Forced to Become My Amnesiac Arch-Rival’s Fake Dao Companion Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The White Phoenix Nest, Wutong Tree. (2)

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Being in need softened Bai Chunsheng’s stance, especially considering he had more to ask Yan Yi for than just this.

Bai Chunsheng had to reluctantly nod and say, “Um… I eat fish too.”

Yan Yi understood and said, “Let’s go upstream.”

Within a radius of ten miles, there were no living creatures besides them, making it difficult for Bai Chunsheng to find something to eat.

Bai Chunsheng’s earlier intuition about rain was correct; the sky soon darkened, accompanied occasionally by rumbling thunder.

The Void Realm was a small realm located between the Yunhai Small World and the Drunken Sea, consisting mostly of water. When it rained, it seemed never-ending. Even Yan Yi’s stone-blue cloak was no use; he was soaked through.

Growing increasingly irritated, Yan Yi dispelled the clouds with a spell before they had even left the rain-free boundary. The sun began to make an appearance through the hazy mist of water vapor.

Judging by the time, it was still early afternoon.

Yan Yi caught two green-colored fish upstream, each about the size of an adult’s forearm. They had upturned mouths and few spines, resembling some kind of bream. After Bai Chunsheng removed the scales, he grilled them over the fire. He managed the heat perfectly, resulting in crispy yet uncharred fish skin. Carefully tearing off a piece of meat, he found it tender and fragrant.

He handed a piece to Yan Yi and asked, “What do we do next?”

Yan Yi replied, “You shouldn’t ask me; you should ask yourself.”

Bai Chunsheng talked about the situation with the Ten Thousand Demons Sect.

In the Middle Realm, there were three major sects. Two of them focused on cultivating humans as their primary strength: the leading Tianqing Sect and the Taixu Sect. The third was the Ten Thousand Demons Sect. Among these three, only the Ten Thousand Demons Sect lacked a Transcendent Realm expert. The Tianqing Sect had Changping Daoist, and the Taixu Sect had the actual power wielder, Yan Jianhang.

Previously, the strongest force in the Ten Thousand Demons Sect was Bai Chunsheng’s grandmother, Bai Jianghan. Now, it might be Bo Yan.

The Ten Thousand Demons Sect had subordinate sects in nearly a thousand small worlds with a certain scale, and many of the elders who wielded real power within the sect came from these subordinate sects. Because of the involvement of numerous prestigious families, the conflicts of interest within the sect were also quite complex.

However, overall, it was still the case that whoever had the bigger fist called the shots.

Someone like Bai Chunsheng, during the time when Bai Jianghan was still alive, enjoyed quite a prestigious position.

But now, things had changed drastically. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was now a mere shadow of his former self.

When Bai Chunsheng mentioned Bo Yan, he paused, saying, “This person is very likely just a step away from the Transcendent Realm, or perhaps he recently broke through to the Mahayana Realm.”

Seeing that Yan Yi’s expression remained unchanged, Bai Chunsheng felt a little relieved.

Bai Chunsheng’s previous worries were not unfounded. Bai Jianghan herself had reached the late stages of the Mahayana Realm, making her the most formidable figure he had encountered in his daily life. He was well aware of his grandmother’s strength. Even tasks as monumental as splitting mountains and filling seas would be as simple and effortless as blinking for her.

He knew how powerful cultivators in the late stages of the Mahayana Realm could be.

But Yan Jingqiu was different.

Although Yan Jingqiu had once been a powerhouse in the Transcendent Realm, for Bai Chunsheng, this was just a concept. It was as simple as his own name being Bai Chunsheng and Yan Jingqiu being Yan Jingqiu, just a simple concept.

Since Yan Jingqiu left without a word and began seclusion, their interactions had been few and far between.

In the few times they met afterwards, their interactions were not very pleasant. Bai Chunsheng always felt that Yan Jingqiu wasn’t much different from before.

He had no clear impression of just how strong Yan Jingqiu really was.

