Forced to Become My Amnesiac Arch-Rival’s Fake Dao Companion Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Yunhai Brings Opportunity (10)

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Yan Jingqiu’s gaze shifted downward, and he saw Bai Chunsheng, covered in dust, looking pitiful and curled up in pain. However, his expression remained largely unchanged.

With stubbornness, Bai Chunsheng held his head high. Even in Yan Jingqiu’s hand, Bai Feng was still as proud and arrogant as when they first met. Yan Jingqiu looked at him calmly. “You are—”

Before Yan Jingqiu could finish his sentence, Bai Chunsheng shook his head, flapped his wings, and suddenly woke up from the dream.

In front of him was the swaying cabin.

Recalling the nightmare where he was caught by Yan Jingqiu as if it were a memory replay, Bai Chunsheng couldn’t help but shake his fur.

The wounds on Bai Chunsheng’s body hadn’t been treated, and upon waking up, he could feel a wave of intense pain. His condition had worsened a bit; the physique of a demonic beast was far from that of an ordinary cultivator, and Bai Chunsheng was exceptional even among them. However, the residual poison had not been cleared, and his wounds were slowly and forcefully healing due to the powerful physique of the demonic beast. Now, the wounds were no longer bleeding.

This wasn’t a good sign because if the residual poison remained uncleared and accumulated in his body over time, it could become an incurable hidden injury. The aftermath of the burning bloodline hadn’t been resolved either, suppressing Bai Chunsheng’s cultivation to the mid-stage of the Nascent Soul Stage. If not resolved soon, his cultivation might continue to decline.


Following the voice, Bai Chunsheng looked to the other corner of the cabin, where Yan Yi was sitting upright. In front of him was a crooked table with several exquisitely crafted storage bags on top. In the center was a storage bag embroidered with a silver dragon pattern, and Bai Chunsheng recognized it immediately as belonging to Shen Yuying.

It’s possible that she might have been killed by Yan Jingqiu already.

Yan Yi asked, “Do you recognize me?”

Bai Chunsheng remained silent for a moment. He shook off the dazed feeling from the dream and suddenly realized that he was still alive and that Yan Jingqiu was alive too. Bai Chunsheng coughed and transformed into human form, turning into a beautiful and graceful beauty. He leaned on the edge of the bed and said with hatred, “Of course!”

“Yan Jingqiu, even if you turn to ashes, I would recognize you!”

Yan Yi raised an eyebrow. “You’re quite interesting. Everyone I’ve met either thinks I’m the son of Yan Jingqiu or a member of the Yan family, a prominent sword sect in the Middle Realm. But you, you just directly assumed I am Yan Jingqiu.”

He neither denied nor admitted being Yan Jingqiu, but instead asked, “Do you know Yan Jingqiu, and what is your relationship with him?”

“You…” Bai Chunsheng was about to ask Yan Jingqiu what he was doing.

But almost immediately, Bai Chunsheng realized. The Yan family was currently in a precarious situation, yet Yan Jingqiu was leisurely wandering around here. If there hadn’t been a real accident, how could the Yan family possibly announce Yan Jingqiu’s death?

That meant Yan Jingqiu really had an accident, but he survived.

Could it be…

Bai Chunsheng tentatively asked, “Have you lost your memory?”

Yan Yi remained silent, only lifting his eyes to look at him.

“Not possible,” Bai Chunsheng said, but his mouth was barely able to contain his laughter.

Pointing to himself, Bai Chunsheng asked, “Then do you remember me?”

Yan Yi shook his head. “I don’t remember.”

Bai Chunsheng was about to laugh again. Well, it seemed that Yan Jingqiu’s current situation wasn’t optimistic either.

Before he could burst into laughter, he suddenly felt a strong sense of danger, and every hair on his body stood on end.

Seeing Yan Yi’s demeanor, Bai Chunsheng doubted that Yan Jingqiu had encountered some trouble in the life and death realm, leading to amnesia. Afraid of slipping up, he quickly shook his head. “No, I know Yan Jingqiu, and I know you too.”

