Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me

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At this time, Shan Weiyi was no longer using the A-rank supporting body of “Young Master Shan”. He rushed to the center of the battlefield with a perfect body equipped with excellent weapons and his rich practical experience in countless scriipts, and decided to let everyone know who was the son and who was the daddy.

A huge hurricane erupted in the center of the golden pupil, disrupting the surrounding magnetic field, and those small meteorites in space, like rootless duckweed, suddenly had a sense of direction and were attracted by the golden pupil.

Surrounding the huge golden pupil, small meteorites pierced through the vacuum, sparking silently, like a meteor shower erupting in front of the eyes, and also like a huge protective cover, protected the fragile pupils.

When Jun Gengjin, Nu Tianjiao, and Shen Yu saw the Golden Pupil summoning meteorites to surround them, their first reaction was that the emperor was awesome, but they quickly realized that the emperor attracted meteorites to make a temporary fence, which proved that the emperor’s defensive shield was indeed gone.

Outside the golden pupil, meteorites flew randomly and sparks flew, as if even if a drop of water fell into it, it would be ejected and evaporate instantly. But Shan Weiyi was even more flexible than water droplets, he shuttled back and forth deftly like a butterfly piercing through flowers, one by one sparks brushed by his side, but they didn’t touch his body.

Although he was not injured, it was still difficult to get close to the Golden Pupil.

The Golden Pupil used the turbulent flow of the meteorite to stir up a hurricane, making Shan Weiyi advance and retreat, but it was difficult to continue to approach the center.

However, Shan Weiyi never felt difficult, because Xi Zhitong drifted to his side calmly, silent and loyal, like a shadow.

Seeing this scene from the outer edge, Jun Gengjin was shocked. He was about to step forward, but he felt a chill on his back. When he looked back, he saw Dao Danmo’s dark eyes.

Jun Gengjin’s scalp tingled for a moment, thinking that he had run into a ghost. But the materialistic worldview made him calm down quickly: “You are not dead!”

“You will not die, so neither will I.” Dao Danmo said indifferently.

Jun Gengjin quickly understood: “You also cracked the technology of consciousness transfer.”

Dao Danmo died once in Jun Gengjin’s hands. Although it was a fake death, it was true. He really went to protect Shan Weiyi with the mood of seeing death as home.

After he survived, he also followed Shan Weiyi’s wishes.

Jun Gengjin sneered: “Should I thank you for not stabbing me just now while I wasn’t looking?”

“No.” Dao Danmo said, “You should thank yourself for having the ‘door’, this is my… and Shan Weiyi’s reason for letting you live.”

Jun Gengjin finally figured it out. After experiencing so much, the filter of his self-confidence as an overlord finally shattered. His face darkened: “It seems that Shan Weiyi really didn’t love me.”

Dao Danmo sneered and said, “Did it take you so long to figure it out? It seems that you really rarely look in the mirror.”

Jun Gengjin’s pride really hurt as if his heart was stabbed. But he was still not to be outdone, he looked at Dao Danmo coldly, and said, “He doesn’t love you either.”

Dao Danmo said lightly, “Because he’s smart enough.” 

As he spoke, Dao Danmo looked far away, and Jun Gengjin didn’t realize it but followed Dao Danmo’s line of sight without hesitation – the bright golden pupils, the meteorite rain like flying sand and rocks, looked like a devastating disaster. The figures of Shan Weiyi and Xi Zhitong were so small that they could hardly be seen inside. The spacesuit emitted a faint light, making them look like two little fireflies in the fallen leaves of the wind, but they rushed to the center of the storm resolutely.

Dao Danmo said: “He likes Xi Zhitong because Xi Zhitong is worth it.”

Jun Gengjin gritted his teeth, sneered, and said, “Are you being provocative? You want to provoke me to open the ‘door’ to help him? No…not you , it’s him. He was the one who figured out that I would stay here, so he sent you to be a lobbyist, isn’t that right?”

Dao Danmo and Jun Gengjin have been friends for many years, and they really had a perfect understanding of each other. Even though Dao Danmo didn’t speak, Jun Gengjin already understood the unfinished meaning in his eyes: yes, that’s right, so what? You know it’s his plan, so what?

