General’s Gown Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Huacan Qing Gu Part 3

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The joints were distinct, and the slender fingers gently slid between Yan Changqing’s uninjured right fingers. The backs of their hands were folded and their fingers crossed. Helian Rongchuan patiently guided him.

As if aware of something, Yan Changqing opened his eyes wide. He turned his head to see, but his sight was hidden by the red cloth, and only crimson could be seen. Helian Rongchuan stretched out his long arms and put his arms around his shoulders that were trying to break free. He spoke with a tone as if he was coaxing a child to take medicine. He whispered to Yan Changqing’s ears: 

“Be good.” 

The hot air sprayed in his ear. This temptation was too sweet and too powerful. The body on which he rested was also so warm, inexplicably reliable. 

The danger seemed to have been eliminated. Yan Changqing curled up, and the string that had been tight in his mind had a crack. In a daze, he gave up his resistance. 

He didn’t know how long it took, but Yan Changqing suddenly raised his jaw halfway, revealing his beautifully-lined neck, and let out a hoarse, depressed moan for a long time. Then the ending tone changed abruptly and disappeared into a short nasal sound. 

Helian Rongchuan took a deep look at Yan Changqing, lowered his head, and gently and cautiously kissed him. 

Full of male aggressiveness. Yan Changqing was taken aback. He resisted instinctively. But the more he struggled, the deeper Helian Rongchuan kissed. He inserted his fingers into the hair between Yan Changqing’s neck, as if to lure a small animal. He gently soothed him, and gradually deepened the kiss. 

Bright red blood flowed down the corners of their mouths. Helian Rongchuan’s handsome face frowned slightly. He had bit his tongue ruthlessly. Yan Changqing’s eyelashes trembled and his breath was urgent. Helian Rongchuan’s slender and powerful fingers clasped Yan Changqing’s jaw and forced him to swallow his own blood.

In the gloomy stone staircase tunnel, it was extremely quiet, only a vague, depressed and broken whisper could be heard. 

The evil book that recorded the art of relieving Gu actually records a second resolving method of Huacan Qing Gu. 

The essence of a masculine man can resolve the gu, and so can blood. 

It’s just that even the book writers thought that there would never be any silly boy in the world who would have to use his own blood to solve the strange gu. Therefore, this solution was only written in a few strokes. As for the amount of blood to be fed, whether the solver himself would be in danger or not was not mentioned.


Yan Changqing had a long, long dream. 

In the dream, he seemed to have fallen into the rough sea. The sea seemed to be boiling, and he couldn’t tell which was sweat and which was sea water. Waves hit one by one, and Yan Changqing moved his arms and legs desperately. Strangely, he obviously knew how to swim, but why did he keep sinking? 

The sea water was very hot, soaking every inch of his body with heat. It was painful like burns, but it penetrated into the bones and became extremely cold again. 


There seemed to be a seductive voice in his heart saying, forget it, don’t struggle, you can be relieved by immersing the whole person in the sea…

The relief will not hurt, it will be very comfortable… 

Very comfortable? 

No, he must not sink, absolutely not! 

So with the last trace of strength in his body, Yan Changqing struggled. As if swimming in a black ocean, he struggled desperately. He was breathing heavily, not allowing himself to sink. It was so hot that he had to open his mouth to breathe, his chest heaving violently. But the air was still not enough. It was very hot, and the inhaled air burned his chest. 


A gentle, magnetic male voice whispered suddenly. So familiar, whose voice is this? 

……Who is it? Who are you?


No answer. 

He only heard that voice say, don’t be afraid. 

“Be good.” 

Yan Changqing couldn’t help being annoyed by this child-like tone, but before he could react——

A kiss. Very gentle, very light, with a strong sense of male aura. 

Yan Changqing opened his eyes wide. He was so angry that he wanted to resist, but he couldn’t move. He wanted to see clearly, but there was only a vague crimson in front of me. 

A gentle stream slowly flowed into his body. Hands, a pair of thick, somewhat cool hands, firmly and forcefully pulled him up from the sea. 


Yan Changqing abruptly sat up on the bed, his chest heaving violently. Was that a dream? 

Looking around, he has returned to the original inn. 

Where was Da Yan? What about those girls who were inflicted with a Gu? And——

The little guard A Jing on the side was dozing off a bit. When he heard the movement, he hurriedly greeted him: “Daren, you are finally awake.” 

Yan Changqing got out of bed and opened his left hand. The wound from the palm to the elbow was wrapped in a white bandage, and it didn’t hurt anymore. 

It turned out that he had been rescued and had been laying on this bed for three days and three nights. And the Hundred Cliff Stronghold on the opposite side of Yaocheng had a fire that also burned for three days and three nights. 