He feared that if Yan Yi discovered he was Yan Jingqiu and returned to the Yan family, only to realize he was their enemy, it would be his misfortune. Being caught by Yan Yi would mean trouble. Bai Chunsheng continued, “It’s been a long time since we last met. You bear some resemblance to the Sword Sovereign, and I often mistook you for him. It was only when you spoke that I recognized you.”

Yan Yi didn’t follow Bai Chunsheng’s topic but instead asked with a smirk, “Where did you get the silver ring on your foot?”

His smile grew even more pronounced.

Feeling the coercion of his murderous intent, Bai Chunsheng realized that even if Yan Jingqiu had amnesia, he remained an irrational madman. Reasoning with him was futile. Bai Chunsheng restrained his smile and replied, “Are you trying to deny it now? It was clearly something you forced upon me yourself.”

Bai Chunsheng lifted the hem of his pants, revealing his slender, almost fragile-looking ankle. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be a silver anklet adorned with a delicate jade piece engraved with intertwined lotus flowers, exquisitely crafted. Bai Chunsheng asked, “Isn’t this yours? Could it be that someone could steal from you without your consent?”

“Furthermore, if I had indeed taken something from you, regardless of whether you remember it or not, I would surely be flustered and frightened upon seeing you. But have you seen even a hint of fear in me since I woke up?”

Yan Yi felt that Bai Chunsheng made some sense in what he said. He paused for a moment, then looked closely at Bai Chunsheng’s face.

For a long time, he seemed to be struggling with something in his mind.

Bai Chunsheng wouldn’t know, but Yan Yi was reminiscing. On that day when he woke up by the Chang Hen River in the Yunhai Small World, his memory was completely blank. The Chang Hen River stretched endlessly, its water blending with the sky, resembling a vast sea. Yan Yi’s mind was empty, with only two sentences left by his former self.

There were two sentences, Yan Yi knew he should have left himself two sentences. However, for some reason, he could only recall the first one: “Don’t repeat the same mistakes.”

He sat by the river for a long time, concentrating deeply, until he vaguely remembered that his last name might be “Yan,” and he should be a sword cultivator.

Since he was a sword cultivator, then where was his sword?

—It was stolen.

That’s what Yan Yi thought at the time.

But now it seemed not to be the case. Yan Yi’s gaze shifted from Bai Chunsheng’s beautiful face to his ankle, where a delicate silver bracelet hung loosely on his slender ankle. It seemed easy to take off, but Yan Yi knew that without his permission, Bai Chunsheng could not possibly remove it on his own.

A cold light flashed quietly from the silver bracelet.

Because this was not actually a silver bracelet; it was his missing sword.

It didn’t look like it, but it had once been soaked in his blood. Yan Yi could sense its presence in his sea of consciousness, as was instinctual for a swordsman. Bai Chunsheng was able to come and go freely in the Yunhai Small World before because of this reason. Yan Yi had known about him for a long time, but he had cut down the Chunqiu Divine Tree of the Yuwen family, and was counter-attacked by the divine tree, so he didn’t look as calm as he appeared.

He simply didn’t have the time to deal with this little thief, and to avoid unnecessary trouble, he had to avoid Bai Chunsheng.

The first thing Yan Yi did after recovering was to go find Bai Chunsheng.

His appearance at the Zhanbi River was not a simple coincidence; he knew that Bai Chunsheng was fleeing in that direction, so he deliberately waited there to ambush him.

But what Bai Chunsheng said also made some sense.

It didn’t make sense for someone to steal a sword from him. Yan Yi was so arrogant to the point of recklessness; besides him, who else could wield his sword?

It was only possible that he himself had done this.

But why did he meticulously polish his sword into a silver bracelet before giving it to…

Yan Yi glanced at Bai Chunsheng again, feeling puzzled. Why would he give his sword to this demon cultivator?

And even put it on his foot.

As if he was afraid he might run away.

Could it be…?

Yan Yi couldn’t help but wonder: Did I have a mental illness before?

And now it’s cured?

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