Jun Gengjin felt as if there was a fire burning in his chest, and also as if a knife was scraping, scraping his bones, his flesh, his hot heart.

His self-confidence, his competitiveness, his greed…all his traits and bad roots were shattered by Shan Weiyi. He was an incomplete person now – or, he was never whole.

He thought it was so funny, he even showed a big smile to Dao Danmo: “We are all idiots, no wonder he looks down on us.”

Dao Danmo didn’t speak, he just turned around and activated the power device on the spacesuit, and drove to the center of the battlefield.

At this moment, Jun Gengjin noticed that not only Dao Danmo, but Shen Yu and Nu Tianjiao also flew towards the Golden Pupil burning like gold—no, rather than rushing towards the Golden Pupil, it was better to say that they were rushing towards Shan Weiyi.

In the vast space, the universe was black and a lamp was lit, attracting innocent moths to the flames.

Jun Gengjin smiled wryly and opened the “door”.

The “door” opened and closed in front of Shan Weiyi.

Like a circle of light passing through the body of Shan Weiyi, when the circle of light passed by, Shan Weiyi had already come to the needle-like black pupil of the Golden Pupil, very close at hand.

At the same time, Shen Yu, Jun Gengjin, Dao Danmo, Shen Yu and Nu Tianjiao also approached him. Shen Yu was the first to issue a warning: “Young Master Shan, don’t! the Golden Pupil has a self-destruct device!” 

The emperor’s voice sounded faintly: “Shan Weiyi, Can I say one more sentence?”

Shan Weiyi didn’t answer, nor did he pause. Without any hesitation, he raised his arm and fired a shot at the center of the Golden Pupil.

The special cannonball was very small, as small as a peanut kernel, and penetrated into the Golden Pupil’s pupil in an instant – the needle-like pupil expanded into a huge circle in the next second – just like any dead person, the pupil diffused.

At this time, the golden pupil finally did not look like terrifying snake eyes, but rather the eyes of a domestic cat, which was weird and cute.

But this cuteness lasted only half a second. The shell exploded in the center of the hurricane, and a huge heat stream rose into the air—in the vacuum of the universe, the explosion was silent—but this battle was not insignificant.

A terrifying explosion unfolded in the center of the golden pupil, and then spread around the turbulent flow of meteorites. The meteorites exploded like bombs, and were submerged in the thick mushroom cloud that the golden pupil exploded into.

At the moment of the explosion, Xi Zhitong used his body to block Shan Weiyi without thinking—although he knew it was meaningless.

But he did it anyway.

He hugged Shan Weiyi tightly, ready to be crushed together with Shan Weiyi in this explosion.

Shan Weiyi with an S-level body opened his eyes wide, looking at the face of Xi Zhitong who was close at hand. What Xi Zhitong held was the A-level body of Young Master Shan, which was even more fragile. He quickly lost consciousness in the explosion and his pupils were dizzy. However, his arms were like iron hoops tightly gripping onto Shan Weiyi, an eternal embrace.

Knowing that he would not really die, Shan Weiyi couldn’t help but shed tears.

Xi Zhitong’s voice sounded softly in his mind: Master, I’m back.

Shan Weiyi’s tears evaporated in the heat wave, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Shan Weiyi closed his eyes slightly, and in less than half a second, he waited until the familiar voice sounded in his head: Congratulations, the target of the attack Jun Gengjin has 100% favorability for you!

Congratulations, the five scumbags are all overwhelmed with affection for you!

Congratulations, you have defeated all challengers in this instance!

Congratulations, you’ve completed your mission!

The transmission channel of the quick transmigration game was opened, and warm fluorescence shrouded Shan Weiyi’s body. Shan Weiyi lowered his head subconsciously, but saw that in the explosion, the scumbags in the center of the storm were still rushing towards his “corpse”, and the aftermath of being burned by the Golden Pupil was shattered into a collapsing energy body.

Shan Weiyi still couldn’t help asking himself in his mind: What was the last sentence that Slave A wanted to say?

Although Slave A was not given the opportunity to speak out, he soon knew the answer.

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