Was he stronger than his grandmother?

But how much stronger exactly?

Others seemed to worship Yan Jingqiu as a Sword Sovereign, as if merely mentioning his name could conjure up the chilling sword light that almost split the Demon Realm in half.

Bai Chunsheng couldn’t help but recall Yan Jingqiu’s irritating antics, deliberately teasing him to see him jump.

Each time he thought about it, Bai Chunsheng couldn’t help but feel that even a Transcendent being was nothing special. This thought gave him a somewhat audacious courage.

After all, wasn’t Yan Jingqiu just an ordinary human with two eyes and a nose? What was so remarkable about him?

One day, Bai Chunsheng would reach the Transcendent Realm too. When that day came, he would compare himself to Yan Jingqiu to see who was truly stronger.

Now was the time, no need to wait any longer.

Why not take advantage of the present moment?

Both he and Yan Yi had reverted back to the Nascent Soul stage, with only minor differences from their previous states over the past three hundred years.

The specific difference lay in the fact that the two of them hadn’t progressed as much in these three hundred years.

Bai Chunsheng thought to himself, perhaps Yan Yi was now like a mud Buddha crossing the river, his cultivation currently resembling only that of the late Nascent Soul stage, inferior to his previous state.

And he had indeed witnessed the strength of Yan Jingqiu during his Nascent Soul stage.

When it came to crossing boundary realms and killing cultivators of the Dao stage, if it were Yan Jingqiu, then it could indeed be possible. He might even have the power to contend with cultivators in the early stages of the Mahayana Realm.

But at the very least, Bo Yan was a cultivator in the late stages of the Mahayana Realm. Although Bo Yan might not necessarily intervene personally, the subordinates he sent would undoubtedly be no less capable than Shen Yuying.

Although Yan Yi had agreed to his request, Bai Chunsheng couldn’t shake the feeling that verbal agreements held little weight compared to moral obligations.

To prevent such a situation from arising, Bai Chunsheng could only hope that Yan Yi was a sword cultivator with principles, someone who would stick to his word. However, considering he was the amnesiac version of Yan Jingqiu, Bai Chunsheng couldn’t afford to trust him too much.

With this in mind, Bai Chunsheng became even more resolute in his belief that he couldn’t reveal the truth to Yan Yi.

In his daily interactions, he would need to continue showing concern for Yan Yi, ensuring that their relationship appeared amicable on the surface.

After Bai Chunsheng paused following his description of Bo Yan, he seemed lost in thought and remained silent. Yan Yi asked, “And then?”

“Oh, what?” Bai Chunsheng snapped out of his reverie. “Right, Bo Yan…”

He recalled his Immortal Spirit Register and flipped to the page belonging to the Water Abyss Realm, where Bo Yan’s name was prominently listed at the top. Apart from that, there was nothing else, not even a portrait. All that was known about this person was that he was highly skilled and cunning.

Bai Chunsheng said, “We need to be cautious of this person; it’s him who wants to capture me.”

“I have no grievances with him. If he wants this Ten Thousand Demons Sect, I don’t care for it. If he wants it, he can have it. There’s no need for him to push me into a corner,” Bai Chunsheng gritted his teeth.

Pointing to Bo Yan, who left no trace other than his name, Bai Chunsheng continued, “Anyway, this man is no good. He might also want to harm you. We need to steer clear of him.”

Suddenly, the Immortal Spirit Register began to flip rapidly.

Flipping to a new page, pale blue characters jumped out sporadically on the paper, spelling out only four words: “Changping Qian Dao, chaos.”

As if written in haste due to lack of time and filled with fear, the characters appeared extremely distorted. After a moment of scrutiny, Bai Chunsheng recognized the four words.

He waited for a while but no further text appeared.

Disappointed, Bai Chunsheng closed the Immortal Spirit Register, muttering to himself, “I thought he was dead too.” If two powerful individuals consecutively died, and considering the fact that Yan Jingqiu, who was actually alive, the entire cultivation world would indeed be in real chaos.

