Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Even I didn’t recognize

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He was not Shan Weiyi!

Jun Gengjin was even more shocked.

Not only Jun Gengjin, but also Shen Yu and Nu Tianjiao who were by the porthole of the airship had their pupils shaken.


He isn’t Shan Weiyi?

When the emperor said “he is not Shan Weiyi”, Shen Yu and Nu Tianjiao immediately tried their best to think in their memory, and they both quickly noticed the clue.

The “Shan Weiyi” they saw today was indeed much more indifferent than usual. Today’s “Shan Weiyi” neither liked to laugh nor make witty remarks.

But miraculously, they never felt that there was anything wrong.

“If he isn’t Shan Weiyi, then who is he?” Jun Gengjin still couldn’t believe it.

Beside the porthole, Shen Yu and Nu Tianjiao exchanged glances, and they both understood: he was Xi Zhitong.

Shen Yu said in a low voice, “I should have found out earlier.”

At least, he should have thought of it when “Shan Weiyi” successfully poisoned the emperor.

And the emperor, it was only at the moment of being poisoned that he realized that he was not holding Shan Weiyi, but Xi Zhitong.

From the moment Shan Weiyi asked the emperor to release Xi Zhitong from the palace, Xi Zhitong and Shan Weiyi had switched identities.

Shen Yu and the others couldn’t figure out the misunderstanding. They probably didn’t know that Xi Zhitong’s body was originally the “clone” assigned to Shan Weiyi by the quick transmigration game-this is the only buff item that Shan Weiyi can use in this small world.

However, Shan Weiyi had never used it, allowing Xi Zhitong to be the master of this “clone”.

After Xi Zhitong was released from the palace, Shan Weiyi became “Xi Zhitong”.

He was able to successfully conceal his whereabouts because he was a computer genius. Moreover, having experienced so many small worlds, he was naturally quite accomplished in interstellar military technology. Leaving aside the burden of Young Master Shan’s character design, he was a big boss with rich theoretical knowledge and practical foundation, so it was no problem to modify the battle suit for the prince.

However, everyone seemed to have forgotten, or never thought that Shan Weiyi was a hard-core technical genius in addition to playing tricks on people’s hearts.

They thought that Xi Zhitong or Slave A were the strongest brains, but no one thought that Shan Weiyi was the father of the strongest brains.

The “Shan Weiyi” guarding the palace was Xi Zhitong. Due to etiquette regulations, this “Shan Weiyi” no longer met and spoke with the emperor before marriage, lived alone in the palace, did not speak or do anything, and was usually doing ordinary actions——Xi Zhitong, as a high-level system, understood the action habits of his host. Since it was already familiar in his heart, it was naturally easy to imitate.

No, to say it was “imitation” was underestimating Xi Zhitong, what he did should be “copying at the pixel level”.

The unconscious breathing strength when sleeping, the direction of muscle force lines when moving, the unique slight unevenness in his steps, the width when turning around, how much water would be drunk with each sip when drinking tea…all were perfectly reproduced. Even a super brain like the emperor would not be able to detect a flaw in the perfect reproduction.

Of course, Xi Zhitong couldn’t imitate Shan Weiyi’s charm, especially the inadvertent display of wit when talking, laughing and playing games. Therefore, he chose to talk less and do more, and to show as little expression as possible.

He was especially cautious in front of the emperor, so he didn’t take the initiative to talk before the wedding. At the wedding, he was covered with red gauze and pendant beads, making his expression more hazy.

It wasn’t until the emperor chose to pierce the sensor into his skin that Xi Zhitong immediately launched an attack, invading the emperor’s consciousness – only then did the emperor know that he had been fooled.

After that, the emperor couldn’t say anything, his body was destroyed by the prince, and his brain was injured by Xi Zhitong’s attack, so he had to immediately return to the central hall to repair himself.

However, before the repair was completed, the prince rushed over with an antimatter gun.

The emperor had no choice but to show his fighting form, appearing in the state of the Golden Pupil, and frightening everyone.

If he hadn’t been attacked by Xi Zhitong, the King’s Landing would not be a match for the Golden Pupil.

However, the protective cover of the Golden Pupil was now broken, exposing the body which was as fragile as the eyeball.

