Forced to Become My Amnesiac Arch-Rival’s Fake Dao Companion Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Yunhai Brings Opportunity (6)

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Bai Chunsheng coughed twice, and the wound on his left abdomen was aggravated, causing him excruciating pain. He was naturally more sensitive than ordinary people, and the pain drained the color from his face.

He looked at the Immortal Spirit Register in his hand, feeling even more uncertain about the world and its unpredictability.

If Bai Chunsheng knew that Yan Yi could not only traverse the Grand Worlds to confront enemies but had also killed three Dao Stage cultivators, and even the prominent Yuwen family in the Southern Domain could not do anything to him, Bai Chunsheng would surely have a clear understanding of his own capabilities. He would never step out of the gates of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect.

However, if Bai Chunsheng had not left the Ten Thousand Demons Sect, he would surely have fallen into the hands of the Dragon Clan by now, living a fate worse than death, without even this faint glimmer of hope clinging to life. In this light, despite the injury and the continuous decline in cultivation due to burning bloodlines, being able to live freely was already a stroke of great luck.

Bai Chunsheng examined the situation carefully and made an interesting discovery.

Indeed, Yan Yi had returned to the Yunhai Small World, but according to the Immortal Spirit Register, he left that very day and returned to the Grand World, heading for the Yuwen family in the Southern Domain. What he did at the Yuwen family was not elaborated upon in the Immortal Spirit Register, but it was clear that from that day forth, the Yuwen family harbored a deep-seated hatred towards him.

On the day Yan Yi went to the Yuwen family, it was the same day Bai Chunsheng entered the Yunahi Small World.

Following Bai Chunsheng’s departure, the Yuwen family also entered the Yunhai Small World, but they suffered a major loss at the hands of Yan Yi and dared not venture in again. Soon after, Yan Yi disappeared without a trace.

The suspicion that Yan Yi hailed from the Yunhai Small World was not limited to Bai Chunsheng alone. The Yuwen family harbored an intense hatred towards Yan Yi. Although they only suspected that Yan Yi might be in the Yunhai Small World, they took extremely domineering measures, cutting off communication from the small world and blocking information. They claimed they wanted to teach him a lesson; if they couldn’t get to Yan Yi, they would target his relatives. They were truly ruthless cowards.

Coming out of the small world, Bai Chunsheng naturally knew that there was no sign of Yan Yi inside, not even a living soul. The only victim of this situation was Bai Chunsheng himself, who suffered for the time difference.

A few days ago, there were rumors of Yan Yi lurking near the Yunhai Small World. The Yuwen family and Tianqing Sect immediately rushed over like they were injected with chicken blood. However, Yan Yi had already set up a barrier blocking the entire realm. These people were all intercepted, and now they have scattered in disarray.

After coming out of the Yunhai Small World, Bai Chunsheng went straight into the Ancient Forest Spirit Realm along the Zhanbi River, falling into the trap laid by Shen Yuying to catch him. His Immortal Spirit Register had no chance to access external information, resulting in the current situation.

As for Shen Yuying’s suspicion that Bai Chunsheng was acquainted with Yan Yi, that was certainly a misunderstanding. Bai Chunsheng had sneaked out of the sect that day, and Shen Yuying was unaware that he had actually reached the Yunhai Small World before the Yuwen family set up their formation. As for the “Yan Yi setting up a barrier to block the entire realm,” it’s a joke. It’s likely that when Yan Yi returned to the Yunhai Small World, those from the Yuwen family and Tianqing Sect, who were the loudest in their accusations, ran the fastest. They probably claimed there was a barrier to save face.

Yan Yi’s talent in swordsmanship has reached a terrifying level. There are rumors calling him the “Little Sword Sovereign” now. Some even believe he’s the second coming of Yan Jingqiu, which is quite a comparison.

Bai Chunsheng stared at the message on the Immortal Spirit Register, which said, “Because Yan Yi sealed off the entire realm, the cultivators from Tianqing Sect and the Yuwen family dispersed.” In his mind, a plan to evade Shen Yuying’s pursuit emerged. He had been hit by two arrows and had burned through his bloodline power, exacerbating his injuries.

White Chunsheng urgently needed to find a place to alleviate his wounds. Having emerged from the Yunhai Small World, he knew for sure that Yan Yi hadn’t set up any barrier, and Yan Yi wasn’t even inside the small world. Remembering how Shen Yuying had been avoiding mentioning Yan Yi, it only reinforced his desire to recuperate in the Yunhai Small World.

Bai Chunsheng actually hadn’t left the Ancient Forest Spirit Realm. In the midst of the crisis, he found his thoughts drifting, unsure of where to go. But then it occurred to him that within the Ancient Forest Spirit Realm, not only was he restricted, but Shen Yuying and others were also restrained by the barrier. Perhaps he could delay and confuse them for a while longer. After all, no one would suspect that Bai Chunsheng had been so audacious as to not leave the Ancient Forest Spirit Realm at all.

