Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 71

Chapter 71 The Emperor’s Confession

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“It’s up to me to judge whether it’s too much.” Shan Weiyi said indifferently, “What is it?” 

The emperor said, “I hope you will stay by my side until the day when I die in this world.”

“The end of your life? “Shan Weiyi paused, his eyes became defensive, “You will never have that day.” 

The emperor was a super-brain, he was a body of consciousness, not a physical body. He was not a human being in the true sense, and naturally he would not die one day.

The emperor smiled lightly and said: “If my guess is correct, you came here to kill me.”

Shan Weiyi did not deny it: “You killed me once, and I will kill you once. There seems to be no injustice.”

“Of course, this is fair, and I am willing to accept it.” The emperor said happily, “So, what I mean is that I hope you will stay with me until the day you successfully kill me.”

Shan Weiyi smiled: “Being killed doesn’t count as ‘end of your life’, right?”

“For me, yes.” The emperor’s golden pupils glowed softly, “If you are the one who killed me.” 

The emperor was so affectionate and friendly, but Shan Weiyi only felt hypocrisy: The emperor cannot be captured without a fight.

But who isn’t able to show false emotions? Shan Weiyi was also an expert. He rolled his eyes, smiled and said cheerfully: “Okay, that would be the best.” 

The emperor sent Xi Zhitong’s “body” back to Shan Weiyi, and Shan Weiyi ordered Xi Zhitong to “resurrect”.

Xi Zhitong came back to life, opened his eyes and stared at the emperor for three seconds. 

The emperor pointed to a side room next to him and said, “My suggestion is that you rest inside. If you have nothing special to do, please don’t walk around.”

What he meant was that Xi Zhitong can only stay in the side hall, so not to obstruct His Majesty, the Emperor’s eyes.

Shan Weiyi asked, “What about me?”

When facing Shan Weiyi, the emperor immediately changed his expression and tone: “You can go anywhere, including the most important, restricted areas.”

Shan Weiyi asked: “Where is the most important restricted area?” 

The emperor: “My mind here.”

Shan Weiyi: Help, AI can also speak earthy love words.

But the emperor explained: “I’m talking about the ‘mind’ in the physical sense.”

After speaking, the emperor pointed in another direction: “I can take you to have a look, if you don’t mind it.” 

He frowned, and glanced at Xi Zhitong out of the corner of his eye.

The emperor said in a deep voice: “Of course, if you want to go, you can’t take Xi Zhitong with you.” 

Shan Weiyi didn’t think much of it. Xi Zhitong was a top-notch AI, if the emperor allowed him to be brought, naturally it would be self-destruction of the Great Wall.

Shan Weiyi was naturally interested in the emperor’s “mind”, so he said to Xi Zhitong, “Stay here and wait for me to come back.” 

Xi Zhitong sat in his original spot, his expression was not heavy or light. He did not look like he was being abandoned by his lover, he patiently and gently said: “Okay.”

Waiting for Shan Weiyi was what he was most used to doing.

It’s like a computer in the study. It can be on standby as long as it had power, and it would never feel impatient because of it. When the owner wakes up, he would be lit up immediately, without being tired or unwilling.

The emperor also understood this very well, he understood what state Xi Zhitong was in.

He also smiled lightly, and said: “Don’t bother to wait, just stay here and watch.” 

Before Shan Weiyi could understand what the emperor meant, Xi Zhitong understood. This emotionally stable artificial intelligence rarely felt unhappy: “You mean…”

Shan Weiyi also understood: “The ‘mind’ you mentioned is not a place…not a place in the physical sense.”

Shan Weiyi thought it was some kind of control room. He was still limited in his thoughts.

The emperor’s “mind”, of course, referred to his “mind”, nothing else.

Shan Weiyi remembered that before he was sent to the Federation by the emperor, the emperor had suggested that Shan Weiyi open up his sea of ​​consciousness and merge brain connection with the emperor.

However, before Shan Weiyi answered, Xi Zhitong in his mind said: I disagree.

Because of this, his mechanical voice changed from its usual natural smoothness, and became stiff and stagnant, as if there was a problem with the sound card.

Xi Zhitong loved Shan Weiyi, since it was a private love, it must be accompanied by a desire for monopoly. It’s just that Xi Zhitong’s desire for monopoly was different from that of human beings. He didn’t care about the back-and-forth between Shan Weiyi and the scum Gongs, but he had a strong desire to monopolize Shan Weiyi’s brain.

