General’s Gown Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Blood-like Sunset Part 6 

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Both his hands were pressed by Helian Rongchuan with one hand. Although Helian Rongchuan had great strength, Yan Changqing was not incapable of resisting. But at this moment, considering Helian Rongchuan’s wounds, he did not dare to struggle vigorously, and could only passively endure Helian Rongchuan’s actions. He had never experienced this before. Embarrassed, his body trembled slightly uncontrollably. 

Helian Rongchuan’s eyes darkened, and he keenly noticed Yan Changqing’s trembling. In fact, it wasn’t just shaking. Yan Changqing’s ears were red and about to bleed, and his face became as white as fine porcelain, and his forehead was even sweaty. His whole person looked nervous and helpless.     

No matter when on the battlefield, Yan Changqing was always extremely calm and fearless even if he was cut by a sword. But now, Yan Changqing was showing such an expression. No one had seen it before.     

All these reactions were due to him, Helian Rongchuan.     

The more he was like this, the more Helian Rongchuan wanted to rub him into his arms fiercely, wishing to crush him and wipe him clean. Especially this time when he managed to control him. Helian Rongchuan would never let this opportunity go easily. He had the courage to forcibly peel off the always-proper collar. Yan Changqing struggled and was forced to show his delicate and thin collarbone and naked shoulders.     

Helian Rongchuan’s heart thumped. He couldn’t help but become more rude in his stubborn movements. He licked Yan Changqing’s earlobe badly. As expected, the damp and hot ambiguity made Yan Changqing tremble uncontrollably.     

“You like me treating you like this, don’t you?”     

Yan Changqing turned his head away. He had never been treated this way before, and he only felt like a mess in his heart. He seemed to be a deer running from left to right, unable to find his direction. But his body’s reaction was straightforward, making him ashamed and want to faint immediately without thinking of anything.     

What should he do? Is he really…?     

Yan Changqing frowned, his eyelashes trembled violently, lost in confusion and struggle.     

Helian Rongchuan gently pulled Yan Changqing’s jaw, forcing him to raise his head and look at himself.

What a pair of beautiful eyes. They were sharp and clean, black and white, and the tails of the eyes were very long. No matter how clever a painter was, they could only draw one-tenth of the appearance of these eyes. They would be unable to capture it’s spirit. His eyes were so clear that they were like ice and snow from the cleanest spring on the top of a mountain. Whether it was anger or indifference, as long as these black eyes looked at him, Helian Rongchuan couldn’t help but want to kiss him. 

It seems that making such a pair of eyes become moved was the most joyful thing in the world for Helian Rongchuan. 

Maybe he liked Yan Changqing from the beginning, but unfortunately he didn’t notice it himself. Thus, he always deliberately made things difficult for him and teased him, he even arranged that Nanyao person to humiliate him. Thinking about it now, he wanted to stab himself severely. 

However, in the tunnel of the Nanyao person’s secret chamber, when he saw Yan Changqing’s life hanging by a thread and him refusing to admit defeat, when Yan Changqing saw him appear and finally fainted in his arms, Helian Rongchuan felt his heart that had been frozen for a long time feeling inexplicably painful. 

He actually liked Yan Changqing, but he did so many things to deceive him. 

At this moment, Helian Rongchuan was like a young boy who had fallen in love for the first time, with unhesitating enthusiasm, hoping for Yan Changqing’s answer very strongly. He hoped that Yan Changqing could forgive him and like him.

“Do you like it, General Yan?” 

Helian Rongchuan asked again, his tone a little eager. 

Admit it. 

Even agreeing tacitly is okay. 

However, after hearing these words, Yan Changqing was shocked, and was stunned for a moment. 


Yes. He is the general, the general of Yan country! 

Helian Rongchuan hadn’t realized the abnormality in his expression, and was about to ask again, but Yan Changqing suddenly pushed him aside. 

Helian Rongchuanwan did not expect Yan Changqing’s reaction, he staggered back a few steps off guard, the smile on the corners of his mouth was a little stiff. He tentatively said: “Changqing…?” 

Yan Changqing closed the open shirt and tidied up a bit. His eyes had returned to the usual indifference and clarity. He didn’t look at Helian Rongchuan who was standing still, but silently picked up the scimitar that had just fallen to the ground. With the light behind his back, from this angle, Helian Rongchuan could not see his expression at all. 

Yan Changqing: “The robbery of the ship happened for a reason. I don’t blame you.” 

Helian Rongchuan stood motionless. After being forgiven, he originally thought he would breathe a sigh of relief, but when he saw Yan Changqing reacting indifferently, he was vaguely disturbed. 

“Then what?” Helian Rongchuan opened his mouth with some difficulty. 

Yan Changqing still didn’t look at him: “I will report this to the emperor truthfully. I will bear all the consequences.” 

Helian Rongchuan choked and couldn’t believe his ears: “You…you are going back to the capital?” 

Yan Changqing finally turned around and asked, “Should I not go back to the capital?” 