However, if he were to venture into another small world, once Shen Yuying figured out where he had gone, it truly would be “nowhere to hide in the Middle Realm,” as there would be pursuers coming from all directions.

Now, Bai Chunsheng wasn’t far from the Zhanbi River. He hastened his pace towards the Zhanbi River, intending to return to the Yunhai Small World. Perhaps he could leverage the reputation of “Yan Yi’s barrier” to intimidate the Dragon Clan for a while. Of course, he couldn’t stay in the small world for too long; it would only be a temporary solution.

Afraid that Shen Yuying and others might catch up, Bai Chunsheng immediately got up. He first took several pills of high-quality Vitality-Stabilizing Pill to barely maintain his condition and prevent his injuries from worsening, then headed towards the direction of the Zhanbi River.

Despite the relatively short distance to the Zhanbi River, Bai Chunsheng had already spent three days on the journey. Perhaps the Dragon Clan and others truly believed he had left the Ancient Forest Spirit Realm. Bai Chunsheng encountered no obstacles along the way, not even a few mindless beasts. However, his injuries continued to worsen, and more importantly, due to the delayed treatment of the aftermath of burning his bloodline, his cultivation began to decline, and his origin was damaged.

Just as Bai Chunsheng was about to catch sight of the azure blue waters of the Zhanbi River, a sudden change occurred.

Upon hearing the sound of several arrows piercing through the air, Bai Chunsheng knew that the pursuers had arrived.

Bai Chunsheng decisively leaned to the side to dodge an arrow, then swung his sword to cut down the remaining few arrows. Despite Bai Chunsheng suffering severe injuries, he instead advanced a few steps further and aggressively approached, aiming his sword directly at the incoming person.

Bai Chunsheng was well-prepared. While appearing to be suddenly intercepted and seemingly flustered, he had actually prepared for this moment. Quickly gathering his focus, he broke through the defense of the person in the front, swiftly striking down his hand with a sword.

Shen Yuying was surrounded by the crowd. Bai Chunsheng’s sudden attack successfully startled Shen Yuying, disrupting their battle plan.

Another man shouted in a tone of resignation, “Retreat!”

The pursuers were not the same group led by Shen Yuying originally; they had been replaced by another batch, unfamiliar faces of cultivators, presumably from the Water Abyss Realm. They had expected Bai Chunsheng to be weakened by the arrow and his origin to be damaged, but they were surprised to see him not only remaining in the Ancient Forest Spirit Realm but also displaying a strong presence, seemingly unaffected.

Seizing the advantage, Bai Chunsheng pursued, once again swinging his sword towards the enemy’s face. With a condensed aura around him, a faint flame seemed to flicker on the Surging Swan Sword. He sneered, “Indeed, all worthless.”

This was the precursor to a lethal move created by Bai Jianghan in her later years. She hadn’t named it herself; people only knew that when this move was activated, the heavens and earth would undergo tremendous changes, blazing like fireworks, with its brilliance as captivating as the spring blossoms of sea-blooming begonias, hence called “Sea Begonia Rouge”. After all, being created by a powerful figure in her later years, once unleashed, no one could escape from it.

A female cultivator behind Shen Yuying recognized it and shouted, “It’s the ‘Sea Begonia Rouge’! It’s a trap, get out of here!”

Shen Yuying hadn’t given any orders yet. She squinted at Bai Chunsheng, having witnessed him being hit by her aunt’s arrow with her own eyes. She couldn’t believe he could recover so quickly, and besides, “Sea Begonia Rouge” wasn’t easy to activate.

Shen Yuying still had the rationality to assess the situation. Behind her, several people disappeared, especially the male cultivator whose right arm had just been severed by Bai Chunsheng’s sword. He was a righteous cultivator from the Water Abyss Realm, almost never engaging in combat, more skilled with words than with swords. Before coming here, he had heard of Bai Chunsheng’s reputation as the top talent of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect. After experiencing a bout of fighting, he was even more frightened. Without the need for the female cultivator’s reminder, he had already retreated in fear.

With his actions, several other indecisive cultivators from the Water Abyss Realm also began to retreat. Who didn’t know that “Sea Begonia Rouge” was a large-scale killing move? Of course, the farther they ran, the less likely they would be affected. As soon as the words fell, several others followed suit and ran away.

As Shen Yuying was about to speak, several individuals had already activated their magical treasures to flee. Only the female cultivator who had spoken moments ago remained by her side. Just a moment ago, there were so many people, but now only two remained. Shen Yuying felt a sudden surge of pressure, compounded by the changing sky and the rising temperature around her. Without hesitation, she angrily retreated, feeling the situation was dire.

Little did she know, Bai Chunsheng chuckled, “Do you think I would let you off so easily?! I hold you responsible for the debt of two arrows; I will take your life here.”

