General’s Gown Chapter 27

  Chapter 27 Blood-like Sunset Part 7 

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At the foot of the mountain, billowing black smoke mixed with red fire light surrounded Qixia Village. Sharp cries and shouts of killing continued to be heard from the fire. 

Help! ! ! 


Please don’t kill me——ahhhhh! ! ! 

One by one, the villagers fled hurriedly from the burned thatched hut. Before they could see the situation clearly, they saw a flash of cold light. They were stabbed by a sharp sword, their heads fell to the ground, and their eyes were still open with panic, too late to close. The cold light flashed again, and the one who knelt down and begged for mercy was also unceremoniously killed. The woman with her face full of tears was holding her sobbing child and stepped back tremblingly, but the sword still caught up to her.

One sword. 

Another sword. 

Under the hillside not far away, there were piles of corpse mountains that were not too high. The surrounding land was covered with blood and turned into a black muddy patch. However, there were more fresh blood splashed from the corpses, splashing on stones, elm trees, flowing into the soil, and slowly condensing into a shocking black-red color lake. 

The killers were a well-trained team of a hundred. All in black, with blood all over their faces, it could not be seen where they came from. In fact, Yan Changqing had no time to see who these killers were, as he had already rushed out and slashed at the man in black who was closest to him. 

Helian Rongchuan was even faster than him, he had already rushed into the shadow of the sword lights. Wherever he went, a cloud of blood instantly rose up. His joining immediately aroused the attention of ​​all the people in black, and the black crowds chased in the direction of Helian Rongchuan. 

Yan Changqing stabbed out with a sword, turned his head and looked in the direction of Helian Rongchuan. Suddenly, his heart sank.

As soon as he entered this fight, Yan Changqing realized that something was wrong. Because all the people in black seemed to be unwilling to entangle with him. Even if they met face-to-face, they never dared to look at his face, defending and avoiding every move.

It seemed as if they didn’t dare hurt him. 

The object they tried to attack seemed to be Helian Rongchuan. 

Between the flash of a flint, Yan Changqing had a terrible conjecture, and his face was pale. He desperately ran in the direction of Helian Rongchuan. However, the two were far apart, separated by countless people in black. No one in black dared to hurt him with a sword. There were a few less courageous, even taking the initiative to give way. 

As expected.

Yan Changqing used his sword to chase the people in black surrounding Helian Rongchuan, while sternly shouting: “Stop at once!” 

He didn’t even notice the trembling of his voice. He has gone through so many fights, but he had never felt fear and powerlessness like this time. 

The people in black who were beside him were really taken aback when they heard his stern shout, and hesitated to put down their knives. However, ahead, there were more people in black in front of them, like bloodthirsty vultures, continuing to rush towards Helian Rongchuan. 

Helian Rongchuan clearly noticed the strangeness, and was desperately retreating to the bank of the Jiaolu River on the edge of the village. Amidst the crowd fleeing hurriedly and the bloody swords and sword shadows, a crying childish voice suddenly came out: 

“Ugly Brother, help me!” 

Helian Rongchuan looked back abruptly. Just less than three feet away from him, beside the huge rock in the distance, a little fat girl in a flower jacket was kneeling beside a motionless woman. Her plump face was covered with smoky black ash, and two tears hung on her cheeks. The dead woman beside her was the village woman who steamed elm money for Helian Rongchuan and Yan Changqing at noon. 

Helian Rongchuan’s heart throbbed violently. 

The direction that the little girl was in was exactly where the men in black encircled. And if he retreated a bit further, he could jump into the Jiaolu River to find a way out. 

Helian Rongchuan stopped, cursed inwardly, turned around and ran towards the little girl. 

A row of white swords quickly surrounded them. 

The little fat girl was even more frightened when she saw this. She cried her heart and lungs out. She stretched out her little blood-filled hand to Helian Rongchuan, staggered and got up: “Brother, help me!” 

But just a step behind her, one step away, a man in black had raised his long sword. 

“No—!” Helian Rongchuan was shocked and threw his saber violently. However, his arm had been injured by the man in black. Although he tried his best, he was still slightly slower and the man in black’s sword was faster. Seeing that the blade was less than an inch away from the little girl’s scalp- 

Qiang! ! 

