General’s Gown Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Huacan Qing Gu Part 2 

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The mask tore off, revealing an extremely handsome face full of anger. The long, rosy corners of the eyes were dyed by anger and passion and he had a beautiful, sharp lower jaw. 

It was a very young face, showing a luscious youthfulness that was not yet fully mature. 

Da Yan stared at Yan Changqing incredulously.

It turned out that such a beautiful man was commanding the heroes on the battlefield, leading the prestigious black armoured troops to sweep through everything? 

It was this young man who cut off his leg with his sword three years ago? 

No——he didn’t believe it! He is dissatisfied! 

He must destroy him, from soul to body! 

A cluster of flickering flames rose in Da Yan’s eyes. Silence. 

“I changed my mind.” Da Yan whispered: “I want to taste what you are like.” 

Yan Changqing was taken aback, his eyes widened in disbelief. Uncontrollable fear emerged in his heart for the first time. 

What does this person mean? 

Yan Changqing hit Da Yan’s abdomen with his elbow. Taking advantage of the moment when the other party was curled up in pain, he broke free and began to run wildly! 

Pant——Pant——Pant! But before he ran far, Yan Changqing felt powerless. The Huacan Gu had too much influence on him. Not only on his desires, but his limbs became even more reluctant. 

D*mn, if he hadn’t been infected by the Gu, he would never have been in such a sorry state! 

Da Yan’s face appeared in front of him again. Yan Changqing stepped back subconsciously, but it was too late. With a heavy blow that couldn’t be dodged, Yan Changqing fell heavily to the cold ground. Da Yan pressed down unceremoniously. 


The anger and his repressed desire made his face look more vivid, more stubborn, and made a person want to conquer him even more. 

Everyone said that he came from three generations of loyal, famous major generals. He was the famous, too high to reach, Silver Masked King of H*ll, but Da Yan insisted on tarnishing him and staining him. 

If everyone in the world knew that General Yan, who they treated as a god, was pressed down and humiliated by a man, what wonderful expression would they have? 

As long as he can conquer him, he can thoroughly wash away the suffering and humiliation he had suffered over the past few years. 

“This time, I will return it to you.” Da Yan wiped off the blood stain on his lips with his fingers: “The old accounts will be paid by you.” 

The meaning of the words were self-evident. Yan Changqing’s pupils shrank sharply. 

Impossible, he would rather die. This is impossible! 

However, struggling hard was useless, Da Yan rode his waist, shackling him tightly. Yan Changqing fought back desperately, and in a hurry, his finger touched a hard hilt of Da Yan’s waist. He pulled out forcefully and twisted his palm. The tip of the knife pointed outwards, and slammed towards Da Yan! 

Blood splash! 

Da Yan didn’t expect that Yan Changqing still had strength. He escaped the fatal blow to the heart, but his shoulder blades were deeply pierced. The severe pain completely angered him. Da Yan firmly grasped Yan Changqing’s hand, sneered, then removed the sharp knife. He turned the pointed tip without hesitation, and stabbed Yan Changqing. 


His heart tightened suddenly. Yan Changqing gasped violently, grabbed the tip of the knife with his hand, and the sharp blade pierced the palm of his left hand instantly. Yan Changqing gritted his teeth. He did not blink. He tried his best to resist! 

Silent, a game of life and death. 

The wound on his palms and elbows were dripping with blood. His arms were trembling more and more. He saw that the sharp tip of the knife was only half an inch from his heart——

A silver light flashed by. 

Da Yan suddenly stiffened, the smile on his face solidified, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. A slender and sharp machete plunged into his back. The handle of the knife was shining with an amethyst and diamond eagle flying through the cloud. It was a gorgeous and dazzling Dongyun totem. 

Da Yan turned his head and looked behind him. He widened his eyes in disbelief and surprise. Just as he opened his mouth to speak, a lot of blood appeared in his throat. He rolled to the side uncontrollably, coughing violently. His face was red, suffocating. He couldn’t say a word. 

The dagger had pierced his lungs with great precision. 

Yan Changqing gasped hard. He dimly saw a figure walking out of the darkness. 

Cruel untamed black hair, straight nose, and deep, dark brown eyes. 

After exhausting the last trace of strength, Yan Changqing shook his body and fell back exhaustedly. 

Helian Rongchuan hurriedly stepped forward and hugged him steadily. 

Helian Rongchuan was stunned by everything in front of him. 

He had never seen Yan Changqing be in such a sorry, miserable state. The satin-like black hair that was always clean was scattered in a mess, the meticulous clothes were torn apart and in tatters. The exposed large areas of skin all had mottled scars. The wound on his right arm was even worse…

Somewhere in his heart there was an inexplicable throbbing pain. Helian Rongchuan cautiously carried Yan Changqing around his waist, but after not taking a few steps, he suddenly realized that there was something wrong with the person in his arms. 

After so much blood loss, Yan Changqing’s face was not pale, but was soaked with a suspicious blush. His body was frighteningly hot. His cold eyes had lost their focus, and Yan Changqing couldn’t help but tremble slightly. His fingers clutched Helian Rongchuan’s collar, as if he wanted to get closer to him. 

Helian Rongchuan looked at Yan Changqing in disbelief. 

Is he… in heat? 

Putting Yan Changqing gently in a safe corner, Helian Rongchuan turned and stepped on Da Yan’s chest, almost roaring: “Speak! What did you give him?” 

Da Yan shook his head with a sorrowful smile. He coughed violently, blood constantly pouring out of his mouth. 

He lost, lost again, and lost again in the hands of the Silver Masked King of H*ll. 

He didn’t want to say a word, he couldn’t say a word. 

Helian Rongchuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. He was extremely angry, but a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. He took out something from his arms, gently picked it up with the tip of the knife, and shook it in front of Da Yan: 

“Look at it, what is this?” 