Hearing Bai Chunsheng’s voice so close, Shen Yuying thought he had caught up to her. Momentarily panicked, she bit her finger to activate her inner blood, transforming it into a dragon shape, which instantly flew thousands of miles away. Seeing Shen Yuying’s reaction, the others dared not linger. In an instant, they all flew tens of thousands of miles away.

It wasn’t until Shen Yuying had flown eighty thousand miles that she realized something was amiss: Bai Chunsheng hadn’t chased after her since she transformed. Given Bai Chunsheng’s nature of avenging any slight and his petty jealousy, the fact that he hadn’t pursued her was the biggest issue.

Shen Yuying inwardly cursed herself for falling for the trap. She quickly turned around and rallied her people to return the way they came.

There was never any “Sea Begonia Rouge” in the first place. In the past, he might have actually used it, but now?

Bai Chunsheng still needed to conserve his energy to escape.

While Shen Yuying fled swiftly, Bai Chunsheng remained stationary, not budging from his spot. Seeing Shen Yuying easily deceived, Bai Chunsheng couldn’t help but inwardly mock her. However, this mocking stirred his wounds once more. He endured for a while, but this time, he couldn’t hold back and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Bai Chunsheng continued flying towards the direction of the Zhanbi River, but he couldn’t shake the thought that Shen Yuying might have seen through his intentions. Perhaps he should consider changing his destination for recovery. Before he could settle on a suitable alternative, he heard a voice from behind, “Bai Chunsheng, do you dare to run again!”

Shen Yuying, with fierce momentum, had caught up to him once more.

As Bai Chunsheng flew, he couldn’t resist adding insult to injury, “Quite fast, aren’t you? Seems you’re not as stupid as I imagined.”

Shen Yuying was infuriated and accelerated her speed.

But dragons were faster than magical treasures. The distance between the two began to shrink.

Now Bai Chunsheng couldn’t find any words to say. He regretted opening his mouth; he should have known better than to mock her.

With no concern for his dignity now, Bai Chunsheng gritted his teeth as he saw the Zhanbi River close by. Once a graceful young man, he was now a beautiful white duck, rounded and lovely, but with evident bloodstains on his left abdomen and right leg.

Though transformed back into his original form, Bai Chunsheng’s speed had indeed increased significantly. However, he couldn’t help but try to conceal his left foot. Wrapped around his left foot was a silver ring, like a mark of captivity for a caged bird. He always avoided letting anyone see this ring, not even his grandmother knew about it, but he couldn’t remove it himself.

—A truly humiliating disgrace.

Bai Chunsheng gritted his teeth with resentment.

But now, there was no time for Bai Chunsheng to dwell on his grudge against the deceased Yan Jingqiu. He flew onward, his head still covered.

Upon reaching the Zhanbi River, Bai Chunsheng continued along its course.

Someone from behind saw through Bai Chunsheng’s intentions and shouted, “Not good! He’s indeed acquainted with that Yan Yi. He’s heading for the Yunhai Small World!” Shen Yuying accelerated once more, determined to catch this elusive and cunning White Phoenix before he could escape into the boundary.

The waters of the Zhanbi River were a deep emerald green, and as they approached the boundary, the surface of the river began to form fine, scattered ice crystals.

Bai Chunsheng spotted a black awning boat ahead, with a cultivator wearing a dark round-collared robe standing at the stern. Golden dragons embroidered with golden thread adorned his clothes, and he seemed to be waiting for something.

Bai Chunsheng couldn’t shake the feeling of familiarity with the figure. He paid extra attention, but before he could realize what was happening, a massive wave suddenly surged towards him on the calm river. He suspected it was Shen Yuying’s doing from behind, but because of his recent distraction, Bai Chunsheng was too late to evade it.

Just as Bai Chunsheng was about to dodge to the side, a sudden tremendous force hit him. He was uncontrollably propelled towards the black awning boat and crashed into the arms of the cultivator standing at the stern.

Dazed and disoriented from the impact, Bai Chunsheng heard the man’s calm voice saying, “How curious, a foolish thief walking into the trap willingly…”

Hearing this familiar voice, Bai Chunsheng lifted his head in disbelief. The man had fair skin, thin lips, a prominent nose, peach blossom eyes full of coldness, and a gloomy and indifferent expression. Such an aristocratic and handsome face.

If it’s not Yan Jingqiu, then who?!

Yan Yi clicked his tongue and said, “Wow, what a fat duck.”

“You, you… you!” Bai Chunsheng stuttered for a moment, unable to continue, “Yan, Yan…”

Yan Yi raised an eyebrow. “You can still speak? Impressive.”

Bai Chunsheng: “…”

Upon seeing Yan Jingqiu resurrected from the dead, with his surging blood and energy still uncontrolled, Bai Chunsheng heard those familiar words. His head tilted, and he immediately fainted.

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