Fortunately, except for Xi Zhitong, no one realized how vulnerable the Golden Pupil was now.

Everyone was still shocked by the power emanating from this cold and brilliant golden eye.

The emperor said indifferently: “Jun Gengjin, were you still kept in the dark? He intends to cheat your favorability, and then run away. After that, we will be left to kill each other in this boundless universe, and there will be no one left.”

This was indeed Shan Weiyi’s plan.

Shan Weiyi planned to trick all the scumbags into fighting each other, and at this time, he would lie to get the last 1% of Jun Gengjin’s favorability and successfully bring Tongzi back to the quick migration bureau.

Of course, before leaving, Shan Weiyi would beep loudly and tell everyone that the emperor’s defense power was now zero, and as long as everyone rushed up, he could be dealt with.

The scumbags will definitely not let go of this once-in-a-century opportunity to kill the emperor, and they will definitely beat up the emperor with no respect for martial arts. The emperor will not sit still, and in the end there is a high probability that he will choose to blow himself up and return to the west with everyone. The most important thing for a family was to be neat and tidy.

The emperor figured this out, and Shen Yu quickly figured it out too.

Shen Yu smiled wryly and said, “Young Master Shan is really ruthless. He set up such a poisonous plan, but he didn’t even bother to see us for the last time.”

Nu Tianjiao looked at the fake Shan Weiyi, real Xi Zhitong, floating in the air, and gritted his teeth: Okay, okay, I was tricked by you again!

But the emperor said calmly: “Unfortunately, this wishful thinking still came to nothing.”

Nu Tianjiao looked up at the huge golden pupil in the universe, and asked: “What does Royal Father plan to do?”

Shen Yu glanced sideways at Nu Tianjiao: How long had it been since you killed the emperor, and now you’re calling him Father again? But the emperor really didn’t care. Therefore, the Father and son were extraordinary.

The emperor said: “Shan Weiyi only cares about Xi Zhitong the most. If we blow him up, Shan Weiyi will show up naturally.”

At this time, all the eyes of the scumbags fell on Xi Zhitong.

Xi Zhitong’s expression was calm, as if he wasn’t afraid at all.

Jun Gengjin was the closest to Xi Zhitong, and he was the first to respond. He reached out to Xi Zhitong’s chest with one hand, as if he wanted to use a black tiger claw to pierce his heart. But Xi Zhitong avoided it lightly and pushed Jun Gengjin away.

In the weightless state of space, Xi Zhitong only needed to push lightly, and he could separate from Jun Gengjin quickly.

Seeing that Jun Gengjin had already made a move, Shen Yu and Nu Tianjiao also flew out of the porthole and attacked Xi Zhitong.

Several scumbags attacked together, they really didn’t talk about martial ethics.

Although Xi Zhitong was extremely intelligent, he had never participated in combat training, and the body he used was also the A-level body of Young Master Shan, which was still far behind the combat power of several scumbags, not to mention that he was still in a state of being besieged.

At this time, the emperor still maintained an elegant posture, stopped aside and did not participate in the group fight.

Seeing that the Golden Pupil didn’t make a move, Shen Yu also retreated to the side, floating beside the porthole, holding the metal frame of the porthole with one hand to fix his body.

Shen Yu thought to himself: The emperor, that dog, if he doesn’t do it, I won’t do it either.

Jun Gengjin and the crown prince fought, two versus one,  and Xi Zhitong was at a loss. Fortunately, he always faced the moves rationally, without panic, let alone timidity.

Nu Tianjiao noticed that Shen Yu had run away, so he used the communicator to ask, “Why didn’t you join in?”

Shen Yu replied, “I think this Xi Zhitong is average, and the prince alone is enough. I’ll keep an eye on the side to see when Shan Weiyi will show up!”

Nu Tianjiao really felt that one person could smash Xi Zhitong, which made his confidence skyrocket. Therefore, Nu Tianjiao kicked Jun Gengjin away.

Jun Gengjin was kicked away suddenly, with an inexplicable expression on his face: “What are you hitting me for?”

Nu Tianjiao said: “You’re in the way, get out!”

Jun Gengjin never thought that this prince’s mind was so weird, he even hit his teammates when he went crazy!

