General’s Gown Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Qi Yue Wu Yi Part 5

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If Xue Zhaoyi took a closer look, she would see that no matter whether it was the face or demeanour, this man was much more refined and elegant than her. His temperament was completely different from her, like snow trickling from the iceberg, clear and chilling to the bones. 

But at this time Xue Zhaoyi didn’t want to keep looking at him. She was dizzy from a burst of self-righteous triumph in her chest. 

Oh, it turned out that she couldn’t wait on His Majesty in bed, so His Majesty found a stand-in who looked exactly like her. 

However, he should be sticking to his duty as a substitute. How dare he try to win over His Majesty’s favour? He must be tired of living.

In the Hall of Wende, Murong Xiu put down the memorial with a bang frightening the ministers on both sides. A gloomy expression covered his face. 

Xue Zhi, the second-rank Yushi doctor, had quite a few years on him. He sat on the side of the Privy Council stroking his gray beard, touching Zhang Jian lightly to get his attention.

However, Zhang Jian looked down pretending he hadn’t noticed anything and remained silent. 

Xue Zheng couldn’t keep calm anymore. In the past few days, the court had repeatedly received urgent reports. At Mo Nan, a large number of Beirong officers and soldiers have been causing trouble, robbing houses, looting and killing people living on the Mo Nan border. The imperial court sent several senior officials to try and resolve this but these senior officials were used to staying in the capital. They knew how to approach a situation democratically, but they didn’t know how to deal with the sturdy nation of valiant people on horseback. One by one, they were bullied, coming back with swollen noses or simply beaten to death by Beirong people. 

What an embarrassment! 

Obviously, in the first battle more than half a year ago, they burned the food camp in Beirong and were defeated by the Yan Kingdom. How come the scars have forgotten the pain and have healed so soon? 

It seems that those same wounds must be inflicted again must so the scars bear a better, longer memory! 

Xue Zheng: “Your Majesty, things in the Mo Nan area really can’t be delayed any longer. Please Your Majesty, select the right person to appease the people on the border.” 

“The right person?” Murong Xiu raised his head, his brows knitted in distaste: “Each and every one of them is trash. Whoever can I choose?” 

Xue Zheng was taken aback. Isn’t it obvious who to choose? Can’t the emperor see it?

He had no choice but to bite the bullet: “The officials think that General Yan Changqing is the most suited for this task.” 

As soon as his voice fell, Xue Zheng saw Zhang Jian shake his head in dismay. For a brief moment, Xue Zheng was puzzled.  Before he could think further about it, Murong Xiu raised his head and said with a faint smile: “Do you think he is suitable too?” 

So someone had elected General Yan before? Xue Zheng felt something flutter in his heart and continued: “General Yan has won two big victories in Beirong. He is well-known and experienced. This time he is the best candidate to suppress the border hoodlums.” 

“The best?” Murong Xiu snorted: “General Yan fell ill as soon as he returned to the capital. Didn’t my beloved official Xue know this?” 

“General Yan is young and strong, and he only needs to rest for half a month to get better.” Xue Zheng said, a little embarrassed.  He had heard that General Yan was seriously injured in a fierce battle with the water bandit when trying to protect the temper snow stones. He has been recuperating behind closed doors ever since and hasn’t met with anyone. How could anyone know if he had recovered or not? 

“Why does it matter if he’s better or not?” Murong Xiu asked suddenly, “You are an experienced official. Knowing that they had lost two battles, the Beirong barbarians hate General Yan to death. This time if he is sent to fight against  them, what if something terrible were to happen?” 

Xue Zheng looked at Murong Xiu with a puzzled expression. In his heart, he thought: the deterrent power of Yan Changqing’s name putting pressure on the Beirong people, so what if he died in battle? The imperial court raised these generals. Isn’t it their duty to die serving the emperor’s grace? Why is it that listening to his emperor’s tone, he got an impression as if he was treating General Yan as a treasure that he couldn’t dare let fall and break?

Xue Zheng shook his head. It seems that the emperor still cares about his childhood friendship with General Yan. Still so young and brash. 