The guard A Jing said: “Would you like to take a look? So far there is still black smoke on the top of the mountain. With such a big fire, except for the girl who had been poisoned, no bandit came out. It is estimated that all of them were burned to death! Hey, the people of Yaocheng must have finally relieved their resentment. My lord, what you did was really beautiful!” 

Yan Changqing was a little dizzy. What happened these days? 

“Did you see who rescued me?” Yan Changqing asked. 

“Of course it’s Dongyun’s Second Highness, he…” A Jing raised his eyes and was about to say a few more words, then suddenly thinking of something, he dared not say any more.

The scenes that day stunned the guards. 

He waited by Yan Changqing for so long, and he had never seen the general in such a sorry state. His long hair was scattered, his eyes closed, unconscious, he seemed to be bleeding a lot of blood. What surprised them most was that Yan Changqing was actually brought back by Helian Rongchuan. Who was their General Yan? He was the famous Silver Masked King of H*ll! Why would he need a dude from Dongyun who had mediocre martial arts to save him? 

Several guards squatted in the corner thinking. The more they thought about it, the more they felt it incredible. In the brothel that day, the Dongyun prince obviously vomited blood after being swatted with the palm of his family’s general, and flew far away. Later, when they attacked Hundred Cliff Stronghold and burned the stronghold to save people, they didn’t see the shadow of Dongyun. How could it be that this man saved the general? 

Impossible! Several guards had been brainstorming for a long time, then unanimously agreed that his general must have been badly injured in order to save the dude dragging him down. Otherwise, look at the Dongyun man, heh, there was no injury on his whole body. He only carried the general down from the mountain, and he was so tired that his face was pale and bloodless. His feet must be for looks only, he was just an idiot! 

But there was one detail that they had been tacitly avoiding to speak about. On that day, the general of their family turned up like a bride and was carried by the Dongyun person. Someone secretly took a peek without fear of death, and recognized that the clothes his general wore were actually the clothes of the Dongyun person!

Several guards unanimously recalled the taste of the army rod not long ago and agreed that his general was too thin-skinned, so they shouldn’t tell him these insignificant details. 

In short, their general was the best in the world! 

Yan Changqing didn’t notice the strangeness of the guards who wanted to speak but stopped. He muttered to himself: It really was him. 

Yan Changqing’s memory only stayed at the moment before the coma. He remembered that at that time, Da Yan had a knife and he vaguely saw a figure. Sure enough, it was Helian Rongchuan. 

He did everything? 

Yan Changqing tried his best to think about it, rubbing his eyebrows with his right hand. He closed his eyes, then suddenly there was a bright crimson picture in his mind. 

Yan Changqing only felt his temples throb, and his heart burst into flames. Turning over, he lifted his sword and walked out. 

The small courtyard behind the inn was quite lively at this time. On the thick jujube tree, a thin bamboo stick-like guard was lying tremblingly on the jujube branch, stretching a bamboo stick that was not much thinner than his arm, and hitting the fruity branch one by one. The jujube branch that was bearing the yellow and reddish spring jujubes, when hit with the pole, fell down one by one. 

Under the jujube tree, a fat little guard like a moving bucket hurriedly stretched his clothes. He raised his head and followed the falling fruit. The light and shiny forehead suffered from a lot of jujubes. The little guard slumped, and looked under the eaves with pleading eyes——

Helian Rongchuan was leisurely lying on a bamboo rocking chair, basking in the sun. Two slender and strong legs were crossed over each other, and his toes were swaying quite pleasantly. Perhaps the sun was too strong, but his face looked a little bloodlessly pale. 

“Look, what are you looking at!? Go on——if you aren’t willing, you can also go up the tree and get me…” Helian Rongchuan raised his eyebrows. The little guard didn’t dare to beg with that one statement. He closed his eyes contentedly. Helian Rongchuan stretched out two fingers, then picked one of the just washed spring jujubes from the plate, and took a bite. 

Ss——so sweet——

The sweet and sour juice stung Helian Rongchuan’s tongue for a while, he quickly spat it out. He rushed to the “thin bamboo pole” on the jujube tree and shouted dissatisfied: “Hey, I said to knock down the unripe, unsweetened and unsour dates. Is it that difficult!” 

The “thin bamboo pole” tremblingly hung on the tree and did not dare to say anything. What kind of living ancestor did he come across? He didn’t want to eat sweet jujubes, but ones that are unripe and not sweet? ! 

Moreover, it can’t be sour when it’s unripe and not sweet!?

Suddenly a cool breeze swept across. 

“Ouch!” The little slave on the jujube tree raised his eyes and saw this scene, and fell from the tree in fright. 

Helian Rongchuan raised his eyes. Under the sun, his eyes showed a crystal-clear luster like amber. He stretched out two fingers and gently pushed away the cold sword edge on his neck. 

“Do you Yan people like to say hello like this?”

“Did you do it?” Yan Changqing gritted his teeth and tried to maintain his demeanor.

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