Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Beauty, Prince, Imperial Taifu

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Unfortunately, this was not a method Shan Weiyi could believe in.

Of course, memories cannot be deleted, but some fragments can be blurred—for example, the emperor carefully observed Shan Weiyi’s behavior pattern and murdered him cruelly and coldly… Shan Weiyi did not see this memory. Of course, it’s not that the emperor hid it. It’s just that this memory had not been placed in an important position.

The emperor’s memory was too much and too complicated.

Just like human beings, they always subconsciously replayed good memories frequently, and at the same time put the fragments that they didn’t want to face in the corners of their mind.

That’s how it is, but Shan Weiyi still didn’t expose it.

He smiled gently and said: “I understand.” 

The emperor seemed to feel good: “I hope that one day you will accept me. I know there will be such a day.”

Shan Weiyi smiled: “En, I admire your self-confidence.” 

The emperor was not blindly confident about this, even if he was blind, at least he was not as blind as Jun Gengjin. He should have a plan of his own, and he thought it would work.

Shan Weiyi did not dare to take the emperor lightly. This scumbag was not as easy to fool as Jun Gengjin.

Shan Weiyi’s consciousness was withdrawn from the emperor’s mind and returned to reality again. After that, Shan Weiyi occasionally walked around the emperor’s mind, but would come out again soon.

The emperor knew that Shan Weiyi must be planning something – he didn’t need to think to know, he must be planning how to murder his own brain.

But the emperor acquiesced this behavior with a tolerant attitude-in his view, he was tolerant, but in Shan Weiyi’s view, it seemed more like arrogance.

Sure enough, the scumbags here were all extremely conceited, and the seemingly smarter emperor was no exception.

In other words, the emperor was actually the most arrogant and conceited one.

Although the emperor was arrogant, he did not dare to underestimate Xi Zhitong.

He asked Xi Zhitong to stay in the wing, not only because he thought he was an eyesore, but also because he wanted to guard against him.

Since the emperor did not allow Xi Zhitong to leave the room, Shan Weiyi also stayed in the room with him, and even flirted with Xi Zhitong without any scruples.

Xi Zhitong sat on the bed, and Shan Weiyi put his head on his long legs, chatting with him, intimately. Xi Zhitong also reminded him: “Do you need to turn on the shield? Otherwise, the emperor can see our every move and hear our every word and deed.”

“Then let him listen to it.” Shan Weiyi didn’t seem surprised, nor did he feel embarrassed, “Let him know what it’s like when I like an AI.”

Hearing this, Xi Zhitong touched his chest, as if a heart could jump out of his ribs. So noisy, so enthusiastic.

“My heart.” Xi Zhitong said, “It’s beating wildly because of master’s words.”

Shan Weiyi sat up halfway, and put his ear on Xi Zhitong’s chest. Xi Zhitong’s heart beat faster, like a rhythmic drumbeat, playing a love song in Shan Weiyi’s ear.

Shan Weiyi smiled and said, “I hear it.”

Xi Zhitong said, “That’s good. If you don’t hear it, my heartbeat will lose at least half of its meaning.”

Shan Weiyi looked at Xi Zhitong with a smile.

The emperor’s so-called “unreserved confession” did not impress Shan Weiyi at all.

Because Tongzi let Shan Weiyi know what it was like to be truly unreserved.

The emperor may feel that his love for Shan Weiyi was 100%.

But such 100% may not be as much as the 10% given by Xi Zhitong.

This may not have been the emperor’s own fault.

In the early days of his settings, the emperor was a selfish and cruel existence.

But Xi Zhitong was just the opposite.

He was simple-minded, but sincere.

Exactly what Shan Weiyi needed.

Shan Weiyi was a simple-minded person from the beginning. After experiencing so many worlds and thousands of years of training, what he hoped for was not a promotion, but retirement.

He can get tired.

He was actually very tired now.

But he knew that he couldn’t show the slightest bit of it – at least not in front of anyone except Xi Zhitong, especially those scumbags.

Those scumbags were like wolves, tigers and leopards. When you hold a shotgun and look gorgeous, they can look as tame and cute as cats and dogs. However, as soon as you reveal any fragility or fatigue, they will immediately show their fangs and rush to tear you to pieces—what was even more terrifying was that they will swallow you in their belly and execute you in a hurry, but still feel that this is love for you.

