?”

Secretary Wang, who had been Jun Gengjin’s secretary, whispered: “That’s not a cat, it’s your daddy! “

Everyone was shocked: “Why are you cursing?”

“No, no, no, not cursing!” Secretary Wang explained, “That cat is called ‘Your daddy’. It is a research achievement worth hundreds of billions.”

“Worth hundreds of billions? Are you kidding me?”

“Really, your daddy can not only talk, but can also write!”

Secretary Wang brewed coffee and entered the office, seeing the cat working, and kept calm while seeing the unexpected. He only smiled and said to Shan Weiyi who was lying on the sofa, “Young Master Shan, here is your coffee.”

“Put it down.” Shan Weiyi said lazily.

As Jun Gengjin’s chief secretary, Secretary Wang actually knew a lot. Jun Gengjin’s sudden “disappearance”, Dao Danmo’s “comatose” inexplicably, “Bai Nuo” changing his name to Shan Weiyi and becoming the boss of the Jun Corporation, Secretary Wang roughly guessed that there was something dark things that happened inside.

Now that Shan Weiyi was the boss, Secretary Wang naturally wanted to flatter him but he didn’t know where to start. He rolled his eyes, and seeing that Shan Weiyi loved the cat very much, Secretary Wang smiled and said, “Your daddy looks a lot cuter.”

Shan Weiyi: …………

“Your daddy has a good appetite recently, it looks slick…” Secretary Wang continued to praise the Tongzi cat endlessly.

Shan Weiyi coughed and said, “We are all so familiar, you can call him by his nickname.”

Secretary Wang hurriedly asked him, “What is your daddy’s nickname?”

Shan Weiyi thought for a while, and said casually. “…Call him Boss Tong.”

From then on, everyone in the company called Tongzi cat as Boss Tong.

Boss Tong conscientiously handled work affairs, read financial reports, and managed the company according to Shan Weiyi’s wishes. Shan Weiyi was happy to be at leisure, holding the cat twice a day.

Shan Weiyi listened to the favorable impression in his head, yawned boredly, touched Tongzi cat’s head, and said, “Has Jun Gengjin come?”

Tongzi cat replied: “Yes. He has already arrived at Jun headquarters.”

Three months ago, Shan Weiyi shot Jun Gengjin in front of Dao Danmo, disposed of Jun Gengjin’s body, and announced Jun Gengjin’s mysterious disappearance.

Many people suspected that Jun Gengjin’s disappearance was caused by Shan Weiyi – of course their suspicions were correct.

But there were very few people who really wanted to avenge Jun Gengjin, and there were quite a few who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to even seize power and usurp the throne.

However, these people who intended to seek power and usurp the throne suddenly had accidents.

Looking at the accident report, Shan Weiyi sighed slightly, dialed a number, and said, “You’re almost done.”

Shen Yu’s faint voice came from the other end of the communicator: “What does Young Master Shan mean? I don’t understand.”

“You still don’t understand?” Shan Weiyi sneered, “The second young master of the Jun family who had a car accident two months ago, the third son-in-law of the Jun family who drowned in the bubble bath, and Uncle Jun who was electrocuted by sex toys while playing OO…do you understand?”

Shen Yu said warmly, “These people were really unfortunate.”

The people he mentioned were going to murder Shan Weiyi, and Shan Weiyi and Tongzi hadn’t had time to do anything yet when Shen Yu made the first move. It stands to reason that Shen Yu’s intelligence cannot be better than Tongzi’s. It was impossible for him to know the plans of these people earlier than Shan Weiyi, and make a move earlier than Shan Weiyi.

Then there was only one possibility left – Shen Yu didn’t know the specific plan of several relatives of Jun’s family to murder Shan Weiyi. But from Shen Yu’s point of view, these people were likely to be detrimental to Shan Weiyi, so Shen Yu didn’t even bother to determine what plans these people had, and he wasn’t even sure whether these people would really murder Shan Weiyi.

Shen Yu didn’t think about anything, and directly killed the person.

Without Jun Gengjin, the Freedom Federation would have no one who could control the “door”. It was very easy for Shen Yu, who held two cheats, Ruan Yang and Wen Lu, to do anything.

Shen Yu said softly, “Is Jun Gengjin really dead?”

Shan Weiyi raised his eyebrows, “What do you think?”

“I don’t know,” Shen Yu replied.

Shan Weiyi asked, “Do you want to know?”

“You want me to know, then I want to know. If you don’t want me to know, then I don’t know.” Shen Yu’s voice was soft.

Shan Weiyi only said: “Then you need to know one thing, I don’t like killing innocent people indiscriminately.”

Shen Yu was a little surprised: was there the phrase “killing innocent people indiscriminately” in the dictionary of high-dimensional creatures? He thought that in the eyes of Shan Weiyi, killing thousands of people in this world was no different from trampling ants to death.