A crystal clear Guanyin jade pendant, invaluable at first glance, was shown. The compassionate Guanyin image was lifelike, but the face was splashed with blood, inexplicably scary.

Da Yan’s eyes widened. He screamed and wanted to seize it from him. Helian Rongchuan kicked him on his chest and knocked him to the ground fiercely. 

“If you say it a second later, I’ll order someone to remove her arms. Say it two seconds later, tomorrow in your stronghold there will be a wonderful sight—” Helian Rongchuan sneered, his tone downplaying it, as if he was talking about an interesting program: 

“Do you think a human swine is good or a human lantern?” 

Da Yan opened his mouth like he was struck by lightning. He could only shout “Ah——ah”. 

Helian Rongchuan laughed: “I think a human lantern is better, you can poured lamp oil in and light it up. Looking at it during nighttime should be very interesting……” 

Da Yan’s eyes were about to split open. He struggled to get up. He stuck out a finger with blood and tremblingly wrote two words on the ground: “Huacan”

Huacan Qing Gu! 

Helian Rongchuan was shocked. 

When he was a proton (prince sent as hostage) in Nanyao, he had secretly sneaked into Nanyao’s forbidden Hall of Gu. He had read many banned gu techniques, especially the weird ones that controlled emotions and desires. Among these, there was one that was the most scum like. It was Huacan Qing Gu. Helian Rongchuan remembered that this kind of Qing gu was vicious. Not only would a person with the Gu become confused and unable to move, he would also feel like being drowned in the sea, feeling great pain. 

But the solution was not difficult. Huacan gu was extremely yin, so one only needed to ingest yang to reconcile the yin. 

How could one reconcile yin and yang? Helian Rongchuan, who once claimed to be the “No 1 most frivolous” when he saw the two lines on the book, he had smacked the table cursing “vulgar and shameless”.

The book clearly stated that if one wanted to combine yin and yang, one had to find a sturdy man and enjoy themselves for five days and five nights.

But who can do it for five days and five nights? 

This Gu technique clearly had no solution. 

Even if it can be carried out, how can this solution be applied to Yan Changqing? His stubborn, noble and virtuous character, would never willingly give in. If he knew he needed to detoxify in this manner, he would rather draw a sword and slay himself. 

Helian Rongchuan couldn’t help laughing wryly. When Da Yan saw the tip of his sword loosen, he immediately tore off the jade pendant on the tip of the sword like a tiger pouncing. He fell to the side and carefully wiped the blood on the Guanyin’s face with his sleeve. 

“M—my mother—she—” Da Yan exhausted all his strength, trying to make a few muddy syllables in his hoarse throat. 

Helian Rongchuan sneered: “We kept her entire corpse, you should go see her in the underworld to honor her!” 

“You–” Da Yan spat out a big mouthful of blood, and fell to the ground on his back. 

It is said that before death, people will see the revolving lantern that they have experienced throughout their lives. What did Da Yan see? 

In his gradually dimming pupils, he was wearing armor and fighting on the battlefield. He was on crutches and was driven out of the house by his wife covered in blood. It was his gray-haired mother who pushed him to seek medical treatment in the mountains and forests with a broken cart. The rough car ropes were deeply embedded in the flesh and blood of her thin shoulders.

His mother liked white jade, but she only looked at it and was reluctant to buy it. So he occupied Yaocheng, collected all the jade, picked the top piece, and carved this jade pendant. 

There was no good thing about the women in the world, so he had to find ways to insult them. 

Except his mother. He must do everything to honor her. 

It’s a pity that everything turned into a dream in the end. 

Suddenly he remembered a song in his ear, as if his mother was standing far away and singing to him: 

When the man has the ambition to fight on the battlefield, when will he wear his brocade clothes to return to his hometown?

When will he wear his brocade clothes to return to his hometown?

Da Yan stopped breathing, but his eyes opened blankly without closing. 

His mother said that he originally could have been a hero, a great hero standing upright. 


Stepping over Da Yan’s corpse that died with his eyes open, Helian Rongchuan returned to Yan Changqing’s side. His tone was a gentleness that he didn’t even realize: “Yan Daren——Yan Changqing?”     

Yan Changqing frowned and shrank into a ball with impatience. Feeling the approach of another, the heat rushing through his body made him instinctively want to stick to it. But at the same time, another equally powerful force restricted him. Yan Changqing grabbed the wound of his elbow with his fingers. He had cold sweat. With his trembling lips, he squeezed a word from between his teeth: 


Huacan Gu is able to degrade the most chaste lady. According to the temperament of the Gu, Yan Changqing had already lost consciousness.

What strength is he using to resist to this point?

If he continued like this, he would only force himself to death.

Helian Rongchuan did not hesitate any more. He untied the soft red ribbon around his waist, covered Yan Changqing’s eyes, and tied a knot tightly behind his head. 

People affected by Gu are hastened by light, thus he blinded his eyes. Yan Changqing quieted as expected. He raised his head a little dazedly, and Helian Rongchuan leaned him into his arms. 

Every inch of him had been trained. He was full of tough muscles, extremely beautiful lines that weren’t too abrupt. His hot body wanted to be close, but he was not willing to succumb to his lust and desire easily. Yan Changqing trembled slightly. His handsome face showed Helian Rongchuan a never been seen helplessness. 

Even though he knew that it was definitely not the time, Helian Rongchuan still felt that the spark of fire in his heart had been ignited at this moment. A raging inferno that was on the verge of starting a prairie fire.

Helian Rongchuan gave a wry smile. He grabbed Yan Changqing’s wrist which was still unconsciously resisting. His voice was a little hoarse. 

“Yan Daren, excuse me for the offense.”

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