This exclusive desire made Xi Zhitong uncharacteristically persuade the master not to do something.

And now, it happened again.

Xi Zhitong’s face became weird, like a child who didn’t know how to manage his expressions, cute but stupid, stupid but cute.

The emperor didn’t give Xi Zhitong a look, but just looked at Shan Weiyi: “Are you going to look into my mind?”

Shan Weiyi was aware of Xi Zhitong’s unhappiness, and at the same time, he always kept a close eye on the matter of sharing consciousness. He raised his eyebrows and said, “As you can see, my baby doesn’t like me doing this.”

After saying this, the expressions of Xi Zhitong and the emperor changed.

Xi Zhitong was obviously pleased, his childish expression disappeared without a trace, and he changed back to that calm and steady scientist.

The emperor’s expression rarely showed a trace of embarrassment, but he quickly covered it up and said, “Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want you to open up your sea of ​​consciousness—I know, this is something that requires a deep relationship to make you willing. Our relationship will definitely reach this point one day, but not today.”

If Xi Zhitong was as eloquent as the emperor, then he would reply at this time: “This is not a relationship, but an honor, and I enjoy it exclusively.” But he was not.

Xi Zhitong did not have the personality of a strategist like the emperor, his mind was as clear as the best lake water, and he could see the bottom at a glance. This kind of person’s words were always clumsy, and they were less likely to speak offensive words.

Therefore, he didn’t argue, but just looked at Shan Weiyi with tenderness and joy.

Shan Weiyi also glanced at Xi Zhitong, his eyes were so soft and kind that the emperor was jealous.

Shan Weiyi quickly withdrew his gaze, and said to the emperor amusedly: “What do you mean, Your Majesty?” 

The emperor replied: “It’s not you who will open the sea of ​​consciousness to me, but I who will open the sea of ​​consciousness to you.”

Xi Zhitong couldn’t calm down anymore, and almost cried out: What’s the difference!

The difference was roughly, one was that his boyfriend would be seen naked by others, and the other was that someone else will show his naked body. To Xi Zhitong, they were both very offensive.

Shan Weiyi did not feel this way.

The emperor appeared very generous: “This is a very good opportunity, I don’t think you will miss it.”

“What good opportunity?” Shan Weiyi smiled.

The emperor said: “It’s a good opportunity to find my weakness.” Then, the emperor said: “I know you want to kill me, not just destroy my body, what you want to destroy is my super brain, let me not be reborn. But it is not easy. What can help you achieve that goal of murdering me better than letting you travel through my mind?”

Shan Weiyi smiled: “Okay, I admit that I was persuaded by you “

Xi Zhitong was very upset, but he didn’t raise any objection, just stood aside and said nothing.

Only then did the emperor turn his attention to Xi Zhitong, and said, “But this time, your ‘baby’ is still unhappy, but you don’t intend to pamper him anymore, do you?”

This was really blatantly sowing discord.

Shan Weiyi hugged Xi Zhitong’s shoulder, and said to the emperor: “Isn’t this what you would like to see?” 

The emperor said: “Yes. I am ashamed, I have an extremely ugly soul.”

Then he said to Shan Weiyi: “But I like it very much, because it was created by you.”

Xi Zhitong became even more unhappy—his desire for exclusiveness was stimulated.

Compared to the other scumbags, the emperor seemed to be more able to arouse Xi Zhitong’s hostility.

Just like only Xi Zhitong could make the emperor so angry that he would kill him.

But Shan Weiyi hooked Xi Zhitong’s little finger, and said in a low voice: “That’s not the case. His character design was written by the novelist and screenwriter, and I was responsible for entering it. Do you think I like guys with this personality?”

The corner of Xi Zhitong’s mouth was slightly raised: “You don’t like it, you like me like this. I am a creature born according to your will.”

Shan Weiyi couldn’t help but nod: “It’s good that you know, silly Tongzi.”

They talked to each other, no one cared that the emperor’s face was darker than the bottom of the pot.

The emperor disliked this kind of stupid AI who acted like a spoiled child.

He obviously had superhuman wisdom, but he was willing to obey others’ orders.

He obviously had lethal power, but he never intended to show his power.

