General’s Gown Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Huacan Qing Gu Part 1

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Da Yan sneered, squatted down, and looked at Yan Changqing’s unwillingness to give in: “It seems that the role of this Huacan Gu has already begun to play. Can General Yan speak about how it feels to be in heat in front of the enemy?”

Yan Changqing tried to resist the throbbing of his body. He stared at Da Yan angrily, not wanting to say a word. 

“It is said that scholars can be killed, but cannot be insulted. Then I will insult you well today.” Da Yan smiled, grabbing Yan Changqing by the collar. He dragged him to the long corridor behind him. Yan Changqing struggled desperately, but the surging enthusiasm made him unable to resist effectively. 

At the end of the corridor, Da Yan pushed him abruptly into a room.

What came from the opening was a sweeter smoky aroma. Yan Changqing knelt down on the gorgeous carpet and cried out. 

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Six or seven women in a trance, barely dressed were all over the room. Their eyes had lost focus and strange noises were made from their mouths. They all rushed towards Yan Changqing. 

A pair of soft and boneless hands pressed against Yan Changqing’s shoulders anxiously, pulling at his clothes. Yan Changqing’s body trembled like he was given an electric shock. He knew he had to resist to death, but his body didn’t listen. He wanted to hug the women fiercely and melt into their flesh and blood, relying on his most primitive animal instincts.

Da Yan smiled and clapped his hands: “Good! Good! What a serious gentleman, even looking the same when seeing a woman! General Yan, please enjoy these beauties, I won’t bother you. But I have to say, these beauties, they were all caught in my Gu and are very excited. Without a few days and nights, they won’t stop. A few days later, the entire Yan Kingdom will know that their majestic General Yan was killed by a few weak women on bed. Hahaha, what a beautiful talk! Beautiful talk!” 

Da Yan laughed, then walked out and gently closed the door. 

Click, it was the sound of the lock falling. 

Several women in messy clothes, half exposed, rushed to wrap around Yan Changqing. Yan Changqing closed his eyes in shame, but his body couldn’t resist the most primitive feeling aroused by the Gu worm. That instinctive yearning. 



He absolutely can’t succumb! 

Yan Changqing tried his best to restrain the desire that was aroused. He frowned and pulled out an ink jade hairpin with his backhand, then he pierced his left elbow without hesitation. The bright red blood flowed down, and the intense pain was like a strong light. It instantly illuminated the mist of thick desire that permeated Yan Changqing’s heart. 

Yan Changqing pushed the woman away from him. He searched every part of the room with his dark eyes. The rooms were in the gorgeous Nanyao style. The pillars were carved with the patterns of flowers and plants, the huge soft pillows were exquisitely embroidered, while the drapery was scarlet. 

Yan Changqing’s light finally settled behind a curtain. 


Yan Changqing was overjoyed. He staggered and ran over, pushing hard—

The window didn’t move. He pushed hard a few more times, only to hear the sound of rattling chains outside the window. 

An iron chain thicker than a finger locked the window tightly, it was impossible to break it. 

It seems that Da Yan had known that he would not be easy to deal with, so he blocked all the exits. 

D*mn it!

Yan Changqing cursed, and his body slowly slid down the wall uncontrollably. Somehow, although the wound on his elbow was still dripping blood, the pain seemed to disappear gradually. The joints of his body began to become a little stiff…

The poison increased. 

After a while, will he become like those women and become an unconscious plaything? 

Several women rushed up again. Being repeatedly resisted made them even more impatient. They rushed to pull Yan Changqing’s hands and feet, and eagerly wanted to lie on the only prey available and drag him into the vortex of degeneration. Yan Changqing was panting, feeling the blood all over his body boiling. 

A sweet, tempting choice was right in front of him. 

Just give up resistance. 

Yan Changqing felt that he was about to collapse. 

These women were obviously the people he wanted to save, he absolutely can’t…no! 

Yan Changqing clenched his lower lip. He grabbed the ink jade hairpin, and decisively pierced the bleeding wound on his elbow, and pulled it down harder——

This stab was stronger. With a resolute determination, the wound was torn and blood splashed out. The skin and flesh was turned out, and even the sharp bone can be seen. 


The intense pain once again helped him find a trace of lucidity and his body became more flexible. He struggled to free himself from the pile of women. He reluctantly retreated to a corner covered by a drapery. 

His wound was bloody, and his strength was restrained by the gu poison. Yan Changqing trembled violently. His bloody palms slipped, and the ink Jade Hairpin rolled to the ground. 