They will lick your flesh and blood, shed tears, and be moved.

Of course, as long as you keep them in control and keep a high profile, they would still be loyal dogs and soft cats.

Perhaps one day, they can really be fully domesticated into domestic cats and dogs.

But Shan Weiyi’s ambition was not to risk his life and spend so much time and effort to become a beast trainer.

He was just a tired laborer who wanted to fall asleep and needed a pillow.

That’s all.

During this period of time, Shan Weiyi stayed in the central hall, and the emperor supported him with splendor and wealth, making him the most mysterious favorite concubine in the empire. His existence even attracted the attention of the prince and Taifu.

The crown prince and Taifu rushed back from the federation and paid homage to the central hall to find out the truth.

At this moment, the central hall had become magnificent, with carved railings and jade structures.

The prince and Taifu came to the main hall in surprise, and paid homage to the emperor as usual.

The emperor was an AI that pursued efficiency, and said directly: “I know what you are here for.”

The prince and Taifu were both thinking: The emperor sounds the same as usual, he should not be possessed by evil spirits or poisoned.

They heard the emperor say again: “The rumors are all true.” 

The prince and Taifu were shocked!

The Taifu came to his senses first, cupped his hands and said, “Your Majesty… Which rumor is your Majesty talking about?”

It seemed that he still couldn’t believe it.

The emperor replied: “It’s the one you are thinking of.” 

The Taifu was so surprised that he didn’t know what to say.

The prince still refused to believe it, and felt that there was still a misunderstanding in their communication, which must be due to them not being direct enough. Therefore, the prince said directly: “Royal Father, there are rumors outside that there is a beauty in the golden house…” 

“This is not a rumor.” The emperor replied, “The rumors are not baseless.” 

Maybe it was because the prince still regarded himself as the emperor’s son, so being suddenly told this by his wise and calm Royal Father that he had found a sweetheart, it was hard to accept. But the Taifu regarded himself as a subject, so he quickly accepted the reality, and said with the correct attitude: “Congratulations, Your Majesty, I am happy you have a beauty.” 

As he said this, the Taifu even touched the Prince with his elbow. When the prince received the signal, he realized that he was not a child of an ordinary family, and he couldn’t just throw away his face just because his Royal Father found a lover.

The prince also congratulated and said: “It turns out to be true, this is a good thing! It’s rare for Royal Father to find a person that you care for, that’s really great.” 

The emperor smiled, but the smile was full of deep meaning: “I’m so relieved both of you think that way.” 

Shen Yu learned that the emperor had a new love, and began to think intelligently: This emperor was scary, and a big reason for that was that he was unpredictable and had no weakness. But now that the emperor had an extra beauty out of thin air, with a pampering attitude close to the princes of Fenghuo drama, this was a good opportunity. Whether Shen Yu wanted to be promoted or something else, he should seize this opportunity.

Shen Yu immediately probed again: “Since Your Majesty loves this person so much, why don’t you confer them a title? Since this beauty can get your sacred heart, he should be worthy of this honor.”

“Of course, he certainly deserves a title.” “The emperor said, “If he wants it, let alone the posthumous position, even the throne, he can have it.”

Shen Yu and Nu Tianjiao: Ah! Why did His Majesty go crazy!

If it weren’t for the emperor’s long-standing prestige, Nu Tianjiao wouldn’t be able to naturally maintain his fear of him. Righ now Nu Tianjiao, who had a bad temper, wanted to jump up and scold: Royal Father, are you poisoned? ! If you don’t want the throne, you can give it to me! ! Why give it to an outsider! !

Shen Yu didn’t have so many expressions, his heart was turbulent, but he remained calm on the surface: “Your Majesty is joking!” 

The emperor said: “Speaking of which, I want to reward the beauty with a status, but the beauty dismissed it.”

Nu Tianjiao secretly said : It must be a vixen with ulterior motives, pretending, but he didn’t expect that his wise and mighty Father would do this.

