Forced to Become My Amnesiac Arch-Rival’s Fake Dao Companion Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Yunhai Brings Opportunity (7)

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By the time Shen Yuying and the others caught up, they witnessed the entire scene of Bai Chunsheng diving into the arms of a stranger. Assuming they were acquainted, they cautiously halted on the riverbank, intending to inquire first.

With his eyes closed, Bai Chunsheng’s head rested on Yan Yi’s shoulder, perfectly timed for his fainting spell.

Unaware that he was now being cradled in Yan Yi’s arms, Yan Yi held a warm and fluffy duck, feeling quite amused. Unable to resist, he gently pinched Bai Chunsheng’s wings. Bai Chunsheng looked fragile, like a delicate little creature, and felt soft to the touch.

Shen Yuying took a few steps forward. She knew that at this particular time and place, the only cultivator who would mysteriously appear here was likely Yan Yi. She had never met Yan Jingqiu; she had only seen his portrait. She was surprised by how similar the two looked and couldn’t help but wonder. She clasped her hands together and bowed slightly, saying, “There are rumors suggesting that Your Excellency may be the younger brother of the Little Immortal Sovereign. I originally thought it was a misunderstanding, but it seems there is some basis to it.”

Yan Yi ignored her, completely focused on examining Bai Chunsheng, who had unfortunately fallen into his hands.

Shen Yuying noticed Yan Yi lifting Bai Chunsheng’s left webbed foot and saw a finely crafted silver ring on his left foot. Yan Yi glanced at it, then released Bai Chunsheng’s foot and reached out to feel his fluffy back.

Fortunately, Bai Chunsheng had fainted, sparing him from being enraged and potentially fainting again due to his temperament.

Shen Yuying was becoming impatient. Despite knowing the answer, she asked, “Your Excellency Yan Yi, did you happen to see a bird resembling a white duck flying by just now? It’s a demonic cultivator named Bai Chunsheng from the Ten Thousand Demons Sect in the Middle Realm.”

“This person is the criminal we are currently pursuing,” Shen Yuying added.

“Oh?” Yan Yi responded, “I saw something unfamiliar and very fast floating on the water earlier. I found it interesting and captured him.”

Shen Yuying hastily said, “Exactly him, please return him to us, Your Excellency.”

Yan Yi chuckled, “He belongs to you?”

“Ye…” Before Shen Yuying could finish her sentence, blood splattered everywhere as her head was raised high. She saw her body split in half, and the sword intent that cut through her fragmented her and several others behind her.

From the black awning boat, a low chuckle could be heard, “That’s not right. I’ve set my eyes on what’s mine.”

This was probably the last sentence Shen Yuying’s physical body heard before death.

The pain of her body being severed and the fear of death had not yet separated from her consciousness. She continuously plummeted in the dark, elongated passage. In the next moment, the viscous liquid rushed towards Shen Yuying.

The light of the Soul Lamp flickered as Shen Yuying’s soul abruptly opened her eyes in the Soul Abyss Main Hall of the Changchun Peak in the Ten Thousand Demons Sect. She struggled to climb out of the sticky soul water.

The Soul Lamp is a treasured artifact of the Dragon Clan. If one burns their own heart’s blood in the Soul Lamp before setting out, within seven days, if the person unfortunately meets their demise, they will be revived in the Soul Abyss connected to the Soul Lamp.

Shen Yuying could be considered fortunate. A cluster of celestial lotus roots had grown anew in her Soul Abyss, perfect for reshaping her physical body. However, dealing with her Nascent Soul would pose some trouble. Even for her, gathering the heavenly materials and earthly treasures needed to rebuild the Nascent Soul would require considerable effort.

“Damn it!” Shen Yuying was enraged to the point of madness. It’s no wonder the Tianqing Sect and the Yuwen Family swore enmity against Yan Yi.

He’s just an unpredictable madman.

The sound of rushing water alarmed the guard outside the hall who was watching over the Soul Lamp. He knocked on the door and gently asked, “Is it Lord Suchen Fairy?”

There was no response.

The guard’s scalp tingled. Everyone knew that Suchen Fairy, Shen Yuying, the True Immortal of Changchun Peak, was the most difficult person to deal with in the entire Ten Thousand Demons Sect. Although her cultivation was not outstanding, her bloodline was extremely noble. Especially with the Dragon Clan overseeing the Ten Thousand Demons Sect, where the Elders were missing, everyone had to show respect to this acting sect master.

Just as the guard was at a loss for what to do, the doors suddenly opened. The gentle moonlight illuminated the dark pool, and at the center of the high platform, a dim red lamp glowed. A beautiful woman in soaking wet white clothes stood in the pool, lazily leaning against the stone platform with her eyes closed. Her damp hair continued to drip water incessantly.

The guard, at the late stage of the Jieying stage, immediately bowed down in fear and reverence. “Greetings, Zhenren*.”

Zhenren: Title can refer to Daoist Spiritual Master.

Shen Yuying, having reshaped her physical body, was already feeling very displeased.

She recalled all the events of chasing Bai Chunsheng just now, fueling her anger even more. But her battle with Yan Yi was almost entirely his unilateral slaughter. She couldn’t do anything to him at all.

Shen Yuying opened her eyes and instructed, “Go to the side hall and see if the souls of the fellow cultivators who went out with me today have awakened from the Soul Abyss. If they have, have someone attend to them for the time being… But for one person, if there’s a male cultivator missing his right arm among them, send his soul directly to the Hall of Punishment and let him suffer.”

“This person is facing a great enemy but is cowardly and weak, fleeing at the crucial moment.”

“If he is from a subordinate sect… that sect will have to pay tribute tenfold, and they won’t be able to ascend to the Middle Realm for three generations.”

The person who was frightened by Bai Chunsheng’s tricks and fled at the critical moment was not the only one. The lives and deaths of these people were now in Shen Yuying’s hands. She could have issued penalties ten times or even a thousand times harsher, but she couldn’t do that.

The law should not punish the masses. It was just the beginning of the Dragon Clan’s wielding of power, and stirring up resentment among the people wouldn’t be good. A few examples could serve as a warning to others.

Shen Yuying knew that her ascension to the Dao Stage was only a few days away. What earned her respect wasn’t her cultivation level or ability, but her position in the Dragon Clan. Despite being in the same early stage of the Dao Stage as Bai Chunsheng, her strength was far inferior to his.

Relying on external forces was ultimately futile. Shen Yuying clenched her white clothes tightly, her nails almost embedding into her flesh. If one day she could achieve the Great Dao, she would ensure that Yan Yi died!

The guard, who had never dared to lift his head, responded repeatedly, “Yes, yes.”

He felt as if he were being controlled, rolling away.

The doors of the Soul Abyss Main Hall slammed shut with a gust of fierce wind.

As the strong wind passed through, a flurry of yellow leaves fell from the withered trees in front of the Starview Pavilion.

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