Forced to Become My Amnesiac Arch-Rival’s Fake Dao Companion Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Yunhai Brings Opportunity (9)

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The banquet was well underway, with music and dancing never ceasing, and people constantly toasting and uttering dull words of flattery. Bai Chunsheng, however, remained absent-minded, still thinking about what had happened in the afternoon.

It was clear that Yan Jingqiu was just an ordinary person, but it was widely known that the eldest grandson of the Yan family possessed an extremely rare Innate Dao Body. Born with the ability to absorb spiritual energy into the body, he had a unique advantage in cultivation and was a natural swordsman. Even if his comprehension was extremely poor, it was impossible for him to still be just an ordinary person at seventeen.

Could it be because of the closure of the five senses? There was no mention of such a situation in the books.

Bai Chunsheng pondered for a moment and came up with another speculation: Yan Jingqiu did it on purpose; he wanted to see Bai Chunsheng embarrassed.

For aristocratic youths who valued their status and upbringing, the behavior of playing in the water with bare feet while dressed in formal attire, as Bai Chunsheng had done earlier, was quite undignified. It might even lead to gossip and ridicule behind his back. With only two remaining bloodlines of the White Phoenix clan, Bai Chunsheng was considered only half an aristocratic youth.

While his grandmother, Bai Jianghan, didn’t care about such things at all, Bai Chunsheng did care because he was vain and cared a lot about his reputation.

Since he was three years old, even before his primary feathers had fully grown, Bai Chunsheng would squat by his pool every day, singing songs while meticulously grooming his dusty feathers. Each day, he either hoped for wings as strong as his grandmother’s, or for plumage as splendid as a peacock’s. Failing that, he wished for a voice as clear and melodious as a vermilion bird’s.

Even now, with none of his wishes fulfilled, he still maintained this habit.

Because Yan Jingqiu was nothing more than a mortal, Bai Chunsheng never paid him much mind. Although the reaction of the two Nascent Soul female cultivators later on was enough to prove Yan Jingqiu’s exceptional status, Bai Chunsheng still didn’t think much of it. He merely assumed that Yan Jingqiu, lacking talent in cultivation, was a favored illegitimate child of the Yan family. But as the legitimate eldest grandson of the Yan family, Yan Jingqiu was a completely different matter. In their first encounter, Bai Chunsheng, caught off guard, was defeated while foolishly playing in the water.

How could it be the head of the Yan family, how could it be Yan Jingqiu?

It’s really embarrassing.

Oh, Bai Chunsheng suddenly remembered when Yan Jingqiu was staring at him intently at that time, could it be that Yan Jingqiu was making fun of him then?

Damn it!

But if this were to spread, wouldn’t the heir of the Yan family be seen as condoning the embarrassment of a prominent figure in the Ten Thousand Demon Sect? Wouldn’t it bring shame to the Yan family’s reputation? Don’t they care?

Cruel person!

Still damn it!

Bai Jianghan admonished every day that the Yan family was not a good bunch. Bai Chunsheng had suffered a loss from Yan Jingqiu this time, and he probably wouldn’t forget it even in the next life.

Thinking of this, Bai Chunsheng tightened the chopsticks in his hand and lost his appetite.

Suddenly, Bai Jianghan tapped Bai Chunsheng’s head with the jade pipe in his hand. “What are you thinking about? You seem lost in thought.”

Bai Chunsheng was about to mention that he had seen Yan Jingqiu this afternoon when Bai Jianghan beat him to it, asking, “Do you remember what he looks like?” Her jade pipe pointed in Yan Jingqiu’s direction.

Fuming, Bai Chunsheng replied spitefully, “I’d recognize him even if he turned to ashes.”

Bai Jianghan frowned. “Why are you so stubborn? I forbid you to remember things so firmly.”

Feeling embarrassed to tell his grandmother what had happened, Bai Chunsheng swallowed his pride and kept quiet. He planned to seize the opportunity to regain his dignity. As for Bai Jianghan’s countless warnings, Bai Chunsheng had long since disregarded them.