By then, the Ten Thousand Demons Sect would have no time to spare for Bai Chunsheng, who was still fleeing for his life. Only then could Bai Chunsheng truly be said to have escaped with his life intact.

Bai Chunsheng himself knew he was daydreaming, and he let out a lackluster yawn.

Beasts were prone to sleepiness; when injured, they needed sleep; when full, they wanted to sleep; when hungry, they wanted to sleep; even when full, they still wanted to sleep.

After experiencing such a long time, he naturally recognized that this place was no longer the Yunhai Small World.

Beneath the clear and calm river water lay giant pointed sharks. They were already very close to the sea, and as for which sea it was, there was no need for much thought; aside from the Drunken Death Sea, there was no other possibility.

This was the first time Bai Chunsheng realized how close they were to the Yan family.

It was no wonder why Yan Yi would first appear in the Lian Guang Secret Realm of the Ancient Forest Spirit Realm and then continuously shuttle between the Yunhai Small World and the Middle Realm.

Unfortunately, the Drunken Death Sea was a celestial-level secret realm, mysterious and dangerous.

Legend has it that the Drunken Death Sea is boundless, and the living will find no way out here; they will only gradually succumb to agitation and die. Only the dead can find eternal peace here.

The one who seemed to break this legend was none other than Yan Jiangu, who mistakenly ventured into the Drunken Death Sea in his youth but was fortunate enough to survive.

It was from this experience that he found an opportunity and created the unique sword technique “Mountain and Sea Drunkenness.”

As he progressed in his cultivation to the Mahayana stage, Yan Jiangu returned to this place and successfully subdued this legendary secret realm. He even expanded a realm of his own, specifically relocating the Drunken Death Sea to the Middle Realm.

This action changed the coordinates of many small worlds that were originally directed towards survival along the flow of the Drunken Death Sea. This forced the people of the Treasure Gathering Pavilion to redo their teleportation arrays, but due to Yan Jiangu’s cultivation at the Mahayana stage of the Middle Realm at the time, no one dared to raise objections.

If it weren’t for the Drunken Death Sea being controlled by the Yan family, bypassing it to reach the Middle Realm and then heading to the Southern Domain could have been considered a shortcut.

White Chunsheng asked, “How do we go to the Southern Domain?”

“No,” Yan Yi said. “You need to recover from your injuries first.”

Bai Chunsheng was momentarily stunned. He hadn’t expected that Yan Yi would consider this without him having to bring it up himself. Thinking back to the past actions of Yan Jingqiu, this made Bai Chunsheng even more pleasantly surprised, as if he was being treated with unexpected favor.

For a moment, Bai Chunsheng looked at Yan Yi’s face, which was so similar to Yan Jingqiu’s, and he couldn’t help but wonder if he was dreaming or if Yan Jingqiu had always been such a good person.

He couldn’t resist the urge to pinch Yan Yi’s cheek, but Yan Yi dodged.

Bai Chunsheng asked, “Are we just staying in the Void Realm to recover?”

Yan Yi replied, “We’re going to the Yunhai Small World.”

Bai Chunsheng was taken aback, recalling what Shen Yuying had told him before – that the time flow in the Yunhai Small World was slower than the outside world due to the interference of the Yuwen family. This would be detrimental to his recovery.

In a hurry, Bai Chunsheng said, “Isn’t it said that the Yuwen family has disrupted the time flow, so that one day inside the small world equals three days outside? Why would we still go to the Yunhai Small World?”

Yan Yi remained calm and replied, “The Yunhai Small World is closer.”

Bai Chunsheng asked, puzzled, “But inside, one day passes while three days pass outside. Do you know they’ll cultivate faster than us?”

Yan Yi said, “I know, but it’s useless for trash to cultivate for thousands of years. There’s no need to panic.”

Bai Chunsheng: “…?”

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