However, Shen Yu followed the emperor’s words and thought: In other words, this beauty is probably not willing to serve the emperor at all, because he was forced to do so. It was said that it was “not sparing the golden house to hide the beauty”, but it was actually “the crystal palace locked the beauty”. The emperor did not allow the beauty to leave the palace, and he did not allow the beauty to see outsiders. This must be the reason. He didn’t expect that a person like the emperor would do such a thing.

But after thinking about it, he felt that it was not impossible.

Shen Yu could see that the emperor’s desire to control and conquer was very strong, maybe it was such a beauty who refused to submit to him that aroused these desires in him, but that remains unknown.

Shen Yu was a person who knew the end of the story after hearing the beginning.

When the emperor said that the beauty refused to be granted a title, Shen Yu knew what the emperor meant, which meant that Shen Yu and the others should find a way to make the beauty submit.

Shen Yu then said: “It seems that this beauty is very noble and doesn’t care for fame and fortune.”

Nu Tianjiao sneered: What noble? They’re just pretending.

——Of course, Nu Tianjiao only dared to think these words in his heart. Although he had a bad temper, he was not dumb, of course he knew he couldn’t speak ill of the beauty in front of the emperor – at least not when the emperor was still pampering the beauty.

Shen Yu said again: “Forgive me for taking the liberty to ask, I wonder if the beauty is a man or a woman?” 

The emperor replied: “It turned out that he was a rich and noble son.” 

Shen Yu understood it even more: So it is a rich and noble son, he probably couldn’t concede in this short period, there are traces to follow.

Shen Yu said: “The young master of a rich family is more proud after all.”

Nu Tianjiao said to himself again: Is he worthy of being a rich young master, in front of the emperor, he is nothing more than a lowly peasant.

Shen Yu asked again: “I don’t know how the emperor and this young master met?”

Nu Tianjiao secretly said: How else can they know each other? He must have been seduced by a b*tch.

The emperor laughed and said, “It was a coincidence.” 

The words were vague, and Shen Yu tactfully stopped asking, and flattered him, “It turned out to be a match from heaven.” 

The emperor seemed to think that Shen Yu’s words were pleasing to the ear, so he nodded , and said: “Speaking of which, he was also fated with you two.” 

Both Shen Yu and Nu Tianjiao were a little puzzled: “Fated with us? Could it be someone we know?”

“That’s right.” The emperor nodded and said, “He once studied at the Imperial College.”

Shen Yu and Nu Tianjiao were not too surprised. Since he was a nobleman, it was very likely that he had studied at the Imperial College. However, the emperor said that this person knew both Shen Yu and Nu Tianjiao, which meant that person should be a student of Nu Tianjiao’s class.

Shen Yu immediately speculated that this person would be Nu Tianjiao’s peers. Thinking about it this way, the emperor was just stealing a beauty who was as old as his son, and it was really shameful, no wonder the young master was unwilling.

But what Nu Tianjiao thought was: The Imperial Military Academy was to train military talents, but he didn’t expect such a seductress would come out! It really discredited the academy! They should be expelled from the place!

Shen Yu knew what the emperor needed, so he took advantage of the situation and said: “In this case, why don’t you let the prince and I meet this beauty so that we can make him be open-minded. Maybe it will allow him to understand His Majesty’s painstaking efforts and allow him to agree to His Majesty’s bestowing of a title.” 

Hearing Shen Yu’s words, Nu Tianjiao was not too surprised, after all, outside of Shan Weiyi matters, Nu Tianjiao was not too stupid. But he was still a little reconciled, he just felt that pimping for his daddy was something he had never done before, and it was really shameful.

But the emperor said: “If you are willing to persuade him, that would be great.”

Shen Yu expressed his loyalty: “I will definitely try my best to let the beauty understand the rare grace of the emperor, and I will definitely fulfill my mission.” 

The emperor smiled and said: “Shen Yu has a crystal heart with seven orifices, so I am not too worried about anything going wrong.” Then, the emperor glanced at Nu Tianjiao: “But the prince, don’t disappoint me.”

Nu Tianjiao didn’t understand the difficulty of the task yet, he only thought that the emperor saw through his expressions that he could not put down his body to pimp, so he said: “Royal Father, don’t worry, this son will definitely do his best and will not let you down.”

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