So does Shan Weiyi maintain equal affection for the human beings in this world?

Shen Yu suddenly remembered Shan Weiyi’s care and protection for Zhang Li.

At this moment, Shen Yu asked angrily: “Then am I innocent?”

Shan Weiyi: …You have a thick skin for being able to ask this question.

But Shan Weiyi still decently did not say what was in his heart, and only said: “The scumbags of the Jun family are not innocent.”

Shen Yu smiled bitterly: “You mean, neither myself nor them are innocent. If we die, it’s nothing to be sorry about.”

Shan Weiyi threw out a scumbag phrase at random: “I can’t help you if you think like that.”

Shen Yu sighed and said: “If Jun Gengjin really died, I am afraid that the emperor will take the opportunity to attack the Federation and occupy the ‘door’. Then, as the current head of the Jun family, I am afraid that you will also be in danger.”

Shan Weiyi smiled and said: “Don’t try it. Whether Jun Gengjin is dead or not, you already know.”

Shen Yu paused, and before he had time to make a show with Shan Weiyi and ring the bell, Shan Weiyi decisively cut off the communication.

He walked out of the bedroom with a sigh, only to see the prince sitting outside with a straight face. Shen Yu smiled at the prince and said, “Shan Weiyi called just now and asked us about those scumbags in the Jun family. He also warned us not to kill any more people. He doesn’t like it.”

Hearing this, Nu Tianjiao’s expression turned pale and gloomy: “I really don’t know what to do! Doesn’t he know that these people want to kill him? We helped him, and he complained?!”

Shen Yu looked depressed: “It may be because he hate us, so no matter what we do, we only annoy him even more.”

Nu Tianjiao’s face was so gloomy that he could leak water: “He…he doesn’t like us that much?” As he spoke, Nu Tianjiao gritted his teeth: “He…has he ever asked about me? With these words, Nu Tianjiao was also very nervous and embarrassed, his expression was like that of a ten-year-old child who was about to admit that he wetted the bed.

Shen Yu shook his head silently, and said, “I tried to mention you to him, saying that you wanted to see him too, but he said… well… it’s better not to know what he said.”

Hearing this, Nu Tianjiao turned red and said angrily: “I don’t care to know what he said! Besides, who told you to talk nonsense to him?” After speaking, Nu Tianjiao left angrily, leaving Shen Yu smiling.

Shen Yu could guess that Jun Gengjin was not dead, but Shan Weiyi was 100% sure that Jun Gengjin was still alive.

Shan Weiyi asked Jun Gengjin to decipher Xi Zhitong’s log and obtain consciousness transfer technology, not just to restore Dao Danmo’s health.

After cracking the consciousness transfer technology, Jun Gengjin made use of the “door” technology, and first installed a “reincarnation insurance” for himself for consciousness transfer—that is, when it detects that Jun Gengjin is dying, the “door” would activate and transfer Jun Gengjin’s consciousness to another prepared “reincarnation body” before his brain died.

Therefore, Shan Weiyi dared to shoot Jun Gengjin boldly.

Jun Gengjin’s physical body was shattered, but his consciousness can be reincarnated.

“The reincarnation identity he chose for himself must be good.” Shan Weiyi said lightly.

In fact, he didn’t have to bother to guess the reincarnation identity he chose for himself, all he needed to do was open Jun Gengjin’s safe and look at Jun Gengjin’s will.

Jun Gengjin’s will stated that if he died, all his property would be transferred to his nephew Jun Gu.

It was conceivable that the real “Jun Gu” should have been killed by Jun Gengjin, and the current “Jun Gu” was a bionic person carrying Jun Gengjin’s consciousness.

Tongzi cat was sitting in front of the computer, with its tail up, its meaty paws in its mouth, and a pair of smart glasses on the cat’s face, and it said softly: “This ‘Jun Gu’ had come to the headquarters, and wants to use the I will meet you as an important member of your family.”

Jun Gengjin had already prepared everything in order to prevent himself from having an accident. However, Jun Gengjin never thought that it would take three months for the consciousness to transfer and fuse with the new body.

Like Dao Danmo, Jun Gengjin just woke up and was shocked to find the world turned upside down.

Shan Weiyi smiled lightly and said, “Okay, I’ve been waiting for him too.” 

Tongzi cat said, “What are you going to do with him?” 

Shan Weiyi calmly replied: “First abuse him a little, then talk.”

Although Tongzi cat didn’t understand, he never questioned Shan Weiyi’s decision, so he just asked: “How do you plan to abuse him? Do you want to abuse him physically? Or mentally?” 

“Both.” The cold president Shan Weiyi said, “I want him – to work.”

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