Before Jun Gengjin recovered from the shock, he was kicked again – this time it was Xi Zhitong who kicked him. Jun Gengjin drifted a few meters away and stopped with the help of the power system.

At this time, Nu Tianjiao rushed to Xi Zhitong, yelling: “Your opponent is me!”

Xi Zhitong was curious: “Then why did you beat Jun Gengjin? Is he also your opponent?”

Nu Tianjiao said coldly: “How can this kind of embroidered pillow be my opponent?”

Jun Gengjin couldn’t bear it any longer, and fired at Nu Tianjiao.

Nu Tianjiao sneered and dodged neatly.

At sometime, Xi Zhitong’s one-on-two became Nu Tianjiao’s one-on-two.

Shen Yu was dumbfounded, and even wanted to slap himself twice, blaming himself for being so talkative just now, which aroused Nu Tianjiao’s competitive spirit.

However, Nu Tianjiao really deserved to be the ceiling of the small world’s force value, he could fight back and forth in a one versus two setting, without losing wind at all.

Although Jun Gengjin was the protagonist of the small world, points were not added to his force value. Although he was armed with high-end weapons, he still could not defeat Nu Tianjiao.

Moreover, he was not as flexible as Xi Zhitong, so he was beaten badly by Nu Tianjiao and withstood most of the attacking firepower.

Nu Tianjiao’s ability to kill was like a fish in water, completely satisfying his tyrannical desire. He fired directly, blowing Jun Gengjin one kilometer away.

The protective armor on Jun Gengjin’s body was shaken to the point of letting out the overwhelmed alarm, and the power system was severely damaged, making it impossible to brake. His body was blown away by the aftermath of the attack. He felt himself slipping into the depths of the universe uncontrollably, and subconsciously stretched out his hands to grab something, but he couldn’t grab anything, there was only void. It was time of life and death, and the fear of death spread in his heart. He couldn’t even arouse his anger, but felt cold, shivering.

Just as he slid further and further away, his back suddenly hit a solid chest.

He looked back and saw a tall figure of 191cm: “Xi Zhi… no… are you Shan Weiyi?”

Shan Weiyi used the 191 cm avatar and smiled at him: “You don’t even recognize me, yet you still say you love me.”

Jun Gengjin was stunned for a moment, not knowing what to say.

Shan Weiyi smiled calmly, turned his body dexterously, and rushed to the battlefield.

In the center of the battlefield, Nu Tianjiao rushed towards Xi Zhitong with a punch, Xi Zhitong blocked with both hands, and was about to float away, but he didn’t expect that a figure would appear quickly and brightly like lightning, blocking Nu Tianjiao’s attack.

Nu Tianjiao took a closer look, and when he saw the face of “Xi Zhitong”, he was taken aback for a moment, and then realized something, he was surprised and angry: “Shan Weiyi!”

Shan Weiyi smiled: “Hi.”

His attitude made Nu Tianjiao even more angry. Nu Tianjiao laughed bitterly and said: “Royal Father was right, you must be reluctant for us to hurt your precious Xi Zhitong.”

Shan Weiyi nodded: “Are you stupid then if you know but you still do it? Look at Shen Yu or Slave A, are they doing anything? Only you charged forward, stupid.”

Nu Tianjiao was stunned, not because he understood that he was stupid, but because Shan Weiyi said he was stupid, but he actually still felt it sweet.

D*mn it, he felt as if he had been abused by Shan Weiyi.

Shen Yu also quickly stepped forward, swam to Shan Weiyi’s side, and said with a smile, “It really is you, as long as it is you, no matter what your shape is, it will make me fall in love at first sight.”

Shan Weiyi didn’t bother to respond to his rainbow fart, so he only glanced at Shen Yu, then at Nu Tianjiao, and said, “Then do you still want to kill the emperor?”

Nu Tianjiao was annoyed by his attitude: “You put me in this situation, wanting to take my life, yet you still want me to help you?”

Shan Weiyi said: “Stop talking nonsense, if you want to help, help, if you don’t help, you will be defeated. Stay on the sidelines and watch me perform the hammering on your old man.”

After finishing speaking, before Nu Tianjiao and Shen Yu could respond, Shan Weiyi turned around nimbly, piercing the terrifying golden pupil like an arrow from a string .

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