After the celebration at the Yan residence concluded, Bai Jianghan had a private discussion with Yan Jianhang. When she returned, she took Bai Chunsheng back to the Ten Thousand Demon Sect. With the war between the immortal and demonic realms still ongoing and Bai Chunsheng possessing potential but lacking cultivation, coupled with being at the age of utmost curiosity and daring, he was the easiest to deceive. Though Bai Jianghan wasn’t afraid of trouble, she dared not take such a risk.

Of course, Bai Chunsheng didn’t want to go back. The Ten Thousand Demon Sect was only so big, and he could explore it all in a day. As for the rest of the places, he wasn’t allowed to enter. He still wanted to see the countless small worlds, to visit the vast markets of the East Sea…

He bargained with Bai Jianghan, saying, “If I can break through to the next minor realm within ten years, can I go to the East Sea?”

Bai Jianghan smirked, “Fine, if you can achieve that, I’ll allow you to go out once. But remember, if you get bullied, don’t come crying back to me.”

Bai Chunsheng was full of confidence, but he ended up truly confined within the Ten Thousand Demon Sect for nine years without going out.

It was nine years because Bai Chunsheng indeed broke through to the Early Nascent Soul stage in the eighth year. He then spent another year consolidating his soul, thoroughly practicing the techniques he had learned from his grandmother with his new level of cultivation.

At the end of the ninth year, the master of the Mountain Life Realm in the East Sea passed away.

The East Sea was home to many independent cultivators, and the master of the Mountain Life Realm lived a solitary life, dedicating himself entirely to cultivation. With no wife or children, upon his death, the Mountain Life Realm became a public secret realm. Dozens of cultivators from outside the realm gathered upon hearing the news, intending to enter and use their strength to claim this unexpected fortune.

The news of the brawl spread throughout the vast world.

The Mountain Life Secret Realm was of moderate size, rich in spiritual energy, and coveted treasures abounded. The local independent cultivators of the East Sea found it difficult to resist the well-organized and sizable sects and families from the Middle Realm and were forced to retreat, leaving with bitterness.

Among these Middle Realm sects and families was naturally Bai Chunsheng. He mingled among the crowd, using techniques to conceal his aura, pretending to be an ordinary outer disciple who had just formed his Nascent Soul. It was his first time venturing out alone, intending to enter and see what secrets the secret realm held.

As soon as Bai Chunsheng entered the secret realm, he furrowed his brow. Judging solely from the level of spiritual energy, it was not even comparable to his Starview Tower.

However, since this opportunity was rare, he didn’t want to waste it. Following the instructions given by the elders of the sect before entering, he casually collected some of the listed spiritual herbs.

With his pace, he traversed through much of the secret realm in just half a month, from sunset to sunrise. Along the way, Bai Chunsheng encountered only three female cultivators traveling together. They were cautious, and although their cultivation seemed slightly higher than his superficial level, they left as soon as they saw him. Bai Chunsheng felt greatly disappointed, as he didn’t even have a chance to test his abilities.

With only a month’s time allotted by his grandmother, Bai Chunsheng felt bored with the place and decided to leave, seeking other destinations.

However, on his journey back, an unexpected event occurred. No one would have anticipated that the former master of the Mountain Life Realm, who had only reached the preliminary stage of the Dao Stage, had left behind a giant curled-ear sheep in the secret realm. Such sheep, if lucky, could also cultivate to reach the preliminary stage of the Dao Stage. What’s more, as a rare spiritual beast, the land where it resided for a long time would become rich in earth aura, becoming increasingly fertile. If lucky, it might even grow a type of spiritual plant called Voidwood, which fed on earth aura. Voidwood was one of the ingredients used in creating longevity pills and was extremely precious.

However, the sheep in front of Bai Chunsheng had only reached the Late Nascent Soul stage, just one minor realm higher than him. Clearly, it couldn’t produce Voidwood. Nonetheless, this was still a pleasant surprise. Bai Chunsheng had been lamenting the lack of subordinates to carry out tasks for him.

He had been wanting to spread his wings for a long time and fly on his own.