The moment the metal collided with a dazzling silver spark, the long sword that was about to slash at the little fat girl was split into two pieces by a lightning white light. A sharp silver sword was firmly inserted in the mud under the feet of the man in black. 

For an instant, the man in black felt that the silver sword seemed familiar. As soon as he raised his head, he saw a person in front of him suddenly jump up, like a black eagle that suddenly spread its wings, coming towards him. Before he could see the man’s face clearly, he only felt something cold on his right shoulder, and something heavy fell down.

It was his right hand. 

The man in black let out a terrible cry and fell to his knees with a thump. Only then did he see the man whose sword had cut off his arm. In the setting sun, this man was holding an identical shiny silver sword in his left hand. His black hair was flying against the wind, and his difficult to capture face was splashed with blood, making it even more pale. Even the warm sunset shining on his face, made it become the cold moonlight of winter. 

The little fat girl who was totally oblivious to the blood behind her just kept crying and ran forward. Helian Rongchuan rushed to pull her in his arms, and said with a trembling voice, “It’s okay, it’s okay.” 

Yan Changqing lifted the sword and walked slowly towards Helian Rongchuan.

Helian Rongchuan slowly raised his head, eyes full of blood, but his tone was surprisingly calm and pale, without a trace of temperature: 

“Your people?” 

It did not seem like a question. 

Yan Changqing was in a daze for a moment as he watched the blood flow all over him. The Qixia Village in his mind still looked peaceful. The things turned so fast that he couldn’t accept the situation before him. 

But in Helian Rongchuan’s arms, the familiar face of the crying little girl cruelly pulled him back to reality. 

Yan Changqing only felt that his mind was blank and his eyes were astringent, but he couldn’t say anything. 

Seeing that Yan Changqing did not answer, Helian Rongchuan didn’t look up at him. He just gently rubbed the little fat girl’s tear-washed face, and seemed to say to himself: “Since you killed so many, how about you leave her. Okay. Okay?” 

It seemed like a negotiating tone. 

Yan Changqing had never seen Helian Rongchuan look so desperate. He choked and nodded silently for a long time. 

Helian Rongchuan pulled out a pale smile at the corner of his mouth, lowered his head and said a few words in the ear of the little girl. The little girl looked at Yan Changqing with teary eyes and stretched out her little hand: “Brother hug.” 

Yan Changqing stretched out his hand and hugged the soft little girl tightly. Before he opened his mouth to comfort her, the men in black behind him suddenly separated into two rows. A somewhat familiar voice sounded from behind: 

“Congratulations, General Yan!” 

Zhang Jian came from the automatically separated peope unhurriedly, wearing a round-necked and narrow-sleeved purple official robes of a second-ranked official. Although he was much older than Yan Changqing, and his official title was half a rank higher, but he was quite modest at this time and said to Yan Changqing, “Congratulations!”

Yan Changqing turned his head slowly and said one word at a time: “What—— did—— you—— say?” 

Zhang Jian met Yan Changqing’s fierce and extremely angry gaze, and instantly understood the meaning of “Silver-faced King of H*ll” in his heart, and he couldn’t help but shudder. But he had already anticipated Yan Changqing’s reaction. He gritted his teeth, and continued to maintain a gentle and unobtrusive smile: “Congratulations to General Yan for another military service and capture of the leader!” 

Yan Changqing slowly closed his black eyes, and suddenly after a long time, opened it, and stepped forward. Before Zhang Jian’s smile faded, he suddenly saw a blur in front of him, and he was kicked to the ground. This foot had killing intent and was extremely powerful. Zhang Jian only felt severe pain in his chest and abdomen. It seemed that his ribs had been broken. Before he could struggle to get up, his neck was severely choked by a hand. 

Before today, Zhang Jian had never thought that a hand so slender and white would have such terrible power. Just one hand could lift him up from the ground with tight joints. He squeezed his slowly creaking bones.. Just a little bit more force and he could take his life. 

However, although Zhang Jian’s face was flushed, he was not in danger. He breathed hard and said: “General…I…I…this…but I am saving you!”

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