This rhetorical question choked Helian Rongchuan. When they met again on Jiaolu River that day, Helian Rongchuan had already made a small calculation. Although Helian Rongchuan planned to hijack the ship with the crown prince this time, their purpose was different. The Crown Prince of Dongyun was thinking about the country’s livelihood. He was worried that Yan Country would one day use a sword made of temper snow stones to chop off the head of the Dongyun. But Helian Rongchuan had no responsibilities or feelings for Dongyun Kingdom. He robbed the temper snow stones at the beginning with only one purpose, which was to protect his mother’s bones under the huge rock. 

However, after meeting Yan Changqing, his mind had undergone some subtle changes. 

Since the death of his mother, Helian Rongchuan has never hoped for anything other than his desire for revenge. Whether it was a mountain of gold and silver or a beautiful girl, to him, they were nothing but the unrealistic rosy view of the game world. 

But now, he was tortured by one thought all the time—he wanted to steal a shiny gem from Yan Country, tightly press it against his chest to keep it warm and not show it to anyone else. 

Therefore, Helian Rongchuan had a fierce conflict with the Crown Prince for the first time. He forcibly tore a gap in the crown prince’s originally seamless plan. That is, he wanted to save Yan Changqing. 

But at the same time, he must also allow Yan Changqing witness the tragic ship robbery with his own eyes and make him bear the blame for the ship robbery. In this way, Yan Changqing’s thoughts of returning to the capital can be stopped, and he would be willing to go with him.

But now Yan Changqing’s words made Helian Rongchuan seem to be poured from head to toe by a basin of ice water. It’s not that he didn’t think that there would be other possibilities in his plan, but this was the only one way to accomplish both goals. He didn’t dare to think about it more.

After a long while, Helian Rongchuan said dryly: “Have you ever thought about what price you would pay if this ship robbery was investigated?” 

“I did think about it.” 

“And you still have to go back?” 

Yan Changqing was silent for a while: “Yes.” 

No matter the reason why these twenty ships of temper snow stones were lost, they were lost under Yan Changqing’s hands. Most of his 30 black armoured troops, and more than 20 entourages, were also injured in the battle at Jiaolu river. Yan Changqing knew exactly how harsh he would be punished once he returned to the capital. But i whether it was being investigated or exiled, when he saw the tomb made up of layers of huge stones, when he saw the white jade statue carved by Helian Rongchuan by himself, he decided to bear everything alone. 

Moreover, he was a general. A General should take it upon himself to be loyal to one’s country as his mission. Loyalty, benevolence and filial piety, no matter the big character, he couldn’t allow himself to be in disarray for a Dongyun prince. 

Therefore, he must go back for the sake of reason. 

The two faced each other quietly, each with a different mindset, and they were both silent. 

Until now, Helian Rongchuan finally realized the ridiculousness of his self-deceptive plan. 

Yes, he was Yan Changqing, the successor from three generations of generals. He was the silver-faced King of H*ll with illustrious military feats, and the great general of Yan Country who was known to everyone in the world. Why would he want to betray his own country for an uninhibited Dongyun prince? He must have his achievements go down in history. 

He didn’t understand Yan Changqing enough. 

What happened just now was like a sweet and short-lived dream. If it is a dream, one will always be woken up.

Helian Rongchuan quickly sorted out his expressions, then easily broke the awkward silence: “Ah, since the general is going to leave, I won’t stop him. Tomorrow, let Helian Jue release your black armored troops and follow you to go.” 

Yan Changqing lowered his eyes and said lightly: “Thank you for the trouble.” 

The simple words made the relationship between the two people a little more divided. Helian Rongchuan only felt his heart become even more desolate, and the hand that habitually wanted to hold Yan Changqing’s waist was also stopped in the air. The corners of his mouth twitched. He showed a somewhat far-fetched smile, then tried to make his tone as casual as usual: 

“It’s getting late, let’s go back, hahaha.” 

There was nothing said the entire way, but the atmosphere was even more depressing than the atmosphere before. Helian Rongchuan no longer had the thought of looking for funny things to say, he just walked sullenly. The two of them walked one after another for a short time, and the light gradually dimmed. Yan Changqing raised his head and took a look. It turned out that the sun had already slanted to the west, hung on the treetops far away, and was about to set. 

For some reason, Yan Changqing suddenly felt that today’s sunset was extraordinarily bright red, as if soaked in blood, turning into a dazzling, bloody red disc. Even the surrounding clouds were dyed into a large and shocking red.     

Helian Rongchuan stopped beside him. He was looking in the other direction. The light of the setting sun on his deep and brave profile made his face look pale and terrifying. He slowly opened his eyes, motionless as if he had been nailed to the ground. He looked at the village at the foot of the mountain in disbelief.     

Yan Changqing’s heart sank, and he followed his gaze. For a moment, his heart shrank, only to hear a “buzz” in his mind. He opened his mouth, but couldn’t make any sound.

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