But the Giant Curled-Ear Sheep, surnamed Yang and named Haozhi, was naturally unwilling. It was a spiritual beast nurtured by the Mountain Life Realm. Even the former master of the Mountain Life Realm, who had reached the initial stage of the Dao Stage, was just a peer to him within this Mountain Life Secret Realm. To have a junior at the mere Jieying stage standing before him, not fleeing but daring to speak so audaciously— who did he think he was?

Feeling insulted, Yang Haozhi trembled with anger. “You arrogant brat!”

Rearing up on his hooves, he prepared to charge at Bai Chunsheng. His speed was incredible, causing the ground to shake with each step, making the entire secret realm tremble.

Bai Chunsheng didn’t dodge. A golden halo appeared in front of him, a Buddhist spell he had learned from Bai Jianghan’s treasure trove.

He was about to test its power.

Bai Chunsheng said, “A stubborn ghost like you won’t listen to reason. I’ll just skin you and make a new sheepskin blanket.”

The two creatures clashed fiercely.

Their battle raged from the mountaintop to the base, leaving half the mountain covered in dead greenery, with countless birds and beasts fleeing in all directions.

Bai Chunsheng had been immersed in a honey pot by Bai Jianghan, where he had meticulously chosen and modified spells from the Mahayana period’s great masters. All of his magical treasures were rare treasures in the cultivation world. Even though Bai Chunsheng was one minor realm lower than the Giant Curled-Ear Sheep, he was not at a disadvantage.

However, Bai Chunsheng was aware that despite being able to hold his own against the sheep with his spells and magical treasures for the time being, the difference in realms would eventually lead to his defeat if the battle dragged on.

But Bai Chunsheng showed no signs of fear; instead, he became more courageous as the battle progressed, his fighting spirit soaring.

Yang Haozhi was forced to retreat step by step. He was puzzled. Clearly, this cultivator’s aura was only at the Jieying stage, yet now it seemed he was actually a Nascent Soul cultivator who had concealed his cultivation level. Born and nurtured within the secret realm, and raised by the master of the Mountain Life Realm, his purpose was solely to cultivate earth aura. He had never left the secret realm, and apart from a pair of curled-ear sheep horns on his head, which were extremely sharp Nascent Soul treasures, he possessed nothing else.

The Giant Curled-Ear Sheep was never skilled in combat. Bai Chunsheng managed to singe him several times with his fire spells and intimidate him with his aura. Yang Haozhi began to think that if Bai Chunsheng wasn’t on par with him in cultivation, he might even be higher.

He started to consider retreat.

However, seeing Bai Chunsheng’s demeanor, although his appearance was strikingly beautiful, his arrogant and disdainful words made it clear that he wasn’t a good person. Coupled with the harsh words he had spoken earlier, Yang Haozhi knew that if he begged for mercy easily, this young man would never let him go.

Yang Haozhi gritted his teeth and, like a true hero sacrificing his arm, took down a pair of horns from his head. “I concede defeat. I surrender.”

“Oh?” Bai Chunsheng smiled. “What’s this for?”

Slowly, the curled-ear sheep horns moved towards Bai Chunsheng, not far away. Yang Haozhi said, “This pair of horns is the most valuable thing I possess. I offer it to you. Please spare my life.”

Bai Chunsheng hadn’t expected this outcome at all.

His first battle outside the sect went smoothly beyond imagination. What’s more, he had defeated a Giant Curled-Ear Sheep despite being a minor realm lower. Pleased with himself, he thought, “The cultivators outside aren’t all that formidable. It’s nowhere near as dangerous as my grandmother warned.”

As the pair of curled-ear sheep horns flew towards Bai Chunsheng’s side, he was about to reach out to take them when his right eyelid twitched, and suddenly, he felt that something was amiss.

Barely managing to summon the Vajra Bowl given to him by Bai Jianghan, the pair of curled-ear sheep horns exploded instantly.

The earth shook, and a gray cloud of smoke enveloped the entire mountain forest in the blink of an eye. Despite Yang Haozhi being prepared and running away from the edge of the explosion, he couldn’t help but lose a layer of skin from the burns.