He was about to say something when a sudden noise came from the hallway outside. Before the little eunuch could come forward to report, a woman in a slightly messy dress and ruffled head, ran in crying and plopped on her knees in front of the court, completely disregarding the eunuch’s obstruction. 

Xue Zheng’s figure shook unable to stand steady. Why didn’t his baby girl stay in the harem and break into the front hall looking all dishevelled?! 

Murong Xiu glanced at Xue Zhaoyi, who was still kneeling on the ground and continued to lower his face to look around the hall. There was unmasked bitterness in his tone: “Who let you in?” 

The eunuch Liu Quan cried out, wanting to speak yet couldn’t quite form proper sentences. “Your Majesty, Zhaoyi Niang Niang is pregnant, and this minion really didn’t dare to stop…” As he spoke, he was at a loss on what to do and desperately waved to Xue Zheng. 

However, before the confused Xue Zheng could speak, Xue Zhaoyi slammed her head to the ground, tears streaming down her face: “This concubine knows that she should not trespass into the front hall, but this is a matter of the royal family’s reputation. I request His Majesty to administer justice for Chen Qie.” 

With the private affairs of the harem being brought up, Zhang Jian finally opened his mouth in embarrassment: “This minister will retire first .” 

Murong Xiu acted as if he didn’t hear him, and didn’t even nod his head. Zhang Jian didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. Their young Emperor had a temperament which preferred to avenge hatred. Since Old man Xue touched his reverse scale, he must be thinking about how to get him back. Now that Old man Xue’s precious daughter rushed in and committed taboo, the Emperor must be keeping Zhang Jian from leaving so he can watch in excitement as he embarrasses Old Man Xue.

So Zhang Jian had to shake his sleeves and prepare to watch the show calmly. 

Without raising his head, Murong Xiu looked through the scroll passed to him and absent-mindedly said: “Administer justice? With your temper, can you even be bullied?” 

Xue Zhaoyi carefully wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes with the tip of her fingers, so as not to let them ruin her carefully applied makeup. She grieved and said: “It was a shameless slave. When this concubine was not paying attention, they actually wanted to…” Xue Zhaoyi gritted her teeth: “…wanted to molest this concubine!” 

The hall fell silent. 

Xue Zheng’s eyes widened. He was old and deaf so he must have misheard right?

Murong Xiu stopped writing, and said, “——Mo—Lest?” 

Then he looked at Liu Quan. 

Liu Quan knew that he couldn’t stop Xue Zhaoyi anymore, so he kneeled on the ground. His forehead was drenched in sweat, his legs trembled, and his sentences were scattered: “This slave…this slave just wanted to say…say… that…that person was called to the side hall by Niang Niang, to…inquire…” 

Murong Xiu’s expression changed in an instant. He threw the vermillion pen away and strode out of the hall. Seeing Murong Xiu’s face like this, Xue Zhaoyi was overjoyed and immediately got up to follow him. Still suffering from great grievances, looking pitiful, she said, “Your Majesty must get justice for this concubine, and properly punish that lustful slave.”

Xue Zheng and Zhang Jian looked at each other. Both felt a little embarrassed, but they had to follow Murong Xiu. 

As soon as Murong Xiu stepped into the side hall, upon seeing the person standing quietly by the window his face turned blue.

However, the uglier the expression on his face got, the more confident Xue Zhaoyi felt. 

She walked over, her long-suppressed pride finally rearing its head: 

“What? I have just ordered you to kneel but you refused. Now that you are standing before the emperor, do you still refuse to kneel?!” 

However, she was cut short when Xue Zheng knelt with a plop. 


Zhang Jian’s inner monologue: Accidentally straying into H*ll… How can one even get out of there gracefully? Awaiting their turn, anxiously. 

Liu Quan’s inner monologue: The stupid Niang Niang is going to die and this slave can’t stop feeling like he’s been wronged… ~cry~

Xue Zheng’s inner monologue: Short-lived, short-lived. How many walnuts do I have to buy for my stupid daughter to replenish her brain? ?? Forget it, I’ll buy them for myself first.

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