Gu Lulu——

The simple and round jade pin rolled on the ground several times, making a crisp sound, then stopped. 

Yan Changqing suddenly turned his head and stared at the jade hairpin thoughtfully. 

There was something wrong with this sound. 

Yan Changqing leaned down. He turned his ears sideways. Bending his middle and index fingers, he lightly tapped the blue-black stone bricks that the jade pin had just rolled over. 

Boom, boom, gang! 

There was a floor underground, which was empty. 

Amidst the sparks, Yan Changqing suddenly thought of the history of the kingdoms he had read when he was young. In the book that recorded the geography and humanities of the various Kingdoms in the world, it was mentioned that Nanyao had many high mountains and heavy rain. When heavy rain invaded the basin, huge boulders and mud often rolled down, causing frequent disasters. Therefore, the people generally lacked a sense of security and often dug secret passages in various rooms of their homes to avoid the disaster of being drowned in silt. 

Although in the country of Yan, is it possible for Da Yan to still follow Nan Yao’s customs? 

Yan Changqing didn’t care about the pain in his arm. Using his ten fingers together, he dug open the gap between the stone bricks and lifted it hard— 

Under the stone bricks, a bottomless stone staircase appeared in front of him.

Yan Changqing no longer hesitated, and jumped down. 

The stone ladder was extremely long and extremely steep. There was silence all around, and in the darkness he couldn’t see his fingers. Yan Changqing could only hear his heavy breathing and fierce heartbeat. 


Yan Changqing took a deep breath, trying to keep himself awake. He silently told himself that there must be an exit ahead, and he must get out alive! 

The blood in his palm tickled, dripping on the stone ladder. But Yan Changqing didn’t hear it, he pressed his fingertips on the bloody wound, and forced himself to wake up with intense pain. 

He must stay sober.

He was the great general of the Yan Kingdom. He still had an unfinished mission, how could he die here? 

He didn’t know how long it had been. He still couldn’t see a beam of light. The more he walked, the heavier his steps. Yan Changqing stumbled, only to feel the illusion of physical entanglement and happiness again appear in front of him. 

He squeezed the wound in the palm of his hand and pierce himself with the jade hairpin, which had little effect. 

Once again, his limbs would not listen to his orders. Yan Changqing staggered, staggering under his feet, and rolled down the stone ladder. 

He didn’t know how many steps of the stone ladder he had rolled before he stopped. Yan Changqing was lying on the icy slate floor, dizzy. He only felt the floor under him was cold and refreshing, it was especially comfortable. The primitive desire that he had never valued, something he even resisted, once again raised it’s head in his body without the pain distraction. It screamed violently, wanting to vent. 

Yan Changqing was hot and dry. He suddenly wanted to tear up all his clothes and stick to the ground. 

There were rapid footsteps not far away. Yan Changqing reluctantly raised his head and saw the vague firelight in the darkness. 

Helian… is that Helian Rongchuan? 

The fire gradually moved forward, and a grim, mocking face emerged from the darkness. 

Yan Changqing’s heart sank, struggling to run away. 

Da Yan grabbed Yan Changqing unceremoniously, and slammed him against the hard wall. 

The back of his head hit the stone wall hard, and Yan Changqing had a “buzz” in his head. Finally, he recovered a bit of clarity. 

Even though he could no longer exert much effort, Yan Changqing still pinched Da Yan’s neck with his bloody palms trembling. 

The pale and slender fingers trembled violently, almost without threat. But he still persisted stubbornly, holding his head stubbornly high. He stared at Da Yan with black mercury-like eyes, filled with unyielding contempt. 

These eyes… are really beautiful…

Da Yan’s face changed slightly, and he carefully looked at the wounded man in front of him. Under the flickering candlelight, the man’s fine black hair was messy, and his scarlet clothes were torn. It reveals a thin and delicate collarbone. The violent ups and downs of his chest had a glisten and there were several bruises and mottled blood on it. 

All of this drew out a sadistic desire that wanted to oppress the other. 

Da Yan stretched out his other hand and gently lifted a strand of dark black hair sticking to Yan Changqing’s lips. It was soaked in blood and sweat. 

He kept thinking about how to torture this man that he actually forgot to take a look what exactly this famous Silver Masked King of H*ll looked like. 

What did he look like to have such a pair of beautiful eyes? 

Da Yan squeezed Yan Changqing’s jaw forcefully. Despite his struggle, he rubbed his ears for a while, then finally found the edge of the fake leather mask.

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