Originally, one exploded curled-ear sheep horn would have sufficed, but Yang Haozhi mistakenly believed that Bai Chunsheng’s cultivation was still slightly higher than his, coupled with Bai Chunsheng’s continuous display of powerful techniques. Fearing that if he didn’t injure Bai Chunsheng, he would be in grave danger himself, facing certain death without a burial site and being skinned alive. With a resolute heart, he decided to detonate both horns.

Seeing Bai Chunsheng didn’t pursue him after he fled, Yang Haozhi thought that Bai Chunsheng was only temporarily blinded by the explosion. Seeing this opportunity, he immediately flew towards another mountain peak, running for his life as if his wings were on fire. The wind blowing against him felt like the taste of regained freedom.

The center of the explosion caused by the curled-ear sheep horns was now a massive circular pit. Within the smoke and dust, not a single blade of grass could be seen.

Bai Chunsheng had no choice but to revert to his original form, curling up at the bottom of the pit to alleviate his pain. Just after being caught in the explosion, he was covered in ash, as if he had rolled in a pile of sand. Without moving, he knew that his left leg was broken, and both his wings were injured. It seemed he wouldn’t be able to fly for a while.

At that moment, Bai Chunsheng didn’t react in time. He only managed to summon the Vajra Bowl, but now both of his treasures were destroyed by the explosion. The blast had left him dazed.

If Yang Haozhi didn’t want to give them, then so be it. Who cared about these broken horns anyway?

It was Bai Chunsheng’s first time venturing out alone, and he had never experienced such humiliation. If it weren’t for his broken leg, rendering him unable to move, he might have been so angry that he would stomp his feet.

After finally coming to his senses, Bai Chunsheng realized that the explosion of his treasures must have attracted many cultivators who were confident in their strength and curious about what had happened. He needed to leave this place quickly. He used the little spiritual power remaining to stop his bleeding.

As Bai Chunsheng began to recover slightly and was about to use his spiritual power to fly away and hide, he suddenly heard a sound from above.

It was the voice of that damned sheep from earlier. It had returned, and it seemed to have brought someone along.

His voice trembling, Yang Haozhi said, “Master, this is it. This is where I used to live. If you need earth aura, this is the only place you can find it.”

A voice, elegant and deep, responded, “But there’s none here.”

As soon as the voice fell silent, the gray smoke disappeared.

Yang Haozhi’s voice trembled even more. “I don’t know. Just now, a strange cultivator came and insisted on fighting me. Perhaps, perhaps it was at that moment when we… dispersed it?”

What?! Did that despicable sheep dare to call him a strange person?

Bai Chunsheng was seething with anger.

Suddenly, both of them fell silent.

Bai Chunsheng was about to peek out of the pit to see if the two had left.

Just as he stuck his dusty head out, he saw a handsome young man, with a seemingly innocent appearance, kneeling and bowing on the ground. This person was the human form taken by Yang Haozhi.

Yang Haozhi looked up and coincidentally met Bai Chunsheng’s astonishingly bright and round eyes. Startled, Bai Chunsheng immediately closed his eyes and lay back in the pit.

Yang Haozhi was taken aback by the sight and couldn’t help but stand up, pointing at Bai Chunsheng. “How could there be a dead duck here?”

Yang Haozhi muttered to himself, “In the Mountain Life Secret Realm, there are only Flower Skin Ducks, but I’ve never seen a gray duck like this before. Could it be a manifestation of earth aura that was accidentally killed by me?”

“It’s alive,” the unfamiliar voice uttered two words.

Bai Chunsheng felt himself being lifted by a strong hand holding his wing. Knowing he couldn’t keep up the act any longer, he angrily opened his eyes and turned his head. He had already prepared his words; everyone in the cultivation world knew his grandmother, Bai Jianghan. If this person dared to show disrespect to him, his grandmother wouldn’t let him off.

But as Bai Chunsheng turned around, the face he could never forget, even if he turned to ashes, was right behind him.

Yan Jingqiu weighed in, “And it’s ten jins, much heavier than the average Flower Skin Duck.”

Note: 1 Jin = 500g

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