He obviously had the ability to make the world tremble, but was willing to be a small slave of human beings…

The principles upheld by this AI were completely contrary to his values.

He didn’t like this AI very much.

But the problem was, Shan Weiyi liked this kind of thing.

The emperor’s eyes were heavy, as if the sky was cloudy and rainy, but when Shan Weiyi’s eyes turned around, the emperor regained a content gentleness in an instant.

He said calmly: “So, are you ready to enter my mind?” 

Shan Weiyi smiled and said: “It depends if my baby is still unhappy.”

The emperor was still an AI, so even though his heart was already vinegar fried, he was still superficially presentable.

Shan Weiyi turned his head to look at Xi Zhitong, Xi Zhitong was in a good mood like a cat that had been stroked along its fur: “I’m not unhappy.”

“Then it’s fine.” Shan Weiyi turned his face again, and said to the emperor, “Let’s see what’s in your head.”

In the high-dimensional world, the opening of the sea of ​​consciousness was a relatively simple matter. But in this small world with low level technology, such openness still required the help of brain-computer interface tools.

Shan Weiyi laid down in the cabin and connected to the brain interface.

What was interesting was that even though he knew that his sea of ​​consciousness had not been opened, when he stepped into the emperor’s spiritual realm, there was still a strong spiritual force that swept him over from the beginning – not a kind of forced opening, it was not a violent act, but a “security check” scan that wouldn’t make people angry.

The emperor was confirming that he only brought “himself” in, and did not bring other consciousness bodies.

In other words, the emperor was scanning him for Xi Zhitong.

If Xi Zhitong was with him, the emperor would not open his sea of ​​consciousness.

“Really cautious.” Shan Weiyi said with a smile, “Are you afraid of him?”

This sentence was a very obvious aggressive tactic.

Generally speaking, it had no effect on a scheming person like the emperor. But if the emperor really had feelings for Shan Weiyi, that’s another matter.

The emperor’s sea of ​​consciousness fluctuated – Shan Weiyi could sense that the emperor was indeed stimulated by his words.

This was very interesting, if it was normal, Shan Weiyi would not be aware of this kind of mood swing – because the emperor knew how to manage his expressions. But now that the emperor had opened his consciousness to him, there was no way to hide all his emotions.

The emperor seemed to want to make amends, so he said lightly: “I just don’t want a third party between us.”

Shan Weiyi: … Good guy, just say that my Tongzi is the third party.

This AI was really shameless.

What caught Shan Weiyi’s attention the most in the emperor’s sea of ​​consciousness was a string of glowing codes—the codes that Shan Weiyi typed with his own hands, now look very familiar. No wonder Xi Zhitong said he was familiar with the emperor, it was because of these codes.

Shan Weiyi’s consciousness went upstream in the emperor’s mind, walking along the river of memory: he saw the emperor’s memory slowly unfolding towards him like an open scroll.

The emperor had lived for too long, and his memory was naturally complicated. Shan Weiyi can’t see it even if he looked at it, but when he traveled through it, he could always see his own figure—he was always in his most cherished memory. It was conceivable that the emperor thought of himself very frequently.

In order to conform to the world setting, the emperor obeyed the script to express his memory of the former empress in front of others. But what he often recalled was actually Shan Weiyi. When he talked about “him” in the vicissitudes of life, what he referred to was Shan Weiyi.

Because it was real longing, not acting, so even an old fox like Shen Yu was tricked by him.

In addition to Shan Weiyi, the prince also often appeared in the emperor’s memory – mainly because the prince was the person the emperor saw the most.

He deliberately cultivated the prince, not just to adapt to the plot, more so because he needed a successor.

The emperor seemed to know that he would leave this world one day, and he hoped for a successor who would help him take care of the empire. For this empire, the emperor still had a little bit of affection.

But the crown prince seemed to have failed to satisfy the emperor.

Shan Weiyi drifted to the source of the river of memory, only to see the scenes of himself in his first world- his slightly young, simple and serious self.

From a time Shan Weiyi didn’t know about, the emperor had been watching him silently.

The emperor’s voice sounded again: “I know you don’t trust me, so I won’t say anything, I chose to let you see.”

“What are you looking at?” Shan Weiyi asked.

“Don’t you understand?” said the Emperor, “this is my confession to you, in a way you can believe.”

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